Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 4 Gu Family (ETL)

Chapter 4 Encountered bullying at school

When Mrs. Gu came home, Gu Ye and Gu Yang were both packing their school bags. They were high school students who lived on campus and were only allowed to go home once a month for only 3 days, so they packed a lot of things back to the dormitory. Mrs. Gu checked their school bags and then went to the kitchen. She brought out a lot of dried meat, fruit, bread, and snacks, and stuffed them into their school bags.

Gu Ye glanced at Gu Yang's schoolbag, and muttered in a low voice, "I think younger brother has more than I do."

"Really?" Gu Yang looked confused and wanted to take out his bag for comparison.

Mrs. Gu slapped off his paw angrily and gave Gu Ye another bag of beef jerky. Then she said with a little embarrassment in her tone, "The college entrance examination is half a year away. Eat more and study hard."

Gu Ye picked up his schoolbag in satisfaction, and said with a smile, "Thank you, Mom!"

The word ‘Mom’ made Mrs. Gu's expression still, and her mood became a bit complicated. But seeing Gu Ye's smiling face looking satisfied, she couldn't help it. The corners of her mouth curved up, and she rubbed Gu Ye's head vigorously. "Study hard! Don't let others say you are stupid!"

Gu Ye nodded with a smile, "En!"

"By the way, have you finished your homework for the winter vacation?" Mrs. Gu's complexion looked gentle as she asked. It was rare to have this harmonious mother-and-son scene but unexpectedly, Gu Yang's complexion changed when she asked this question.

Mrs. Gu’s face immediately darkened, "You didn’t finish?"

Gu Yang scratched his head. He was having too much fun and had totally forgotten everything about homework.

"If you didn’t do it, then no need to do," Gu Ye touched his younger brother's head, solemnly comforting: "You foolish child is blessed with a fool’s fortune. You don't need to study hard at all as you are destined to accomplish nothing anyway. You can't learn anything well, so you don't have to study hard. I have calculated for you, your teacher won't scold you even if you don't do your homework this time."

Hearing that, Gu Yang raised his head instantly, feeling elated.

Mrs. Gu immediately looked bad, "You yourself can't study well, and now you want to drag your brother with you!"

At this moment, Gu Ye suddenly moved closer to Gu Yang. He looked at the space between Gu Yang’s eyebrows, and laughed, "Old Fourth, you will make a small fortune soon. Hurry up and buy a lottery ticket, you will definitely win something."

"Whoa! I'm going out now!"

Before Mrs. Gu finished speaking, Gu Yang had already run away, causing his mother to stomp her feet in anger.

Gu Yang really bought a 5-number lottery ticket, it happened to be the draw date tonight. After dinner, Gu Yang held the lottery ticket, raised it reverently above his head, and said solemnly, "Dear souls of my grandparents, please bless me!" After speaking, he looked at the door and saw that no one is around, so he added in a low voice, "Third brother, please bless me!"

As a result, the lottery hit a win!

Gu Yang excitedly run around at home, and enthusiastically knocked on Gu Ye's door, "Brother! I won the lottery! I really won the lottery! It’s the 3rd prize! Five bets equal 15,000 RMB!"

Although the Gu family is rich, the children’s pocket money is strictly controlled. It is impossible to use the money earned by his father to pick up girls, race cars and buy luxury goods. If Gu Yang wants to buy an expensive toy, he must apply in advance. When necessary, he also has to do housework at home to earn pocket money. 15,000 RMB is no small amount of money to Gu Yang. He is so overjoyed, he could wag his tail like a propeller and fly to the sky. Right now, he doesn't want to sleep and just wants to run around.

Gu Ye is about to take a shower and go to bed. He opened the door and expressionlessly looked at the approaching face of a crazy kid, "Shut up and go to sleep!"

Gu Yang got so frightened that he trembled all over. Next, he walked away in despair holding the lottery ticket.

Mrs. Gu who was on the first floor raised her eyebrows in surprise. Gu Yang really won the lottery? Then Old Third previously said that wearing the red dress made her poorer, is it true as well?

Early the next morning, Mrs. Gu wore a little yellow dress unlike the usual red and came out of the kitchen beautifully carrying 2 bowls of noodles. When she saw the brothers coming downstairs, she said gently, "One bowl of noodles for each person, plus 2 eggs. Remember to score 100* points in each subject"

*1 egg equals 1 zero, so 2 eggs mean 2 zeroes = 100 XD It’s a Chinese thing

Gu Ye: "Mom, no matter how much noodles and eggs we eat, we won't get 100 points on the test, because scoring 100 points is related to IQ."

Mrs. Gu: "...shut up!"

After Gu Ye sat down, he looked at Gu Yang's bowl again, "Mom, I think the egg in my brother's bowl is bigger than mine."

The corner of Mrs. Gu's mouth twitched, "Nonsense! This time all 4 eggs are all the same size!"

Only then was Gu Ye satisfied, "Oh, my mistake then."

Mrs. Gu: "..." Little bastard, hurry up and go to school to harm others instead!

Before leaving, Gu Ye stuffed a piece of talisman into the mouths of the 2 stone lions at the gate. Then, he got into the car with a smile under Mrs. Gu's expectant eyes.

Gu Ye is in his 3rd year while Gu Yang is in his 1st year of high school. The two brothers are in the same school but not on the same campus. Gu Yang got off the car at the north gate and happened to meet a classmate with a good relationship. Like a big dog just got loose from the rope, he ran away happily while pulling his luggage.

Gu Ye shook his head with a smile and then looked at the school, his eyes narrowed slightly. Before entering the school gate, he felt a conflict between Yin and Yang. It has been known since ancient times that schools are built in places with heavy Yin aura (like mass graves or execution sites) so that students' Yang aura could be used to suppress evil spirits. Hence, detecting some Yin aura is normal. However, the Yin aura here is obviously not normal, and he could see hints of red color resentment and black color evil spirit hidden within.

When the car arrived at the north* gate, the driver stopped the car and helped Gu Ye take down the things, "Third Young Master, I will put the things in the guard room for you. After you have eaten lunch later, remember to take your luggage back to the dormitory."

*Probably a typo from the author as Gu Yang already left at North gate

Gu Ye said with a smile, "Okay, thank you for your hard work."

The driver uncle got slightly taken aback. He never expected that Gu Ye would show such a bright smile one day. Under the sunlight, the corners of the young man's mouth curved up, and his beautiful eyes smiled into crescent moons. His long eyelashes are like a small fan, casting a small shadow on his fair face, making his lips redder and his teeth gleaming white. All these are making Gu Yang look very handsome. Infected by his smile, the driver uncle happily gripped his fist at Gu Ye, and cheered, "Third Young Master, good luck!"

Gu Ye nodded, put on his schoolbag, and entered the school. In fact, he is feeling very helpless in his heart. He had to live a new life and had to go through the college entrance examination again. How could life be so difficult?

As soon as Gu Ye entered the school, a few students who have been standing by the window of the corridor on the 3rd floor of the teaching building saw him.

"Tell Boss quickly, that foolish young master is here!"

"He dared to complain to his father, causing Boss to get confined for the whole winter vacation. He is sure gutsy!"

"I guarantee that Boss will definitely teach him a lesson, a lesson that makes him obedient."

As soon as Qian Zhen heard from his underling’s report, he grinned and the corner of his mouth curved up. He cursed viciously, "Well fcck! This coward still dared to come here!"

Qian Zhen has always been the school bully at Wu Zhong School. Wu Zhong is indeed well-known in the whole city for its high admission rate, but there are still some incompetent students within. Qian Zhen is the leader among the bad students. Fighting, making a ruckus, smoking, drinking, having a girlfriend, as long as it has nothing to do with studying, he is familiar with all of it. He is also a local, so with a rich family background, ordinary students dare not mess with him. A rich second generation like Gu Ye can actually compete with Qian Zhen, and even step above him. However, the original body was a coward. He actually got blackmailed by Qian Zhen for half a year and never dare to say anything. It wasn't until he was beaten that his family members noticed. Gu Decheng was angry that he stormed over to have a chat with Qian Zhen's family. So, Qian Zhen got confined at home for a whole winter vacation. Right now, seeing Gu Ye coming to school, Qian Zhen felt a burst of fury. The anger that he saved up the entire winter vacation can now be vented on someone!

When the students in the class heard what Qian Zhen said, they all sympathized with Gu Ye. Qian Zhen really hated Gu Ye, and this time Gu Ye is really going to be miserable.

Gu Ye arrived at Class 6 classroom by following the vague memories he has. As soon as he entered the door, he got surrounded by several big young men. Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, but before he understood what they meant by this, a tall student grabbed him by the collar and dragged him out.

"Gu Ye, how dare you go back and complained to your family! Have you ever thought about how you will spend the second half of the year?"

Qian Zhen dragged Gu Ye into the toilet and fiercely pushed him against the wall. His figure is half a head taller than Gu Ye, making him look tough and scary. Qian Zhen’s underling who came in with him is also not short. With a thick body, he looks super fierce.

Gu Ye realized a bit late that he is being bullied by the school bully, and suddenly became happy.

Gu Ye: I'm so excited!

Raw word count: 2355


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