I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Extra Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Compared with Mingxi's last birthday, Fu Yangxi's birthday was a bit boring. The main reason was because Ke Chengwen and Jiang Xiuqiu were not here.

It was only at this time that Mingxi knew that the Fu family didn't like birthday parties. No wonder the grandfather’s birthday party didn't even appear on the news. No, this was also a good thing. If the Fu family was going to hold a birthday party, Mingxi may not be able to enter on that occasion. Even if she did because of Fu Yangxi, she would feel uncomfortable.

As for Ke Chengwen, Jiang Xiuqiu and others, Mingxi didn't know why they didn't come.

Mingxi sent them a message on WeChat, asking how they planned to celebrate Fu Yangxi's birthday.

At the same time, the three of them in their group chat.

Fu Yangxi shared a song: "Whoever says that he is free, see you at the cemetery tomorrow"

So Mingxi got these replies:

Jiang Xiuqiu: "Sorry, I have something to do at home, so I can't leave for the time being."

Ke Chengwen: "Little Mask, go ahead and spend it with Xi ge. I sprained my foot, I'm afraid it's a little twisted, so I can't go."

"Why aren't they free?" Mingxi turned her head to ask Fu Yang Xi.

Fu Yangxi carried their schoolbags and led Mingxi to the school gate. He leaned his head to take a look, and when he saw the words "Little Mask" on the dialog box between Ke Chengwen and Zhao Mingxi, his face darkened suddenly. He took out his mobile phone and sent Ke Chengwen: "."

Ke Chengwen: “?”

Fu Yangxi: “.”

Practically at the next second.

Mingxi saw Ke Chengwen withdraw the previous sentence.

Another message was sent: "LM, go ahead and spend it with Xi ge. I sprained my foot, I'm afraid it's a little twisted, so I can't go."

Mingxi: ???

Is Little Mask some sort of a famous celebrity? Why would he withdraw it and replace it with an abbreviation?

She really couldn’t understand these boys.

In Mingxi's memory, the birthday she celebrated for Fu Yangxi was indeed dull.

She thought Fu Yangxi would have a birthday party. But she didn't expect that nothing would happen. Even if there was no birthday party, she still thought that Ke Chengwen and the others would come up with suggestions with her, like last time for her birthday, they would get a whole room full of colorful balloons, plus fireworks and salutes, it would be very romantic—— But unexpectedly, it was completely different from what was expected.

Everyone didn't come, and only she was brought home by Fu Yangxi.

Mingxi felt very guilty. If she had known that she was the only one celebrating Fu Yangxi's birthday, she would have started preparations early.

In this way, even if there was only one person, a decent arrangement could be prepared.

However, she didn't know that this year's birthday was the first meaningful birthday for Fu Yangxi in his life after the age of thirteen.

How could it be dull?

He would never forget this.

The two finished their meal peacefully, and at twelve o'clock, they turned off all the lights and began to blow out the candles.

At this time, the whole world was pitch black, the two of them were sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table, only the candlelight and Zhao Mingxi were reflected in Fu Yangxi's dark eyes.

Zhao Mingxi's eyes were bright, and her fair skin was a little red from eating dinner. The corners of her mouth were stained with some cream that Fu Yangxi had just smeared on, and she hadn't licked it off. Through the dim candlelight, there was a soul-stirring beauty about her.

While breathing quietly, she caught Fu Yangxi's heartbeat.

"What wish did you make?" Mingxi asked.

—I wish this Little Mask in front of me will fall in love with me.

—I wish it won’t take too long.

—But if I have to wait a long, long time, that's okay.

—Then I’ll wait a little longer.

Fu Yangxi's Adam's apple twitched. Avoiding Mingxi's gaze, he looked down at the candle. "It won't come true if I say it out loud."

"Come on, tell me. What kind of wish did you make?" It was the first time Mingxi saw Fu Yangxi being so serious, and her curiosity was immediately aroused.

She leaned over.

She looked at his dark eyelashes and his chiseled profile under the candlelight, and her heart was tickled subconsciously.

However, she forgot that she was very close to Fu Yangxi in the first place, they were almost sitting side by side. So, when she leaned over, the school uniform was unzipped, and the sweater was big. As she shook like this under the candlelight, her bulging chest and the light pink innerwear flashed in front of Fu Yangxi's eyes.


Fu Yangxi choked for breath, and shot back as if in reflex.

He leaned back to the sofa.

Still unaware, Mingxi pursued Fu Yangxi for questioning.

Fu Yangxi blushed and said angrily, “Little Mask, sit down! Don't burn the candle at the hem of your clothes."

"Stingy." Mingxi had no choice but to sit back in her original seat and glanced at him.

Fu Yangxi stretched his arms around Mingxi's neck. He pulled back Mingxi's clothes along with her loose neckline, and then distanced himself from Mingxi a little, saying, "It's almost winter soon. You should either wear a scarf or a tighter sweater, this one is too baggy."

After saying this, Fu Yangxi felt sad: She really didn't treat him as a man! It didn’t matter to her at all that she was acting so casual in front of him.


It was only then that Mingxi realized what he was doing by pulling back her clothes all of a sudden.

Mingxi's heart also skipped a beat: Why did he react like this? Is this a normal reaction for men? Don't you have any sexual attraction to me?

Mingxi doubted life. Subconsciously, she lowered her head and looked at her chest. It wasn't big, but it was developing normally.

The two paused for a while. Then, Mingxi took out the birthday present she had prepared.

“For you.”

"Why did you prepare a gift for me?" Fu Yangxi had a look on his face saying ‘I said don't give me a gift’, but still he accepted it very honestly.

"Are you going to open it now?" Seeing Fu Yangxi's action of taking it apart immediately, Mingxi felt a little nervous.

Fu Yangxi replied, “What else am I supposed to do? It has to happen sooner or later. Don't be nervous, Little Mask, I won't despise you."

As soon as he finished, Fu Yangxi untied the ribbon on the box.

The first thing that caught his eye was something knitted in gray.

Mingxi looked at Fu Yangxi nervously and expectantly.

Fu Yangxi was excited. He stared at the knitted fabric for a while, but couldn't determine what it was. After hesitating for a while, he asked, "Have you knitted a sock? Why is there only one?"

Mingxi: ……………..

"Get lost!" Mingxi was furious, and snatched the socks from his hand—wait, no, the scarf, and wrapped it around his neck fiercely when she stood up. She almost strangled Fu Yangxi to death.

Fu Yangxi fell towards the sofa and couldn't help laughing. Mingxi was about to die of anger. In a panic, she tripped on his foot and threw herself on him, touching the young man's strong chest muscles with both hands.

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Mingxi: “...”

The previous second they were still bickering, but at this second the picture suddenly stopped.

‘Badump’, ‘Badump’. They couldn’t tell whose heartbeat it was.

Under the candlelight, a tacit yet secretly unspeakable joy flowed in the air. It felt as if they were being crawled over by ants, a kind of itchy and happy feeling.

The ears of the two silently turned red.

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