End of World Businessman

Chapter 47.3: The Second Young Master's Inner Conflict [3]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Still, exchanging with the system was one thing; making a truck appear out of thin air was another thing. Wu Ye was not about to do that. Everyone was suspicious that he had a space-related ability since he had been supplying repellents and bullets unceasingly. However, how could he explain it to others if he just pulled a big truck out of thin air?

Then again, no one would believe him if he said he had no space-related ability. But if he said he did have one, what was he to do if they asked him to store stuff for them using said ability? Although he had basically cleared their loyalty, Wu Ye was of the mind that being careful would allow a ship to sail for ten thousand years. As such, he wasn’t quite willing to expose the system’s existence in front of the others too much.

Of course, there were still other methods to make the truck appear in front of the other without incurring their suspicion. He could also exchange for the gasoline with the system since his ‘wallet’ was very full at the moment. He could afford these small changes.

None of these were problems per se. What was really making him conflicted was that M-R41 armored car. He was not sure if it could still be driven. And if it could be driven, he needed to figure out where to hide it.

Furthermore, the M-R41 crashed and got stuck in Fatty Zhou’s big truck. It was impossible to get it off with just ordinary people’s strength. Even if they could, they were also about 600 meters away from the M-R41 — so how would they reach it successfully without alerting too many zombies?

At that moment, the system piped up and told Wu Ye that if there were no intermediate-level and above zombies, or in other words level four zombies and above, then it was possible to confuse most low-level zombies using the intermediate zombie repellent. That way, as long as they did not make too much commotion… as long as they did not alert the zombies in the other areas, then it wouldn’t be too troublesome for them to cross the 600 meters distance successfully.

Hearing that, Wu Ye finally decided to try. However, to be on the safe side, Wu Ye used 30,000 points and 300 orange crystals to exchange for three low-level protective clothing with the system. He then distributed them to Qin Wuhua, Yang Li Na, and Peng Zijun since only four of them were going to try to retrieve the M-R41. The others’ task was to spray the intermediate zombie repellent and stay at the back while using silenced guns to help the main group keep the zombies occupied.

After coming up with the overall plan in his mind, Wu Ye did not immediately go ahead and tell everyone. First, he went to Qin Wuhua and discussed with him the fine details of their operation. It was only once that was done did Wu Ye go ahead and informed everyone else in the group.

However, what everyone focused on was not the plan itself. Instead, they focused on the low-level protective clothing Wu Ye mentioned and its defensive capability. And they felt envious, not knowing how much it had pained Wu Ye to get them. Still, due to the existence of protective clothing, everyone else became more sure of following Wu Ye. Moreover, it also increased the mysterious aura surrounding Wu Ye in everyone’s eyes.

By the morning of the fifth day, the rain had poured for three days straight. And the weather didn’t seem ready to take a turn for the better. It was not only humans who disliked the weather. The zombies also didn’t like the rainy weather as well. Since the sound of the falling rain was disruptive to their hearing, the rain would also wash away the scent of their ‘food.’ Thus making the zombies hate the rain even more.

As such, after a restless night, the hungry zombies could only hide inside the quieter houses since the rain showed no sign of stopping. Thus, there were exceptionally few zombies on the silent street.

“Let’s go!” Once he heard Wu Ye’s command, Gao Jingshu immediately used his ability to open the seamless big metal doors on the ground floor, letting everyone out. Each and every person was ready with their bodies reeking the thick stink of zombie repellents. They held their respective silenced weapons and headed out into the pouring rain.

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