Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 51 Ghost Child (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 51 Don’t let regret accompany you throughout your life Part 1

The little ghost floated in from the window, with an evil smile hanging on the corner of his mouth. Not stopping, he drifted closer and closer to Gu Ye. The ghostly aura and resentment filled the entire room, highlighting his bloodless face which makes him even more weird and terrifying.

Gu Ye smiled, "Little one, do you think you can scare me like this?" He picked up a drink on the table and took a sip with a smile, "Tell me, what do you come here for?"

The ghost child answered grimly, "I want to take that fool away."

"Fool? Are you talking about this?" Gu Ye picked up the Cloudy Day doll lying on the table. He held a drink and said with a smile, "If you have the ability, come and snatch it."

The ghost child's eyes widened and he turned into a ghostly figure as he rushed over. A small shadow suddenly jumped out from behind Gu Ye and kicked the opponent's head with her small red leather shoes. Thick resentment wrapped up the ghost child, and her immature voice said in dissatisfaction, "Stay away from my father!"

"Tsk. Come back, my daughter." Gu Ye put down the juice helplessly and drew a red line in the air with a cinnabar pen.

The golden power of merit dyed the line. With a slight wave, the line turned into a whip, and the ghost child was hit and flung out more than 2 meters away. This kind of power of merit is the same as the sunlight, thunder, and other things with strong ‘Yang’ power, and it is a fatal threat to things with concentrated resentment. The ghost child's resentment was dissipated by the whip, and he stood by the wall and looked at Gu Ye fearfully.

Gu Ye said calmly, "You are carrying 7 lives on you. How amazing, kid."

The ghost child grinned and looked at Gu Ye sinisterly, "No, if I counted you, it will be 8 soon."

Gu Ye sneered, "Such bluff. My dear daughter, suck away his resentment and see if he can still play around."

Ling Ling is the spiritual consciousness formed by absorbing resentment. She likes the resentment in all kinds of ghosts. The little doll stood on the table, with two small hands raised. The thick resentment turned the whole room dark. As soon as the ghost child's resentment came into contact with Ling Ling, it flowed out uncontrollably and he couldn't take it back.

The ghost child looked at the little doll in horror. Without resentment, he cannot survive in this situation. In panic, he flew towards Ling Ling, pointing his sharp nails at Ling Ling's neck, wanting to kill her first. Gu Ye sneered and waved the whip in his hand. With a snap, it hit the ghost child's feet. The ghost child fearfully flew back and dodged more than 2 meters.

Gu Ye disdainfully threw the whip away. Seeing how cool Xie Cheng is with his whip, Gu Ye thought he could do the same. As expected, one can't do it properly without some practice. He held 2 talisman papers in his hand and chanted, "Righterous power of Tiangang, Nine Wind shatters, Break!"

As soon as the word ‘Break’ was out, there were 2 slight phoenix calls in the room, and 2 golden lights passed through the ghost child's body. The ghost child let out a scream, and his ghostly energy was instantly reduced by more than half. At this moment, a sinister wind rose and the ghost child's figure disappeared in an instant.

Gu Ye frowned and counted something with his fingers. Then he sneered, "You reap what you sow!"

This kind of ghost child who has killed people is extremely evil and extremely murderous. If he doesn't kill someone every time he comes out, he can't be taken back (into his container).

The two people who kept the ghost child noticed that the ghost child was injured and was worried that this one would be caught by Gu Ye like the last one. They hurriedly summoned him back, breaking out in a cold sweat while holding a black Buddha statue.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the ghost child came back, a gloomy wind blew up in the room and the whole space was filled with the stench of blood. The two of them hurriedly used the ghost pendant to suppress it, trying to take him back forcefully. The ghost child looked at the man holding his container with a sinister look. Pouncing over to him with hatred, he grabbed the man’s neck in a chokehold.

"Brother Yu!" Another person panicked and hurriedly took out the ghost-suppressing mirror given by the master and shone it on the ghost child. The ghost boy trembled and screamed in pain. After that, he angrily stretched out his other hand and tore off his owner's head before getting into the black Buddha statue.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Seeing this bloody scene with his own eyes, the other man was so frightened that his eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Gu Ye had already calculated that something would happen to the people who kept the ghost, but he was too lazy to take care of it. Since they ordered the ghost child to kill 7 people, they deserve to die. He took out the ghost child who was called ‘Fool’ and said, "Ghost child, do you remember what the person who created you looks like?"

The ghost child was so frightened by Gu Ye's unkind expression that he trembled all over and said aggrievedly, "I do."

Gu Ye gave the child a pen and said, "Draw it."

The ghost child held the entire pen in both hands and drew a fat, oval-shaped thing.

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched, "Is this a pumpkin spirit?"

The ghost child felt aggrieved and said, "He's just a fat man."

Hearing that, Gu Ye felt tired in his heart. Well, encountering a soul painter(terrible painter), there was nothing he could do. Taking the pen from the child’s hand, Gu Ye wrote the address of the ghost keeper on a piece of white paper and placed it in a conspicuous place on the table. Then, he called the people at the Xuanshu Association.

"Hello, I'm Gu Ye. Yes, I'm the Gu Ye that none of you want to meet." Gu Ye didn't wait for the other party to talk nonsense and added indifferently, "Write down the address that I’m going to tell you. I will only recite it once."

The other party sounded confused after writing it down, "What do you want to do with this?"

"I discovered that there is an evil spirit in this place. Are you guys going to head there?"

The person on the phone answered seriously, "According to the rules, you have to handle what you find yourself. Others have no right to interfere."

"Don't talk about any rules with me. If I have time to deal with it, why do I need to come to you? Don't I go to school? Can I compare with you older people?" Gu Ye mocked angrily, “The very purpose of your establishment is to eliminate harm to the people. Catch him if you guys are awesome. If you can't catch him, you’re not human.” After saying that, he hung up the phone.

The people from the Xuanshu Association had their breath stuck in their throats and didn't even have a chance to come back with a rebut. What's even more annoying is that you still have to listen to him. Now many young people in the Xuanshu Association have left, and with the constant pressure from above, they are already in disarray. If they don't do something to prove the need for their existence, they will really be in trouble.

People from the Xuanshu Association were sent to this address that night to investigate. After discovering a ghost keeper whose head had been torn off by a ghost, they also found a fool who was frightened into craziness in the corner. The container for keeping the ghost was found as well. Not only do they have to take away that ghost child, but they also have to investigate who created it. However, with the only person who knows about this case has gone crazy, the investigation became more difficult.

The elders of the Xuanshu Association wanted to scold Gu Ye to Hell for pushing such a troublesome thing onto them. At such a young age and with so many bad intentions, he was just as difficult to deal with as his senior brother!

After hearing the news, Xie Cheng sent a message to Gu Ye that night: [You found some work for them?]

Gu Ye only saw it when he got up in the morning and replied: [Whenever they are being bastards, I will take people to report them. Whenever there is a job that is difficult to do, I will send them a message about it. I want to see how they still have to energy to mess with me.]

Xie Cheng replied with 2 rows of thumbs up and added: [Excellent!]

Recent events made Gu Ye feel bad and he thought of some things in his previous life. He didn't even take a few bites of breakfast. Putting down his chopsticks, he stood up and said, "I’m not eating anymore. I'm going to school."

Hong Dou helplessly put away the rest of the meal, made a cup of milk tea, and caught up with Gu Ye. Yesterday, she took the ghost child to correct other people's marriage lines all night. If it weren't for this, she doubted that Gu Ye wouldn't even eat a bite. Gu Ye accepted the milk tea and took a sip with a smile, "It would be nice if there were only big sisters like you in the world. Even after being trapped for thousands of years, your heart is still so beautiful."

Hong Dou saw Gu Ye smiling, but she didn't feel relieved at all, "You should learn to let out what’s in your mind. It's not good if you keep it to yourself."

Gu Ye chuckled and agreed softly, "Okay, I will learn it."

Hong Dou turned into a wisp of red smoke and got into the Buddhist beads on Gu Ye's wrist, and followed Gu Ye to school worriedly.

Gu Ye's eyelids kept twitching this morning. He couldn't figure out whether he didn't sleep well last night or something was about to happen. This feeling made him very irritable.

Xia Xiang sensitively noticed that Gu Ye was in a bad mood. After class, Xia Xiang asked him in a low voice, "What's wrong with you these days? I always feel like you're dealing with something. We won't know anything if you don't tell us."

Gu Ye smiled and said casually, "It's okay, maybe it’s because today is the anniversary of my mother's death so I was a little distracted."

Xia Xiang patted Gu Ye on the shoulder, "You have it hard. After so many years, there are some things that need to be kept in mind but we have to look forward. Happy birthday."

Gu Ye's lips curved up, "Thank you."

Zhao Pengyu jumped over happily after hearing this, "Gu Ye's birthday is today?"

Everyone looked over from hearing Zhao Pengyu’s loud voice, "Gu Ye's birthday is today? Happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday Gu Ye!"

"Happy birthday, male god! You’re 20 now!"

There were blessings all around. Gu Ye smiled and thanked his classmates for their kindness. Zhao Pengyu put his arms around his neck and said with a smile, "There are no classes in the afternoon. Let's go out to eat at noon today. I'll treat you!"

Gu Ye slapped Zhao Pengyu’s paws off in disgust, "I have an appointment at noon, please invite me next time."

Zhao Pengyu stared and reacted immediately, "Is this the person you chatted with last time?"

Everyone listened with open ears, that’s big news!

Gu Ye replied angrily, "It’s my brother! So, are you coming?"

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out to be family members, meh.

When Zhao Pengyu thought of the serious face of the eldest brother of the Gu family, he waved his hands in fear, "Forget it, I won't go."

Gu Ye turned his head and faced Xia Xiang who had a half-smiling expression on his face. Then, Gu Ye awkwardly held Xia Xiang's baby face and kneaded it like a ball.

"You know too much! I'll kill you and silence you!"

Xia Xiang: "...I didn't say anything else."

"You are not allowed to even think about it!"

Xia Xiang doesn’t know if to laugh or cry, how could Gu Ye be so unreasonable?

A few people were making a fuss when they heard a commotion outside, and someone said, "Li Jiatong's mother from Class 3 has come to the school and wants her to drop out of school."

"Which Li Jiatong?"

"She's the one who doesn't like to talk. She studies well, but no one can't see what she looks like in daily life."

"What is her mother thinking? After finally getting into such a good school, why not let her continue?"

Gu Ye counted something with his fingers and his expression changed. Swiftly, he pulled a piece of paper from his notebook and quickly wrote a note to request a leave. Next, he put it on the teacher's desk and went out by himself.

"Gu Ye!" Zhao Pengyu stood up worriedly but Xia Xiang grabbed his clothes and asked him to sit down. "He has his own affairs to deal with. Nothing will happen in school. Don't go and muddle things.”

Zhao Pengyu pointed to the door and said helplessly, "I think he is not in a good mood today."

Xia Xiang answered angrily, "Of course, today is his mother's death anniversary."

Zhao Pengyu looked shocked and said in annoyance, "Then I was just teasing him earlier… aiya, I'm so stupid! I don't know about his mother!"

When other students heard this, they also felt embarrassed. They were so happy to congratulate Gu Ye on his mother’s death anniversary. Some of them with sensitive minds felt guiltier, “Ai, this is such a big deal, and yet he still responded to us with a smile. It’s hard to tell how uncomfortable he will be.”

At this moment, Gu Ye went to the place in his calculation where the tragedy would occur and came to the forest side with a lot of stones. As soon as he got close, he heard a woman threatening, "Come back with me, you can't go to school anymore. If you don't come back, I can't promise not to tell anyone about that matter. Your father is dead anyway so I have nothing to fear."

"Really? Okay then, you go ahead and tell others." Li Jiatong's eyes fell on a sharp stone, and her eyes became brighter. She thinks she has found a way to escape all these; she is so tired. Since she can't live anymore anyway, so let's die together.

"Okay? Great!" The middle-aged woman became angry, turned around, and walked towards the office building.

Li Jiatong sneered and walked toward the stone she had seen earlier. Just as she was about to take it, a familiar voice said in disgust, "That two-legged old thing, stop right there."

Li Jiatong's pupils shrank, and her waist was about to bend down straightened stiffly. Her outstretched hand is retrieved and her fist tightly clenched.

Hearing that, the woman turned around and looked at Gu Ye who suddenly appeared with a cold expression, "Who are you?"

Gu Ye walked over expressionlessly and took Li Jiatong's wrist. Together, they walked a few steps in front of the woman. Then, Gu Ye raised his hand (together with Li Jiatong’s hand) and slapped her with a loud ‘PA’.

This slap stunned Li Jiatong, and her adoptive mother was also dumbfounded. They both looked at Gu Ye blankly, not knowing how to react.

Gu Ye said angrily, "You coward! This scumbag here, she is inhuman. So you can just slap her and be done with it!"

The woman finally reacted and said agitatedly, "I am her mother! How dare she hit me?!"

"No, you're not her mother, you're just a scumbag in human skin. Everything associated with the word ‘Mother’ has a bit of humanity, but you don't." Gu Ye looked at the other party's face and sneered, "Wasn't it because you had no children that you adopted her? Didn't you expect her to take care of you until you died? But look at you now, how do you look like a mother?"

"You're talking nonsense! Who do you think you are? I raised her..."


This time, without Gu Ye's instruction, Li Jiatong went up and slapped her adoptive mother. She was also very angry. Her eyes were red as if she was crazy. She rushed over and wanted to hit the woman again.

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