Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 3 Gu Family (ETL)

Chapter 3 I'll Summom Grandpa's Soul

President Gu didn't even know how he brought his two sons home. He was so angry that he didn't even have the energy to teach them a lesson. Sitting on the boss chair (executive leather chair), he looked at his sons with a tired face, and couldn't say a word.

Gu Ye didn't know what to say to persuade his father. He is afraid that if he couldn't say it well, his old father would be angered to death. Gu Decheng is an old-fashioned and conservative person. He follows the rules and does things with a strict eye. He doesn't believe in intangible stuff like metaphysics. Especially this original body used to fool around with metaphysics by himself, buying a bunch of materials on Taobao to do research. In this case, hoping the other party will believe that he can really calculate fortune is not very realistic either.

After staying silent for a full quarter of an hour, Gu Decheng took a deep breath. He looked at the calm Gu Ye with complicated eyes, and asked, "How do you know that my business is not going well recently?"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, “It certainly wasn’t like this when the house was first built. My grandpa must have asked an expert to plan the blueprint. The array at the main gate is the White Tiger Evil Suppressing Array, while the array inside the house is Azure Dragon Moon Protection Array. That’s how the Gu family has been going smoothly for the decade. It's a pity that after Grandpa is gone, no one cares about these things. The guardian beast has no teeth, and the evil spirit invades. The eye of the array is destroyed, so the Feng Shui array has long lost its original function."

[Banana: Read here for more info about the 4 mythical creatures of China - ]

Gu Ye spoke clearly and logically but to President Gu who couldn't understand this, he just felt a headache. He thumped on the table and said, "Speak human language!"

Tsk, being uneducated is really scary.

Gu Ye explained helplessly, "Simply put, our family's feng shui has been changed. Fortune leaked, evil spirits are attracted, and then people will even die."

Papa Gu's face turned cold. How can he casually say anything about death?

Gu Ye saw that his father's expression is not right, so he hurried to remedy it, "There is really a problem with Feng Shui at home. My grandfather told me in a dream, and he said that it was not like this before." Gu Ye desperately added, "I will summon his soul, you can find out by asking yourself."

Gu Decheng looked at Gu Ye pinching his fingers, calculating something like it was real, and a burst of fury shot from his heart straight to his forehead. Gu Decheng touched around his table and grabbed something from the table with a cold face. He didn't see what it was, and just wanted to smack Gu Ye’s butt, "You dare to use your grandfather as a shield! You unfilial son!"

Gu Ye saw that things are not looking good, so he ran away.

Gu Yang was originally squatting on the ground to accompany Gu Ye to be scolded, but when he saw his brother run away, he ran away too.

Before Papa Gu took 2 steps, his sons have already disappeared. Man, so angry.

Mrs. Gu nervously snatched the item in her husband's hand and hugged it carefully in her arms. Then she boldly persuaded him to stop the beating, "Brother Cheng[1], just teach them if you have something to say, don't hit the child."

Papa slapped the table angrily, "A benevolent mother who spoils her children will have bad children! How dare you protect them! I haven't settled with you for covering them!"

Shuddering, Mrs. Gu is so frightened that she felt like crying. She only thought that this jade ruler[2] is worth a million dollars so it would be a pity if it got smashed. This is all money ah.

Gu Ye glanced back and found that Mrs. Gu is being reprimanded so he stopped running. Then, he shouted aggrievedly, "Mom, save me!"

Hearing that, Papa Gu glared at Mrs. Gu angrily, "You still dared to say that you haven't spoiled him? He's 19 now! Looking for his mother whenever he wanted something, doesn't he feel ashamed?!"

Mrs. Gu, who is shouldering the blame full force, is about to cry. Gu Ye, you little bastard!

Gu Decheng believed that Gu Ye is afraid of being beaten, so he deliberately used his grandfather who had been dead for many years as a shield. Unexpectedly, he had a dream that night, which directly changed all his perceptions.

The next morning, Gu Decheng got up early and came to the entrance of the villa. He carefully looked at the teeth of the stone lion on the right side of the gate. Because of the perennial wind and sun, there is a crack in the stone lion's mouth. The two teeth closest to the inside are gone but it doesn't look like it was destroyed by nature, more like it got chiseled away. Next, Gu Decheng went to the garden. He suddenly found that his home had really changed a lot. He had been busy with work and hadn't had a good rest at home for a long time.

His eldest son is busy opening up foreign markets and has developed well, so he won't come back to take over the company for the time being. Old Second opened an entertainment company before he even graduate, and his development is getting better and better, so this second child can't take over his company for the time being either. As for Old Third and Old Fourth… President Gu palmed his forehead. It seems that he will be continuing working for a few more years.

After wandering around the house, President Gu asked the gardener who was pruning crabapple flowers, "When was this fountain remodeled?"

The gardener answered respectfully, "Replying to master, it was 3 months ago. A part of this fountain is broken, so Madam invited the construction team to change the fountain and renovated it."

"When was this white elephant placed here?"

"It was also 3 months ago. Madam thought it was beautiful and since this place looked empty, she ordered someone put it here."

Gu Ye walked up behind his father with his hands behind his back, and asked in a low voice, "Did my grandpa have a chat with you last night?"

Gu Decheng's face paled. Last night, he did dream about his old father who had been dead for more than 10 years, and they didn't get along very well.

Gu Ye smiled, "The structure of the Gu family house is obviously set up by someone with real skills where the arrays are linked to each other. The stone lions at the gate are meant to suppress evil because the villa is too big and our family is small. Originally, a small family is not suitable to buy a big house due to the lack of human aura to fill the space. In order to prevent restlessness in the house, the Feng Shui master set up a white tiger array at the gate. The stone lions are the eyes of the array so there must be something wrong with the lions now."

Gu Ye then pointed to the white elephant, "The white elephant is indeed a lucky item, but it is also a ferocious beast. The Azure Dragon Moon Protection Array is supposed to preserve wealth and provide protection. But this fountain, which was used as the eye of the array, has been replaced. Then adding with such a beast at home, if it weren't for Gu family’s good fortune, something bad would have already happened."

Gu Ye looked at his father's face who looked like his 3 views are reshaped and still looks like he hasn't recovered from the blow. He said with a smile, "Actually, I suspect that someone wants to harm the Gu family. Otherwise, the feng shui array couldn't be broken so quickly."

Gu Decheng said with a darkened face, "Is this what your grandfather told you as well?"

Gu Ye pinched his fingers solemnly, "Let me summon my grandpa's soul again."

Gu Decheng is instantly angered by Gu Ye. Relatively speaking, this third son has changed too much. He who couldn’t do anything productive previously, only knows to say ‘En’ to everything, and often shuts himself in the room to study some Feng Shui stuff. He wouldn’t even dare to tell his parents when he got beaten up by hoodlums. Looking at his third son again now, Gu Decheng tried to persuade himself that at least this child knew to hide when someone wants to beat him, which is considered a good thing.

Gu Ye walked around the white elephant statue and said, "Uncle Li, go get me a hammer."

Gu Decheng also followed behind, "Is there something wrong with this white elephant?"

"You will know after looking at it."

Gu Ye took the hammer from the gardener and blocked in front of Gu Decheng before smashing the hammer into the white elephant's stomach. The hollow white elephant statue shattered into several pieces. From the belly of the white elephant, a talisman with scribbly writing floated out, and Gu Decheng's face turned cold right away. The facts are in front of him, and he had to believe them.

When Mrs. Gu heard the noise, she hurried out to have a look. When she saw that Gu Ye had smashed the white elephant statue that her friend had given her, she wanted to burst out in anger. But then, she saw something floating out of the white elephant's belly. The yellow talisman paper is a bit old, and the vermilion cinnabar writing is twisted and curly, like coagulated blood. Mrs. Gu felt a wave of viciousness for no reason. Though she is under the sun, she is covered with goosebumps from the chill.

Mrs. Gu stepped back a few steps immediately, and asked with disgust, "What is this thing? Why does it look so evil?"

Gu Ye held the talisman, "Mom, who gave you this thing?"

"It's from Hu Yu, Li Shengkai's wife."

Gu Decheng said angrily, "Didn’t I tell you not to have anything to do with his family? Li Shengkai's family history is not clean."

Mrs. Gu lowered her head aggrievedly. She also knew now that she had been cheated, "I thought his wife is not bad."

In the wealthy wife circle in the capital, Mrs. Gu is actually not very popular, and it's not because she has done anything bad. It's because the real rich and powerful women look down on her as a little wife (2nd wife). She was not born into a wealthy family, and her birth family has no background. Moreover, Mrs. Gu is young and good-looking, and she dresses up beautifully every day. No matter how one looked at this, Gu Decheng is already 60 years old this year while she is 17 years younger than Gu Decheng. Because of this, the eldest and second child don't go home often to prevent any scandals with the stepmother. Others always think that she dressed up so flamboyantly because she has other thoughts (to court better guys), and has the impression that Gu Decheng's forehead is always green (from getting NTR-ed). In short, the rich and noble ladies don't bother to get together with Mrs. Gu. On the other hand, Li Shengkai's wife, Hu Yu, doesn't have so many taboos and calls Mrs. Gu to everything she does. Over time, Mrs. Gu treats her as a friend.

Hearing that, Gu Ye is speechless. She might treat others as friends, but they may not be sincere with her back. This underhanded method is not only meant to steal business but also to take their whole family’s life. Gu Ye drew something on the back of the talisman. Seemed to come alive, the talisman twisted and trembled a few times, and then its color turned to khaki. After that, it fell motionless, as if dead.

Gu Ye handed the talisman to his father, "Evil Beckoning talisman, you can know what it means just by listening to the name."

Mrs. Gu also become scared, and her little face turned pale. Next,  she became annoyed, and stomped her feet fiercely, "Fcck it! This little bitch!"

Gu Decheng originally wanted to scold his wife a bit more, but before he could speak, he got amused by his wife's furious action, and his anger dispersed, "Okay, don't talk about this matter outside, I will deal with it. As for the rest," Papa Gu threw a glance at Gu Ye, "Do as you see fit. But first thing first, it's better to play with these things less and study hard!"

"Alright, Dad ~ I love you, Dad ~" Gu Ye smiled and made a salute gesture.

Hearing that, Gu Decheng staggered. The corners of his mouth curved up slightly but only for half a second before immediately pressed down. Gu Decheng regained his seriousness and walked away with a solemn face.

Upon arriving at the company, Gu Decheng called his secretary, pointed to the map, and asked, "Does Li Shengkai want this piece of land?"

"Yes, President Gu, he meant to build a commercial street."

Gu Decheng said in a deep voice, "Okay then, I want this land. Go out and use some relationships to get it. Also, regarding the so-called Golden Street he has been planning, find someone to inquire about it."

The secretary asked tentatively, "What does President Gu mean by this?"

"I want his whole family to be unable to afford even porridge."

Gu Decheng glanced at the plan of the area and suddenly remembered that when the land next to the government building was auctioned that day, his wife and Hu Yu had dinner and went home together. But they met with an accident on the road, so he rushed to the hospital to check on her. When he rushed back to the auction, he was one step late, and the good land fell into the hands of Li Shengkai. From this point of view, Gu Decheng thinks that the accident should have been planned by the other party. Gu Decheng's expression turned colder. This time, it’s all thanks to Old Third.

At this moment, the third young master is ordering people to change their Feng Shui at home. Then, Mrs. Gu, who was dressed up beautifully, came out wearing a little red dress and carrying a satchel.

Gu Yang shivered from looking at her appearance, "Mom, aren't you cold?"

Mrs. Gu sneered, and said proudly, "It's not cold! Mom is going out for a while. You two, pack up your things, school starts tomorrow, understand?"

"Understood!" Gu Ye also nodded obediently. He had a feeling that Mrs. Gu is emitting a murderous aura now.

But Gu Ye read that right because Mrs. Gu made an appointment with Hu Yu today. Hu Yu is also in her forties and comes from a wealthy family. It's a pity that she has only been married for a few years when her father's family fell in ruins. Now her daily life is just caring for her husband and teaching her child. In her free time, she’ll just go for facial care or play mahjong with friends. She maintained her appearance quite well too. If Hu Yu's temperament is like an orchid in a lone valley, then Mrs. Gu is a flaming rose.

The two met at the coffee shop they frequented. Looking at Mrs. Gu's outfit, Hu Yu smiled slightly, covering the disdain in her eyes. Then she asked with a smile, "Why did you ask me out today?"

"I got so angry at home!" Mrs. Gu took a long breath of relief after sitting down, "This Old Third, he bought some books on Bagua research again. As if he could self-learn and open his yin yang eyes, then pass exams with flying colors."

Hu Yu covered her lips and chuckled, "It's really hard for you. Your Old Third is really… sigh," Hu Yu shook her head. After that, she looked at Mrs. Gu sympathetically, and whispered, "If I were you, I would want to strangle him to death, it’s really tiring."

A hint of anger flashed in Mrs. Gu's eyes. The corners of her mouth were pursed but she still followed the flow of the conversation calmly and said, "I know right? We are not biological after all, so I can’t beat or scold him."

Hu Yu looked around before carefully approaching Mrs. Gu, and whispered, "I say, your own son has grown up now. You haven’t thought for his behalf yet?"

Mrs. Gu looked taken aback, pretending to be puzzled, "What do you mean?"

"Are you stupid?!" Hu Yu looked worried for Mrs. Gu and said with a tone that she is being considerate of her friend, "Gu Yang is only 16 this year but your old man is already 60. If something happened to him one day, the family property will be split into 4 shares. You knew how the eldest and second sons are, right? With them there, how much of the shares do you think both you mother and son could get? In my opinion, Old Third only does stupid things every day, so why not just..." Hu Yu winked at Mrs. Gu, "This way, there will be one less competitor, what do you say... AHH!!"

Before Hu Yu finished speaking, Mrs. Gu stood up and grabbed Hu Yu's hair. Next, she slapped Hu Yu fiercely with the other hand, stunning Hu Yu with a single slap, "No matter how bad he is, I raised him from when he was a baby! I'm a stepmother, that’s right. You can say that I'm biased and I admit it. But I have raised him for 18 years. He just needs to call me mom and he will be my son! You heartless little bitch, how dare you to instigate me to kill my son! You fccking wanna die?!"

There’s a saying that the main/first wife is dignified while the second wife is arrogant. When Gu Decheng fell in love with Mrs. Gu, it was due to her spicy temper. She can be coquettish but can also handle things. As for the kind of girls that could simply fall down by a breeze, don't say managing the household, and take care of the children, those kinds can't even take care of themselves. Hu Yu was brought up as a lady. From when she was a child, she has never seen such a ferocious lady before so there is no room for resistance at all. She got slapped several times by Mrs. Gu and was scratched as well.

The waiters in the store were terrified. By the time they realized that Hu Yu had been beaten, her make-up is already ruined and her hairstyle is messed up. On her neck was a long bloody scratch mark, and she is crying like a mess.

Mrs. Gu snorted proudly. She pursed her red lips and spat at Hu Yu in disgust, "Pei!" After that, she turned her slender waist and walked away in her high heels. She asked Hu Yu out today just to beat her up, nothing else. Her husband Old Gu obviously looked like he wants to do something big, and this revenge must be slowly and thoroughly avenged. However, she couldn't swallow this grievance just like this. She didn't expect this woman to be so compliant. She only needs to show an opening and this woman dares to say anything, giving her a readily available reason to beat her up. Mrs. Gu wiped her hands and took out a recorder from her bag. The corner of the mouth curved up. This woman looks down on her too much, do Hu Yu think that she's really just big-chested and brainless (bimbo)?

Mrs. Gu uploaded the recording to her social media among her circle of friends, threatening: Hu Yu you little bitch, I’ll beat you every time I see you!

Soon, the news that Mrs. Gu beat Hu Yu spread in the circle of wealthy people. The reason why Hu Yu was beaten soon spread among them too. Quite a few noble ladies looked at Mrs. Gu with admiration. Although beating people with her hands and swearing is very undignified, they have to say, that’s a good beating. Hu Yu's reputation as a poisonous woman spread quickly and countless ladies avoided her.

Gu Decheng wanted to deal with Li Shengkai but couldn't find any good reason. He can't really say ‘It’s because you sent a talisman to my house and cursed my whole family’, right? The Gu family has a big business, while Li Shengkai’s company is smaller. If the Gu family goes against Li Shengkai everywhere, to the point of trampling him to death, he needs a reason. Without a suitable reason, other small companies will inevitably feel uneasy; afraid of the Gu family.

Hence, Mrs. Gu's slaps happened to give the reason to Gu Decheng. Instigating his wife to kill his son? That’s a huge hatred!

Li Shengkai is in a panic. After taking Hu Yu home, when seeing his wife in such a mess, not only he did not feel distressed, he slapped Hu Yu severely, "You stupid woman! The Li family will be brought to ruins by your hands!"

Thinking about the grievances she suffered today, Hu Yu covered her face and burst into tears without caring for her image.

Annoyed by the sound of crying, Li Shengkai shouted angrily, "Stop crying!" His gaze turned cold, and a stern cold light flashed in his eyes, "Go find that master again, I will make Gu Decheng’s whole family destitute and homeless!"

Papa Gu: My son makes me feel that my face hurts!
Little stepmother: I make other people’s face hurt!

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[1] This is one of the endearment term to refer to one’s husband. Korean do that too, the females call their BF/husband ‘Oppa/Brother’
[2] Not sure if it’s a typo or something because having a ruler made of jade seems weird. I’m thinking it’s more like a jade scepter.

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