Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 5 Wu Zhong High School (ETL)

Chapter 5 Gu Ye seemed to be a little evil

In his lifetime, Gu Ye has never encountered the legendary school violence before so Gu Ye became so excited that he rolled up his sleeves, "You don't need to worry about the second half of my semester year. Instead, you should worry about the second half of your life."

3 minutes later, Gu Ye calmly returned to his seat under the shocked eyes of the whole class.

Not long after, the dean went to the toilet. As soon as he opened the toilet door, he found 2 nekid students hugging each other and falling asleep. That flash of pale white skin, it’s really stinging the eyes. The dean almost spat out a mouthful of old blood, "Indecent! How scandalous! Crazy! This is really crazy!!"

The dean immediately blocked the toilet (from anyone coming in) and called Teacher Yu, the homeroom teacher of Class 6, with his phone.

Teacher Yu is almost 50 years old and has been teaching for decades, but he has never seen such a student. Qian Zhen and Hu Mingming are well-known troublemakers in school. They often bully their classmates and talk back to the teacher. There is even a handful of new female teachers who got angered to tears by them before. Teacher Yu knew that they were difficult to manage, but he didn't expect them to do such a crazy thing. After calling a few times but couldn’t wake them up, Teacher Yu took a glass of cold water angrily and poured it directly on their heads and faces, "Wake up this instant! It's outrageous! It's outrageous!"

Qian Zhen woke up and looked at the dean and homeroom teacher with a confused face. Then he looked at Hu Mingming who is still clinging to his body. The teacher didn't scare him, but the latter caused him to jump up from the shock, "Fck it! What the hell! Hu Mingming, why didn’t you frick’in wear any clothes?!"

Next, Qian Zhen looked down at himself and got dumbfounded. What the hell happened? He just remembered pulling Gu Ye to the toilet, trying to avoid surveillance to beat him up. Then he couldn’t remember anything.

"You two, get dressed first." Teacher Yu turned pale from the anger, and then said earnestly, "Teacher will not look down on 2 boys getting together, but you shouldn't choose to do such things in this place at this age! This is a school! It's a place for teaching and educating people! How dare you.."

Teacher Yu pressed his buzzing forehead, and couldn't continue speaking. Oh no, he felt dizzy.

Only then did Qian Zhen understand what Teacher Yu meant, and he got immediately annoyed, "Old man Yu, what do you mean? Me and him? I..." Qian Zhen felt physically sick when he saw Hu Mingming's pale and fat body. Immediately, he felt nausea coming, "urgh!"

The dean had a cold expression, and when he heard his attitude toward the homeroom teacher, he scolded angrily, "Qian Zhen! Call your parents over! We must have a good talk, what kind of students are you?!"

Hu Mingming also woke up in both shock and nausea. He explained while putting on his clothes, "Teacher, you really misunderstood us. It's Gu Ye! That little bastard Gu Ye did it!"

Teacher Yu laughed out angrily, "Gu Ye is famous for his honesty in the whole school, and he dares not even speak loudly. How did he do such a thing? Do you think this teacher is a fool? You made a mistake and didn't know how to repent. Call your parents over also!"

‘Evil news rides fast, while good news baits later’. The story of Qian Zhen and Hu Mingming from 3rd year Class 6, being nekid in the bathroom and embracing each other spread throughout the school in less than the duration of a lesson. The gang of school bullies all got shocked speechless. It turns out that Brother Zhen and Brother Ming have this kind of relationship!

At noon, the parents of Qian Zhen and Hu Mingming came. Under the sincere pleas of the parents, Teacher Yu said solemnly, "It stands to reason that both of them should be expelled immediately. But the school considered the future development of the two and they are going to take the college entrance examination soon. Hence, we decided to give them a chance to reform themselves. For this time, we’ll just say that they fought in the toilet, and the incident will be dealt with as a major demerit. Next time, they will be expelled directly."

The parents from both families bowed gratefully to the teacher to thank them, and inside their hearts, they both wanted to beat their sons to death.

Qian Zhen felt really aggrieved, "Gu Ye obviously did this. Teacher, are you blind?"

As soon as the words fell, Qian Zhen's father kicked him angrily, "Shut up!"

Qian Zhen clenched his fists resentfully, looking at his father with fire in his eyes.

Teacher Yu is dissatisfied with Qian Zhen's attitude and said, "The school checked the surveillance in the corridor and only found the footage of you two violently dragging Gu Ye into the toilet. If you say Gu Ye did it, then tell me clearly how he did it.”

Qian Zhen opened his mouth, but he had nothing to say as he had no memory of this timeframe.

After the two got a terrible scolding, they went to the cafeteria to eat lunch. At this moment, they received countless gazes from their classmates secretly paying attention to them. Both Qian Zhen and Hu Mingming really wanted to tear Gu Ye apart.

Seeing Gu Ye who is eating in the corner, Qian Zhen's eyes almost turned green with hatred, "It's definitely the bastard Gu Ye who did it!"

Hu Mingming said in a low voice, "We can't make mistakes again, otherwise we will be expelled."

Qian Zhen glared at Gu Ye viciously and said, "When we are outside the school, I'll give him a good lesson!"

For the first time, Qian Zhen didn't sleep in class in the afternoon and just glared at Gu Ye's back, thinking about how to deal with him. After the afternoon class is over, a shorty came to Qian Zhen and said secretly, "Brother Zhen, I found out that Gu Ye's younger brother is also in our school. He is a freshman."

At this moment, Gu Ye, who is about 7 or 8 tables away from them, suddenly turned his face around and lightly smiled at the two of them. Gu Ye’s appearance is already exquisite, with a pair of peach blossom eyes, and eyes black as black jade. He used to look dazed in the past and no one can't see anything on his face. Now that he smiled, he is indeed good-looking but his black eyes are scary. The two of them immediately felt a chill, from the soles of their feet to the top of their head. The hairs all over their body stood up.

Gu Ye said with a smile, "A month from now, you will be possessed by bad luck, so try to live on."

"Frck you!"

Qian Zhen never felt this kind of anger before. He is usually the one who bullies others, but when Gu Ye provoked him, his brain just short-circuited. He didn't want to care about the consequences, he just wanted to beat Gu Ye up. However, in the next second, Qian Zhen fell to the ground with a smack. His 1.8-meter body fell flat on the ground. Blood flowed down his chin from his nose. Everyone around got stunned, what the hell?! When did Gu Ye possess a crow's mouth (jinx)?!

Qian Zhen's little underlings swiftly rushed up and dragged their big brother to the infirmary to stop the bleeding. Just as they arrived at the door, a basketball flew toward Qian Zhen's forehead at full speed. After hitting him, it bounced off like a cannonball for several meters away so one could guess how great was the force.

"F U K! Who?! Whose ball was it?!"

Hearing Qian Zhen's furious scolding in the corridor, the whole class turned to look at Gu Ye and their gaze became strange. Gu Ye seemed to be a bit evil!

After a self-study session in the evening, Gu Ye returned to the dormitory and found that the vacant bed on his upper bunk had already been covered with bedding. The classmate standing by the bed smiled shyly. He has a baby face and is not very tall, so he looked even smaller with a smile.

"Xia Xiang, why did a top student like you come to our dormitory?"

One of the roommates, Wang Kai, frowned, looking at the newcomer with hostility and fear. The level of test scores in this dormitory is generally around the middle and lower threshold, but they are not bad people. Being able to put Gu Ye in this dormitory is also specially arranged by the teacher (so that he won’t get bullied again). Gu Ye looked at another roommate and found that he had the same look in his eyes, which is a bit strange. Is this the hostility of low-level students towards top students?

Xia Xiang lowered his head in embarrassment, and said falteringly, "It's not convenient to live in the previous dormitory, so I moved."

This reason is obviously an excuse, but Gu Ye is not in the mood to care about what’s up with these children, so he took his things to wash up. At this moment, Wang Kai also walked out behind him. After leaving the dormitory, Wang Kai said, "Gu Ye, remember to stay away from Xia Xiang."


When Gu Ye asked this question, Wang Kai is a little surprised. In the past, Gu Ye would say "En" and accept whatever was told to him, but now he would ask why. Looking at Gu Ye's eyes now, Wang Kai is even more surprised. Gu Ye seemed to be different. But boys don’t care about such details so Wang Kai didn't take the change seriously. Looking around, and after making sure there is no one around, he told Gu Ye in a low voice, "His eyes are different from ours, he can see things we can't see. Many people know about this."

After that, Wang Kai clicked his tongue irritably, "I don't know why he moved to our dormitory. Doesn’t that means we will live nervously from now on?"

Gu Ye asked solemnly, "The thing you mean is a ghost?"

"Shh!" Wang Kai is someone who is quite peculiar with taboos, "Don't mention this word. Our school used to be a mass graveyard, so be careful what you say will come."

Gu Ye saw that Wang Kai had a good physique. He is tall and big, and he is a strong young man. But Gu Ye didn't expect him to be so timid, "What are there to be afraid of? If ghosts dare to come, you just take off your pants and pee on them. Virgin boy’s urine could ward off evil spirits."

Wang Kai: "..."

Is this really Gu Ye? Has he gone crazy?

At the same time in a small courtyard, a middle-aged man with a mustache wearing a half-worn Taoist robe, holding a talisman, and kept making gestures while muttering words. Li Shengkai and his wife is standing by the wall watching intently. Their forehead is covered with sweat. After offending Gu Decheng, the Li family clearly has no chance of winning over him who publicly went against them. Hu Yu played a bad hand, and now the entire top society circle knows that the couple committed a suicidal offense to the Gu family. No one wants to be on their side. The couple can't help it and can only take the risk, cursing the Gu family to be ruined. First of all, they start with Gu Decheng!

When the little paper figure with Gu Decheng's name written on it is thrown into the brazier, the flames suddenly rose more than 1 meter high. There is a faint blue light inside the distorted flame, which seems weird no matter how you looked at it. A look of joy appeared in Li Shengkai's eyes. As long as Gu Decheng died, half of the Gu family would collapse. He is sure that the two juniors, Gu Sen and Gu Lin, couldn't beat him in business yet. As for Gu Ye and Gu Yang, these two useless sons are automatically ignored by him.

Just when the couple thought their wish had been fulfilled, the flame suddenly got pressed down slowly and seemed to be suppressed by something. The entire top of the flame is flattened, and the flame more than 1 meter high is pressed more and more like a blanket. With this change, the couple became anxious. That master's expression is not good either. With a sullen face pinching his fingers, he chanted faster and faster and the suppressed flame struggled unwillingly. But the thing that is pressing down is too strong, there is no resistance at all.

At this moment, at the gate of the Gu family's house, a small figure made of golden light emerged from the mouth of the stone lion. It caught the black shadow hovering at the entrance, grabbed one side with one hand, and brutally tore it in half.

At the same time, with a BANG, the brazier burst suddenly!

"Pfft!" The master immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground with a listless face.

"Ah! Fire, fire, fire!" Li Shengkai and his wife got so frightened by the flying sparks and ran out of the door regardless of the master. In the blink of an eye, the small courtyard is on fire. The master who had just vomited blood looked pale and is crawling out with both hands and feet. Before he could get to the door, a pillar fell from the beam and hit him on the head. A famous master rolled his eyes and passed out directly just like this. In the fire, only the little paper figure with Gu Decheng's name on it is lying quietly on the ground. It is surrounded by an invisible layer, and it is completely unharmed. Gradually, the name on the figure disappeared, and the paper figure then turned into ashes.

Gu Ye noticed that the spell he had left at home had activated, so he pinched his fingers to calculate. Then, the corners of his mouth gradually curved up. Working in this line of work, they must not do harm to others, otherwise, they will be punished by the heavens.

In the middle of the night, all the students fell into a deep sleep. On the fake rockery in the backfield, a strong resentment gathered together to form a dark ghost figure. The ghostly figure quietly came to Gu Ye's dormitory, sticking to the glass like a gecko. Not sure who pulled the curtains before going to bed, but that person didn't draw them tightly. Hence, in the gap between the curtains, which is not wider than a finger’s width, a pair of blood-red eyes are revealed, looking greedily at the Xia Xiang who is on Gu Ye's upper bunk.

Gu Ye quietly opened his eyes and glanced at the window. No wonder there are evil spirits and resentment hidden in the Yin aura. It turned out that there is such a big treasure hidden in the school.

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