In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 85 - Introduction to the Institution

Walking up to the rooftop, he got a better overlook of the development of the country.

The plot of land that had originally been a sports ground was covered in soil and overgrown weeds with cattle strutting around.

They collected the feces and spread them over the neighboring fields.

Behind that, cars were entering and exiting, transporting the harvested crops to the storehouses.

In addition, looking at the opposite side, a residential area was spread out.

Some buildings that looked like prefabricated houses but also the ones that had initially been there were used as they were.

People were drying their clothing, chatting with each other, and children were scribbling on the road with chalk.

“What do you think? Isn’t it amazing?”

“Yeah, seriously amazing. What are you using as a water source?”

“We’re drawing it from a nearby mountain. There are naturally barricades set up and a lot of soldiers, so we don’t consume zombie broth.”

“...Uh, what do you mean by soldiers?”

“The residents here. It isn’t like we’re imposing a military service or anything, but they’re assembling anyhow.”

“Do you mean volunteers?”

“Well, something like that. Not many people are dying these days.”

“Still, it isn’t 0, right?”

“Well, yeah. There are victims when people go to distant places to find survivors or get gas.”

“Is that so…”

“So, let’s go to that building next.”

Yui pointed at a gymnasium.

“What is over there?”

“The soldier training school.”


“You’re slacking off, bastards!”

“I’m sorry!”

“Listen carefully! We are doing this to increase your chances of survival! If you learn this properly, you might even survive after running out of ammo! I am teaching you so that you can survive!”


“Good answer” Let’s do it one more time!”

In the gymnasium filled with enthusiasm, a young man was training about 5 soldiers.

“I’ll introduce you two. That is our demon sergeant, Takumi Toudou. He’s a karate master.”

“Who’s a demon sergeant?”

Yui’s head was poked from behind her.


“Are you new immigrants?”


“I see. I’m Takumi Toudou. If you’re willing to volunteer, I’ll work you hard.”

“Please don’t be too hard on us.”

As they exchanged a handshake with a smile, the door to the gymnasium opened and a girl entered.

“Everyone! It’s time for a break. Look, I brought cold drinks so drink up!”

All of the soldiers started running at full speed.

“That person is Hazuki Asagiri. She’s something like a manager. And…”

Yui held up her pinky.

“Takumi's this.”


Yui was poked in the head again.


“Next is this! The archery field.”


“Since arrows can be used over and over and it doesn’t make a sound, they’re useful.”

A few soldiers were practicing here as well.

However, none of the soldiers’ arrows hit the target.

“How sloppy… It’s like this.”

A girl, seemingly the instructor, set an arrow and shot.

It hit right in the middle of the target.

The soldiers cheered.

“The boy instructor is Yuuki Miyoshi. Doesn’t it feel like there’s no one out there who can use a bow? And this person is, surprisingly, Tooru’s this…”

Immediately following, an arrow flew right beside Yui.

“Excuse me, my hold was a little clumsy… Well then, shall we try this once more?”

Yui ran out of the archery field as fast as she could, and they learned to do the same.


“And this is everyone’s favorite place, the canteen! You get food rations here. The cooking duty rotates once a month.”

“Oh, is that visitors?”

A girl with her hair tied back appeared from the kitchen.

“Then, I’ll introduce you. This is the head chef and manager, Sayo Haiga”

“Are you new? Nice to meet you.”

As he thought the introductions would end here, Yui’s displeased expression told him there’d be more.”

“Where’s Seiji?”

“Hehe, he’s peeling potatoes over there.”

Listening carefully, he heard a voice grumbling from the inner parts of the kitchen.

“Seriously, why am I doing this…”


“Huh!? What!”

“There are new immigrants.”

A young man with sanpaku eyes poked his head out from the kitchen at those words.

His sharp gaze was piercing.

“Nice to meet you.”

Riku bowed his head.

“You, can you peel vegetables?”

“M-more or less…”

“Okay, you’re responsible for this. Ah, I’m finally free from this.”

“Huh, wai--”

Riku started saying, confused, and Sayo interrupted,

“That’s no good, Seiji. You are in charge of this, so I don’t want you to change it on your own. Besides…”


“I don’t want us to be apart.”

A delicate air flowed between the two.


“Yeah, he’s the ‘it’ll explode!’ kind of guy.”

He left the canteen, feeling like he shouldn’t say anything.

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