End of World Businessman

Chapter 48.1: Returning to Lan Cheng [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Wu Ye, Qin Wuhua, Peng Zijun, and Yang Li Na had already had their weapons slung across their back. Keeping their heads down, they ran towards the M-R41. Despite the inherent dislike the zombies had for rain, it still didn’t stop some zombies from scavenging for ‘food.’ As such, there were still some zombies roaming around the street. And one of those zombies, a third-level one, was able to smell their scent.

It immediately ran over and slashed open Peng Zijun’s clothes. But with a flash of white light, the initially transparent protective clothes appeared and showcased their ability, protecting the wearer with nary a scratch on its surface.

Without waiting for it to regain its senses and attack once again, a bullet aided with wind ability went through its hard skull and killed it. After that, the Craniotomy Robot rushed over and cracked the zombie’s head skillfully, digging out an orange crystal and hiding it in the isolation box Ji Yun had installed in it.

300 meters, 100 meters, 20 meters….

They were getting closer to their target. Along the way to the M-R41, there were innumerable zombies that fell around Wu Ye and the others. Fortunately, after a short one-minute and 48 seconds dash, they had finally arrived in front of M-R41.

Wu Ye immediately raised his rifle and sniped the zombies around him, preventing them from coming closer.

Meanwhile, Yang Li Na used her abilities to change the metallic parts of Zhou Sheng’s big truck that was stuck onto the M-R41. At the same time, Peng Zijun was cooperating with her, using his super strength to shove the 40-ton heavy M-R41 onto the ground and separate it from the big truck.

As the M-R41 fell onto the ground, it made a heavy sound that attracted the attention of the zombies from the other regions. Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua secretly exchanged a look before they split. Wu Ye rushed towards a corner onto the next street with guns in hand, while Qin Wuhua headed towards the M-R41. And in the place where everyone else couldn’t see, Wu Ye exchanged for a big truck with a full tank. 

He even spent an extra orange crystal to get the system to forcefully make the big truck appear older and, at the same time, disguised it to look like some classic domestic brand from this world. As such, in the end, the truck looked as if it had been exposed to the sun and rain for a very long time, what with the peeling green paint and the rust coating its exterior.

After a few minutes of delay, Wu Ye used his walkie-talkie to share the ‘good news’ with the other. “I found a big truck with its tank full in Yuxi Street. I’ll see if I can get the engine to start now.” Wu Ye said as he leapt into the driver’s seat, not forgetting to shoot at the zombies outside the vehicle.

Meanwhile, on Qin Wuhua’s side. He had successfully taken out several zombies that were loitering in the armoured vehicle. Done dispatching the zombies, he roughly checked the driver’s deck, finding a key there. He placed his finger to the keyhole and used his ability to send a weak pulse of electricity there before using the key to see if he could start the engine.

First try, second try… Finally, on the fifth try, the armoured car finally started up with a heavy rumble. Soon after, the car’s dashboard display and the light lit up, showing that it was not damaged to the point it wouldn’t work.

When Qian Xin saw Qin Wuhua continuously flashing the headlight at him, he immediately understood what Qin Wuhua wanted. So, without further ado, he ordered everyone to move to the underground parking lot beside the condominium they used. Then, after tossing a few flash bombs in, he led everyone to quickly clear out the zombies found there and waited.

M-R41 was indisputably the best armoured vehicle in this world. After successfully starting it up, Qin Wuhua was able to take control of it and drive smoothly regardless of the terrain and obstacles — since it simply drove over everything. It was simply the king in the jungle. Not even the crazily attacking zombies were able to leave even the faintest scratch on the special alloy that made up its exterior. 

Thus, with the over forty ton beast of a vehicle, Qin Wuhua was able to arrogantly drive down the zombie-filled street without repercussion. Especially since all the zombies on the street were the one turning into a smelly, flat meat-pancakes under its tracks.

At this time, Wu Ye used the walkie-talkie and informed everyone of another good news — he was able to start up the big truck, securing their tool to return to the Lan Cheng Base.

Everyone got more excited at the news Wu Ye gave them and became even fiercer in response. As a result, more than ten assault rifles and heavy machine guns were fired at the same time, creating a small wave of metallic frenzy. Thus, under people’s enthusiasm and ammunition, the zombies leaping towards their direction turned into sieves within seconds.

As such, the zombies within the underground parking lot were almost completely decimated by the time the sound of the armoured vehicle rumbling became closer and closer. Fortunately, before an even bigger wave of zombies could amass on the streets outside, the armoured vehicle had already entered the underground parking lot.

Instantaneously, Gao Jingshu and Xu Dan began to work together to turn the metal from the abandoned old cars nearby into two huge, thick metal doors. And once Yang Li Na came out, she also helped perfect it by sealing them together seamlessly, completely enclosing the underground parking lot.

However, more and more zombies were gathering outside the parking lot, forcing Qian Xin and the rest to toss out twenty to thirty grenades to clear the road forcefully. A bloody one. And when they finally entered the condominium, feeling more scared than hurt, Wu Ye was finally seen driving the big truck down the street.

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