In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 83 - Path to the Future

The monster roared.

The atmosphere shook greatly, and Takumi’s body hardened like concrete.

Loosening his stiff body with willpower, he calmly took a break.

“For the opponent, it’s a suicidal act in a grappling match… Only by getting scratched a little, you’re out. Working out a suitable time, keep the other in check, and save time.”

“I know.”

Seiji moved to the other side of the Takumi, putting the monster between them.

The monster slowly compared the left and right, and assessing the situation, it looked in Takumi’s direction and grinned.

“So it’s me, huh…”

The monster opened its mouth wide and stretched out its tongue.


Takumi dodged it by jumping to the side.

He caught the monster's gaze again and nimbly jumped back to avoid its tackle.

“I’m envious of how popular ya are. You’ll pay me some attention too, right?”

Seiji ran to the monster and punched its spine from behind with his spiked gloves.


Seiji immediately became shocked.

The nails stuck to the gloves came loose.

Looking at it closer, the nails were entangled in the fiber of the monster’s flesh.

“I’m having trouble!”

Flustered, Seiji took off the gloves, and at the same time, a tentacle was stretching over his arm.

Seiji barely escaped the range of the monster’s attack.

However, the monster had changed its target to Seiji and started pursuing its enemy.

It grew long from behind to below and swung to the side as if to mow him down.

“This bastard!”

Seiji took the posture of lying down on his stomach on the ground to dodge.

As he did that, the monster’s tongue grazed his hair.

“Grind grind…”

“Senior Honda, dodge!”

After dealing with Sakura, Tooru joined in on taking out the monster.

The bullet he shot didn’t hit the monster’s stomach and disappeared in the air, but it was enough to attract its attention.

The monster added Tooru to its targets, aiming at Takumi, Seiji, and Tooru.


He couldn’t see through his eyes anymore.

He didn’t know whether he was standing up or had collapsed.

Still, he had to move.

To leave proof of his life behind.

Straining his eyes, he made out something red and three people, who probably were Tooru, Takumi, and Seiji, having an intense fight.

Though even if he said fight, the red something was the only one attacking.

He had to hurry.

He fell to his knees.

He put both hands on the ground.

He lifted himself up.

He pressed his feet against the ground.


He shouted.

Right foot in front, left foot in front.

Run, run, run…

Faster than running around on the basketball court during a match.

The current goal wasn’t the ring but that monster.

What he could do, he would do.

The red something was growing bigger and bigger.

His own death was approaching.

Still, his legs wouldn’t stop.

The monster slowly noticed him.

Lowering its posture, something came flying at him.

The thing that had pierced him earlier.

Still, he didn’t have the leisure of dodging it.

If he jumped to the side, he would, definitely, not be able to stand up again.

He had no choice but to charge into it like this.

The tongue came closer.

He tilted his head a little.

The tongue picked his ear.


But, this amount was no big deal.

As long as he didn’t lose a leg, he could run.

He came into contact with the monster.

He firmly gripped its lower back.

And then, he pushed.

What he had had an eye on was where the fence was damaged.

He pushed it into it.

The fence came closer.

The monster thrust its claws into his back.

The claws pierced his flesh.


One of his knees gave out.

Still, he supported himself with the other leg and pushed.

Actually, because of the claws stuck in his back, it was fixed in place.


There were only five steps left to the fence.

The monster tried to pull out its claws.

Four steps left.

The monster stuck its other arm into his stomach.

Three steps left.

One of the monster’s legs was in the air.

Two steps left.

All of the monster’s legs were dangling in the air.

One step left.

The monster was thrown in midair.

And then, he, himself, too.

He heard someone screaming at him.

Hw was shouting.

Where was he heading for?

After being thrown midair, was the next the ground?

Was his end destination death?

…No, it wasn’t.

It wasn’t like he was falling.

He was on the path to the future.

The end destination wasn’t something like death.

It was something further than that.

The end destination was…

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