Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 47 Ghost Doll (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 47 Walking out on its own Part 2

During dinner, Gu Ye surprisingly didn't talk much. In the past, when they were together, Gu Ye would be talking and Yu Ze will be listening. For Gu Ye suddenly became uncharacteristically silent, Yu Ze sensitively sensed something was wrong, "What's wrong with you?"

Gu Ye smiled awkwardly, "It's okay, I'm just a little tired."

"Go back and rest after dinner."

"En, since you came over from so far, do you want to drop by and visit my house?


Hearing that made Gu Ye fall into silence. He didn't expect Yu Ze to agree right away, but on the other hand, it didn’t sound right if he didn't invite him to go to his home and sit down (after the other party drove all the way to have dinner with him).

After eating, Gu Ye took Yu Ze to his home. Before entering, he told the other party solemnly, "My house is not as clean as yours. You really won't disdain it, right?"

Yu Ze smiled, "I won’t."

"Then, please come in." Gu Ye opened the door. The living room was actually not dirty, and everything was placed in an orderly manner. However, he had used all the things, and the atmosphere of life was relatively heavy. It wasn’t like Yu Ze’s home where the atmosphere is so clean that it gives you chills.

Yu Ze looked around and said seriously, "It's much cleaner than expected."

Gu Ye turned his head and glared at the other party in dissatisfaction, "What image do I have in your mind?"

Yu Ze chuckled lightly and did not reply.

Gu Ye smiled and said, “I was considering living outside for convenience, but I didn’t expect that my dad would buy me such a big house. This is the study room. I have also hung your calligraphy and painting in the study room. They are so cool! "

Yu Ze's face showed a bit of disgust and he didn't want to look (at his art).

Gu Ye was amused by the other person's expression, "By the way, since you're already here, write another one for me."

Yu Ze took a step back, obviously refusing, not even wanting to enter Gu Ye's study.

"Don't be so stingy! I'm not going to sell it for money." Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and already had a plan in mind. He took Yu Ze's arm and dragged him in without any explanation. He took out a roll of white paper from the bookshelf and laid it properly on the table, "Brush, ink, paper, and inkstone are ready for you."

Yu Ze did not take over the brush, but first asked, "What do you want me to write?"

Gu Ye put the brush into Yu Ze's hand with a smile, "Write ‘Gu Ye is the head of the family. Don’t talk and listen to Gu Ye!’"

Yu Ze's expression froze and he put down the brush, "Is it necessary to write this?"

“You don’t have to mind that, just write me one."

Yu Ze still had an air of rejection all over his body.

"Write it, please, your handwriting is beautiful!" Gu Ye’s mouth keeps shooting flatteries like it’s free, "My writing is weak, like a dog pawing at it. Please teach me how to write!"

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye holding the brush himself and put his own hand in front of his eyes. He hesitated for a moment, but couldn't hold it back and grabbed Gu Ye's hand. Gu Ye raised the corner of his mouth, narrowed his eyes, and urged, "You teach me to write, just a few words. After I finish writing, I will cook for you next time. My cooking is super delicious."

Yu Ze lowered his head slightly, looking at Gu Ye's thin back almost leaning against his chest. At this moment, Gu Ye's raised face was so close that Yu Ze could kiss the smiling lips as long as he lowered his head. Yu Ze's eyes darkened, and he held Gu Ye's hand with a sullen face. He held the table with his left hand, almost half-circling Gu Ye in his arms, and wrote a line following Gu Ye's request: [Gu Ye is the head of the family, listen to Gu Ye.]

After finishing writing, Yu Ze read it himself and couldn't help but twitch at the corner of his mouth.

Gu Ye happily laughed out and said, "Well written but it also needs to be signed. Write your name quickly."

Yu Ze let go of his hand. His instinct told him that he could not continue and write down his name.

Gu Ye tsk-ed and said, "One has to finish what they started. How could President Yu give up halfway?" Saying that, Gu Ye grabbed Yu Ze's hand with one hand and quickly picked up the ink pad with the other hand. He dipped it on Yu Ze's finger and then pressed it firmly on the white paper with both hands.

Yu Ze's fingers trembled. Looking at his red fingerprint, the corner of his mouth twitched again.

Looking at the white paper with black characters and a red fingerprint, Gu Ye picked the paper up and blew it. His eyes were curved with a smile, and he praised sincerely, “President Yu, what a great calligraphy, I want to frame it and hang it on the wall. In the future, if I can find that destined person, I will ask him to recite it silently a thousand times when he is disobedient."

Yu Ze subconsciously tugged on his collar, suddenly feeling that the collar was uncomfortably tight.

Gu Ye observed Yu Ze's expression calmly. Restrained his smile, he put away the calligraphy, locked the drawer, and said with a wicked smile, "This is a treasure, can’t lose it."

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye acting like a little fox hiding a chicken leg, and shook his head helplessly. Finally, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. His big hand fell on Gu Ye's head, and he rubbed it lovingly, "As long as you are happy."

The smile on Gu Ye's face stilled. Feeling the temperature on the top of his head and the pampering that could not be ignored in the gentle movements, Gu Ye's heart throbbed for no reason. He looked back at the person behind him, looked into his eyes, and couldn't help but curve up the corners of his mouth: Darn it! He is so good-looking!

The two chatted for a while. Just after 9.00 pm, Gu Ye urged Yu Ze to leave, "It would be 11.00 pm when you reach home. It's too late and you won’t have enough rest. Then, how will you go to work tomorrow? Go, go."

The first time a friend came to his house and Gu Ye actually pushed him out, sending him away. Gu Ye felt that no one did that but him, but he had no choice but to worry if it was too late.

Yu Ze looked at the time with a cold face and felt helpless.

After going downstairs, the two of them stood under the street lamp. Yu Ze hesitated to speak, "You..."


Yu Ze sighed, "Graduate quickly." After saying that, he got in the car with a cold face and drove away.

Gu Ye rolled his eyes, isn't this nonsense? Who wants to go to college again? He has a big ocean in his heart and has long wanted to go out and raise a wave (have fun)!

After Yu Ze drove away, Ghost General flew to Gu Ye's side in the blink of an eye, "What do you want me to do?"

Gu Ye watched Yu Ze's car disappear into the darkness and nodded, "Come back with me to get something."

After returning home, Gu Ye took out a box from the shelf, opened it, and pulled out a string of little people, strung together like grasshoppers skewer. There were probably more than 30 of them. A sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth. "I have already prepared those ghost servants I told you about last time. I will burn them for you now and you can sell them."

Ghost General saw that every little paper human contained an incomplete soul, struggling desperately. He nodded, "I understand."

Gu Ye picked up the bunch of little figures, held them with two fingers, and placed them over the brazier. Looking at the frightened expressions of the souls inside, he curved up the corners of his mouth, smiled lightly, and loosened his fingers, "Doing something evil like that, how can I still let you guys reincarnate? After a while, I will send you guys another companion."

Gu Ye took out another little person from the box. It looked like the doll maker boss. Gu Ye said regretfully, "It's a pity that it will take a few months before he is sentenced."

After the string of paper people was burned, the Ghost General carried a rope and led away these ghost servants who could not resist being tied up like grasshoppers skewers. From a distance, they really looked like a string of slaves and their sellers.

The next morning, as soon as Gu Ye arrived at school, he heard someone gossiping, "Did you hear that a major child abduction case was solved? 26 people were shot yesterday! Several others got suspended sentences. These people are so cruel, more than 30 children were killed!"

"This case has been investigated secretly, and it was not announced to the public until the verdict. It has sounded the alarm to the world. This time it is loud enough."

"They deserve it! See who will still dare abduct women and children!"

Gu Ye stood aside, listening to the classmates' discussion, and calmly turned a page of the book.

At this time Xia Xiang came looking for Gu Ye, "Do you want to join the calligraphy club with me? Zhao Pengyu went to play basketball again. What are you doing sitting here alone? The teacher asked you to be the class monitor, but you don’t want it. Then, asking you to be a club’s secretary but you also don’t want it. Do you do nothing but study all day long?"

Gu Ye yawned and said lazily. "I'm too tired to move."

"Practicing calligraphy is not tiring, let's go together." Xia Xiang pulled Gu Ye up, "You have to communicate more with humans."

Hearing that remark, Gu Ye was amused. It is as if saying he likes dealing with ghosts more.

As soon as they arrived at the door of the calligraphy club, Gu Ye's cell phone rang. He took out his cell phone and saw that it was from Mu Jingfei.

"Hello? Sister Mu, what do you want from me?"

The moment Gu Ye answered the question, the caller said anxiously, "Gu Ye! The doll you sent over has left on its own!"

"Ah?" Gu Ye was confused, "Left on its own?" Gu Ye got amused and asked, "Did she take a taxi? But I didn't leave any pocket money for her."

"I'm not kidding you!" Mu Jingfei said seriously, "I checked the surveillance. She simply stood up and walked out. I downloaded the video and sent it to you on WeChat. You can take a look."

The other party hung up the phone, and Gu Ye stopped playing around. He clicked on WeChat, and his expression turned cold.

The human-skin doll he bought jumped off the table full of evidence, raised her head, and stared at the camera. Then she raised her bright red mouth in a strange arc. After that, she raised her small legs and walked out of the door.

"For real, the doll left by itself..." Gu Ye sent a message to Mu Jingfei with a serious face: [Don't worry, I will check where she went tonight.]

At this moment, in Gu Ye's home, a human-skin doll that is already full of resentment, sat quietly on Gu Ye's bed, looking at the door motionlessly.

The author has something to say:
Don’t be afraid if you have dolls at home. Human skin is different from resin. What’s there to be afraid of? Come on, come and sleep with me together!

Later, Gu Ye slapped the table: “I am the head of the family, and I’m asking to sleep in separate beds! Did you not write this? Is it your fingerprint, right? Do you not admit it?”

Yu Ze:▼_▼

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