Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 51 Ghost Child (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 51 Don’t let regret accompany you throughout your life Part 2

The woman had never seen her submissive adopted daughter act like this. It seemed that the woman was so frightened that she took 2 steps back, "You are crazy, you are crazy!"

Gu Ye looked at Li Jiatong and sighed silently. Then he coldly interrupted the confrontation between the two of them, "I said that you are a two-legged old thing for a reason. Your little daughter is not your biological child. Your child died upon birth so whose child did you steal from?"

Li Jiatong's eyes widened in shock, what?

"You... nonsense!" The woman took a step back in panic, "I won't talk to you anymore, I'm going to go find your teacher and report you! Li Jiatong must drop out of school!"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "So you think those raised since childhood will be closer to you than those adopted? Think back, how does your little girl look anything like you and your husband?" Gu Ye pointed at the woman whose expression had changed, "Look here, this is an example of a dirty person! She dares to come to find you shamelessly, what are you afraid of? She is a human trafficker! Stealing other people's children! Only her 2 legs look like a human being. Other than that, how does she look anything remotely human?"

"Nonsense!" The woman was too frightened to say anything more, so she ran away in panic after saying that.

Li Jiatong took off her glasses and longingly looked at Gu Ye's face with red eyes, "I, I'm sorry, I know I was wrong! I was wrong!"

Gu Ye shook his head, "Straighten your back, what's the use of crying? I'm not here to help you. Just by the fact that you got a brat to tie a red thread with me, I don’t want to see you in the future anymore. I'm here because I don't want to see a scumbag get away with it. You'll have to walk your own path from now on. Goodbye."

"Gu Ye!" This time, Li Jiatong plucked up the courage to catch up, "Thank you, I will plead guilty and surrender. So, do you still think I'm disgusting?"

Gu Ye paused and turned around, "I said you are disgusting because you want to ruin a 16-year-old child just to get revenge on your adoptive parents. Is your sister really mean to you? Do you really have the heart to see her suffer like that? Okay, let me show you something."

Gu Ye walked back, drew a piece of talisman paper, and stuck it on Li Jiatong's forehead. Li Jiatong's eyes widened instantly because now a scene appeared in front of her eyes.

When Li Jiatong’s sister was 3 years old, she especially liked to hold onto her legs, let her carry her, and call her big sister sweetly. When her sister was 6 years old and in first grade, she wanted to get into Li Jiatong’s bed every day and complained aggrievedly that she had been bullied by another little boy today. When she was 10 years old, her younger sister would secretly give her some of her pocket money and say, "Big sister, when I grow up and make money, I will buy you a nice little dress." When her sister was 12 years old, she started staying in the junior high school dormitory. Their relationship seemed to grow farther and farther with time and distance. Later, her sister knocked on her door several times at night but Li Jiatong hid away because she didn't want to see her sister’s smiling face. She doesn’t want to see her being pampered, she hates it, she loathes it!

With tears in her eyes, Li Jiatong realized that it seemed that the only family member who had been good to her since childhood was her younger sister.

Soon, the scene changed and Li Jiatong saw Li Jiayue being held down by a man in his forties or fifties. She was crying, shouting, and struggling helplessly. Li Jiatong held her head and felt like her heart was being pulled. Suddenly she cried out in pain and screamed, "No! No! Let her go! You beast, let her go!"

The scene stopped abruptly. Gu Ye took off the charm and said with a cold face, "I don't need to say anything else now, right? This child's life will be ruined. Your parents are guilty, how can your sister be innocent, right?"

Li Jiatong collapsed and sat on the ground. Looking at her hands, she said tremblingly, "I'm sorry, I, I'm sorry for her! Have I gone crazy?"

"Nothing will happen to your sister. She will be taken away by her biological parents in the future. The sibling fate between you two sisters is over. Your adoptive father is dead. You know how he died. After all, it was in your hands. Do you know the consequences of carrying a human life on your back?

Gu Ye said calmly, "If you encounter something like this again, find the right way to solve it."

Li Jiatong said with despair, "There is no future."

Gu Ye turned around and waved goodbye, "Why not? Your adoptive father fell into the water and drowned because he was tired while driving."

Gu Ye walked out of the forest side and sent a message to Mu Jingfei: [Sister Mu, I found a human trafficker from 16 years ago.]

Mu Jingfei: [Where is the evidence?]

Gu Ye: [Evidence? Just investigate the criminal and you'll have it.]

Mu Jingfei: [...Wait for big sister to find you later.]

At noon, the police acted quickly and arrested Li Jiatong's adoptive mother. They tested the DNA of her and her youngest daughter and determined that there was no mother-daughter relationship. The hospital's birth records were also retrieved, and it was found that only one child in the same ward died on the night of birth. After cooperating with the police in that area to extract a DNA test, it was immediately determined that Li Jiatong's sister was the child of that family. Upon learning that their child was still alive, the real parents wished they could come to the Capital by car immediately that day and strangle the woman who had stolen their child.

Seeing her adoptive mother being put into a police car, Li Jiatong burst into tears. She raised her head and looked at the dazzling sunshine. For the first time, she felt that it was so bright and warm. Li Jiatong did not go back to class, but went directly to the teacher, "I want to change to the law department now, is it still late?"


Gu Ye met with Mu Jingfei in private and said, "Sister Mu, I encountered a case regarding loan sharks. This is the address."

Mu Jingfei laughed and said, "You are almost becoming a private detective."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "What I do is all thankless work, and no one pays me a salary."

Mu Jingfei sighed, "You must be doing it for that girl. She will be alone in the future and get into trouble with loan sharks."

Gu Ye smiled, "No, there are so many children without fathers and mothers. It all depends on how they live. Who is not a human here if you just stand straight? She is pitiful but she still has food to eat. There are many more people more pitiful than her. Haven’t you seen much yet?”

Gu Ye thought of the days in his previous life when he had no parents and no mother, crawling out of the pit of dead children to find food. He couldn't help but sneer and didn't want to continue, "So what if I save people? The most difficult thing to save is the human heart. There are so many tastes/flavors in life. How many people have their backbones(principle) broken by life, how many people die under the darkness of the human heart? There are too many poor people, how many can I save?" Having said this, Gu Ye smiled pretending to be relaxed, "Maybe even after I saved someone, I will be repaid with evil. That's how people are."

Mu Jingfei saw the loneliness in Gu Ye’s eyes and couldn't help but pat the shoulder of this big boy who was almost like her younger brother and encouraged him, “At your age, it’s great to be able to do this. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much life experience you have, how much money you have, the most important thing is here." She poked Gu Ye's heart and said, "Understanding right from wrong, good from bad, and then just have a clear conscience. If you read too much into it, your heart will become tired. The more you understand, the greater the burden will be. Ten thousand people have ten thousand steelyards in their hearts. No matter what you do, someone will tell you that it's not good, so relax and study hard."

Gu Ye suppressed all his emotions and said with a smile, "Okay!"

Mu Jingfei also laughed, "How many people will be charmed to death by your smiling face!"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "No need for more, just 1 is enough. One who will never get tired of me in his lifetime is enough."

After sending Mu Jingfei away, the smile on Gu Ye's face faded. In fact, there is not much relief. Mu Jingfei also looks at people's hearts, but after she brings the bad guys to justice, the matter will be over. However, what Gu Ye sees more is that people will not get justice after they die in vain. Every time he empathizes, he will feel that kind of despair. Sometimes he really felt that people's hearts were so disgusting that it was better to keep company with ghosts.

Just when Gu Ye was feeling suffocated, his cell phone rang. After Gu Ye answered it, he looked towards the gate. There was a familiar car parked there. Many students would take a look when they passed by when they left school. Gu Ye smiled and wondered why he was being single-minded. In his 2 lifetimes, he has never understood this matter. Isn't there another person here who traveled 2 hours to celebrate his birthday?

Yu Ze asked doubtfully in the call, "Gu Ye? Did you hear me?"

Gu Ye raised his hand with a smile and waved in the direction of the door, "I didn't hear you just now, wait a moment."

Gu Ye trotted towards the gate. He got into Yu Ze’s car with a smile while being looked at by many people. This time Yu Ze came by himself without an assistant. Gu Ye looked at the big cake placed on the back seat and put on his seat belt with a smile, "Is there a traffic jam on the road?"

Yu Ze replied calmly, "How about you calculate it?"

Gu Ye tilted his head and looked at Yu Ze's expression. He said jokingly, "You’re in a good mood today. So, not going to work makes you that happy?"

Yu Ze raised the corner of his mouth slightly, "En."

Gu Ye was immediately stifled by this word. It is okay to reply with just an ‘En’? How to continue on with the conversation?

"You seem to be in a bad mood," Yu Ze said firmly, "I can see that you are confused now. Do you have doubts about what you insist on doing?"

Gu Ye laughed and didn't know what to say. Nothing could be hidden from his eyes. "Yeah, sometimes I want to give up my career, open a library after graduation, and live a leisurely life."

Yu Ze said gently, "You have the entire afternoon to tell me, I can be a listener."

Gu Ye thought for a while, smiled, and nodded, "Okay!"

Gu Ye's always impetuous heart calmed down just because of this sentence. Gu Ye glanced at Yu Ze's side face and thought to himself, that this was probably Yu Ze's calm temperament and his steady mind, which made him feel at ease. After all, Yu Ze has always been reliable.

Soon after arriving at Gu Ye's house, Yu Ze parked the car in the parking lot at the entrance. Seeing that the place was empty, he asked while carrying the cake, "Do you have a driver's license?"

Gu Ye took out the key, "What do you want to do?"

Yu Ze said seriously, "I'll buy you a car."

"I have! And it’s a manual (talking about his bicycle)!" Gu Ye curled his lips, "But it was ridden away by your nephew that rascal."

Yu Ze frowned, "I’ll scold him."

"No, just let him ride if he wanted to. I even snatched away his new game console and I still haven’t returned it. I say, he should be suspicious by now about what is my relationship with you, and why are you always looking after me." Gu Ye imitated Zhao Pengyu's tone, sounding aggrieved.

Yu Ze followed Gu Ye with a smile, "What kind of relationship did you tell him?"

Gu Ye opened the door and entered the house, saying expressionlessly, "Friends that don’t mind the age gap?"

Yu Ze's smiling face suddenly dropped a lot, "It’s, it's not that many years apart."

Gu Ye pretended not to understand and took the cake from the other party's hand first, "Eating out or eating at home?"

"Eat at home," Yu Ze looked at the time, "In 10 minutes, the chef will come to your door with ingredients."

"Wow!" Gu Ye said in admiration, "You think it out so thoroughly!"

Yu Ze smiled and took out a box with blue wrapping paper from his suit pocket. He handed it to Gu Ye and said, "Happy birthday."

Gu Ye was stunned and accepted the box with some embarrassment. He anxiously guessed what was inside. If it was a ring, should he accept it? What should he say? The relationship between them now is a bit delicate.

Yu Ze saw him dawdling and took a step forward. Both people were so close that they almost touched each other. Yu Ze helped Gu Ye open the box, and Gu Ye breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was not a ring, but a watch!

Yu Ze looked into Gu Ye's eyes and asked seriously, "I want to spend your birthday with you at this time every year. Can you give me a chance?"

Gu Ye immediately blushed and stammered, "Of… of course, why won't I accept the gift you gave me? I'm not stupid, haha."

Yu Ze frowned and grabbed Gu Ye's hand, "What I mean is..."

Before Yu Ze could finish speaking, the door was pushed open from the outside. Mrs. Gu was carrying some dishes in her hands. At a glance, she saw two people standing close to each other in the living room, their hands still held together. Mrs. Gu’s breath hitched and she said, "You two..."

Gu Ye suddenly panicked and shouted anxiously, "Mom! Listen to my explanation, we are not who you think!"

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