Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 7 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 7 Give me money, else shut up

Frick! He’s a fierce guy!

Realizing that he is saved, Zhao Pengyu took a deep breath as he crawled away from the female ghost. When he saw who saved him, he almost dropped his jaw in shock, "...Gu Ye?"

Gu Ye first glanced at Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen who were lying on the ground with disdain. He didn't sleep well for 2 nights so he is really in a bad mood. "How can a saved person have the courage to call his benefactor's name? At this time, you have to kneel down and call me Father."

Zhao Pengyu: "...Dude, are you sane? Or this is split personality syndrome?"

Gu Ye's character is very different from when he met in school.

Gu Ye just took a look at Zhao Pengyu and said, "You are born into a rich family. Your ancestors were military officers, and your grandpa served in the army before. Only in your father's generation that your family started to do business. Your mother's family is richer and more powerful, hence she has relatively a strong personality. She has her own business; a typical career woman.

But because your mother didn't have time to take care of you when you were young, the relationship between the two of you is mediocre. However, the problem is mainly on your side. You just want to go against her in everything. To put it bluntly, you deserve a beating.

You almost died when you were 4 years old. That time, your mother nearly her life trying to save you but you should have forgotten it now. At present, you still have a calamity in your life. If you managed to get over it, you will have a great road ahead in the future. If you can't pass the calamity, you will die."

Zhao Pengyu picked up the stool in front of him with a dazed expression and hugged tightly as if only the stool could give him a sense of security. What Gu Ye said about him is basically all correct.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Pay me money, and I will show you a clear way to avoid disaster."

Zhao Pengyu quickly paid for it. Just by the fact that Gu Ye saved his life just now, he believed everything Gu Ye said.

Seeing that Zhao Pengyu is quite generous, Gu Ye curved his mouth and felt better, "Don't walk across a bridge these days."

Zhao Pengyu asked nervously, "And then?"

"If you don't walk across a bridge, there won’t be a ‘then’ (because ZPY escaped the calamity). If you walked across a bridge, there won’t be any ‘then’ for you either (because ZPY encountered the calamity). " As Gu Ye said that, he stepped on the female ghost, and swiftly pasted a Soul Restraining Talisman on the female ghost's head.

After the ghost is restrained, only then did Zhao Pengyu see clearly her horrifying appearance. Any words he wanted to say got scared back into his throat.

At this moment, Lin Zihao finally woke up. Realizing that Gu Ye is really capable and not a fake, he crawled over crying. He hugged Gu Ye's leg and said, "Gu Ye, please help me! She is really going to kill me !" Lin Zihao touched his own face and could feel that the blood from the wound earlier is still wet. He became even more terrified, and grabbed Gu Ye firmly, like a drowning person grabbing the only floating board that can save his life.

Liu Yiwen is also so frightened that his mind nearly collapsed. Though survived from the female ghost, he is still trembling all over, "We really didn't do it on purpose. We just played the pen fairy game out of curiosity. It's really just curiosity."

Gu Ye curled his lips in disgust, "Pay me, else shut up."

Hearing that, the 3 young men looked confused, Zhao Pengyu asked curiously, "Don't people like you treat money like dirt/shiet?"

Gu Ye sneered, "I've seen a lot of people kissing money, but I haven't seen anyone kissing shiet before."

"Pfft!" Zhao Pengyu couldn't hold back, that was funny. Gu Ye rushed in to save them when he was dying. This dude is not bad at heart, it's just that his mouth is too poisonous.

Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen could only tremblingly take out most of their living expenses.

"Not enough," Gu Ye looked at the two of them with still indifferent eyes, "Hand over all the pocket money."

Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen glanced at the immobilized female ghost, and continued to pay with a painful look, "But if give you all, our monthly expenses..."

Zhao Pengyu couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed their wallets. After taking out all the money, he said angrily, "Your life is almost gone, and you still can't bear to give the money? Didn’t the school provide a way to earn pocket money for poor students? You guys could take some cleaning tasks and earn 5 RMB a day. Then for meals, you eat steamed buns and pastries. Doing this for a month is enough. You can also take this as a lesson to remember!"

Gu Ye put all the money into his pocket, and asked with distaste, "Your year-end exam score is pretty good huh?"

The 2 young men’s originally pale faces turned embarrassingly red as if someone had lifted the layer that covers their shame, it is terribly mortifying.

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu is speechless. It turned out that in order to know the exam questions in advance, they did such a thing as playing pen fairy and summoned this ghost. And here he was wondering how did they do so well in the final exam!

Gu Ye didn't bother to argue with the young men, and took off the talisman on the female ghost, "Miss, let's have a chat."

The three of them couldn't bear to even look at the bloody face of the female ghost. Starting today, they had a psychological shadow on the word ‘Miss’.

The female ghost got beaten by Gu Ye and hurt her soul, so she laid down on the corner of the wall sluggishly, glaring at Gu Ye angrily. At the same time, she is afraid of the talisman in Gu Ye's hand, not daring to move.

Gu Ye sat on the stool Zhao Pengyu handed over and crossed his legs. He asked, "What's your name? How old are you? How did you die? What unhappy things happened? Tell me."

Hearing Gu Ye's domineering tone, if it wasn't for the inappropriate season*, Zhao Pengyu really wanted to fan him with a fan (like an underling).

*Spring season, it’s cold

After hearing the story, everyone present began to sympathize with this female ghost. What a tragedy!

The female ghost is Wang Qianqian, a local. 7 years ago, after graduating from the acting department of a prestigious university, she had a promising future ahead, but she suddenly found out that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend is a year older than her, studied vocal music, and had already entered the entertainment circle at that time. The boyfriend is a ‘little fresh meat’ (handsome young idol), good-looking, and can sing and dance. He also participated in a singing talent show. He is very popular and has a bright future.

Dazed by love, Wang Qianqian resolutely decided to give up acting to marry her boyfriend first. Then she will give birth to the child, and give the child to her boyfriend's parents to take care of in the future. When she told her boyfriend this idea, she didn't expect the man who kept saying he loved her like his life to turn his back on her. He even refused to get married and prohibited her from having the child. The reason is simple. He is in the rising period of his career, and his fans are the girlfriend-type fans’. If his fans find out that he is married and even has children, it will be a very big blow to his career.

Wang Qianqian naturally disagreed. Seeing her belly getting bigger and her boyfriend avoiding her more and more, she felt betrayed. She is an orphan so she longed for the warmth of her family too much. Moreover, she loved that man too much. Hence she didn’t hesitate to threaten her boyfriend with harsh words, saying that she will expose their relationship if they don’t get married, so that his fans will know what kind of a person he is. Unexpectedly, just this one angry sentence triggered the murderous intention of her boyfriend.

Wang Qianqian underestimated a man's pursuit of fame and wealth and also miscalculated her position in the other party's heart. That day at midnight, Wang Qianqian's boyfriend called her to Wu Zhong School, which was in the middle of construction at the time, and brutally stoned her to death. Before Wang Qianqian died completely, her boyfriend poured a bucket of sulfuric acid on her, destroying the corpse and wiping out traces.

Wang Qianqian has no family, so no one reported her disappearance and Wu Zhong School continued to expand its construction works. No one knew that there is a nearly destroyed body buried in the ground and the construction workers continued to work. And so, this tragedy of inhumanity is hidden for 7 years.

Wang Qianqian is full of resentment and unable to reincarnate. She just wanted revenge, but unfortunately turned into an earth-bound spirit, staying in the place of her death forever. Until Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen seek death by playing the pen fairy game. They summoned Wang Qianqian, who could only hover 10 meters away from her corpse, to the boys' dormitory.

If Wang Qianqian wanted to leave the school, she had to kill someone and let the other party's soul replace her place. She actually locked onto Xia Xiang at first glance, and her plan is to eat him to increase her spiritual power. Then she will kill Lin Zihao to replace her, and then go to take her revenge. It's a pity that Xia Xiang has always been protected by something, and later he went to share a dormitory with Gu Ye. She had no choice but to change her target to Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen.

After listening to Wang Qianqian’s full story, Gu Ye said sympathetically, "Then you are really miserable."

There’s a master who sympathizes with ghosts?! Wang Qianqian stared into Gu Ye's eyes defensively and found that he didn't look like a fake, and also realized that Gu Ye is different from those rumored masters. So she became bolder, and said righteously, "I helped them and fulfilled their request. In exchange, I will take their lives."

Gu Ye seriously praised the female ghost, "You only charge 1 life for 2 people’s wishes, you are really a conscientious businessman."

Wang Qianqian nodded vigorously, "Yes."

Unexpectedly, following her movements, the right eye socket doesn’t have many muscles left to block so the eyeball fell out to the ground. After bouncing twice, it rolled to a stop in front of Gu Ye and the others. Since her eyeball fell out, she has to pick it up, it’s not like she can just throw it away. So subconsciously, Wang Qianqian crawled over to pick up her eyeball.


The 3 boys behind Gu Ye screamed like crazy in fright. Liu Yiwen got so scared that he urinated on the spot. He hugged the leg of Gu Ye's chair and burst into tears.

Wang Qianqian picked up her eyeball and crawled back to the corner of the wall. She pressed it back into the eye socket, and said apologetically, "I'm sorry."

All humans present: "..."

Gu Ye touched his numb ears in annoyance. This bunch of trash, people just want to pick up the eye that fell off, so what?!

"Gu Ye, help! The point is what should we both do?" Lin Zihao cried and pulled Gu Ye's pant legs. On the other hand, he reminded Gu Ye in a low voice to stop talking and kill her! Destroy her soul!

Gu Ye slapped the ‘claws’ off his legs, and said to Wang Qianqian with a smile, "Let them go, and I can help you to take revenge. That little brat also, come out. He has much more grievances than you."

There is a more powerful kid here?!

The 3 young men subconsciously looked at Wang Qianqian's stomach. That’s right, she was about to give birth when she died, and now her stomach is flat. The 3 moved closer to Gu Ye in horror, wishing they could hide in his arms. They had a feeling that it would only be safe if they are close to Gu Ye.

"Hee hee hee hee~"

A string of piercing ghostly laughter made one's scalp tingle, Lin Zihao followed the sound and looked in horror. At his bed, he saw a small cloud of black mist slowly crawling out. Because the room is dark, he can't see what the black mist looks like. He can only see that the limbs are twisted and the head is very large. The thing has a pair of blood-red vertical pupils, and also a big mouth that seems to be able to swallow everything.

Lin Zihao recalled that he had just slept in that quilt, and he doesn't know if that kid is there. The thought of holding this thing in his arms is horrifying. Frightened, he slumped on the ground and clasped his legs tightly. A stream of heat flowed down, he also peed from the fright. How can he sleep in the future? There will be a psychological shadow whenever he sees the quilt!

Seeing his mother being knocked down, the baby didn't intend to help. He didn't understand human nature very much. However, sensing Gu Ye’s spiritual power, his mouth suddenly opened as big as a basketball size. The baby ghost instinctively rushed towards Gu Ye, the black evil aura billowing from his body carrying a strong smell of blood.

Gu Ye frowned seeing that bloodthirsty appearance, "Eating people? Is this alright?"

Zhao Pengyu: I never expected that you will really be in the same generation as my father in the future (referring to the part where Gu Ye told him to call him Father for saving him).

Raw word count: 3122


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