Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 10 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 10 Meeting him for the first time

Gu Ye took Gu Yang to a pedestrian street that is not very busy. There is a shop selling wreaths and shrouds at the far end. The back door of this shop is obliquely facing the back door of the hospital but business is pretty good. When Gu Ye came to the door and saw that familiar shop, there is a somewhat complicated expression in his eyes.

"Brother, this kind of shop is unlucky. What do you want to buy that you have to come here?" Gu Yang hugged the taxi seat and didn't want to get out.

Gu Ye pulled him down, "You wait for me for a while, and I will take you to eat delicious food later."

"Oh." Gu Yang obediently waited at the door.

Gu Ye entered the door and shouted, "Shopkeeper, can I have a box of cinnabar priced at 1,008 yuan per box?"

The shopkeeper is an old man. When he heard Gu Ye asking for the best products in his shop right away, he lazily raised his thick eyelids and took a look at Gu Ye. Then, a hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes. Standing up slowly, the shopkeeper slowly walked to the innermost counter. His old voice hoarsely said, "There used to be a young man who like to buy this type of cinnabar, but it’s pity……"

Gu Ye smiled, "You will still meet if there’s destiny."

The old man shook his head and did not continue this topic. He handed Gu Ye the cinnabar and said, "Young man, you have clear eyes and know the goods, which school/sect are you from?"

"I don't know. My master didn't say anything." Gu Ye pointed at a few things with a smile, "Have to bother you to pack it up, I'll have one of these things each."

"You have a good eye, and all the things you take are good quality stuff." The old man couldn't help laughing and wrapped up the things. Then he said, “It’s exactly 3,000 yuan."

Gu Ye paid the money and put the things in his school bag. When he went out, he placed the bag on Gu Yang's back. This kid eats a lot recently, and he's growing really fast.

"Brother, what did you buy?" Gu Yang always felt that the things bought from this kind of store are scary.

Gu Ye said solemnly: "Things that ghosts like."

Gu Yang immediately felt chills down his spine. Running around with that kind of thing on his back, won’t it summon ghosts to him?!

"I'm just kidding, it’s used to restrain ghosts." Gu Ye took Gu Yang to get a tandem bicycle, and said with a smile, "Let's go, I'll take you to eat delicious food. Have to make sure you're full so that you can help to do things in the afternoon."

Gu Ye took Gu Yang to the other side of the hospital, where there are several small restaurants, and said, "The beef noodles here are very delicious."

Gu Yang looked up and saw the 4 big characters ‘Beef King’ (牛肉大王) on the big sign. On top of the character Cow(牛), there’s a pair of horns and a big bowl is drawn on the far right of the sign, which made the shop look quite affordable and had a friendly atmosphere. Gu Yang wondered when did his 3rd brother, who usually doesn't leave the house, knows to eat here?

It is time for lunch so there are quite a lot of people inside. The two brothers managed to find a seat in the innermost place. Gu Ye smiled and called out, "Boss! Two large bowls of beef noodles, plus an extra beef and an egg!"

"Okay!" The boss is chubby and has a joyful aura, and there’s always a hint of smile when he speaks.

Soon, 2 bowls of beef noodles, as big as a small pot, are served on the table. Gu Yang picked up his chopsticks and looked at the bowl in surprise, "So much meat! How much is such a big bowl?"

"A bowl only cost 25 yuan," Gu Ye handed a pair of chopsticks to Gu Yang, "Eat it quickly."

While marveling at how affordable it is, Gu Yang started eating the noodles. After taking a bite, he puffed up his cheeks and gave the boss and his wife a thumbs up, "It's delicious!"

The lady boss saw that the two brothers are good-looking and polite, so she smiled and gave them a small plate of cold dish[1].

Gu Ye lowered his head with a smile and ate the noodles silently. The familiar taste stimulated his taste buds, and Gu Ye couldn't help but felt his nose souring/tingling. He was an orphan, and he was in an orphanage for as long as he could remember. When he was 6 years old, his master came to adopt him. From then on, he got up early and went to bed late as his master every day. By the time he started going to school, he has to learn things in school, and still need to learn Taoist skills at home. When he got so tired that he really doesn't want to learn anymore, Gu Ye will be scolded by his master.

There’s one time that he couldn't take it anymore, he gets angry and run away from home. However, he didn't expect to get lost the moment he left. Just as he is wandering around hungrily, his master came and kicked his butt hard. That was the only time his master ever beat him so Gu Ye has a strong impression on that. Then after his master passed away, Gu Ye will come here and eat a bowl of noodles whenever he thought of him.

Just as Gu Ye is feeling uncomfortable inside, there was a loud thump at the door. Followed by a sound of exclamation and a woman’s scream.

Gu Ye looked up and saw a flash of evil spirits outside the window, his eyes darkened. Something bad happened!

An old lady at the door shouted angrily, "Boss! Your signboard hit someone again!"

The boss and his wife ran out in a panic, and the entrance suddenly became lively.

"What's going on with your store? There have been several accidents! Did you get tangled with something evil?"

"Stop talking, go to the hospital quickly! This big sister is bleeding from the head!"

"Everyone please help and gives a hand, take this big sister to the hospital first!"


The store owner's face is pale. He ran back to the store and took some money, then ran out in a panic (to follow the group to the hospital). The lady boss looked dejectedly at the big sign that fell and quietly wiped away her tears. Their hard work to earn money past 2 months have been in vain.

Gu Ye shook his head. Behind this store is the hospital. Generally, shops facing hospitals, slaughterhouses, funeral parlors, prisons, garbage dumps, and ‘adult service’ establishments will make the owner lose money. Moreover, the shape of the canopy outside the window is wrong. In Feng Shui teaching, it is often said that ‘evil can exist in any form’. The shape of these two sides is pointed, and they are facing the shop. If it weren't for the fact that the boss is usually kind and generous, they would be the ones to get hurt (instead of the passerby). It wasn't like this before, and Gu Ye doesn't know when it was changed.

Gu Ye ate until he is full and wiped his mouth. Then he took out 50 yuan from his wallet to pay the bill.

The lady boss forced a smile that is uglier than crying, "Young man, have you eaten your fill? Do come here often if it tastes good."

Nodding, Gu Ye took out the last gourd bottle on his body and handed it to the lady boss, "The shape of your canopy should be changed to a flat one, pointed ones cannot be used. And this gourd, hang it on the window in your kitchen that is facing the hospital. Don't cover the mouth and nothing bad will happen in the future again."

The lady boss asked in doubt, "How do you know that there is a window facing the hospital?" The window was only for ventilation and they opened the hole themselves. The window is so small that it cannot be seen from the outside.

Gu Ye didn't want to explain so he put the gourd on the lady boss’s table and pulled Gu Yang away. He has to buy a few gourds in the afternoon, otherwise, he has nothing to keep ghosts in the future.

In the afternoon, the two brothers bought all the things. When it is evening, they took a taxi to a stadium. As soon as they got out of the car, they can feel a human-shaped heat wave. There are crowds of people on both sides of the door and a group of young girls holding signs, howling like crazy. Even the cold weather can't dampen their enthusiasm. Gu Ye and Gu Yang are instantly buried in the sea of people.

"Little brother, you are also fans of Brother Rui! It's just the right time!" A very beautifully dressed girl enthusiastically handed the two brothers a big sign, "This one is a bit heavy, and it fits just right for you two to hold. Come on, shout with us! Brother Li Rui is the best in the world! Fighting, fighting, fighting! Brother Rui, take care of yourself!"

Gu Ye looked indifferent, wondering what Li Rui's fans would think after learning what he had done before.

Gu Yang felt embarrassed from being squeezed, "Brother, did you find the wrong person?"

Gu Ye's eyebrows turned cold, "Don't believe your brother?"

"No, no, I believe it!" Gu Yang quickly closed his mouth.

At this moment, a commercial vehicle stopped slowly under the leadership of security guards, and Gu Ye felt that the screams around him are going to deafen his ears.

A young man wearing a low-key gray down jacket got out of the car and waved gently to the fans, "It's so cold, my dearies. Be careful of catching a cold. If you don't have a ticket, don't wait anymore and go home quickly."

Gu Ye saw that the girl who was talking to them just now immediately covered her mouth and cried, "Brother Rui is so warm, I am so touched!"

Gu Yang is a straightforward person, so he asked the girl directly, "Your mother reminds you to wear long johns every day, are you moved?"

The girl immediately rolled her eyes at Gu Yang, and asked angrily, "Are you really a fan of Brother Rui? You can't be a fake fan, are you? You're here to make trouble?"

As soon as the words fell, everyone around stared at the two brothers with an unfriendly expression, as if the moment Gu Yang said yes, they would jump up and bite him to death like zombies besieging a city.

Gu Ye held the sign in one hand, and pulled Gu Yang out of the crowd by his ear with the other hand, "My brother is not sensible, please don't be angry. I'll take care of him!"

After Gu Yang is pulled out, he suddenly had the illusion that he just survive a catastrophe, "People's hearts are terrible, so many people have been deceived by Li Rui."

Gu Ye sneered sarcastically, his black eyes seemed to see through the coldness of the world, "You need to know this. Knowing someone on the outside doesn’t mean the same inside. Ghosts and gods are unpredictable but people's hearts are even more unpredictable. Ghosts are humans after they died, and death is caused by humans."

Gu Yang squatted on the ground, looking up at Gu Ye's side profile. He has a feeling that the familiar brother is far away from him at this moment.

At the same time, the fans who got the tickets had already entered the venue one after another. Gu Ye looked over and said, "I don't want to wait until his concert is over before going in."

"Then, how about you let that young lady go in by herself?"

"There are too many people here, and the yang energy is too strong. She can't bear it."

Gu Yang doesn’t have any more ideas and asked, "What should we do then?"

Gu Ye pointed to the fence with a serious face, "You squat down. I will step on you, and send her in through this window. After this, brother will buy you candied haws."

Gu Yang: "..." He has a feeling that his brother called him out today just to carry bags and serve as a leverage brick.

Gu Yang resigned to his fate and squatted against the wall, "Then hurry up, it's getting dark. Our mother already called multiple times like a soul-chasing call."


Gu Ye stepped on Gu Yang's back just about to climb up and suddenly sensed a powerful ghostly aura flying towards him not far away. It was overwhelmingly gloomy, and the cold chill caused Gu Ye to take a deep breath. Turning sharply, he looked over vigilantly and saw a luxury commercial vehicle driving over from far away on the road. The car is surrounded by a purple aura, with auspicious clouds covering the top. This is an extremely rare aura that can only be possessed by emperors. Even more shocking, however, is the Ghost General in armor sitting on the roof of the car. The Ghost General is tall and burly with a ghost mask on his face. He is holding a big knife taller than a man in his hand, his body shrouded with a killing spirit. Seeing how the dense ghost aura and the car owner's purplish dragon aura perfectly blended together, Gu Ye's eyes widened in shock. This kind of strange fate is something he has never seen before!

Gu Yang followed Gu Ye's gaze, and said in shock, "Fck! An out-of-production Maybach! It cost more than 10 million yuan and our dad took a fancy to this car previously. It is said that its black body has smooth lines; luxurious and steady. Not only does it show the owner's wealth, but it is also very tasteful. Unfortunately, it got discontinued! Our dad went and bought a Rolls Royce instead, but the regret caused him to eat poorly for several days.

Gu Ye is not in the mood to listen to Gu Yang talking about this. On his face is a rare serious expression as he said, "Old Fourth, this kind of person is the real son of God, the son of destiny, and ghosts and gods dare not provoke them. If you encounter them in the future, don't offend them."

Gu Yang smiled wryly, "Brother, can you get off my back before teaching me a lesson?"

Gu Ye smiled and apologized, "I'm sorry!"

Gu Yang is helpless. He just wanted to say, 'Brother, your apology has no sincerity at all'.

If anyone from the business world passes by, they will definitely recognize the owner of this car. A well-known financial genius throughout China, the youngest rich businessman to make it to Forbes’s list of Billionaires, and also the leading business master in the country, it is Yu Ze, the heir of the Yu family. This young man is only 26 years old. When he returned to China 3 years ago, he created a miracle. In only half a year, he managed to push a crumbling Yehong Technology Group to its peak again. Now it has become the leader in the domestic electronics industry, entering the world market.

Yu Ze is wearing a snow-white shirt, and his hair is combed meticulously. From cuff buttons to collar pins, every detail showed that he is a perfectionist, exuding a sense of abstinence and indifference all over. Even the tear mole at the corner of his eye can't make him more human. Anyway, everything about him screams ‘Strangers go away’.

When Gu Ye is calculating Yu Ze’s fate, Yu Ze felt something and looked outside, and saw Gu Ye climbing the wall and stepping on Gu Yang. The secretary sitting next to him followed his gaze and said regretfully, "Another high school student who doesn't study well. A good-looking child but now chasing stars and climbing walls. Their parents just don't care."

Yu Ze turned his face back, and said indifferently in a tone that says it has nothing to do with him, "Idlers."

The secretary smiled, "Mr. Yu's words are incisive, but Mr. Yu, are we really going to take that road? I heard that there are many accidents on that road recently, and some people say that the road is haunted."

Yu Ze scoffed at this statement, "How can there be ghosts in this world? Why haven't I seen them?"

The author has something to say: The Gong you guys want is coming.

Yu Ze: "There are no ghosts in this world."
Gu Ye looked at the roof of his car: "Yeah~"
Ghost General: "..."

Raw word count: 3725


[1] some kind of side dish that is eaten cold like Korean banchan, google it~

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