Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 56 Kuman Thong (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 56 Internet celebrity “doesn’t want to be a loli” Part 1

"Sa wa di ka you little tubby!" Gu Ye didn’t know if to laugh or cry as he slapped the talisman with the greeting on the little ghost's belly. "You can't write Chinese characters, but you can understand what I'm saying?"

The little fatty nodded, indicating that he understood.

"It makes sense, else it's impossible to follow Tang Jingyi's instructions if you don't understand Chinese." Gu Ye sat down and looked at the fat baby sitting on the table, "Since you can't leave, you can only stay in China. Do you want to find a destined person, or do you want to follow me?"

The little fat baby grabbed Gu Ye's clothes in a second and proved with practical actions that he had made the choice.

Gu Ye smiled, "Okay, that's it then. But one doesn't eat and stays here for free. You have to find something to make yourself useful. See for yourself, what can you do?"

The little fatty looked at Hong Dou who was cleaning the house, then at Ling Ling who helps Gu Ye draw spells. After that, he looked at the evil spirit that was in the body of a little lion doll and is currently working hard to wipe the floor clean. After thinking about it, the Kuman Thong picked up a talisman drawn by Ling Ling. He held it up over his head with both hands and chanted, "Balabalabala..."

It was unknown what this ghost kid was muttering about, but the soulless talisman was gradually blessed with good luck. Gu Ye raised his eyebrows in surprise, this little fatty was sure amazing.

Kuman Thong showed the magic talisman to Gu Ye, proving that he could really attract wealth and bless people, and could bring good luck to people. He looked at Gu Ye pitifully, probably wanting to ask, can he stay?

"Very good!" Gu Ye happily absorbed a little bit of ghost energy and put on his finger, so that he could touch the big head of the little fatty. "Little Fatty Jin, from now on, you’ll pray to make 10 lucky charms every day, is that okay?"

Little Fatty Jin nodded obediently and held up another talisman, "Balabalabala..."

Gu Ye poked Ling Ling, "Daughter, Dad give you a task. Teach him how to speak. Dad really can't understand him."

Tang Jingyi may not need to listen to what he expresses when raising Little Fatty Jin, as long as he is obedient, but Gu Ye cannot raise him like this. He cannot communicate with him, it is too inhumane.

Ling Ling puffed up her cheeks and reluctantly agreed. Gu Ye touched her head and praised her with a smile. After that, Gu Ye went online and posted a Weibo post after a long time:
[Lucky charms 500 yuan per piece, only selling 10 a day. All the money earned is donated to welfare organizations. Those who want it, please queue up online early every morning before dawn, and only the top ten will be taken. For today, you can leave a message in the comment area if you want it.]

Netizens were speechless: [Master Gu, are you serious?]

[Lucky charm for 500 yuan? What can you do with it?]

[Lucky charm? The one who brings wealth and good fortune?]

[I want! Signing up!]

[Damn it! There are people who actually buy it. Too much money in hand, no place to burn it?]

[Dude, don't be stupid. Even if Gu Ye is pretty accurate in fortune-telling, I've never seen him draw talismans. Everyone has their own specialization. How awesome can he be if he knows everything?]

Gu Ye sent a cross-legged emoticon: [Waiting online.jpg]

Many fans were impressed by the cute attitude: [Forget it, he is good-looking, he is right as he said!]

[I'm about to change jobs. I want to bring this talisman to the interview. What if I get good luck? I want I want!]

[I want one too, it is produced by Master Gu. I believe it when I see his face!]

The ten lucky charms were quickly booked. Gu Ye selected the first ten to leave messages and tagged them in a list. He asked them to send a private message to pay money and leave their addresses, and then told Sister Hong Dou, "Pick 10 lucky charms and put them in a bag. I'll send it out tomorrow." After that, he went to sleep.

The next morning, a large number of spells were placed on the table in the study room. The little fat baby had returned to his golden body (container). Ling Ling was also lying on the bookshelf, maintaining a still posture and closing her eyes.

Gu Ye was speechless, "They didn't sleep all night last night?"

Hong Dou couldn't help laughing, "I don't know what they were competing against last night. One spent the whole night drawing the talisman and the other spent the whole night praying."

Gu Ye looked at the workload on this table and laughed out loud, "They probably won't wake up in 3 days. It's too energy-consuming, these 2 silly kids."

When Gu Ye was selling good luck charms online, the news was also spread to the school. As soon as Gu Ye arrived in the class, many classmates gathered around him and said, "Gu Ye, is that charm real? Sell me one!"

Gu Ye smiled slightly, "We don't sell it in school, our mission is to study hard!"

"What does it matter where you sell it? Sell me one quickly, I am going to turn into the King of Unluckiness in my game’s gacha!"

"Aiya! Mobile games are not important! There is a basketball game after class in the afternoon, Gu Ye, will you go this time?"

Gu Ye refused without hesitation, "I can't go."

Zhao Pengyu rushed over and grabbed Gu Ye's neck, "Let’s go, let’s go!"

Gu Ye rolled his eyes in disgust, "Let go of your paw!"

"Yo? This watch looks like the same model as my uncle's," Zhao Pengyu's attention was drawn away by the thing on Gu Ye's wrist, "Take it off and let me have a look!"

Gu Ye used his hand and covered the watch, "I won't show you!"

"Let me take a look!" The two were having a banter when a classmate came over and asked with a wicked smile, "Gu Ye, have you seen this scandal? Is this you?"

The news he was referring to was the same news that Mrs. Gu took a screenshot of and showed to Gu Ye. Although the picture in the news only captured the side view of Gu Ye’s face, it could be seen that it was Gu Ye.

The classmate next to the person slapped the table in amusement and said, "Hahahaha, those who took the secret photos are sick. How could it be possible for two men?"

Gu Ye smiled slightly and was noncommittal.

Another classmate looked at Gu Ye and suddenly said seriously, "Well, even though I am a guy, I also want to marry you!" Before Gu Ye could say anything, the classmates next to him were beating each other, "Get out! Start crawling!"

"Go away! Do you want to get strangled to death by a group of girls?!"

Gu Ye holds his forehead, why is it so noisy?

At the side, Zhao Pengyu also shook his head (regarding the picture), "It's impossible. With my uncle’s emotional intelligence and expressionless face, he might stay single for the rest of his life. To put it bluntly, even if he left singlehood and got a male partner, it is impossible for him to find someone with a personality like yours."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "Why?"

Zhao Pengyu looked confident as he said, “When he is unhappy, his words can kill people. When you are unhappy, your mouth can kill people. You two are ‘sharply opposed to each other, with neither prepared to give an inch’ (idiom). So tell me, what were you two doing secretly until you got photographed?"

Gu Ye looked serious, "I want to marry your uncle and bring him back to my home."

Zhao Pengyu was stunned for a moment, then sneered, "How is that possible? You are dreaming!"

Xia Xiang sighed, alas, silly boy!

After class, Zhao Pengyu realized that something was not right, and he felt a little nervous. He sent a message to Xia Xiang: [Does Gu Ye really like my uncle? You also know that Gu Ye doesn't care about anything (gender) and is also a face-con. Do you think he was serious or joking just now? Sometimes when he speaks, I can't tell what he is thinking.]

Xia Xiang: [I don’t know.]

Zhao Pengyu sent a message to Yu Ze: [Today a guy confessed his love to Gu Ye in public and said he wanted to marry Gu Ye.]

Yu Ze: [En.]

Zhao Pengyu felt relieved instantly and showed Xia Xiang: [My uncle is very calm, so I think there’s nothing between them. Scared me to death just now. I thought Gu Ye really fell in love with my uncle! Then he will be heartbroken!]

The corners of Xia Xiang's mouth twitched and he didn't know what to say. Didn’t Zhao Pengyu say it himself? Gu Ye is a face-con so who can compare to Yu Ze's face? President Yu is just being confident, okay? Besides, if Gu Ye has an unrequited love, why are you trying your uncle? Zhao Pengyu's nerves are as thick as steel bars, which is really terrible.

However, a few simple conversations made the students realize that Zhao Pengyu was actually Yu Ze's nephew. This kind of news was originally regarded as a joke by the students, but now they all regard Zhao Pengyu as their target, and they all rush to him after class, "Are you really Yu Ze's nephew? Oh my God, how many years apart are you two?"

"Your uncle is so amazing. We in this profession regard him as an idol and a business genius. Can I ask for an autograph from him?"

"Please get him to sign! Sign on to this book. Are you going home on New Year? Please, please help!"

Zhao Pengyu looked scared and didn't dare to take anything. He was very sure that if he asked his uncle to sign autographs, he would really be shot to death (by Yu Ze’s disdainful gaze) and would be taken aside to be educated.

Gu Ye and Xia Xiang unkindly abandoned Zhao Pengyu and left the classroom.

After school, Gu Ye rode his bicycle home. He dropped by to mail out the talisman first and donated the money to the welfare home. Screenshots of the donation time were also posted online. Gu Ye did not earn a penny from them.

Netizens are all looking forward to the talisman’s effectiveness: [Waiting for the results of use!]

After selling the talisman for 3 days in a row, Gu Ye didn't want to go to bed so late in the middle of the night and handed the task to Ling Ling, "Daughter, do you still remember how I taught you how to use the computer? Every night at midnight, you send a message on Weibo and then choose someone.”

Ling Ling nodded obediently, "I promise to complete the mission!"

Gu Ye smiled and pinched her little nose. Pulling Little Fatty Jin off his back, Gu Ye turned around and told Sister Hong Dou, "Keep an eye on her. If she doesn't know how to do it, teach her."

In the middle of the night, Ling Ling was typing with her little fingers. Although the speed was very slow, she still performed the task perfectly. Hong Dou saw that her movements were interesting, so she recorded them and sent them to Gu Ye.

Gu Ye only saw it when he was eating breakfast in the morning. He smiled while looking at it, "Sister Hong Dou, where did you get a mobile phone?"

Sister Hong Dou smiled gently, "Ling Ling made it for me. I can also use the mobile phone used in the ghost world."

Gu Ye praised, "This girl is amazing. Let her make a sedan chair for you another day, and then also a few ghost servants. You can go out for a walk when you are bored."

Hong Dou said gently, "Okay."

With a mischievous smile, Gu Ye uploaded this video to the Internet: [Congratulations to the winners! I'll mail it to you in the evening!]

Netizen: [Ah ah ah ah!! This Daddy was scared to death! This doll can move! It can move! It can move!]

[Why is it moving? It’s electric-operated, right? It must be electric, right? Not that kind of thing, right?!]

[This doll must be the one Gu Ye bought for 180,000 yuan! Damn it! Bought in a human skin doll store!]

[I have a terrible thought and I don’t know if I should say it?]

[Please don't tell me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was actually tagged by this doll on Weibo. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep last night, thinking that my little husband was talking to me!]

[The Sunny Day doll hanging on her waist is so evil, it must be a Cloudy Day doll, right?!]

Amid the netizen’s wailing sound, there are also people with different sense of aesthetics:

[Hahahaha, so cute~~What a beautiful doll!]

[So pretty! And it can move, I really want to raise it!]

[I want the same YCloudy Day doll. Where can I buy it? Please help me!]

There are even people who want to do some business with Gu Ye:

[Master Gu, would you like to change your daughter’s clothes? We support customization here~]

Gu Ye: [I want a set of red Hanfu. I want 3 sets of modern ones, she likes cute ones. Also, give me another set of princess dress.]

Person: [Do you need to change her makeup? Just send us her head and we can put on makeup~]

When Gu Ye heard that he needed to take off his daughter's head and send it to the other party, he felt a chill in his heart: [No, my daughter is naturally beautiful!]

Netizens were confused by the conversation: [What does it mean that she likes it? Did she tell you that?]

[Don't ask, this is just a ghost doll! It came from a human skin doll shop, and it was raised by Master Gu!]

[Damn it! So scary!]

[The costumes sold in this store are so valuable! Those who can afford it are the rich.]

[Surprisingly, this innocent little cutie is still worrying about money issues at moments like this!]

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