Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 52 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 52 Master Gu was ‘forced’ to come out of the closet Part 2

"From now on, if you feel like it, just lend a hand. If the person can be saved, then they will be saved. If they cannot be saved, it is their life. Whether the person dies or not is his fate. Who stipulates that if you know something that ordinary people don't know, you have to bear more responsibilities than ordinary people? You live for yourself, not to save others." Yu Ze rubbed Gu Ye's head, swaying the roly-poly toy from side to side.

Gu Ye felt that he had been brainwashed while being swayed around. Yu Ze was right.

Yu Ze: "If you want to open a library, you can. After graduation, we will open one. It will be the largest in the country."

Gu Ye: "Yes, it's not my duty to save people. It's fine as long as I have a clear conscience."

Gu Ye suddenly realized what Yu Ze said in the second half of his sentence. There seemed to be a hidden meaning in it, "No, no, no, I mean I have money, I can open the library myself. You don’t have to join in the shares.”

Yu Ze raised the corner of his mouth and was about to speak, but Gu Ye quickly blocked him, "You talk a lot today! Reporters say you talk little, and that you have nothing to say on any occasion."

Yu Ze smiled, "That depends on who I’m talking to."

Gu Ye's heart suddenly thumped. He was trying to block the person from saying too much but got teased instead. He turned his face away, not daring to look at Yu Ze's face. Gu Ye was in despair. It's over now, a face-con (like himself) couldn't withstand this appearance and this smile. When he turned around, he found that his daughter was still peeking at the door. Gu Ye palmed his forehead, face-con really had no chance of survival (in front of Yu Ze)!

In the evening, they finally had a birthday dinner cooked by the chef brought by Yu Ze. Gu Ye was in an extremely good mood, and all his unhappiness disappeared after a big meal.

When Mrs. Gu got home, her mood was not so good. When Gu Decheng came home from work, she couldn't hold it in and said, "Our son’s dad*, Yu Ze went to celebrate Old Third's birthday at his place today."

*English doesn’t have this but sometimes Chinese like to refer to someone with their position at home rather than their name lol

Hearing that, Gu Decheng was quite happy, "They have a pretty good friendship."

Mrs. Gu made insinuations, "I don't think it's that simple."

Gu Decheng took his reading glasses and said, "What's so complicated? For Yu Ze to be friends with him is Gu Ye over-reaching himself."

Gu Decheng put on his reading glasses and read the report, "Besides telling fortunes, what else can he do? Look at Yu Ze. He has been helping his father manage the company since he was a child. What would Yu Ze want from Gu Ye?"

Mrs. Gu was feeling uncomfortable from holding back, "He wants… tsk, you damn old man! Are you stupid?"

Gu Decheng was confused from being scolded, "Are you menopausal?"

"Who is menopausal? Who are you talking about menopause? I am so young, how can I be menopausal?!"

"...You called me a damn old man and I didn't even get angry. Why are you still so agitated?"

"You say I'm menopausal. That means you say I'm old. How am I old?"

"That's obviously not what I meant."

"Then what do you mean?"

"What do I mean?"

"If you don’t mean anything, then what is it?"

Gu Decheng surrendered, "Okay, I won't argue with you."

Mrs. Gu rolled her eyes angrily, "It's like I want to quarrel with you!" After saying that, she walked away angrily. Gu Decheng looked confused. She was really menopausal. Why was she so angry?

Standing on the balcony, Mrs. Gu sent a message to Gu Ye: [Old Third, what’s going on between you and Yu Ze?]

Gu Ye, who was watching a movie in the cinema, glanced at Yu Ze sitting next to him and replied: [It’s my birthday, and he came to celebrate my birthday.]

Gu Ye didn't know why he would drag Yu Ze out to watch a movie, there must be something wrong with his brain. It was just the two of them at home, and he felt very embarrassed. He didn't expect that it would be even more embarrassing outside.

Little Mom: [Mom doesn’t agree with you two being together. You are still young and you can meet a good girl in the future.]

Gu Ye: [What are you randomly thinking about?]

Little Mom: [You break up with him, or I’ll tell your dad and ask him to break your legs!]

Gu Ye swallowed his saliva and replied bravely: [There’s really nothing between us!]

Mom: [Do you think I’m stupid or blind???]

Gu Ye wants to cry but has no tears: [Can you take it as I am stupid instead?]

Yu Ze tilted his head, leaned into Gu Ye's ear, and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

Gu Ye palmed his forehead. They really looked like they were going out!

Mrs. Gu noticed that Gu Ye didn't reply in time, so she suppressed her temper to calm down the atmosphere: [It's okay if you’re not together. How do you feel when getting along with him?]

Gu Ye replied tiredly: [I felt at ease in my heart, he was very reliable.]

Mrs. Gu suddenly became anxious: [You still said you are not together?]

Gu Ye doesn't want to talk anymore. It’s like everything he says will turn into a confession.

Mrs. Gu angrily thought about Yu Ze's shortcomings, from appearance to family background to personal abilities. In the end, she found that there were no shortcomings at all. The only shortcoming was…

Mrs. Gu: [He is a man!]

Gu Ye: [I know.]

Mrs. Gu: [Go find a girl]

Gu Ye: [I haven’t met anyone I can talk to.]

Mrs. Gu stomped her feet angrily: [There are so many girls out there. How can there be no one you can get along with?]

Gu Ye: [There really isn’t. How can I fall in love with someone without a common language? How about I find a ghost or I'll bring you a bunch back, and you can choose. Which era do you want?]

Mrs. Gu was desperate and had no choice. She told Gu Ye with sincerity: [Son, you are not worthy of him. See how elite he is and look at you now, you have nothing. True love requires the courage to let go.]

Gu Ye: [...You have been blocked. Hand gesture waving goodbye.jpg]

Before parting, Yu Ze said, "I'm going to Country M tomorrow."

Gu Ye nodded mechanically, "How long?"

"I'll come back in a week. I’ll bring back souvenirs for you, and Peng Yu doesn't have any."

Gu Ye: "..."

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye seriously, "You are different."

Gu Ye said feebly, "Go away!"

The corners of Yu Ze's mouth raised, his gaze lingering as he said, "I'll come to see you when I get back. I haven't finished what I said today, but I think you already understand."

“Go!" Gu Ye pointed to the road and kicked the other party's car door, feeling almost in despair from being flirted. Who would have thought with Yu Ze’s icy appearance, he looks like an unworldly person, but he has so much to say when facing him!

After Yu Ze went back, he lay on the bed and happily picked a few new books in the drawer of the bedside table:
"The Complete Collection of Cliche Words of Love",
"One Hundred Days Crash Course for Love Masters",
"One Hundred Ways to Get Out of Being Single",
"Lover's Quotations",
"The Magic of Love Turns in Circles",
"There is no single person in the world with this book, you deserve the best!"

President Yu's eyes looked serious. It doesn't matter if he has no experience, life is all about learning.

After sending these two ancestors away, Gu Ye couldn't sleep at all. He logged onto Weibo in an extremely complicated mood, trying to find something to do while browsing gossip. Surprisingly, his fans have grown to 700,000, and he has no idea how.

Gu Ye looked at the inbox almost exploding with private messages and said speechlessly, "I must be dreaming."

This is due to Gu Ye publicly making a prediction that Dingnan Entertainment would go bankrupt in half a year. Not long after this prediction, the artists of Dingnan Entertainment really continued to have troubles. Dr0g abuse, cheating, hidden rules, tax evasion, etc. There are all kinds of weird and scandalous things. On the other hand, Gu Lin’s entertainment company is really getting better and better, Recently, several newcomers have become famous. Their appearance and acting skills are both outstanding, and they have become popular very quickly. This makes people in the entertainment industry think that Gu Ye is good at fortune-telling, and many people are looking for him in private.

As soon as Gu Ye went online, someone used a small account to ask him: [I wished to ask you to tell someone's fortune, can you keep it a secret?]

Gu Ye thought that the timing was so coincidental, and this person might be destined to him, so he casually replied: [It has nothing for me to leak it out.]

Person: [How much does it cost?]

Gu Ye: [Send me a photo first. For normal passersby, I’ll take 1,000 yuan. Those with a bright future, I’ll take more money, but they can pay it later when they become rich. If the person has a bad future, then a casual amount will do. For those with no future and those who are about to die will not be accepted*.]

*Not sure which one GY means because the CN sentence can be read in 2 ways. It’s either GY won’t accept the case at all or he will accept the case but will not take money.

The other party hesitated for about 10 minutes before sending a photo to Gu Ye. It looks like a still, with a very pretty face and a bright smile.

Gu Ye: [5 million yuan.]

The other party was confused by Gu Ye’s words and replied with a series of question marks.

Gu Ye: [Pay me after 1 year.]

The other party finally understood what Gu Ye meant. Gu Ye said he had a future, and he replied in disbelief: [My status is considered semi-frozen and I have no background. The company said I had no spirituality and no acting skills. There is no shortage of handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment industry so I have no advantage at all. To be honest, I wanted to give up, I couldn’t even touch the script.

2 days ago, I wanted to act in a campus online drama, so I went to audition secretly. After I was selected, my agent scolded me and canceled the job. He said that there was no future and asked me not to mess around. Instead, he gave me a passerby script in a dog blood drama. What future does a person like me have?]

Gu Ye clicked his tongue and wrote: [Young man, which company are you from?]

Person: [Dingnan.]

Gu Ye replied with disgust: [No wonder, your boss is blind. Your forehead bones are round, your Tian Cang point (head) is full, and your Sun and Moon corners are raised. As long as there is a chance, you will definitely rise step by step.]

The other party asked in surprise: [You mean, I can become famous?]

Gu Ye: [Now is the turning point of your destiny. If you continue to stay in that company, you will only act in minor roles and become popular after 10 years. If you change company now, you may be successful within 3 months. How much is your liquidated damages?]

The other party: [500k yuan, because I didn’t get much money* when I signed the contract.]

*Not sure what the raw means, as if the artist has to pay money to the company first when signing a contract - 因为签约就没给多少钱

Gu Ye: [I will pay the liquidated damages for you. Go to my brother's company. If you believe me, you will become famous in half a year and become a popular star in a year. As long as you act steadily and perform well, your future is boundless.]

The 18th-tier young artist Du Jianuo on the other side of the Internet was stunned. Gu Ye actually agreed to pay liquidated damages on his behalf, and a word came to his mind unnaturally - Unspoken rule. Then he shook his head, thinking it was impossible. If Gu Ye wants to do the unspoken rule on him, he might feel that Gu Ye is at a disadvantage instead.

Du Jianuo asked worriedly: [Why would you pay for me?]

Gu Ye: [So I asked you for a 5 million fee, the money I pay now will be considered an investment.]

Du Jianuo laughed. He didn't know where Gu Ye got his confidence. He was already forced to a dead corner that even he didn't believe in himself. No one thought he had a future. Even his parents thought he was not good.

Du Jianuo asked tentatively: [Aren't you afraid that I won't admit the debt in the future?]

Gu Ye: [You won’t.]

Du Jianuo: [People's hearts are unpredictable, how do you know I won't change?]

Gu Ye: [Then you can try. Even if you are at the top of the entertainment industry, I can pull you down.]

Having received those words, Du Jianuo took a deep breath and replied: [I'll take a gamble! As long as you give me a good script, I will try my best to act it well.]

Gu Ye: [OK, come find me tomorrow at 6.00 pm. The location is Stone Pot Fish Restaurant on the east side of the north gate, Capital University. I’ll see you then.]

Du Jianuo exited Weibo and began to pack his luggage with an expressionless face. He felt that the person on the other side of the Internet had either put a curse on him, or he had gone crazy. He actually believed that Gu Ye would pay for his liquidated damages and believed his(GY) nonsense.

Gu Ye →_→ : I can’t believe that President Yu is this kind of person.
Yu Ze▼_▼ : When I am being black-bellied, even I scared myself.

Raw word count: 6311 (whole chapter)


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