Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 8 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 8 Come, kidnap me!

Zhao Pengyu and the others got so frightened by the little ghost pouncing over that they screamed out, and they all huddled behind Gu Ye. At this moment, Gu Ye raised his hand, like slapping a rubber ball, and slapped the ghost on the ground. Then he pressed on the little ghost’s head, and rubbed it in the terrified eyes of everyone, "Don't make trouble, be good, alright?"

The baby ghost did everything by instinct and is terrified by that slap. He looked at Gu Ye timidly and saw that he had a smile on his face. Gu Ye didn't look like he intend to hit him again, so the little ghost cautiously approached Gu Ye's feet, rubbing against his trouser legs. It looked like he is being coquettish.

Gu Ye bent down to pick the ghost up and put him on his lap. He patted the ghost’s head, and praised him, "You are so good but it's a pity that we don't have a destiny. Otherwise, I will let you become my No.1 spirit follower."

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu and the others almost want to kneel down to Gu Ye and stepped back 2 meters in an instant.

Wang Qianqian anxiously explained, "This kid doesn't understand anything. It was just that he didn’t manage to be born, hence growing with a lot of resentment. He never hurt anyone, so this master, don't take him away!"

Gu Ye smiled and rubbed the baby ghost's head, "I can see it."

Realizing that Gu Ye really didn't mean to hurt them, Wang Qianqian asked incredulously, "Are you really going to help me?"

Gu Ye nodded, "I never lie to ghosts."

Liu Yiwen asked in a low voice, "Is it really good to help ghosts?"

Zhao Pengyu however stood on Gu Ye's side, "The scum needs to get retribution."

Lin Zihao frowned, and disagreed with this point of view, "It's wrong to help ghosts and harm living people. She's already dead, so Gu Ye, hurry up and make her disappear. It's too dangerous."

Gu Ye squinted his eyes, and it could be seen from his attitude that he really dislike Lin Zihao. He said, "Actually, it's not without reason that ghosts seek you first. Dark things instinctively look for the soil that breeds darkness."

Zhao Pengyu heard it and understood the meaning. Gu Ye meant that Lin Zihao's heart is not pure. He might not able to see if it’s true or not at the moment, but he really felt that this Lin Zihao is getting stupider, "That scum is innocent? There are 2 lives here, can't you see it? ‘A death costing 2 lives’*. Why are you glaring at me with your 2 light bulbs (eyes)? Isn't a ghost also a human previously?"

*Generally used to describe pregnant ladies since if they die, the baby in the womb will die along with them

Lin Zihao is so speechless by Zhao Pengyu’s scolding that he lowered his head and dared not speak.

Gu Ye stood up holding the little ghost and snapped his fingers, shattering the barrier set by the female ghost earlier. Then he took out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket, and said to the female ghost, "Hide in here first. During the holiday at the end of the month, I will take you to him."

The little ghost is also staring at the bottle, with his big head leaning forward. Gu Ye picked him up and stuffed him in first. It's better for this baby ghost to be kept away. If he accidentally bites someone, he can't help but beat the little ghost up.

The female ghost's feelings towards the child are quite complicated. Seeing the child being stuffed into the porcelain bottle, the female ghost hesitated for a moment before turning into a wisp of black mist and slipping in. Before that, she took a glance at Lin Zihao with regret.

"From now on, you guys can sleep peacefully." Gu Ye waved his hand, yawned, and left.

Looking at Gu Ye’s back, Zhao Pengyu really wanted to kneel down and call him Father. This buddy is too gerdamn awesome! He also wanted to change the dormitory and leave these idiots, then go find Xia Xiang and Gu Ye.

When Gu Ye returned to his dormitory, all the roommates are still fast asleep. Because the Evil Controlling spell worked, Xia Xiang slept soundly, probably not sleeping so well for a long time. Gu Ye put the bottle under his pillow, lay down, and fell asleep.

Around dinner time the next day, Gu Ye ate some pastries while calculating where the bones of Wang Qianqian's mother and son were, and found the burial place amidst the mixed aura of the school.

On the west side of the school field near the wall, there is a hill. It is actually a small mound consisting of leftover soil, silt, and broken stones after the school finished its construction. It's been a long time so weeds grew on the small mound, one can't even see what it originally looked like. The students joked that this is the highest peak of the school, and they will climb up when they have nothing to do. Standing on the top, they can see the scenery outside the school. No one knew that there is a dead body buried at the bottom of the mound.

The small bottle in Gu Ye's pocket sensed the burial ground and moved emotionally. Gu Ye pressed it gently with his fingers, and said lightly, "You have waited for 7 years, what more another month?"

The bottle in his pocket immediately fell silent. Gu Ye stuffed the last mouthful of pastry into his mouth, took out a tissue from his pocket, and wiped his hands. Just as he is about to go back, he suddenly felt an ominous wind at the back of his head. He tilted his head, and a basketball flew past his ear with a whoosh. The basketball hit the ground and bounced several meters high, which shows how powerfully it was thrown.

Gu Ye frowned and looked back in displeasure. A bigger boy bared his teeth with a rogueish smile and said without guilt, "I'm sorry, my hand slipped."

Gu Ye sneered and gave that student a sympathetic look. He didn't bother to argue with him and turned to leave.

"Didn’t people say that Gu Ye has a better brain now, why is he still so stupid?"

"Who knows, he is raised by the stepmother, who knows what he ate to grow up."

"The stepmother's milk is poisonous? Hahahahaha..."

Originally, Gu Ye had already walked away a few steps, but when he heard this, he stopped, turned his head, and coldly looked at the boys who badmouthed him. His eyes are dark like ink, so dark that no emotion could be seen.

The boys who are mocking Gu Ye immediately fell silent and choked back on what they wanted to say next. Realizing that he got intimidated by Gu Ye's look, the young man who tried to hit Gu Ye's head with a basketball is the first to come back to his sense. He became angry and said, "What the hell are you looking at? We are talking about you, so what?"

Gu Ye curved the corner of his mouth mockingly, "At least I have a stepmother. But you? You won't even have a stepmother soon, orphan."

Si Hongxing’s mind buzzed with anger from hearing the word ‘orphan’. He rushed forward to beat Gu Ye, "My parents are alive and well, who are you idiot cursing?!"

Gu Ye grabbed Si Hongxing's wrist, and with a flip on his shoulders, did a neat shoulder throw under everyone’s surprised gaze. He flung Si Hongxing hard on the walkway, and then step on his chest with one foot. Laughing out of anger, he said, "Everyone also wanted to play school bullying with me, you really think I'm stupid?!"

Gu Ye is really puzzled. What kind of days did the original owner live before? As a rich young master, he got bullied by a group of bad students like this. Anyone also dares to ridicule him for being stupid. They even dare to hit him on the head with a ball. Even if he is not stupid, being hit like this will make him stupid sooner or later.

The few students who were with Si Hongxing are frightened by Gu Ye's cold eyes and sharp movements. Si Hongxing is half a head taller than Gu Ye, but with Gu Ye's thin body, where did his strength come from?

Gu Ye glanced at the young boys coldly, and asked coldly, "Who else is not convinced, come!"

"What are you all doing? Fighting?" At this moment, the security uncle who was patrolling happened to pass by the school field and saw them so he shouted at them.

Everyone immediately realized that the situation doesn’t look good. Like a herd of little sheep being chased by wolves, they quickly run away. Gu Ye curled his lips. He deliberately stepped on Si Hongxing before running away.

The security uncle ran over and only managed to grab the Si Hongxing who is lying on the ground and clutching his stomach from being stepped on. This student is usually a rascal. He often comes late and also likes to climb over the wall to slip out to play. The security uncle frowned and glared at Si Hongxing, "Si Hongxing, are you fighting again? I'll tell your homeroom teacher!"

Si Hongxing got up aggrieved, and try to flatter the security uncle, "Don't, don't, we're just kidding. Just playing around with the buddies."

Si Hongxing could only swallow this grievance. He said a few flattering words and then ran away quickly when the security uncle eased his stern expression. In his heart, Si Hongxing has scolded Gu Ye a thousand times. You just wait, you little idiot. Si Hongxing thought to himself that he will kill Gu Ye if he finds a chance!

As soon as Si Hongxing turned to a corner, he got stopped by Qian Zhen*. Qian Zhen put his arms around Si Hongxing's neck and asked sinisterly, "I heard that you have a cousin who is a gangster outside?"

*The dude who bullied Gu Ye before the winter holiday, and Gu Ye said he will suffer misfortune for a month

Si Hongxing asked defensively, "What does Brother Zhen mean?"

Qian Zhen said gloomily, "I want to punish Gu Ye severely but I can't do anything in school. If your cousin can help, money is not a problem."

Si Hongxing is hesitating when a small sparrow flew over his head. Then, a lump of shiet fell from the sky and landed on Qian Zhen's nose with a splat.

With a cold face, Qian Zhen wiped the shiet off with his sleeve expressionlessly, and asked through gritted teeth, "What is your answer?"

Si Hongxing: "...Okay, let, let me ask for you."

When Gu Ye returned to the dormitory at night, he found that his roommate had changed again. Xia Xiang is sitting on the upper bunk with his legs dangling from his bed. He is eating bread so when he saw that Gu Ye has returned, he handed him a loaf of bread and asked, "Do you want to eat something to refill your energy?"

Young boys at 18-19 years old are at a time when they can eat a lot, so Gu Ye is a little hungry at the moment. He accepted the bread and tore off the package. After that, he asked, "Who is this newcomer?"

Xia Xiang smiled and his eyes curved up, "Zhao Pengyu. He tricked Wang Kai and Ma Xiaojiang into my previous dormitory, saying that he felt safe living with you."

Gu Ye looked disgusted, and Zhao Pengyu came back with a basketball in his arms at this moment. Everyone around is wearing sweaters, but Zhao Pengyu is wearing thin sportswear instead, his forehead is sweating from playing ball. When he opened the door and he shouted passionately, "Yo! ~ Gu Xiao-ye is back? Let me introduce myself, I am your new roommate, Zhao Pengyu!"

Gu Ye broke off a big piece of the bread from the part he hadn't bitten and stuffed it into Zhao Pengyu's mouth, "If you want to room with me, please keep quiet, thank you."

Zhao Pengyu puffed his cheeks and smiled. He signaled with his eyes: Don't worry! I will be quiet!

After the lights are turned off, Gu Ye has just laid down on his bed when he saw Zhao Pengyu jumping up from the opposite side, "I'm so hungry! Do you want to eat pork knuckles? I brought several."

Gu Ye sighed, this is someone who cannot stay quiet. Looks like the days to come will be lively.

The days of 3rd-year students are filled with study, study, and study again. In the busy study routine, 3.5 weeks have passed in the blink of an eye, and it is now the end of the month. Teacher Yu came to the classroom after the students finished the 2 morning classes, and knocked on the table. He pulled back the excited students' thoughts who simply wanted to go home with his speech, "Students, the two-week lessons are finished. It's time to take back your heart that went crazy during the winter vacation. Starting next month, it's our final sprint countdown, and I even made banners for all of you. I'll hang it up when you guys returned to school. You have to study hard when you get home. The most important time in your life is coming soon! As the saying goes, ‘if you don’t steam buns, at least keep the steam going’*. Our Class 6 has always been at the bottom of the grades. I believe you all are not stupid, so if you work hard, you will definitely get good grades, fighto!"

*Idiom that can’t be translated into English. It means something like fighting for yourself, I think

"OHH!!" The students in Class 6 excitedly carried the bags they had brought to the classroom before self-study and rushed out of the classroom like the wind.

Parked at the gate of the school are buses for picking up students. Private cars are not allowed to stop at the gate of the school mainly because there are too many cars, which will affect the traffic. Hence, students who are going to be picked up by their parents need to walk to the parking lot more than 1,000 meters away from the school to find their parents.

Gu Ye stuffed the porcelain bottle containing the female ghost into his schoolbag, packed it up, and left the classroom. He is thinking as he walked that he had to buy a few more bottles tomorrow and some materials for daily use.

As soon as he left the classroom, Gu Ye felt his eyelids twitch uncontrollably. Gu Ye suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart. Usually, when his right eyelid twitched, nothing good happened. As the saying goes, doctors don't heal themselves, and fortune-telling is the same. Calculating their own future is generally inaccurate.

‘Good things don’t come but bad things came tumbling down’, Gu Ye has just walked out of the school gate when he is stopped by a gangster, "Are you Gu Ye?"

Gu Ye shook his head innocently, "No."

The little gangster subconsciously glanced at the photo on his phone, and felt amused, "Our boss invites you to eat hot pot, how about giving him face?"

Gu Ye still shook his head, "No."

"Tsk, I'll show you something."

The gangster handed the phone to Gu Ye and played a video. The corners of Gu Ye's mouth twitched immediately. His stupid, careless brother. Gu Ye didn't know how he got tricked but in the video, he is squatting among a group of tattooed punks, holding his head in his hands, and looking at the camera pitifully. The person behind Gu Yang is someone Gu Ye very familiar with. One side is Qian Zhen, someone who got punished by him, and on the other side is Si Hongxing, someone who was beaten by him. Both of them looked at Gu Yang with sarcasm and unkindness in their eyes. Anyway, if Gu Ye doesn't go, Gu Yang will suffer.

Gu Ye sighed helplessly, and said to the gangster, "Lead the way."

Gu Ye: Selling a silly brother here. His characteristic is he can eat a lot. The good side is his obedience. Starting price is 2 steamed buns, auction starts! 2 buns at the moment, is there any higher bid?

Raw word count: 3604


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