Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 55 Kuman Thong (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 55 The kid who can’t be sent away Part 2

Not long after Gu Ye said these words, the public opinion on the Internet changed. In the past, if something like this happened, the first thing fans and netizens would think about was what Xie Ren had done to force Tang Jingyi away, and they would keep attacking Xie Ren. They would never think that Tang Jingyi had done anything, after all, the goddess was loved by everyone. Not anymore now, without the good luck blessing of Kuman Thong. In the evening, many people raised questions: Xie Ren has been promoting Tang Jingyi for so many years, how can he just terminate the contract now? It can be seen from Tang Jingyi's resources that Xie Ren has worked hard. Now that Tang Jingyi is popular, no matter how you think about it, it shouldn't be Xie Ren who wants to terminate the contract.

That’s right, Tang Jingyi should be the one who wanted to leave. If Xie Ren didn't let her go, she wouldn't be able to leave. How could it be that Xie Ren forced her to leave now? Let me tell you, Tang Jingyi’s conscience was eaten by a dog. With this, after she left, Xie Ren didn't have many useful people left in his studio. As the saying goes, her wings have hardened and she could fly whenever she wanted.

Those who understood the matter saw this statement and thought about it. It was indeed true. In just 1 night, the reputation changed. The people who criticized Xie Ren and those who criticized Tang Jingyi were equally divided.

Realizing that the momentum of these comments was wrong, Tang Jingyi immediately asked someone to help her control public opinion. However, it's not the same PR team as before, and it's not easy to use. Dingnan Entertainment doesn't pamper her like Xie Ren's team does. In this circle, even if you offend a small business, you may be ruined. Tang Jingyi's gentleness was all fake and her assistants were all removed by Xie Ren, the new assistants she had didn't take good care of her. Already furious in the first place, when Tang Jingyi saw that her new company couldn't control public opinion online, the actress lost her temper. She can't hold her temper and her tone of voice is not good, which makes the people at Dingnan Entertainment unhappy and attends to her work even more perfunctory.

Tang Jingyi thinks that it’s not good, she also sensitively feels something is wrong. Even if she didn't control public opinion in the past, it wouldn't have developed like this. Everyone liked her and felt that whatever she did was right. How could it become like this now?

Immediately afterwards, the historical drama [The Siege of Haixia] began to be promoted, and Tang Jingyi's name was also on the list of starring actors. Netizens were a little bit unconvinced: Does the director really not look at a person’s character when selecting actors? Is it really good to use someone like her who can betray her old boss?

There are many people who have this idea. Even reporters asked her what she thought about this statement. After a few perfunctory words, as soon as Tang Jingyi returned to the company, she lost her temper and asked her new agent, " Why can’t this kind of thing be suppressed?”

Her new agent is an elder sister who is well-connected in the industry and relatively experienced. She is one of the few remaining established agents in Dingnan Entertainment. She said nonchalantly, "This kind of thing doesn't need to be suppressed. Just treat it as a hype. You can't prevent others from saying something bad about you."

"But I used to..."

"That was before. With me here, I had the final say." The manager also wanted to suppress Tang Jingyi’s momentum, otherwise, it would be difficult to control her in the future so she spoke in a harsh tone.

Ever since Tang Jingyi became famous, she had never experienced such grievances. She slammed the door angrily and left. When she came out, she discovered that her agent had not matched her with a car or a driver. She turned around and wanted to go back angrily to argue.

She turned around and wanted to go back angrily to argue. Unexpectedly, the high heels were not firmly stepped on, and her feet swayed, and her body leaned back uncontrollably. Tang Jingyi exclaimed in surprise. Then she heard the harsh honking of a car behind her, her pupils shrank and her mind went blank. As the car drove past, Tang Jingyi screamed in agony.

Xu Shun, the owner of Dingnan Entertainment, stopped the car and cursed, "Are you blind?! Are you walking without eyes?!" When he came down and took a look, his face turned pale. Both of Tang Jingyi’s calves were twisted and she was unconscious.

Tang Jingyi was sent to the hospital with comminuted fractures of both legs. Even if it is cured in the future, there will still be sequelae, and it is very likely that she will limp.

After the crew of [The Siege of Haixia] heard the news, they had to temporarily change the heroine. At this time, Qiu Junling, the heroine originally scheduled two months ago, recovered from her illness, so the director team replaced her without even thinking.

Immediately afterwards, Tang Jingyi's spokespersons approached her current agent to terminate their cooperation. For a time, Tang Jingyi fell from the altar to the bottom. Her mental state was also very bad. She was slapping her legs like crazy, crying and fussing. Doctors and nurses had headaches when they saw her. In the past, she prayed to Kuman Thong that she would be possessed by good luck and that good luck would come soon and it would come true soon. Now she can only rely on herself, and Xie Ren will not help her with suggestions. Tang Jingyi was like an abandoned baby. She had no choice but to feel despair.

At this moment, Tang Jingyi thought of Xie Ren again. In the past, when she had trouble, she only needed to make a phone call and Xie Ren as her agent would help smooth the way for her. Tang Jingyi cried and pulled the other party out of the blacklist and asked, "Brother Xie, what should I do? Please help me."

Xie Ren replied indifferently, "I can’t help you, I am no longer your agent." After saying that, he hung up the phone.

Tang Jingyi cried in despair, what else could she do? How could she survive in the entertainment industry as a cripple?

After learning all this, Yang Feng called Gu Ye, "Third Young Master, your calculation was so accurate, something happened to her right away!"

Gu Ye said calmly, "This is just the beginning. She hasn't paid back the money, and she still has a small life that she hasn't paid back. God's way is reincarnation, who will God spare?"

Yang Feng flattered Gu Ye seriously, and then asked Gu Ye with a solemn tone, "Third Young Master, I have 10 photos of newbies here. Can you help me see which child is promising in the future?"

Gu Ye laughed and said, "If I calculate now, wouldn't it mean that no chance is given to people without talent? What if they can become famous through their own efforts? Destiny is not static. Let them work hard for their dreams for a year first."

"Okay," Yang Feng said quickly, "it's up to you."

Gu Ye shook his head, looked at Yang Feng’s profile picture on WeChat, smiled, and complained, “A slippery person!”

Gu Ye put the phone aside and continued to practice calligraphy. After a while, the phone started to vibrate again. Gu Ye reluctantly picked it up and saw that it belonged to his little mother. When his mother called him, Gu Ye had to stop what he was doing and asked, "Are you not sleeping yet?"

Mom: “Can I sleep at times like this? See for yourself!”

Then Mrs. Gu sent him a screenshot with a large picture on it, showing that he and Yu Ze were secretly photographed in the parking lot.

The news headline is: [Shocking! The president of Yehong Technology Group doesn’t like red beauties (females) but loves blue beauties (males)! The two behaved very intimately and left hand in hand after having lunch together. It looked like they had an extraordinary relationship!]

Gu Ye was amused by the headline. Who could be so idle?

People who don't care about this news don't care at all. Those who care would feel like being stabbed in the lungs. Mrs. Gu is the one who felt like she got stabbed in the lungs, and her whole body was about to explode: [Break up with him quickly! Otherwise I really tell your dad!]

In order to protect his ears, Gu Ye uttered pure nonsense with a serious: [We broke up.]

Mrs. Gu was confused: [Why? Who brought it up first? You didn't suffer a loss, did you?]

Gu Ye suppressed a smile and replied: [I mentioned it. If I really suffered a loss, I'll beat him up. I have 4 brothers and he only has himself.]

Mom: [Ai, Yu Ze is a good man who is hard to find even when one purposely searches for it. It’s a pity that you are a boy. If you were a girl, I would be happy to go to his house to propose marriage. Son, don't be sad. Since you already broke up, then let it be. By the way, will you go home on New Year's Day? Your little brother is also on holiday break. Your eldest and second brothers have promised to come back.]

Gu Ye said guiltily: [I'll come back too, don't worry, go to bed early.]

After coaxing his little mother, Gu Ye finished writing the calligraphy words. Seeing that it was almost midnight, he took out the Kuman Thong that had turned from black to gold, touched his little nose, and smiled. He said, "Little guy, you have seen her current situation. Her luck will get worse and worse in the future. Your resentment has also disappeared. It's time to reincarnate."

Gu Ye drew the ghost's soul out of the Kuman Thong, and in the blink of an eye, a chubby little baby sat on the table. His facial features did not look like those of domestic children (Chinese babies) but were more defined and deeper, which was still quite cute. The funniest thing is his little bald head. If he has a real body, it would definitely be slippery to the touch. The little ghost looked at Gu Ye curiously, showing no sign of fear at all. Realizing that Gu Ye meant no harm to him, he happily raised his chubby arms for a hug.

Gu Ye held this weightless kid in his arms. It was his first time to come into contact with a kid like Kuman Thong. Unexpectedly, this little ghost was quite friendly to humans.

Ling Ling stared at Gu Ye resentfully. She stopped writing, puffed her cheeks, and looked jealous.

After Gu Ye found out, he quickly put down the little guy in his arms, picked up his daughter, and comforted her, "He will leave soon, I will hold him for just a while."

Ling Ling looked at the chubby bald baby squatting on the table with hostility, disgusted no matter how much she looked at him, "He has no hair."

Gu Ye agreed seriously, "Yes, he is not as good-looking as you."

Kuman Thong began to look at Ling Ling again. After staring for a while, he came over and raised his hand to tentatively touch Ling Ling's shoes.

Ling Ling glared at him in disgust.

Gu Ye comforted, "He has no father, and is very pitiful. He is leaving soon. Don't scare him."

Ling Ling puffed up her cheeks and looked at Gu Ye. The important point was not the little fat baby, but her father's attitude!

Gu Ye surrendered, "Dad loves you the most."

Hearing that, Ling Ling was no longer jealous and snickered happily. Gu Ye put her aside helplessly, and drew a magic circle with a cinnabar pen. Then he carried the Kuman Thong into the magic circle and said, "Little guy, have a good journey."

A golden light flashed, and the fat bald baby in the formation raised his head and looked at Gu Ye with an innocent face.

Gu Ye blinked his eyes in astonishment. He sent countless little ghosts away but this was the first time he saw such a kid who couldn't be sent away. Could it be that the magic circle was drawn wrongly?

Taking the kid aside, Gu Ye drew a magic circle again, checked it twice to make sure it was correct this time, and then put the fat baby inside, "Little fat guy, let's go!"

Feeling the ghostly energy, the magic circle activated itself, and a golden light flashed through. The fat baby still raised his head and looked at Gu Ye with an innocent face, not knowing what happened.

He really can’t send the ghost away! Gu Ye was really dumbfounded this time and hurriedly called Xie Cheng, "I can’t send away a Kuman Thong, what's going on?"

Xie Cheng laughed and said, "Because his home is too far away and he can't go back! Isn't Kuman Thong from Thailand? You are Chinese, why do you care about how a ghost in Thailand reincarnates?"

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "What can we do?"

Xie Cheng said with a smile, "You can raise him yourself. He will bring you wealth and good luck."

Gu Ye looked at the little fat baby again and saw that he had climbed to Ling Ling's side. Seeing Ling Ling drawing spells, he also took a pen and imitated Ling Ling's actions. He drew something awkwardly and handed it to Ling Ling in a flattering manner.

"Oh my god, the ghosts in Thailand can actually draw talismans!" Gu Ye picked it up in admiration and looked at it. He couldn't understand it at all. He took a photo and sent it to Xie Cheng, "This kid is so amazing, he can draw talismans! Do Thai talismans look like this?"

Xie Cheng: "Damn! He's so awesome! Just wait a moment, I’ll ask my master! This brat is too powerful and must be kept. Don't give him away!"

Gu Ye thought for a while, and it was not impossible to have one more member like this in the family.

Not long after, Xie Cheng replied to Gu Ye: [Hehe, my master said this is not a spell at all.]

Gu Ye: [???]

Xie Cheng: [He said, sa wa di ka!] (Banana: I kept the spelling from the author’s raw)

Raw word count: 6644 (total chapter)


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