Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 55 Kuman Thong (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 55 The kid who can’t be sent away Part 1

Standing there, Gu Ye watched coldly as 4 or 5 young men wearing masks gathered around him. It wasn't until they came nearer and Gu Ye glanced at their foreheads/facial features that he relaxed his vigilance, "Hi brothers, is there something wrong?"

"Hello, hello, I'm a reporter from entertainment news." The young man took out a press card and asked in a low voice, "I heard that Tang Jingyi got into trouble with supernatural matter. Are you here to save her?"

Hearing the question, Gu Ye was amused, "You are very promising, young man. How can you, a serious entertainment reporter, act like a tabloid paparazzi?"

The man smiled bitterly and said, "Master Gu doesn't know. This Tang Jingyi is a bit strange and it's not easy to find ways to interview. Otherwise, something could happen easily to those who tried."

Gu Ye nodded to express his understanding, "Thank you for your hard work."

Another person asked for confirmation in a low voice, "So, did she encounter supernatural matter?"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Guess."

The reporter was stunned, why did Gu Ye ask them to guess instead?

"Did you go to see Tang Jingyi? Did she really try to bite anyone she saw? I heard she bit off the doctor's jaw."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "You guess."

"So you really did meet Tang Jingyi. How is she feeling now?"

Gu Ye's lips curved up, "What do you think?"

The reporters looked at each other and wondered in their hearts. They had never had any contact with this young master. What kind of trick was this?

A reporter was smarter and planned to chat a little to get acquainted with Gu Ye to see what his temper was. He smiled and said, "Master Gu, I saw that you didn't plan to take a taxi after you came out of the hospital. Who are you waiting for?"

Gu Ye continued to smile, "Guess."

The corner of the reporter's mouth twitched. Can we have a proper chat for real?

"Will you enter the entertainment industry in the future? You are so popular online now. I can't guess that. Just tell me."

Gu Ye nodded and looked at the other reporter, "You guess then."

The reporter who was named twitched his mouth, "I can't guess it either!"

Gu Ye spread his hands, "Then let's guess together~"

The reporters were so angry. How the hell could they guess this? This young master here is more annoying than his father! When his father hears unreliable questions, he will educate you and teach you to be patriotic, dedicated, respect your job, and have professional ethics. This guy simply lets you guess everything.

A reporter took a deep breath and asked calmly, "You previously said Dingnan would go bankrupt within half a year. How much longer will it take from now?"

"Yes, yes, let's estimate when Dingnan will go bankrupt."

Gu Ye asked with a smile, "What do you think?"

One reporter was a little annoyed and said, "If I can guess it, why would I still ask you?”

Gu Ye's gaze is showing disdain, as if to ask why are you so stupid and can’t guess it?

The reporter rubbed his chest with heartache and couldn't continue on to ask any more questions!

After a while, a reporter asked, "How did you and Du Jianuo meet? He is really popular now, as if his life has been reversed. Have you given any advice?"

Gu Ye's face suddenly became serious, and several reporters became nervous. They thought that finally someone could answer, but Gu Ye looked at them seriously, "Let's guess together!"

The reporter’s mentality was about to collapse, "Say something else!"

Gu Ye squatted down and waved to them, "Come on, let's squat down and chat together. We are sheltered from the wind at this spot."

Several reporters looked at each other and saw Gu Ye's smiling face, which was nice and friendly. They lost their temper and followed him to squat down, feeling dumbfounded. Gu Ye asked in a good temper, "When did you guys come here?"

One reporter took off his mask and said with a sly smile, "Guess."

Gu Ye: "Should be last night. Hearing that something happened to Tang Jingyi in the middle of the night, you guys came here to stay watch."

There was a slight surprise on the reporter's face.

Gu Ye asked again, "Have you eaten?"

"You guess."

"You did. There is a food stall at the entrance. I'm not blind."

Reporter: "…" Very good, my career has encountered unprecedented difficulties! This man is someone who can drive reporters crazy!

A man with a smaller build hesitated for a moment before asking tentatively, "Can you tell me my fortune this year?"

Gu Ye took out his mobile phone and opened the WeChat QR code, "Transfer 1,000 yuan."

Hearing that, the smaller man excitedly took out his mobile phone. One has to know, Gu Ye's fortune-telling is not anyone could ask for. Even celebrities couldn’t get a queue number. Today is a lucky day!

After the reporter transferred the money, Gu Ye looked at his face and said, "You should have a small fortune this year. Don't go to the beach recently, otherwise you will lose your money."

The man with a smaller build said in surprise, "I really have a plan to go to the beach!"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Sometimes it is said that wealth can be found in danger, but if you take too many risks, you will end up getting dragged in. When you are unable to make a decision, choose to go to the right."

"Go right?" Although he didn't quite understand, the smaller man still put it in his heart, "Okay!"

Little did the man know that a few years later, Gu Ye's words would save his life.

"Me, me too. Can you give me a fortune-telling too? I also wanted to ask about my fortune."

After receiving the transfer, Gu Ye smiled and said, "You don't have much money luck this year. Do you have a brother who you haven't contacted for many years?"

The man nodded in surprise, "I have a brother who was a little rebellious. It is said that he is doing business outside (out of state) and only comes back once in several years."

"Your brother got embroiled in a lawsuit and wants to cheat your family of money. Watch out for your parents and don't be deceived."

When Yu Ze arrived at the entrance of the hospital, he saw Gu Ye surrounded by several people, all squatting on the ground. It looked like some kind of pyramid scheme scene. Yu Ze lowered the car window and looked at Gu Ye with a smile, but didn’t call out for him. Gu Ye raised his head and took a look in his direction. After waving to him happily, Gu Ye stood up and said, "The person who picked me up is here. You brothers, keep standing guard!"

Several young men followed Gu Ye religiously and watched him walk out for a long distance. Not long after, they posted a message on their Weibo: [I was lucky enough to meet Master Gu Ye and asked for a fortune-telling. He was really accurate in everything. I knelt down to worship.jpg]

The picture shows Gu Ye waving with a smile when leaving, very handsome!

Netizens and starlets who heard the news were all: envious, jealous, and feeling hateful! There were some in the comments asking if Gu Ye left the place already and where he was heading. They wanted to go to the scene to ask for a chance encounter. If they could ask for a fortune-telling, it would be great.

After getting in the car, Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's smiling face with gentle eyes, "Is it solved?"

Gu Ye shrugged, "I've said everything I need to say. If she doesn't listen, I can't do anything about it. The cycle of cause and effect, if she doesn't want to pay it back, God will take it back by force. By then, it won't be a question of whether she wants to give it or not."

Gu Ye took out the Kuman Thong that had turned black from his pocket, and the faint evil spirit seeped out through the red line and the talisman paper. It was still daytime right now. If it was night, this little thing would be more violent.

"Kuman Thong, have you heard of it? A ghost young boy who attracts wealth and brings good fortune."

Yu Ze shook his head, he had never been interested in this kind of thing before.

Gu Ye touched the boy's bald head and said, "After his evil aura is eliminated, I will free him and send him for reincarnation."

Looking at Yu Ze's defenseless face, Gu Ye squinted his eyes and rubbed Kuman Thong’s figure on Yu Ze's suit pants.

Yu Ze simply glanced at Gu Ye quietly.

"Hehe." Gu Ye irrepentantly rubbed against the other person's clothes again, trying to use the purple aura to remove the evil spirit.

Yu Ze shook his head helplessly and didn't say anything to Gu Ye. His tolerance for Gu Ye was incredible.

The two went to a famous Western restaurant for lunch. After stopping the car, Gu Ye unbuckled his seat belt. Just as he was about to get out of the car, his wrist was grabbed by Yu Ze. Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "What are you doing? Are you going to rub your purple aura back?"

Yu Ze's lips curled up, "Why aren't you wearing the watch I gave you?"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Because you haven't successfully courted me yet."

Yu Ze smiled fondly, "It seems I need to work harder. I will buy a house next to your house and chase after you every day."

"No, no, no, no," Gu Ye was afraid that Yu Ze would really dare to do this, so he quickly said, "It's too hard to go back and forth so far every day. If you want, you can just come over once a week."

Yu Ze then let go of Gu Ye and said gently, "Okay, I will listen to you and come every week."

Gu Ye: "..." I feel like I'm being tricked!

The two of them got a private room to eat. When they were almost done eating, Gu Ye handed the Kuman Thong to Yu Ze. "Do you want to play with it for a few days and then send it back to me?"

Yu Ze took it helplessly and said, "Okay."

Seeing that went smoothly, Gu Ye asked in surprise, "You agreed so readily, aren't you afraid?"

"Didn't you say that I’m covered with a royal purple aura that even ghosts and demons would not dare to get close to me?"

"Yes, if you take him with you, the Kuman Thong will be able to exhaust all the evil energy in him in 3 days."

Yu Ze casually put the Kuman Thong into his suit pocket and said seriously, "Then I can still come over in 3 days. Instead of once a week, I get to come twice a week. That's good."

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "In terms of schemes, you really won!"

When the two of them were walking in the parking lot, a car happened to come over. Yu Ze naturally grabbed Gu Ye to stand behind and he blocked in front of him. He waited for the car to drive away before continuing to lead Gu Ye to their car. Gu Ye stared blankly at the man’s back in front of him, wanting to laugh, but feeling a little uncomfortable. How many people can he meet in his life who are so protective of him? He was such an abnormal one in the mystical arts circle and so many people wished he would be hit by a car and die.

Before going to school the next day, Gu Ye saw the watch on the desk shelf. After thinking about it, he took it off the shelf and put it on. He doesn’t know when Yu Ze measured his wrist, but the length of the watch chain turned out to be very suitable. The corners of Gu Ye’s mouth curved up. He felt that Yu Ze’s name could be linked to the word Omnipotence, and there was nothing Yu Ze couldn’t do.

A few days later, the news that Tang Jingyi had terminated her contract with Xie Ren’s studio and signed a high-priced contract with Dingnan Entertainment was suddenly released online, and the Internet was abuzz.

At the press conference, when reporters asked about the reason for the termination of the contract, Tang Jingyi had a forbearing look. Although she did not say it explicitly, she still implicitly said that Xie Ren had treated her unfairly and that she could no longer cooperate with Xie Ren. Unfortunately, these 5 years of cooperation can only go so far.

This video caused an uproar on the Internet. Braindead fans of hers wanted to set fire to Xie Ren's studio with a bucket of gasoline. Xie Ren called Tang Jingyi in despair and found that the other party had blocked him. Xie Ren suddenly thought of what Gu Ye said about him not understanding his artist’s real personality. Yes, he really didn’t understand her. How could he raise such a white-eyed wolf?

Gu Lin's secretary Yang Feng saw his friend's miserable state, and after a few words of advice, he contacted Gu Ye directly, "Third Young Master, I heard from Xie Ren that Tang Jingyi didn’t do a single thing that you asked her to do. If so, what will be the consequences?"

Gu Ye was teaching Ling Ling how to fold paper puppets. He put the phone on speakerphone and said with a smile, "It doesn't matter. Let her enjoy it for a bit more. Those words of mine weren’t meant to scare her. If she doesn't listen, the consequences will be worse than what I arranged for her."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that she no longer has the blessing of good luck. It would be more honorable for her to quit voluntarily. If she continues to work in this industry, God will take back the good luck she used before. She will be possessed by bad luck. I think it would be like the situation where she can’t get whatever she wants, and can’t keep whatever she has.”

After hanging up the phone, Yang Feng patted his friend on the shoulder, "Did you hear that? What the Third Young Master said is absolutely correct. Don't be angry, come on, have a drink! After you finish drinking, come to my company instead of opening a studio. Our company is big, and we have Third Young Master looking over us, so the company will never fall even in 10,000 years!"

Xie Ren smiled bitterly and drank it in one gulp, and said disheartenedly, "I hope so."

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