Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 52 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 52 Master Gu was ‘forced’ to come out of the closet Part 1

Mrs. Gu saw Gu Ye being so agitated and asked in confusion, "What do you want to explain?"

Gu Ye was embarrassed, "It's just… nothing."

Mrs. Gu looked at Gu Ye suspiciously and said, "If it’s nothing, then what do you want to explain? I'm just surprised that Mr. Yu will come to celebrate your birthday."

Yu Ze answered seriously, "It's not actually nothing."

"Shut up!" Gu Ye glared at Yu Ze in shock, not believing that Yu Ze would dare to acknowledge anything, and quickly explained, "He means that we are good friends and have a good relationship. It's okay to come and see me."

Mrs. Gu didn't think much about it at first, but now she had to think more about it, and asked probingly, "What did I say? Because you seem to be feeling guilty to me."

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye, "Are you feeling guilty?"

Gu Ye felt tired in his heart and said, "Stop talking! And Mom, why are you here at this time of the day?"

Mrs. Gu carried all the things she had brought in and said, "Isn't your birthday today? The original plan was to make a bowl of noodles for you and ask you to come back home. Your dad and your brothers have prepared gifts for you. But they went to school and office now and I am the only one who is idle in our family.”

Gu Ye helped get the things in, "No, you are very wealthy now and can make a lot of money."

Being praised, the corner of Mrs. Gu’s mouth curved up quietly. After saying a few polite words to Yu Ze, she began to check the house openly, "I promised to come over and check the house from time to time. En, there is indeed no trace of you bringing the girl back."

Yu Ze sent a message to the cook, asking him not to come at noon. When he looked up, he saw Gu Ye busying around his mother and flattering, "Of course, I'm obedient. President Yu, my mom’s noodles are so delicious that I’ve been craving them for a while."

Mrs. Gu couldn't help but raise the corners of her mouth. It made her forget everything she planned to say, "Aiya, you naughty kid!"

"Hahaha, I’m just saying the truth. You should give Yu Ze a big bowl. He must have never eaten such delicious noodles. President Yu, the noodles made by my mother are hand-rolled, hand-rolled!"

Mrs. Gu covered her mouth with a smile, "Silly boy, there shouldn’t be anything Mr. Yu has never seen before."

Yu Ze calmly concealed the smile in his eyes and said seriously, "After my mother passed away, I really haven't eaten the longevity noodles made by her again."

Mrs. Gu immediately softened her heart and said, "President Yu, if you don't mind, you can try my craftsmanship later."

Yu Ze happily accepted, "Okay, thank you, Auntie."

Gu Ye twitched his mouth in shock and looked at Yu Ze. I didn’t know you were this kind of person?!

Yu Ze walked to Gu Ye in confusion, "What is it?"

Gu Ye was afraid that Yu Ze would say something outrageous again so he said, "Stop talking and shut up! Listen to me!"

Mrs. Gu was counting the things she had brought. When she heard Gu Ye being so rude, she raised her head and said angrily, "Why are you so mean? President Yu is so busy but still came all the way to see you. You can't be so rude! Be good and apologize!"

Gu Ye gritted his teeth and squeezed out the words from between his teeth, "I'm sorry."

Yu Ze quickly said, "He is not rude, he is very nice."

Mrs. Gu's expression suddenly changed and she glared at Gu Ye. See, you treat people like this and he still speaks for you. You have disappointed your mother so much.

Gu Ye covered his chest and secretly glared at Yu Ze: My heart is so suffocated!

Mrs. Gu frowned as she watched the two of them teasing back and forth, feeling that something was wrong. Suppressing this doubt in her heart, she brought over a bag of clothes, "These are autumn clothes. It will get cold in the blink of an eye soon so I brought your coat."

Gu Ye ran over and flattered his mother, "It's great to have a mother."

"Nonsense. This is your birthday gift from your father. This card is from your eldest brother, and this card is from your second brother. As for this…" Mrs. Gu looked at the mug with Erha's face (silly husky) on it and said with great disgust, "It’s from your younger brother."

Gu Ye took them all and was amused when he saw the mug, "My little brother's taste, pfft!"

Mrs. Gu had a headache, "He is just like an Erha!"

Gu Ye quickly put all the things away. Yu Ze saw that the clothes bag was quite big and wanted to go over to help. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he saw Gu Ye pick them up with one hand and carried it into the bedroom easily and happily.

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye’s slender arms and legs and him taking long strides like flying. He followed behind and stood at the door of Gu Ye's bedroom. Leaning on the door frame and looking at Gu Ye, he asked, "Are you that strong?"

Gu Ye blinked his eyes and smugly said, "Yes, I am born with supernatural power. I can kill a cow with one punch."

Yu Ze saw the red mark disappearing on Gu Ye’s wrist and understood that it must be some kind of talisman used. Gu Ye was quite good at applying what he learned.

At this time, I heard Mrs. Gu shouting, "Aiya! Old Third, I heard that you spent 180,000 yuan to buy a doll for your mother, is this it? It's so cute!"

Hearing that, Gu Ye was shocked and hurried over, "She...is made of human skin and can move. Do you still want her?"

"Hahaha, don't scare your mother. It's so cute, how can it be made of human skin? How dare you scare me, it’s not like I’m going to snatch things from you." Mrs. Gu looked around the study while laughing as she said it. It seemed a little different from before. Then, she saw it. Mrs. Gu was stunned when she saw what was hanging on the wall.

Gu Ye opened his mouth and held his forehead tiredly. It's over. I won’t be able to explain myself!

Mrs. Gu's expression turned cold, and she looked at the word ‘Head of the Family’, which was exactly the same as Yu Ze's handwriting, "You two..."

Yu Ze stood behind Gu Ye and said calmly, "I just wrote it casually."

"Yes!" Gu Ye nodded, "I just thought his handwriting was beautiful, so I begged him to write it."

Mrs. Gu saw the two of them replying and working together in perfect harmony. Her beautiful eyes widened and she glanced back and forth between them. After that, she curled her lips and sneered. She is just a step away from saying, ‘You think your mother is stupid ah?!'

"I am going to cook."

Mrs. Gu is a tactful person so she won’t say anything in front of Yu Ze. As if she didn't know anything, she put Ling Ling down and went to the kitchen.

Gu Ye looked helpless and regretful. At first, he thought Yu Ze's calligraphy was beautiful and wished he could hang up every one of them. But now he can't explain it clearly, and everything he says seems to be trying to cover up instead.

Yu Ze raised the corners of his mouth, "What are you afraid of?"

"Nonsense, are you going to make that old antique dad of mine angry to death? He has high blood pressure and the old man is already 60!"

Hearing that, Yu Ze was surprised and stunned, "You..."

Gu Ye finally reacted to what he just said and smiled awkwardly, "I'm just afraid that they will misunderstand."

Seeing Gu Ye pretending not to know anything, Yu Ze chuckled happily and said with gentle eyes, "Okay, I'll wait for you."

Gu Ye suddenly blushed and looked away unnaturally. Both of them pretended to be confused, but Gu Ye suddenly realized that he seemed to be very passive, as if he had fallen into some kind of trap.

Mrs. Gu’s skills are great, especially in cooking. She makes 6 dishes, a bowl of soup, and 3 bowls of hand-made noodles. The dishes are delicious and delightful. Gu Ye flattered her in a fancy way while eating, which made Mrs. Gu angry and wanted to laugh. The corners of her mouth couldn't help but want to turn up, and she felt happy. However, when she saw Yu Ze who was staying silent at the side, the corners of Mrs. Gu's mouth suddenly drooped, and she felt extremely complicated.

Yu Ze noticed Mrs. Gu's expression and said seriously, "It's delicious. I almost forgot what mom's cooking tastes like."

Mrs. Gu’s expression stilled. She knew that Mrs. Yu had passed away several years ago. Also, she heard that when Mrs. Yu passed away, Mr. Yu was so deeply affected that he didn’t bother with his company, and Yu Ze took over. It's not easy for this young man either.

Mrs. Gu said politely, "It’s good that you like it, I was afraid that it wouldn't suit your taste. If Mr. Yu likes it, you can come over and eat it at our home someday, my old man Gu will definitely be very happy to see you."

These words were just perfunctory words from Mrs. Gu, but Yu Ze turned to look at Gu Ye seriously as if asking for his opinion.

Gu Ye is stunned, what are you looking at me for?

Mrs. Gu's expression became solemn again and thought to herself inside: Alright, this is confirmed. No mistake there.

After lunch, Mrs. Gu didn’t stay much longer. She was holding her displease and wanted to leave. Gu Ye sent her out and said, "Did you drive here by yourself? Mom, your car is so cool!"

Mrs. Gu raised the corner of her mouth and said with an unsmiling smile, "Yeah, I bought it myself."

"Wow! Mom, you made money! It's amazing!"

Mrs. Gu got into the car and sneered, "You little bastard, you've been flattering me more than usual today. Just you wait!"

Gu Ye: "..."

After sending his little mother away, Gu Ye fell tiredly on the sofa, hugging the pillow and crying without tears. It was so difficult for him.

Yu Ze sat next to Gu Ye’s legs and suddenly smiled.

"Why are you laughing? With my mother's temper, this matter is not over yet. She’ll come and find me again."

Yu Ze’s expression immediately simmered down and he stopped smiling.

Gu Ye grinned, "Forget it, you should just smile."

At this moment, the two of them found a line of sight staring closely at them. When they looked in the direction of the study, Gu Ye was stunned. His daughter is standing by the door with half of her body outside the room. She is twiddling her two index fingers shyly and staring at Yu Ze without blinking. He had never seen this little doll acting like this before. Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "My dear, you are a face-con ah!"

Yu Ze looked at the little doll calmly, not figuring out how she could move. He stretched out a finger and beckoned with a hook gesture expressionlessly.

Ling Ling shyly retracted half of her body back to the room. After a few seconds, she revealed her head from the door again and peeked at Yu Ze.

Gu Ye helplessly explained, "She can't come over. The purple aura on your body is too heavy, and she will be hurt."

Speaking of this, Gu Ye rubbed his hand on Yu Ze’s body. After rubbing, he still felt that it was not enough, "I feel that I have been very unhappy recently, and it must be because I have bad luck energy. Take off your coat, I want to borrow it."

Without saying a word, Yu Ze took off his suit jacket to Gu Ye and Gu Ye huddled on the sofa. The suit jacket was a bit large, so he could just shrink himself into it. His heart suddenly felt at ease, and his whole body was covered with purple energy. Gu Ye felt like he was the son of destiny and vowed, "I will be lucky tomorrow. If I listen to Sister Hong Dou recite the Heart Sutra in the evening, I might ascend."

Yu Ze was amused, looking at Gu Ye being wrapped like a rice dumpling. His(GY) mood was much better than when he saw him at noon. Smiling, Yu Ze said, "Tell me about the depressing things these days, little lost lamb."

"Alas!" Thinking about it makes Gu Ye feel amused. Right now, he felt that there was nothing he couldn’t say, so he said bluntly, “I just feel that people’s hearts are so dirty. The word ‘desire’ has been used to the max. When being selfish, they have no morals and no bottom line. I'm a little tired of the world and want to keep company with ghosts."

Yu Ze immediately understood what was wrong with Gu Ye, "Your thinking hit a dead-end? It is a materialistic society, to begin with. You have seen too many dark things, so you have to look for the beautiful side."

"The beautiful side?" Gu Ye swayed like a roly-poly toy, with a confused expression.

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye sideways, "There are a lot of good people and good things. But have you noticed?"

"No, I only noticed where people died and if there were any aggrieved souls. My master has told me since I was a child that it is my duty to eliminate evil and promote good." After saying this, Gu Ye suddenly realized that there would be problems with his mentality if he continued like this. He had no chance to soothe his tight nerves. He just blindly saves people and ghosts, and all he sees is the darkest side of human nature. If this continues, he may become mentally twisted and perverted, and this is not good.

Raw word count: 6311 (whole chapter)


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