In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 84 - Arcadia

The door to the car opened with a bang.

“So this is it…”

The men arrived at an area with layers of fence stretching out.

There was no shadow of any zombies nor any person.

The man looked around, impressed, as a boy on the lookout came running.

“Don’t move! We’ll start with inspections. Enter the tent over there.”

“Got it.”

The man said goodbyes to the others and went inside the tent.


A man looking like a doctor and a woman like a nurse were inside.

“Then, we will check you for any bites and scratches. Please remove your clothing.”

He did as he was told.

“Bites… None. And no scratches. …Oh? What’s this scar?”

“An old scar. The car I was in was knocked over.”

“I see. But it’s okay for you to become a citizen here. The food and production system is regulated here, and the environment is hygienic. People with various occupations have gathered here and cohabitate. Above anything else…”

“Anything else?”

“The people at the top are all good people. Although they are quite younger than me, they are reliable. Perhaps you can call it natural leading ability?”

The doctor-like man said with a strange voice, his body shaking.

It seemed like he was laughing.

“Oh, really? And no infected people?”

“There are five doctors at each gate, including me. We don’t let anything in that could be infected.”

“It sounds perfect.”

“You could become our good friend as well. Look, an entry permit. Hang this around your neck.”

“Thank you very much.”

The man stood up and left the tent.


After finishing the inspection and joining his friends, the man was allowed to have an audience with the politicians of this world.

That person seemed to be in a place of a former school in the center of this country.

Armed guards were everywhere inside, indicating the strength of the national power.

Guided by one of the guards, he arrived at the room labeled Conference Room.

Entering, a boy was sitting facing away from them.

“Excuse me! I have brought a new immigrant!”

Apparently, this boy was at the top of this country.

He took a step forward.

“I am the new immigrant, Riku Enda. And this is my wife, Airi Tachibana. As well as Jin Hiragi and Seijin who have brought us all the way here. Also, this is Misa.”

“Jin Hiragi… What a nostalgic name. Really nostalgic. One day, his correspondence had been cut off and we never heard from him again.”

The boy stood up and turned around.

He was a young man with a friendly smile on his face.

He looked to be in his twenties.

“My name is most likely the same… Are you Tooru Saejima?”

“Then, you are Jin.”


“It’s my first time seeing your face.”

“That’s true. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, likewise. Is Misa doing good too?”


“Hahaha, it’s no wonder you don’t remember. How many years have passed since then…”

“Probably 5-6 years.”

“She was still 9 years old back then… She’s in the middle of puberty now.”

“Is that so… Have you toured this country?”

“No, not yet. I came straight here after entering the country.”

“Well then, how about taking a look around? You will be employed soon after all.”

“I will do that.”

“Then, I’ll call for a guide.”

Tooru operated something on the radio, and a girl entered the conference room a few minutes later.

“Yes yes yeees, what is it?”

“Yui, please guide these people.”

“Is everything fine?”

“Yeah, that’s true. Err, do you have a limousine for the visitors? Use that one.”

“Gooot it.”

The girl turned around and showed a smile shining brightly like the sun.

“Well then, I will guide you, Brothers! Come come, let’s go!”

He hurriedly caught up to the woman who had started walking energetically.

“Well, first off, we’ll go to the rooftop to get an overall picture of the place.

Riku and the others followed the woman as she climbed up the stairs.

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