Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 6 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 6 Frcking tells you not to be too rampant!

Xia Xiang had obviously realized that he got targeted, and shrank himself into a ball. He is shaking like a sieve in motion, and the whole bunk bed trembled with him. Gu Ye is worried that Xia Xiang would piss himself in fear, and he who is in the lower bunk would be drenched. In desperation, Gu Ye got up, walked slowly to the window, and quietly opened the curtain slightly. Facing the ghost, he asked jokingly, "Miss, it's so late. Don't you need to go home and sleep?"

The ghostly figure backed away vigilantly. She instinctively felt that Gu Ye is difficult to deal with. She asked warily, "Who are you?"

Gu Ye seriously answered, "The successor of communism."

The female ghost realized that she had been fooled, her hair moving without wind, revealing a bloodied face. Her scarlet eyes glared at Gu Ye viciously, "Boy, I advise you to mind your own business."

Gu Ye lazily yawned. Looking at the miserable appearance of the female ghost lady, he said flatly, "You too, don’t be too rampant."

But the female ghost couldn't bear to leave Xia Xiang, this delicious big cake with a pure yin physique. She reluctantly stuck to the window and started thinking what are the chances she could kill, skin, and eat the soul under Gu Ye's nose, without getting caught.

Gu Ye sneered and pinched his finger, one can vaguely see purple flames on it, "If you don't leave, are you planning to stay and be my little spirit?"

The hand sign Gu Ye is pinching is exactly the technique of controlling ghosts that are forbidden by Taoism. The female ghost instinctively felt frightened by the flames. She hesitated for a moment, turned her head, and ran away. Gu Ye clicked his tongue, feeling a little regretful. He really wants to have a bunch of cute spirits, the more terrible the better. This one is not bad, it's ugly enough.

At this time, Xia Xiang secretly lifted his quilt to a crack. He looked at Gu Ye quietly, and his gaze is so hot that sparks are about to burst out. Gu Ye ignored him, wrapped himself up the quilt tightly, and fell asleep. There is still the rustling wind outside, and the aura of evil spirit and resentment still lingers. The female ghost is obviously still wandering around.

This female ghost died unjustly. Otherwise, there would not be such strong resentment. For a ghost who died unjustly, if the other party does not come to provoke him, Gu Ye didn't bother with them.

The next morning, Gu Ye took his books and planned to go back to the classroom for self-study. Seeing him planning to go out, Xia Xiang quickly followed him. But before Xia Xiang had time to strike up a conversation, he got stopped by 2 boys at the door. Their appearance looked very bad, their lips were pale, and their eyes were bloodshot. When they saw Xia Xiang come out, they pulled him away, looking nervous.

Far away, Gu Ye could only hear the timid Xia Xiang anxiously saying, "I can't help you either. I told you not to play with that thing, and it will really kill you but you guys just don't listen! I am the most innocent party here, you know!"

After the morning self-study, Gu Ye went to the cafeteria to eat alone. As soon as he entered the door, he is blocked by Xia Xiang and his 2 classmates. Xia Xiang handed 2 meat buns to him and a cup of Laba congee.

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "What do you mean by this?"

"My treat to you," Xia Xiang said quietly, like a timid bunny. It seems that the harsh way of talking to his friends in the morning was caused by the pressure, "Thank you for helping me last night."

Gu Ye smiled, and walked around the other party to buy his food, "It has nothing to do with you."

After Gu Ye bought a stuffed pastry and sat down, Xia Xiang sat beside Gu Ye with a red face. Eating a big bun each in both hands, he said in a low voice, "I know there are rules in your trade. Helping others will hurt your luck, and serious cases will even shorten your life. Hence, you will charge a certain fee, to use to help those in need to make up for your penalty. Since I want to ask you to help me, I will give you the money. "

Gu Ye bit the pastry and found that it taste good, so he felt better, "Boy, you know a lot. You even know the rules."

"En, I often invited some masters over at home."

Because of his physique problem, Xia Xiang will either get scared out of his soul or be haunted by ghosts since young. He has seen a lot of masters who can pinch fingers and calculate, but this is the first time he saw someone like Gu Ye who could scare away evil spirits with just a few words.

Gu Ye said with a smile, "You want me to take action? It depends on how much you pay."

Hearing that, Xia Xiang's eyes lit up. He stretched out 2 fingers and said, "I can only give you 2,000 RMB now. Depends on how much you want, I'll ask my mom to put more on the card to you next month."

Xia Xiang's classmates didn't expect Xia Xiang to give Gu Ye 2,000 RMB the moment he said he will help out and anxiously tugged his clothes to tell him not to be stupid. Xia Xiang might look soft-tempered, but he is also stubborn, so he is unmoved at all.

Gu Ye is amused and asked, "Okay, tell me. How did you form a relationship with that young lady?"

"It wasn't me, it was they who played with the pen fairy and called her out. I didn't expect that she would come to me as soon as she is summoned. She has been following me around since before the winter vacation, and still followed me after changing the dormitory." Xia Xiang felt desperate. He didn't provoke her at all, but she and all the ghosts liked him.

Gu Ye took a sip of the porridge, and persuaded him solemnly, "Isn't she beautiful? To love you so deeply, young man you are so lucky."

Xia Xiang really wanted to cry, "I don't want this kind of luck!"

While sympathizing with Xia Xiang, Gu Ye couldn't help thinking about it. He has a pure yin constitution and a pair of yin and yang eyes. If a ghost ate him, it will be like eating a big tonic pill. However, Xia Xiang doesn't have the ability to protect himself. Gu Ye really doesn't know how he managed to grow up safely.

After finishing eating, Gu Ye took Xia Xiang's hand and drew a spell on the other's arm, "If you see those things again, just say in your heart: In my resistance, which ghost dares to come? The Heaven moves, evil spirits get bound."

Xia Xiang read it silently in his heart, and asked curiously, "This is?"

"Evil Controlling spell, recite it when you encountered something. It keeps away from ghosts and spirits. Your 2,000 RMB is only enough to buy this talisman, and it will work just for 2 months."

Xia Xiang looked at his arm excitedly. As long as he is in the same dormitory as Gu Ye, he believed that he would be safe. With this spell, he would dare to go to the toilet alone at night. He no longer has to be afraid of being woken up by the urge to urinate in the middle of the night and hold it until dawn!

"Well, can you help them solve too..."

Gu Ye had already stood up and is about to go back to the classroom. Without even looking at the other 2 classmates, he said, "Forget it, they seek death themselves, so they should accompany the ghost tonight. Otherwise, I am sorry for the young lady’s passionate enthusiasm." Gu Ye paused, then added coldly, "It's fine to seek death and face it yourself, don't implicate others."

The two cursed contemptuously in a low voice, and also a bit resentful of Xia Xiang. It was unnecessary!

Lin Zihao looked at Xia Xiang as if looking at an idiot, his tone is a little sour, "Aren't you stupid? 2,000 RMB, how many mines does your family have? So much pocket money for you to waste!"

Liu Yiwen also said, "He obviously lied to you. What spell? Why can't I see anything? Is this the emperor's new cloth?"

"It must be a lie. It is impossible for him to know how to catch ghosts. He is just a kid from a rich family. He is the trash who scored last place in the whole grade. I don't know how his mouth became so sharp after a holiday. If I had his family’s condition, I would have gotten recruited by a famous university in advance. Only you would trust him. Liu Yiwen, let's go, we don't have so much spare money to waste."

Liu Yiwen also felt that what Lin Zihao said is reasonable, but what Lin Zihao said was a bit too much. He looked at Xia Xiang apologetically, left a sentence of "Take care of yourself", and followed Lin Zihao.

Xia Xiang is sullen, holding the buns and eating with no expression on his face. His family is indeed rich, but he has never used the money to do anything wrong. The copper coins that was used to block the female ghost from entering the dormitory door before the winter vacation was bought by his father at a high price from a master. Otherwise, everyone in the dorm room would have died long ago. Spending his money to save their life, and yet maintaining a lofty hatred for the rich second-generation, why bother?

That night, in the dead of night, a dark shadow crawled to the dormitory where Xia Xiang stayed before. Right now, Xia Xiang is staying with Gu Ye, a person that she doesn't know the depth of his skills, so she didn't dare to act rashly. Hence, the female ghost can only settle for the next best thing. The 2 people who summoned her were Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen. She granted their wish, so the contract is done. Logically speaking, she should have taken their lives. She wants a human face and complete skin. She wants someone to replace her spot as the earthbound spirit so she could get out of school, and seek revenge on that scum!

The copper coin hanging at the door had lost much strength after blocking her attacks a few times. The female ghost stretched out her black nails and grabbed, crushing the faint white light. She rushed into the dormitory amidst the screams of the 3 people, and grabbed Lin Zihao's hair, lifting him up.


Lin Zihao yelled in pain, covering his head in horror. He kicked his feet wildly, struggling desperately. He could feel the sharp nails piercing his scalp, and blood flowing down his cheeks. The strong smell of blood behind him made him unable to distinguish whether it was his own or the female ghost's. This frightened him to no end and he cried while shouting, "Help! Help! Let me go! Yiwen, save me! Zhao Pengyu, save me!"

The female ghost leaned nearer to Lin Zihao, sniffed his scent, and narrowed her scarlet eyes comfortably. She has no skin, and her facial features can only distinguish her eyes from her mouth. Some of the wounds are deep and some are shallow. In some deeper wounds, there are white bones exposed, and in some bloody wounds, there is rotten black flesh hanging. At such a close distance, even if there is no light in the room, the cold moonlight and street lamps outside the window are enough for him to see this face clearly. The visual impact is not something ordinary people can bear. Lin Zihao is so scared that he rolled his eyes and passed out.

Liu Yiwen held his head in horror, trembling all over with fright. He had lost the strength to struggle and didn't even have the thought of running away. Also, he almost peed in fright, so how could he have the courage to rescue Lin Zihao?

On the other hand, another student in their dormitory saw that Lin Zihao is about to die. At that moment, he didn’t know where the courage came from but that student picked up a chair and threw it over. Then he jumped up and cursed fiercely, "Fcck you! Laozi will fight with you!"

A person's aura of righteousness can suppress spirits and ghosts, which is why they don’t dare to provoke people with professions such as soldiers and police. This sudden explosion from Zhao Pengyu's throw really made the ghost's movements pause. But next, she got enraged completely. The female ghost let go of Lin Zihao in her hand and rushed towards Zhao Pengyu.

Zhao Pengyu is so frightened that he ran away and crawled to open the door of the dormitory, only to find that the door seemed to be welded. Not only could the door not be opened, but the students from their surroundings seemed to be deaf because they couldn't hear such a big commotion here. Zhao Pengyu felt cold in his heart, thinking that he wouldn't die here tonight, would he? He, Zhao Pengyu, 19 years old, died of a righteous act, bravely fighting evil spirits to save a mentally handicapped classmate. Why does this epitaph sound so stupid?!

The female ghost pounced over in the blink of an eye. She grabbed Zhao Pengyu's neck, and said viciously, "Since you meddle in other people's business, I will kill you first."

Zhao Pengyu is 1.8 meters tall but when he got held up by the skinny female ghost, he had no room to struggle. He could only widen his eyes in pain, and his eyeballs are bloodshot. Looking at Liu Yiwen lying on the ground trembling who had no intention of helping him at all, Zhao Pengyu felt hopeless in his heart. The last thought in his mind is that he has made his parents worry since he was a child. He didn't realize until he is dying that he did a lot of shitty things to make them angry, especially his mother, unfortunately...

Just when Zhao Pengyu is about to lose consciousness, he heard a BANG. The door of the dormitory is kicked open from the outside and a figure appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye. With a miserable ghost cry, the female ghost got kicked and crashed into the wall hard. Black smoke rises from the place it is beaten, and the pain caused the female ghost’s grimace to deform.

The person who rushed in raised his foot expressionlessly. The cotton slippers with cow motive even have 2 horns on them, very cute. However, in the next second, the same slippers violently kicked the female ghost in the face, the person fiercely scolding, "Told you already not to be so fking rampant! Don’t I need sleep?! What time is it now, don’t you have any idea?!"

It is Gu Ye who hadn't slept well for 2 nights.

Gu Ye: When this master is sleeping, don't make any noise!

The Gong who hasn't appear yet: When I see you, I don't want to sleep anymore (gentle gaze.jpg)

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