I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 70

After the college entrance examination, Mingxi actually saw Madam Zhao once.

She came out of the exam room after finishing the last subject. When other students were running towards their parents, she saw Madam Zhao holding a sun umbrella under the shade of a tree outside the teaching building.

Mingxi's heart skipped a beat, thinking that Madam Zhao was going to come to cry in front of her again. However, she didn't expect that Madam Zhao wouldn't come forward this time, she just looked at her from a distance.

Madam Zhao had been standing under the shade of the tree that day, watching Mingxi and He Yang's group drift away. She finally fulfilled her responsibility as a mother and accompanied her child through the last journey of high school.

In July, the weather was hot.

A few things: Help Professor Gao settle down in a new place and rebuild the old house.

Fu Yangxi went to the nursing home. Mingxi went with him to have a meal with his grandfather.

After returning, everyone in the International Class had a meal together. The followers burst into tears. They would never fight with the Evergreen Class again. They rushed over to hug Fu Yangxi and Zhao Mingxi, but were dragged away by Fu Yangxi in disgust.

Mingxi and Fu Yangxi, who had finished everything, planned to go on a trip and wait for the results of the college entrance examination and national competition.

As soon as Ke Chengwen was on summer vacation, he had nothing to do. So, he was crying and howling on the phone, begging the two to take him with them.

Ke Chengwen wailed, "Take me with you, Xi ge. I'm really bored. I've already cleared Zelda twice! The game is not fun, the TV shows are not good, the weather is so hot, and I don't want to play basketball!"

Fu Yangxi squatted on the ground and stuffed the shoes into his suitcase. He said coolly, "You’re out of your mind. Wouldn’t we be indicating that the sun isn’t bright enough by bringing you, a light bulb, along when we go out to play? You are already 18 years old, can you walk independently??”

Ke Chengwen replied, "I don't need to be a big light bulb! I can barbecue, read maps and carry luggage. I will definitely not lose money if I carry it."

"You act like normal people don’t know how to barbecue. How is this worth mentioning?" Fu Yangxi sneered, "I barbecued all the meat that Zhao Mingxi ate at the barbecue restaurant last time. Why would we need you?"

Ke Chengwen said. "Xi ge, aren’t you ashamed? Did Zhao Mingxi eat the few pieces you barbecued? Weren’t they all dumped later?"

Fu Yangxi said sadly, "You're bold now, aren't you? Are you the only one with a good memory?"

Ke Chengwen saw that begging Fu Yangxi was fruitless, so he begged Mingxi who was watching TV dramas at the side, "Please, Zhao Mingxi, for the sake of us being classmates for a year—beep, beep, beep."

Fu Yangxi ruthlessly ended the call before he finished speaking.

Ke Chengwen who was on the phone: "..."

Mingxi smiled and said, "Actually, it's quite lively if there are more people. Why don't we take him along?"

Fu Yangxi snorted and said, "Usually when we whisper something in class, we’ll be surrounded by crowds. Now we can finally go out and play without distractions. What a rare opportunity! Little Mask, why don't you look forward to it at all?"

"I am looking forward to it," Zhao Mingxi said. "But didn’t the two of us go out to play on our own last time? It's okay if there are more people so it’s more lively this time."

Fu Yangxi: “?”

Fu Yangxi muttered, “Do you not love me anymore?”

Mingxi said, "Stop thinking such nonsense! Put your shoes away, stop procrastinating. Also, we'll be going for half a month at most. Why are you bringing 30 pairs of shoes?"

Fu Yangxi replied, "You really don't love me anymore. I'm not even allowed to bring extra shoes."

Mingxi was about to laugh to death. "Hey, hey, by the way, did you not exercise yesterday? Beauty is a fragile good, youth passes too easily. There’s really no way out of this—"

??? Fu Yangxi was so angry that he kicked open the suitcase and came over to pinch Zhao Mingxi's face. "You are such a scumbag, Little Mask!"

Zhao Mingxi laughed until she was almost out of breath. She spilled snacks all over the floor. "How can you still blush now when we’ve already lied on the same bed? Are you alright?"

Fu Yangxi looked sad. "I'll let you see if I can do it right now!"

Before their departure, Mingxi's tender seedlings had already reached 698, and Fu Yangxi's injuries had fully recovered.

The system thought that Mingxi would regret it to some extent, but Mingxi felt that there was nothing to regret.

The halo of the heroine may not be a good thing.

If the halo of the heroine was at the expense of stepping on others to climb up, implicating and sacrificing the people she cared about, it was better to be an ordinary person and live this life well by her own efforts.

Originally, they planned to go abroad for fun, but before the two of them were about to go abroad, Mingxi's visa had some problems, so the time to go out for fun had to be postponed.

Ke Chengwen was overjoyed about this. He said on the phone, "You know what's this called? Sometimes, plans go astray! Xi ge, why don't we go out to play first, and then you guys can travel on your own when you come back."

Fu Yangxi complained, "Why are you constantly cawing about disaster?"

Mingxi had no objection at all. She felt that having a crowd would make it so lively, so she quickly raised her hand. "I agree!"

Fu Yangxi glanced at her with a look saying "you just don't love me anymore". She had to lean over to give him a sticky kiss on the face before he reluctantly agreed to Ke Chengwen's proposal for a group trip.

After finally getting his permission, Ke Chengwen was so excited that he jumped three feet high. He quickly hugged his travel bag, borrowed three motorcycles, and excitedly brought Jiang Xiuqiu to find Fu Yangxi and Mingxi.

Downstairs, three motorcycles were lined up, forming a majestic appearance.

Fu Yangxi picked up the helmet and put it on Mingxi. He lowered his eyes to carefully fasten the strap around Mingxi's chin.

Jiang Xiuqiu was an indiscriminate flirt, so he also put it on for He Yang.

Ke Chengwen, who was left alone: "..."

What’s wrong with this picture???

Fu Yangxi leaned over and picked up Mingxi's knee before putting her down on the motorcycle.

Mingxi put the mineral water in the small backpack, and said to him, "I'll take care of the things. Tell me when you get tired later."

Fu Yangxi raised his eyebrows. "What else?"

Mingxi hooked his neck down and pecked at the corner of his lips.

Fu Yangxi blushed, turned his head triumphantly, and glanced at Ke Chengwen.

Ke Chengwen: “............”

Goddamn it.

I really want to fall in love! Is it summer yet? Why do I feel so dissatisfied?!

The motorcycles drove out of the city, passing high-rise buildings, rolling rivers, plantations, forests and lakes all the way.

The summer air was fresh and crisp. At dusk, they came to a vast field in the outskirts, and the clouds scattered like flowers across the sky.

Mingxi hugged Fu Yangxi's waist. Her long hair was blown by the wind. She felt the wind blowing from her temples and the corners of her eyes and eyebrows. She took a deep breath of the beautiful air in the countryside.

Fu Yangxi glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. He had a handsome face, young and reckless.

His eyes were smug and self-evident. You are sucking from me again.

Mingxi couldn't help laughing. She put her chin on Fu Yangxi's shoulder. "Yes, yes, I'm sucking from you again."

He Yang was on Jiang Xiuqiu’s motorcycle. He looked back, pointed at Ke Chengwen and almost died laughing. "What's wrong with your hairline???"

Ke Chengwen immediately put out a hand to cover his forehead. "Don't look at it! Is it even possible for a person’s hairline not to be blown up when the wind is so strong?"

Mingxi also laughed out loud.

Fu Yangxi and Jiang Xiuqiu glanced at Ke Chengwen and raised the corners of their lips.

In the midst of laughter, they sailed towards the green and surging wheat waves, towards a pure and bright future.

When Mingxi turned 18, the best thing that happened to her was meeting her only true love. He brought her his friends and his followers, brought her laughter, and brought her all the things and courage that she had never imagined.

She and Fu Yangxi would not only spend their 18 years old together. She and him still had 28 years old, and 38 years old.

There will be a long, long time to come, until their hair turns gray and they are too old to walk.

They will hug each other in the morning, kiss in the evening, and step on each other's shadow under every street lamp.

Of course, the future could not be predicted. It was impossible for everything to go smoothly. But in the future, no matter what happens, they will join hands to overcome everything that comes and become each other's support.

Love at the age of 18 was not limited, it was eternal for a lifetime!


All the boys in the International Class knew that no matter how powerful the teacher was, they would not be able to get Fu Yangxi to write a letter of self-review.

On this day, it was New Year's Eve again, with heavy snow falling and the wind blowing into Zhao Mingxi and Fu Yangxi's apartment.

The French windows on the balcony were left open.

The wind went all the way, blowing the post-it notes on the wall.

There were many lines of words on the sticky note.

Review on August 12: I shouldn't have slandered the front desk for being ugly when I saw my wife talking to the handsome guy at the front desk.

September 24th, I shouldn't have brought up the past at the class reunion, and said sourly that the Shen guy's hairline looked a little like it was receding.

October 30th, I shouldn't have forced a kiss on my wife because I saw my wife staring at a Korean actor on TV.

Letter of Guarantee: I, Fu Yangxi, firmly refuse to be a jealous husband! Stick to being generous! If I do it again, I'm a dog!!!


December 26: Bark, bark, bark.

—Fu Yangxi.

ray's note: i can't believe it. this is the end. i mean, okay, not really since there are extra chapters left, but this is the end of the main story. when i started translating chapter 1 in 2020 during the pandemic, i would never have imagined that it would receive so much love and support today.

fun fact: this story averages 100k viewers per month

final thoughts: in this story, mingxi got a second shot to live. but in real life, we don't get second chances. so, treat everyone with kindness and compassion, and make every choice one that you won't regret. live your life to the fullest. see you guys at the end!

[update on 5/23/2023: i've started work on a new book called 被迫攻略疯批魔尊后,全书HE了 (After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending). you can check it out HERE 👈]

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