End of World Businessman

Chapter 48.2: Return to Lan Cheng [2]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

He was wearing protective clothing; thus, Wu Ye was not afraid of the low-level zombies scratching and biting at him. So, he was able to decide when to fight and when to retreat without losing his cool. Finally, under the cover of others, he managed to successfully enter the condominium as well.

Despite the fact that everyone was being very careful, four people were still scratched to a different degree. Therefore, Wu Ye exchanged for another two vaccines and handed them to Li Yuan along with the remaining two vaccines from the last time, letting him handle the injection while ordering the able-bodied one to mix the zombie repellent up.

After mixing the low-level and the mid-level zombie repellent, the group sprayed it out, causing the restless zombies to quickly lose their targets. So, after wandering around below the condominium for more than an hour, they slowly dissipated.

When lunch time was over, they noticed that the pouring rain had turned into a drizzle in spite of the overcast sky. Furthermore, they saw that there were only a hundred or so zombies that were wandering around on the whole Cao Nan Street.

By this time, Wu Ye had already had everyone packed up what they planned to bring back, telling them to pile them up at the safety exit in the basement. He had also exchanged for ten bottles of intermediate zombie repellents earlier. As such, after Yang Li Na opened the metal door using her ability, everyone was already lining up with their huge packs. 

Then, in an organized manner, they passed the items from the back all the way to the front. Quick and efficient. Ji Yun and Bao Jianping, standing on either side of the line, were spraying the zombie repellent left and right as if it was worth nothing as they tried their best to use the repellent to cover up the smell of living people.

Despite all efforts, the low-level zombies on the streets outside still faintly catch their scent. As such, they were slowly crowding towards the condominium. And when they realized that the scent grew thicker the closer they got to the place, they went from walking slowly to a jog then to running as fast as they could. All the while, they were howling excitedly. Hearing the excited howl, the zombies in the other areas paused for a brief moment, as if they were receiving some sort of a signal before they began to move as well.

This process took about five minutes. Thus, when the zombies that first caught their scent arrived, Wu Ye and the others had already loaded more than half of the truck. Seeing the fast-approaching zombies, Yang Li Na immediately closed the safe passage in the condominium while Yang Qi and the others opened fire as they got onto the big truck, shooting at the zombies. Finally, with the aid of grenades and bullets they killed their way out of Cao Nan Street and left the county through the nameless alley they had arrived from, successfully getting out of Qing Min County safe and sound.

The moment the car drove out of the county, everyone turned around to look at the wave of zombies following them closely. And they looked at the small county behind the wave of zombies that was shrouded by the smoke-like light rain. They were filled with mixed emotions, like the past five days were a ridiculous dream and they were finally awake now.

Still, they knew everything they experienced was the reality. As such, every single one of them on the truck couldn’t help their thoughts.

What would the current Lan Cheng Base be like now? 

Outside of their expectation, Lan Cheng Base was presently at the lowest point it had ever been since its conception.

There were many reasons for its current atmosphere and state. And a small portion of it was because of the fact that Zhou Sheng’s team had been wiped up. Moreover, as far as they knew, Wu Ye’s team had also ‘died’ or at the very least close to it.

Only Xu Yan and Chen Baoguan’s team managed to return to the base. However, it was not without its price. Out of a total of two hundred people following them to Qing Min, only thirty people were able to return. And they were only able to do so after experiencing a journey so treacherous that nine people out of ten couldn’t survive it.

Therefore when the news came to the base, the atmosphere turned heavy and stifling. After all, Lan Cheng Base only had four people whose abilities had reached third-level. Thus, with Zhou Sheng dead and Qin Wuhua’s status unknown, two out of the four people were gone.

So, despite the fact that the four most powerful hunting teams outside the five main forces in Lan Cheng had received an almost fatal blow, it did not make the upper-echelons of Lan Cheng Base very happy. Not in the slightest. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

Because the returning team brought with them the news of the giant zombie. Receiving such information had cast a scary shadow over their hearts. After all, it was only recently that humanity found out about the ‘new’ zombies, which had been classified as level three zombie. And the zombies of that level had already caused a terrifying wave of millions of zombies surging that the base was hard-pressed to win against. If a group of giant zombies that could control level one, level two, and level three zombies appeared, could they still keep Lan Cheng Base intact?

Thus, at the moment, the only thing they felt was worth being glad about was the fact that the giant zombie had been trapped in Qing Min County. Still… How long could the small county trapped it?

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