Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 9 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 9 Kneel down and sing ‘Conquer’[1]

Zhao Pengyu left the school gate with his schoolbag on his back. At a glance, he saw Gu Ye being taken away by a bunch of gangsters. He hesitated a bit but finally decided to follow them because he is worried.

Gu Ye is taken to a road construction site with a sign saying ‘Construction ahead. No entry for idlers’. It is said that because of the rain, there is a lot of water on the road and is affecting the traffic. Hence, taking advantage of the rainy season, they decided to bury some pipes underground. Due to the site being close to the school’s teaching building, the person in charge is afraid of affecting students' study during the day, so the construction is done at night after the students go back to their dormitory farther away. It means during the daytime, no one would be there at the site. It happened to be convenient for these little rascals.

As soon as Gu Ye arrived, Qian Zhen sneered viciously, his gaze is terrifying. The moment he saw Gu Ye, he wished he could immediately peel off Gu Ye's skin; he really hates Gu Ye very much. Some people are like this, they are used to bullying others, so the moment they got bullied, they will feel ashamed and humiliated, and they will not be able to live without getting back to that person. Qian Zhen has bullied Gu Ye for 2 1/2 years. After being punished by Gu Ye, he felt that everyone looked at him with ‘tinted glasses’ and that everyone is laughing at him. As a young man, Qian Zhen is hot-blooded. He didn't care about the consequence and just wanted revenge.

Gu Ye glanced at Qian Zhen lightly before turning to look at the young gangsters with their hair dyed red and yellow. The corner of his mouth twitched, and he said with a smile, "Yo, this is a meeting of feather dusters."

"Pfft!" Gu Yang couldn't hold back his laughter. Immediately, Qian Zhen kicked Gu Yang and scolded, "The F you are laughing at?!"

Gu Ye's expression turned cold.

Yang Jin, the boss of this group of hooligans, saw that Gu Ye is just a pale and clean-looking young man. He curled his lips in contempt, and spat at Si Hongxing, "You can't even beat this kind of ‘bamboo pole’? Don’t fkin tell anyone that you are my cousin when you go out on the streets!”

Yang Jin is a tall and big person. He has thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a fierce-looking face. His voice is relatively thick when he speaks, adding a local accent, he is quite scary when he glares and curses at someone.

Si Hongxing smiled flatteringly, "Cousin, he is really strong."

Qian Zhen has already picked up the rope that Yang Jin and the others brought, "Don’t waste time. Strip him nekid and tie him up. Today I'm going to march him through the streets!"

"Okay, Young Master Qian. As long as you can give us the money, you can do whatever you want." A dozen gangsters looked at Gu Ye like he is a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. They never thought that Gu Ye had the ability to resist.

Gu Ye put his schoolbag on the ground. Next, he kicked out with the tip of his toe, and a 2-meter-long crowbar as thick as a fist flew up. Gu Ye grabbed it and smashed it on the ground without saying a word. With a BANG, a crack is split by Gu Ye on the road that hadn't been dug.

The punks present are all dumbfounded, the hell?! If this hit someone, their bones would be broken to pieces! And that stick looked heavy, but this student is able to swing it up. Was he possessed by Li Yuanba?!

Gu Ye stabbed the iron rod on the ground in front of him, and said with a cold face, "Si Hongxing, if I were you, I would call your parents and ask them to come back a few days later. Otherwise, you will become an orphan tomorrow."

Si Hongxing really wanted to scold out loud. That bastard Gu Ye cursed his parents to die early again!

Qian Zhen couldn't stand it anymore, and reminded everyone, "I'll add another 20,000 RMB. Catch him for me!"

Taking advantage of this moment, Gu Yang jumped up and kicked Qian Zhen hard. Gu Yang has heard the news that Qian Zhen molested/harassed another male. His 3rd brother’s appearance gets better the older he grows, so no matter how Gu Yang looked at it, he felt that Qian Zhen is planning to molest his 3rd brother. Otherwise, why would he insist to strip off his brother's clothes? Fourth Young master is furious. Grabbing a stone on the ground, Gu Yang is prepared to fight to the death with Qian Zhen. Let him kill this bastard and old pervert.

Gu Ye angrily kicked at Gu Yang's butt, "Stay aside!"

Gu Yang got kicked and immediately became timid the next second. He obediently stood aside holding his brother's schoolbag, not daring to go forward.

Yang Jin smiled, "He’s a little thing, but quite protective."

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth curved and he asked, "If you can have a family, wouldn’t you cherish it too?"

Yang Jin's expression turned cold, "What do you mean?"

Gu Ye held up that scary iron rod and pointed at Yang Jin. Then he said calmly, "You are the second child in the family. In the early years, your family can be considered a family with a small fortune. It's a pity that your father lost money in the stock market. Because of that, your mother ran away with other people. She also took away your excellent elder sister and left you with your alcoholic father. When you were 16 years old, your drunkard father got hit by a car and died. You dropped out of school and started mixing with a gang of hooligans. Unfortunately, within a few days, your boss got arrested due to dr.u.g possession. You lead a group of younger brothers by yourselves but you don't dare to do big things and just do petty kinds of stuff like sneaking around and fighting."

After every word Gu Ye said, Yang Jin's expression turned uglier because Gu Ye is right!

"You know fortune-telling?" Yang Jin's face became paler and paler from hearing Gu Ye revealed one thing after another. He has been in society for 5 or 6 years and has heard rumors about many masters. It is said that one can offend anyone but not this kind of fortune-teller. Or they’ll put a curse on you and you won't even know how you died. The narrow-minded kind will even harm your descendants.

Gu Ye said with disdain, "You have already figured it out in your heart whether I know or not. Now, I will give you 2 options. Either you turn over a new leaf and become a good person in 5 years, or you continue to seek death like this, and get stabbed to death in 5 years."

Yang Jin took a deep breath. In this cold weather, his head is wet with cold sweat.

"And you," Gu Ye pointed to a young man with hair dyed in yellow, "Your elder sister is having a premature delivery and is at death’s door. An elder sister is like a mother, so what are you doing wasting time here? Why don't you hurry to the hospital?”

When the yellow-haired gangster heard this, his pupils shrank in fright, "What happened to my sister?"

Gu Ye is too lazy to look at him, and pointed at the other gangster, "There's nothing shameful about raising geese with your father in the countryside. Is being a gangster the way you want to honor your ancestors?"

Hearing that, the other young man's expression also changed. This young student actually knew what his family’s business is.

At this moment, the yellow-haired man hung up the phone with a pale face, "Boss, I, I, I'm asking for leave now. My sister fell down the stairs and is in the hospital."

Everyone present knew that this person is raised by his elder sister. An elder sister is like a mother, so there is really nothing wrong with him being so anxious. Everyone looked at Gu Ye in shock, and their eyes became even more fearful. Could it be he is an immortal?!

Si Hongxing's complexion is also ugly. If Gu Ye could really tell fortune, then his parents… Thinking of this, Si Hongxing picked up his schoolbag and ran to a public telephone booth like he has gone crazy. He can’t be bothered with these fighting and stuff anymore.

Qian Zhen saw that from just a few words from Gu Ye, the atmosphere suddenly changed. He became anxious, "He lied to you! He is a liar! So are you guys doing this or not? I will pay 50,000 RMB!"

"Shut up!" Yang Jin is not stupid, he also knows who can't be offended. He raised his eyebrows and glared, frightening Qian Zhen, who is just a high school student.

Qian Zhen couldn't understand. It was a situation where he is sure to win, how did it become like this?

At this moment, Gu Ye picked up the big iron rod and slammed it on the ground again, this time stronger than last time. With a BANG, the asphalt ground that had been dug up cracked into large pieces by Gu Ye.

"Are we still fighting or not? Wheel/Continuous fight or battle royal?" Gu Ye leaned on the iron rod and asked with a cold expression.

"No more fights, no more!" All the hooligans are frightened by Gu Ye's ability to tell fortunes. Moreover, after seeing Gu Ye's strength, they all backed away in fright. How the hell can they fight him? If Gu Ye touched them, then getting a comminuted fracture can be considered a mild injury. They will really die if he’s serious! Worst of all, after they died, Gu Ye might summon them and put them into an object. They must be crazy to try to beat him.

Yang Jin also became timid. He rubbed his hands flatteringly as he said, "Not fighting, no fight. Mr. Xiao, you have misunderstood. Right from the beginning, we only invited you over to play. We are a group of peace-loving people, how can we fight? Fighting is illegal!"

After Zhao Pengyu witnessed the whole process, he laughed dryly to himself. He really thought too much. How could someone who can kick an evil spirit away barefoot be bullied by a bunch of gangsters? Zhao Pengyu felt that he had nothing to do here, so he rode away on his bicycle with the corners of his mouth twitching.

Seemed to notice something, Gu Ye glanced at Zhao Pengyu’s direction, and raised the corner of his mouth, "If you don't want to fight, then it’s fine. Since we have nothing to do here, I will take my brother away. Goodbye."

A group of hooligans flatteringly said, "This Brother, walk slowly (a kind of greeting)!"

"Goodbye, that little brother!"

"If Mr. Xiao wants to join the society someday, come to us… aiyo!"

Yang Jin angrily punched his underling on the back, "TF you mean by joining the society? Starting from tomorrow, go to the construction site to move bricks with me, and make honest money!"

Gu Ye pinched Gu Yang's ear, and only asked, "Are you stupid?"

Gu Yang bared his teeth in pain, covered his ears, and shouted flatteringly, "Bro, bro, brother I was wrong. I won't listen to people fooling me in the future, please let go! My ears are falling off! My ears are really going to fall off!"

Gu Ye sneered, "If it falls off, then just season with vinegar. It's useless on your head anyway!"

After watching Gu Ye leave, Yang Jin turned to look at Qian Zhen, and his gaze became unfriendly. Didn’t Qian Zhen say that this person (Gu Ye) is stupid, timid, and cowardly, and is someone who didn't dare to speak out even when he got beaten up? The plan was to frighten Gu Ye together, and Qian Zhen will give him 20,000 RMB. However, looking at it now, the young mister is not at all the same as the person Qian Zhen described. Yang Jin really wished he could beat this liar up! But remembering what Gu Ye said, Yang Jin held back his impulse and did not make a move. He only said, "Scram! You even dared to offend this kind of master, be careful that you may die horribly!"

Qian Zhen is downright depressed. As a young man at 18-19 years old, this is the time of high spirits. But last time he got framed by Gu Ye and got a bad reputation, so he is aggrieved. This time, he wanted revenge but as a result, everyone regarded Gu Ye as an immortal. Even giving money doesn't work. Qian Zhen felt desperate, Gu Ye is very poisonous! It's no good getting involved with him!

After returning home, Gu Yang couldn't hold back what he saw in the afternoon. So while eating, he talked about everything that happened today, emphatically bragging about how powerful his brother is. For example, Gu Ye knows how to wield a Shaolin-style stick, Baguazhang, South Fist, and North Kick, like describing a blockbuster fantasy movie.

When Mrs. Gu heard this, her willow-shaped eyebrows almost stood up. Slapping the table ferociously, she said, "This is kidnapping! They need to be legally responsible! Do you think I will let them go just because the college entrance examination is coming soon? Dream on! You two are not injured, are you?"

Gu Ye stuffed a fried spring roll into his mouth and shook his head obediently.

Mrs. Gu said with a sullen face, "It's good that you two didn't get hurt. How dare they bully my son? Hmph!"

Gu Yang quickly flattered, "Mom, you are getting more and more domineering."

Gu Ye also laughed. The biggest good point of this little stepmother is she protects her cubs. She might play petty tricks, but others can't do the same. Gu Ye sincerely praised, "Mom, you are a man of steel! Love you yo~"

Mrs. Gu: "..." TF is a man of steel, even food can't stop your mouth!

Then Gu Ye said flatteringly, "Don't worry about this matter, they won't dare to trouble me after today’s show of power. I'm not a child anymore. I can’t ask you or Dad to back me up every time something happens. Won’t that be unsightly?"

Mrs. Gu said with a cold face, "That makes sense."

Gu Ye spread his hands with a smile on his face, "Right? If I can't solve it someday, I'll have to trouble you to come out. You are mighty, vicious, and invincible. You will definitely be able to...hiss! Mom, Mom! My ear is going to fall off!"

Mrs. Gu laughed angrily, "Who is mighty and vicious? Are you talking nonsense again?"

"My dad! My dad is the most vicious in our family, and you are not vicious at all!" Gu Ye covered his ears. He suspected that his little stepmother did it on purpose because he pinched Old Fourth's ear so as his mother, she helped to take revenge.

After lunch at noon, Gu Ye went back to his room to sleep. But Gu Yang sneaked into his room and pestered him, "Brother, don't go to sleep yet. When did you learn how to fight this amazing? Teach me."

Gu Ye sighed, "Child, what you should learn most is actually IQ."

Gu Yang pouted, "I don't like studying."

Gu Ye told him solemnly, "Not study, it's IQ."

"What do you mean?" Gu Yang tilted his head, trying to get to the bottom of it. Then from the corner of his eyes, he saw a small bottle next to Gu Ye's pillow. The child's hands are fast and he swiftly picks it up. Gu Yang’s thought is hooked away in a second and he said, "Brother, your bottle is very unique."

"En, the things inside are more unique, do you want to hear the story of this bottle?" Gu Ye raised the corner of his mouth, squinting his eyes to hide the smirk in his eyes.

"Yes, I want to hear it!" Gu Yang took the bait in a second. He pulled a wooden rocking horse chair by the wall, and straddled it, full of interest.

"Stories are not free to hear so you have to go out with brother tomorrow."

"Okay!" Old Fourth gave face and applauded like a seal.

3 minutes later, Gu Yang threw down the bottle in horror, jumped up, and shook his hands in fright. The goosebumps on his arms stood up as he looked at the bottle, "Argghhhhh, Mom!!!"

Gu Ye smiled as he watched Gu Yang jump around in fright, and reminded him, "Bring this bottle tomorrow, brother will take you to do something exciting."

Gu Yang is about to cry, "Can I not go?"

Gu Ye: "No, my cute red scarf, I know that you want to!"

There is a kind of ‘You want to’, it is the kind where your brother thinks ‘You want to’![2]

Gu Yang is so regretful that he wanted to kneel down.

Raw word count: 3791


[1] There’s a song name Conquer. But the meaning is just to admit you got conquered.
[2] Not sure what kind of reference is that :v

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