Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 56 Kuman Thong (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 56 Internet celebrity “doesn’t want to be a loli” Part 2

Gu Ye deliberately dropped such a shocking topic early in the morning and exploded his circle of fans. Not only did the fans discuss it enthusiastically for a day, but they also became obsessed with it and let Gu Ye gain a wave of followers. It was only in the evening that the topic changed. Because some people who bought good luck charms are really blessed with good luck!

One of the reviews said, “I got interviewed by a good company that I had not successfully gotten the interviewing chance for several times previously!”

Another one said, “I bought a lottery ticket and was lucky enough to win 2,000 yuan!”

The last one said, “Playing my game with overwhelming luck. This ‘African chief (unlucky person)’ finally stood up with her chest up and drew 6 S-cards in a day!”

The young lady was so excited that she knelt down and asked for marriage on Gu Ye Weibo. No one could hold back her excitement.

These 3 people were the first to receive the talisman. After they mentioned the effect, many people were moved. In a short time, countless private messages were asking to buy one. Gu Ye was lying on the sofa at night and scrolling through Weibo. After seeing the message, he replied: [Only 10 talismans a day, no more. I'm in a good mood today, let's do some fortune telling~]

As soon as the fortune-telling was mentioned, Gu Ye's private message inbox exploded. There was an ID called [I don't want to be a loli] that kept flashing. Gu Ye saw that her name was interesting, so he opened it.

Gu Ye: [Hello, what do you want to ask? Future or money?]

I don’t want to be a loli: [Little Gege, I want to ask how long can I remain popular?]

Gu Ye: [Show me your face.]

Soon, the other party sent a photo, a clear and uncensored frontal photo. It looked like it was taken during the live broadcast/stream.

Gu Ye frowned and wrote: [Your makeup is too thick, and you even used a filter. Did you also photoshop it? I can't read your fortune like this.]

Soon, the other party sent a photo of a fat aunty with big round face and bright red color on her cheeks: [Little Gege, I don’t want the fortune-telling for myself anymore. Calculate for my aunt, can she become famous as an Internet celebrity?]

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched as he replied: [The brilliance on the outside but like white paper on the inside. It can only last a year.]

I don’t want to be a loli: [Little Gege, what do you mean?]

As soon as Gu Ye saw the words ‘little Gege’, he felt a chill all over his body: [It means that even if she is famous, it will not last more than a year.]

I don’t want to be a loli: [She just wants to make some money and not harm anyone.]

Gu Ye has already understood that this aunty is ‘I don’t want to be a loli’ herself, and he is speechless: [This is already deceiving the fans' feelings. There will be retribution.]

I don’t want to be a loli disagrees and replies: [Isn’t there a man in the internet celebrity circle who wears women’s clothing? Do you know the one called ‘This Master is so beautiful’? He didn't suffer any retribution.]

Gu Ye actually did a search on the user before coming back to reply: [He is a good-looking man, with delicate eyebrows. Isn’t it nice for a little handsome boy to cross-dress? He didn’t say that he was a woman either, so he wasn’t lying.]

I don’t want to be a loli probably was hurt by these words, so she replied to Gu Ye: [Your calculation is not accurate!]

Then she went offline and didn't say to pay the fortune-telling money either. Gu Ye was speechless, this person was so unreasonable.

Ling Ling jumped onto the sofa and sat next to Gu Ye. Holding a small bowl in one hand and a toothpick in the other, he stuffed a mouthful of cantaloupe into Gu Ye's mouth. Gu Ye taught the child while eating, "Daughter, you have to give money to buy things. This is a matter of course. Also, asking someone to tell fortunes but didn’t pay is a horrible thing to do."

Ling Ling fed Gu Ye another mouthful, tilted her head, and asked in confusion, "Why?"

Gu Ye smiled and said meaningfully, "Of all things to owe, a fortune-telling fee is something one can never owe. If you learn the secret of Heaven but don't pay the corresponding reward, how can God let you go? Finished, that person is finished."

As expected by Gu Ye, on the 3rd day, the aunt came back to Gu Ye crying: [Master Gu, save me!]

Gu Ye: [???]

I don’t want to be a loli: [The beauty camera I bought online suddenly broke during the live broadcast. My aunt was helping me with a live broadcast, so the fans thought it was me, and all my fans left! What should I do? I want to buy 100 lucky charms, can I get the fans all back?]

Gu Ye: [Auntie, there is nothing to do about it anymore. Just wish yourself well.]

At this moment, the news on the Internet had already exploded, and the name ‘I don't want to be a loli’ was immediately spread out of the circle. Everyone knows that most of the internet celebrities are fake beauties. Beautification, filters, and magical makeup techniques like changing your head can create countless gods and goddesses. But as long as you don't make a mistake and accidentally reveal yourself, everyone will pretend to be confused. After all, life is so stressful now, and watching the live broadcast is just for fun.

However, the reveal of ‘I don't want to be a loli’ has completely exceeded everyone's bottom line. Even if your skin is rough and your face is dark, you have excess flesh, and your face is pockmarked, at the very least, you are still a young lady! Aunty, you are in your forties or fifties already. If someone pretended to be a loli every day and called you Little Gege, who can handle it?

Fans of ‘I don't want to be a loli’ are dropping like snow. She contacted Gu Ye several times, but Gu Ye didn't reply. ‘I don't want to be a loli’ can only withdraw from the industry with a bad reputation. Even the live broadcast platform felt sorry for the fans and ordered her to return the fans' rewards. Her reputation and money were gone.

There was a lot of commotion online, and even the students in the class were discussing this matter. The students in this class all have rich families, and some of them actually liked ‘I don't want to be a loli’ and gave her a reward before. After the accident, the student was depressed for a day and a half. Then he stood up bravely, angrily deleted the live broadcast platform app, and started studying to make money.

What this guy wants is to open his own live broadcast platform and let the internet celebrities sign the contract without makeup. At that time, he can flirt with whoever he likes, and never worry about being cheated!

Gu Ye can only say: As expected from someone from a business family!

At 10.00 pm

Yu Ze: [Today is the 86th day, a bit late to check in.]

Gu Ye: [Pull the quilt over and cover myself.jpg]

Yu Ze: [I heard there is a rumor that I like you and I want to clarify it.]

Feeling tired at heart, Gu Ye wrapped himself up tightly in the quilt. This man, here he comes again!

Yu Ze: [This is not a rumor, it is true.]

Gu Ye almost wanted to cry and replied in a dumbfounded manner: [Okay, okay! I know, it’s true!]

Yu Ze: [You haven’t accepted the 14 cents in the afternoon.]

Gu Ye palmed his forehead and replied: [Sorry, it's too little. Clicking on it doesn't cover the transfer fee.]

Yu Ze: Transfer 1,314 yuan

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched, and he simply sat up: [I'll accept it, can you calm down tonight?]

Yu Ze: [En.]

After Gu Ye clicked the Accept button, he pulled out the bell and rang it in a despaired state of mind.

Not long after, a dark ghostly figure stood outside the window. Gu Ye crossed his legs and asked desperately, "Brother Ghost General, can you tell me where he read so many random things?"

The Ghost General sat silently on the windowsill, saying nothing.

"Okay, I can tell from your attitude. It seems that he really did read those from somewhere." Gu Ye replied tiredly to Yu Ze: [Don't come to me on Sunday, I will go to you.]

Yu Ze: [?]

Gu Ye: [Check what ‘amazing things’ you have in your home!]

Yu Ze: [Spot check?]

Gu Ye replied angrily: [Whatever you say.]

Yu Ze asked seriously: [If you want to check my company as well, I'll let the reception know in advance.]

Gu Ye: [No need, don't say anything! Please shut your mouth, thank you!]

Unsure why Gu Ye was so agitated, Yu Ze was silent for a while and then replied in a good temper: [Okay.]

The next morning, Gu Ye received another money transfer.

Yu Ze: Transfer 520 yuan

Gu Ye held his forehead and couldn't help but feel angry. For sure, one really can't afford to provoke rich people like him! 1314 yuan at night, 520 yuan in the morning!*

*In case anyone forgets, 1314 = forever, 520 = I love you~

School canteen.

"Have you heard that the aunt who cooks particularly delicious food is leaving? It is said that her daughter-in-law is about to give birth and she will go back to help out with the confinement period and take care of the child. The second canteen will be replaced by another cook."

"Hope that it must be someone who cooks delicious food! This aunt has a good temper and the meat is super delicious. If she leaves, will we have to eat grass?"

"The school should wait for the new cook to come before letting her go. I hope the new one can cook meat dishes."

"Let’s cherish the last few days! We’ll eat 2 braised pork ribs for lunch today!"

Zhao Pengyu heard the gossip of the classmates around him, poked Gu Ye on the shoulder, and asked in a low voice, "Can you just do a fortune-telling? What kind of cook will come after this auntie leaves?"

Gu Ye: "... How do I start to read? The other party hasn't come yet."

Zhao Pengyu continued to poke with his hands, "Master Gu, use your superpower to do calculations."

Gu Ye rolled his eyes, "You deserve a beating."

The aunt the classmates mentioned was a chubby lady who had an energetic look on her face and seemed to have a good temper. When Auntie saw Gu Ye, she was in a great mood and served him several more pieces of ribs. "The little number one scorer is so thin. Eat more. Is this enough?"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "That's enough. Thank you, Auntie. Congratulations on your baby granddaughter."

The aunt happily added 2 more pieces to Gu Ye’s plate, "Hahaha, the little number one scorer already said the word so I'm looking forward to a well-behaved little granddaughter."

Zhao Pengyu who was standing next to Gu Ye said with a smile, "Auntie, his words are very accurate, and he can do fortune-telling. He is also famous on the Internet. One prediction costs at least 1,000 yuan, and celebrities ask him to tell fortunes."

"Really? Aiya! Then thank you for your kind words!" Auntie happily gave Gu Ye another spoonful of spareribs, which was more than a usual double portion order. Gu Ye said sheepishly, "Auntie, that's enough, that's enough for me. I really can’t finish it.”

Zhao Pengyu excitedly chirped in, "I'll eat, I can eat it!"

The aunt was good-tempered and gave Zhao Pengyu a few extra pieces, "I'll give you a big spoonful too!"

Zhao Pengyu happily followed Gu Ye, bubbling with happiness.

Gu Ye was speechless, everyone said that a nephew would follow his uncle’s demeanor, but Zhao Pengyu wasn’t like Yu Ze at all. Could it be that another nephew is following his uncle instead? Gu Ye shook his head after thinking about it. Yu Ze had many nephews. If someone really followed his demeanor, then the Yu family's Chinese New Year celebration (with the entire family) would definitely be a disaster movie!

"We are going to hold a tug-of-war competition on Sunday, you should come too." Zhao Pengyu started to persuade Gu Ye again during the meal.

Gu Ye asked slowly, "For what?"

"To cheer for us."

"It doesn't matter whether I go or not."

"It matters. As soon as you go there, there will be more girls. The sound of cheering will be loud, and the boys' hormones will rush up!"

Gu Ye complained, "Did you get on the Shenzhou No. 18? Your thoughts fly so fast."

Zhao Pengyu disappointedly asked, "You're not going again? You can't not participate in any activities."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "I have something to do."

"Save the world?"

Gu Ye squinted his eyes with a smile on his face but took a fierce bite of meat. "I want to save a successful person's moral integrity and bottom line! If I don't care about him, he will soon rise to heaven!"

While the two were talking, Gu Ye suddenly moved. His expression suddenly became serious, and he turned back to look at the food counter’s window carefully. Standing next to the aunt was a fat middle-aged uncle, who seemed to be her successor.

Zhao Pengyu noticed that Gu Ye's expression was wrong and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

Gu Ye frowned, "I seem to smell blood and... rotten stink."

The author has something to say:

Gu Ye looked serious: I have a very good nose, this smell is ominous.

Yu Ze looked serious: I am your other half, tailor-made for you. I love to be clean and not smelly.

Gu Ye: "...Shut your mouth!"

Raw word count: 6321 (whole chapter)


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