I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Extra Chapter 1 (Part 1)

The timeline went back to November 5th, Fu Yangxi's birthday. The two hadn't confessed to each other yet, still in a flirtation-ship.


Fu Yangxi had been sleeping during the day since a few days earlier, pretending to be casually putting his book up, but actually listening to the conversations between Zhao Mingxi and various people in the classroom with his ears perked up.

Trying to hear the words "birthday", "Xi ge" and "gift" from them.

However, after following her for several days, he didn't even hear a related associative word.

Zhao Mingxi goes to the classroom at 6:50 in the morning and goes to the library at 6:50 in the evening every day. She would either be concentrating on her studies or going to the forum to check the latest developments of Zhang Yufen's incident. Then, she’ll go out to eat with He Yang. She was as happy as a carefree Little Mask.

Carefree enough to look like she completely forgot his birthday.

Fu Yangxi exuded a sense of depression all over his body. He began to share some songs such as “I'm Very Happy”, “No Birthday, So What?”, “Men Do Not Cry, They Bleed” in the group.

Ke Chengwen said in the group: "Xi ge, if you can't say it, I'll help you!"

Fu Yangxi shared the song "Say What".

Ke Chengwen: "Just ask directly! What are you being coy about? 'Are you coming to Xi ge's birthday party', 'What gift are you going to give Xi ge', 'Do you remember that tomorrow is Xi ge's birthday?’ Pick a sentence! I'll ask Zhao Mingxi for you right now!"

Fu Yangxi shared the song "Shut Up, Don't Ask".

Ke Chengwen shared: "Why?”

Fu Yangxi shared: "Wouldn't It Be Embarrassing To Speak Up?"

Ke Chengwen: "I Have Reminded Her", "She Still Doesn't Remember".

Fu Yangxi: "Of Course The Birthdays Of Unimportant People Are Not Worth Remembering".

Fu Yangxi continued to share a song: "I Am The Unimportant Person".

Jiang Xiuqiu: “...”

Mingxi had saved up some gifts for Fu Yangxi, but what kind of gifts were they? Sports socks, milk. Although she chose the production date of November 5 out of the ordinary, it looked very shabby, not sincere at all.

However, Mingxi has never given a boy a gift before, and she didn’t know what to give.

Shoes? Fu Yangxi already has a lot of branded shoes. Sign up for a driver's license? Fu Yangxi has already obtained a driver's license - he might not even be interested in a car as a gift because they have planes, so why would he still care about a car?

Mingxi felt very distressed, and because of this, she kept the word "gift" tightly covered in her mouth these days.

There was nothing unique in the gift she wanted to give, so she couldn’t also lose the sense of surprise.

Otherwise, a set of five-year simulated three-year college entrance examination questions?

No, I think Fu Yangxi will be furious.

Sending money-related gifts to Fu Yangxi feels like I am showing myself up in front of an expert.

Mingxi searched the Internet for the past few days, but couldn't find any useful information. In the end, she thought about knitting a scarf. At least it had some form of sincerity.

So, she did it.

Mingxi bought knitting tools and video tutorials from the Internet, and officially started to do it herself.

She started from scratch, very laboriously.

It took three days and nights before she finally weaved something that she thought was presentable. It's a little short, but it looked like a scarf in its infancy.

Mingxi kept the scarf in a flat box, put it into a big box together with other small gifts prepared beforehand, and was ready to hand it to Fu Yangxi on his birthday.

After preparing this gift, Mingxi felt a little conflicted.

If I give him a hand-woven scarf— won't Fu Yangxi or others immediately notice that I like him???

No. It’s too obvious.

It is too obvious to give a small elastic band first, and then a knitted scarf!

If I am questioned, I’ll even have to think of an explanation.

Mingxi was so conflicted. She took that poorly woven scarf in and out. Finally, she put her foot down, closed her eyes, stuffed the scarf into the gift box, pulled the quilt up, and covered her head to sleep.

In this way, both Mingxi and Fu Yangxi could be said to have their own intentions.

Fu Yangxi waited for Zhao Mingxi to take the initiative to remember his birthday.

Zhao Mingxi waited for Fu Yangxi to take the initiative to mention that it was his birthday, and then she would follow suit and bring out the hand-woven scarf.

Otherwise, if she took the initiative to bring up his birthday and take out a hand-woven scarf, doesn't it seem too deliberate?

—What is the difference between this and sending love letters?

It's almost like writing "I like you" on your face.

Finally, Friday, November 4th.

Mingxi didn't hear Fu Yangxi mention half of the word "birthday" until it was almost time to leave school.

The school bell rang for a full minute.

People in the classroom left one after another. Because of his special status, not many people in the class knew about Fu Yangxi's birthday, otherwise a lot of followers would probably come to make fun of them again.

Ke Chengwen also packed his schoolbag and left, saying, "See you tomorrow."

Fu Yangxi responded, leaning lazily against the wall. Wearing his noise-canceling headphones, he pretended to be casually flipping through comic books, but he was actually focusing on Zhao Mingxi.

Mingxi continued to work on the questions seriously, biting the tip of the pen from time to time. But in fact, her entire peripheral vision was on Fu Yangxi.

She felt that Fu Yangxi was about to speak.

With his family background, he should be able to hold a birthday party. I may not be able to attend that occasion, but I should be able to celebrate it with Ke Chengwen and the others after the birthday party is over?

But who would have thought that Fu Yangxi turned the pages of the comic book more and more sadly. There was a lot of noise, but he just kept silent.

The two had such a delicate atmosphere between them. They looked at each other silently for a full 15 minutes.

Fu Yangxi was already certain that Zhao Mingxi didn't remember his birthday again, so he couldn't say, "Hey, tomorrow is my birthday. I'll blow up if you don't come, Little Mask" in a shameless way.

He was anxious and disappointed, but it didn't show on his face.

After waiting for a while, before Zhao Mingxi could speak, he lowered his eyes, closed the comic book, stood up in embarrassment, and picked up his school bag.

Seeing that Fu Yangxi was about to leave, Mingxi couldn't sit still anymore. When he was about to pass by her, she pulled his sleeve and raised her head, "Are you leaving now? Isn't it your birthday tomorrow? How will you be spending it with your family??”

Fu Yangxi turned around abruptly.

Mingxi: ?

Fu Yangxi lowered his head and stared at her, "You remembered. So didn't say it earlier?"

"I remember," Mingxi said. "Of course I remember, how could I not remember? I’ve been thinking about what to give you."

Fu Yangxi's heart had already fallen to the lowest abyss and he was about to cry, but because of her words, he immediately revived, and his whole mood turned like a roller coaster.

He took a breath and collected himself.

Mingxi asked, “What is it?”

Fu Yangxi still had some resentment on his face, but after several cloudy and rainy days, his mood finally cleared up a little. He glanced at Zhao Mingxi. "There's no need to give anything, after all—"

Mingxi interjected, “It's the thought that counts?”

Fu Yangxi continued, "After all, no matter what you give, I don't need it."

Mingxi: “...”

I knew it. As expected of you.

Such a gag made Fu Yangxi feel better immediately. Sometimes, human psychology is very interesting, it's obviously just a trivial matter - if she didn’t remember, he could just take her to his birthday.

For other people, Fu Yangxi didn’t care at all whether they remembered or not.

But when it came to Zhao Mingxi, he became very concerned.

He hoped she remembered.

He hoped that she would take himself seriously.

He hoped that she would have him on her mind.

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