Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 48 Ghost Doll (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 48 I want them all to die Part 1

At around 10.00 pm, Gu Ye finished his evening self-study and wandered for more than 10 minutes before returning home. His residence is not far from the school, but the school is so big that he has to use his legs to go everywhere, which wastes a lot of time. After entering the community area of his residence, Gu Ye opened the online mall and bought a bicycle, which the store is in the same city. So, even if he bought it tonight, the bicycle will be delivered to him tomorrow.

When he arrived at the door of his apartment, Gu Ye raised his hand and entered the password at the lock. Just as he was about to push the door open, he felt a sense of resentment and a small ghostly energy in his home. This energy is very strange. If it is a ghost with resentment, the qi must be filled with evil qi, but Gu Ye did not feel a trace of evil qi in it. He took out a piece of talisman paper from his pocket, hid it behind his back between his two fingers, and slowly opened the door with his other hand.

After coming in, Gu Ye felt that there was a lot of resentment aura in this room and they were very complicated. It made Gu Ye feel amused. Could it be that many kiddos regarded his house as a gathering place, meeting each other to hang around in the middle of the night? But this single strand of resentment is not enough to support a kid's survival in the mortal plane.

At this moment, Gu Ye was sensitively aware of a pair of eyes staring at him from the crack of the bedroom door. Gu Ye lowered his head and saw a pair of big round eyes, like a pair of cat eyes, emitting a strange light in the darkness.

Gu Ye tsk-ed and walked over slowly without turning on the light. He asked with interest, "Let me see, which little cutie is hiding there?"

The bedroom door opened slowly by itself. Amidst the aura of resentment, a small figure moved out from behind the door. It tilted its head and secretly looked at Gu Ye.

After Gu Ye saw who it was, his eyes widened in surprise, "Why is it you?"

The doll stood motionless at the door as if it was lifeless and unresponsive.

Gu Ye walked over, squatted down, and checked the aura of the doll. He became more and more confused. This human skin doll was like a bottomless pit, absorbing all kinds of resentment. Unfortunately, it didn't know how to contain the aura inside its body. Some of it leaked out of its body and surrounded it, making the whole room full of resentment.

"You're just like a little fish blowing bubbles, sucking it in and spitting it out."

Gu Ye realized that the doll had no ill intentions and put away the lethal spell in his hand. Then, he took out a talisman, helped the doll absorb all the resentment in the room into her body, and turned on the light.

At this moment, Gu Ye was finally able to see the child clearly. After absorbing the resentment, the doll's skin color became more human-like than before, and its eyes were no longer so ethereal. The pupils were slightly darker and looked a bit strange in human eyes.

"Can you speak?" Gu Ye asked, but the doll remained silent. It stared at Gu Ye closely as if trying to read his fortune.

"Tsk, is a little mute." Gu Ye stood up and wanted to get a bottle of drink. As soon as he turned around, his calf was hugged. Gu Ye lowered his head and saw the doll hugging his legs tightly, looking up at him. Gu Ye couldn't figure out what the child was thinking. However, he has determined that this little thing has developed spiritual consciousness. It has its own thoughts, not a resentful spirit, nor is it possessed by an evil spirit.

Gu Ye hesitated for a moment before bending down to pick it up and went to get a drink from the refrigerator. On the sofa, the adult and the kid stared at each other. The doll seemed lifeless, sitting there motionless. Gu Ye poked it with a finger, "What's your name? Why did you come to me?"

The doll slowly raised its head and squeezed out the word in its throat, "Papa."

The childish voice sounded like a 2 or 3-year-old child. Gu Ye was stunned, unable to laugh or cry, "That’s why you came to me?"

Only then did Gu Ye remember that the trace of ghost energy left in his hand was after pinching the child's face. At that time, the doll might have had spiritual awareness and remembered what he said.

"Okay, my little princess, this is probably fate." Gu Ye picked up the doll, sat on his lap, and called Mu Jingfei on his mobile phone, "Sister Mu, she wasn’t lost. She came to see me."

The person on the other end of the phone took a deep breath and didn't say a word for more than 10 seconds.

Gu Ye smiled and said, "That’s right, she came to me on her own and thought I was her father."

Mu Jingfei: "...Wait a minute, let me wash my face. I need to take a moment."

Gu Ye waited for a while and dialed for a video call. The other party hesitated for a long time before accepting the call. Gu Ye pointed the camera at the puppet on his lap and said, "Daughter, look here."

The puppet raised her head obediently, revealing a beautiful little face. Her bright red mouth curled up, and she actually smiled!

The person on the other end of the call screamed, and the call was hung up within a second.

"Eh?" Gu Ye muttered in dissatisfaction, "We were talking here, why did you hang up the phone suddenly?"

Gu Ye helplessly sent a message to Mu Jingfei: [Sister Mu? She has no intention of harming others, and she is not a ghost, but a spirit formed by absorbing a lot of resentment. She is very well-behaved. If you need her to testify someday, I will send her back, and then I will pick her up again.]

Mu Jingfei: [No need! The rest of those dolls are enough as evidence, don't send her back here!]

Feeling dissatisfied, Gu Ye replied: [Rejecting her so quickly? Isn’t my daughter pretty?]

Mu Jingfei: [Pretty! You really don’t need to send her back, thank you!]

Gu Ye: [Well, if you still need evidence, we will work hard to cooperate and firmly support your work.]

Mu Jingfei: [Thank you for your cooperation!]

For some reason, Gu Ye had an inexplicable feeling that the other party typed the thank you with gritted teeth. He’s probably overthinking it.

Looking at the puppet on his legs, she is still staring at him. Gu Ye looked at her for a while. This appearance, tsk tsk, is so eye-catching! He took a tissue from the table, wiped her red leather shoes clean, and then carried her to the study, "From now on, your name will be Ling Ling and this space on the shelf will be yours. From now on, when someone comes to the house, you’ll sit here and pretend to be a real doll, can you do it?"

Ling Ling moved from Gu Ye's arms to the bookshelf and sat down facing outward. She looks at Gu Ye quietly, like an ordinary doll, proving with action: I can do it!

"You're so obedient!" Gu Ye touched her head happily and called Hong Dou out. "Her IQ is only 2 or 3 years old, and she doesn't understand anything. I'll rely on you to teach her from now on. Well then, I'll take a shower and go to sleep."

A good spirit can not only wash, cook, run errands, and clean, but also help its owner take care of the children.

Late at night, after Gu Ye fell asleep, the little doll jumped down from the bookshelf and flew to Gu Ye's bedside. She stood beside Gu Ye's pillow and quietly looked at Gu Ye's sleeping face. After standing for a while, she lay on the bed beside Gu Ye's pillow. There was no movement after that.

Hong Dou floated over and carried her back to the shelf. Within a few minutes, the little doll flew over again and lay beside Gu Ye's pillow. With a light kick, she remained motionless. Hong Dou moved her dozens of times throughout the night, until it was almost dawn. Then she stood up by herself, climbed to the bookshelf, and sat down.

Hong Dou: "..."

After Gu Ye woke up, he noticed the ghostly aura left on the pillow. Amused, he looked at the doll on the bookshelf with a smile. The more he looked at her, the cuter she became.

Hong Dou prepared breakfast and brought it to the dining table. After that, she turned into a wisp of red smoke and got into the beads on Gu Ye's wrist. Gu Ye chuckled and said, "Thank you for your hard work. Are you still going to attend the class with me?"

The red light flashed on the beads, and Gu Ye understood, "Okay, let's go together. My daughter, you can watch TV at home."

After Gu Ye left, the little doll jumped down from the bookshelf. She saw a small box at the bottom of the bookshelf that was as high as herself. It was rectangular and closed, much like a coffin. She inexplicably liked this shape, so she opened the lid and climbed in. When she lay down, she was poked by something.

The little doll sat up straight, picked up the thing, and stared at it for 2 minutes. Suddenly, the resentment on her body burst out uncontrollably, and her brown eyes were tinged with the color of blood. She threw the paper figure that looked like the dollmaker boss on the ground. The little leather shoes stepped on it hard, violently trampling the three-dimensional paper man into pieces of paper.

When Gu Ye came back from school in the evening, he heard some noise in the kitchen. Gu Ye hurried over and saw a little figure standing on the stove and the water in the pot was boiling. The little figure was holding a chopstick in her hand and was poking something in the water.

Sensing a ghostly energy coming from inside the pot, Gu Ye went over and took a look worriedly. There is a little paper man in the pot who has been trampled and is struggling and splashing in the water. As soon as the paper man wanted to crawl out, Ling Ling would use the chopstick and poke it down.

There are 2 hun (soul) and 3 po (soul) sealed in the paper man's body, which proves that the person is not dead yet in reality, but the person’s senses are all in this little paper's body and can really feel everything the paper figure is experiencing here.

Ling Ling is actually boiling a living person in the water?!

Gu Ye ran over anxiously, "Ling Ling, where did you catch this person?!"

The puppet turned her face innocently to Gu Ye, not understanding why she was being scolded. The little man in the water took the opportunity to climb to the edge of the pot. Ling Ling turned around and poked the paper man down with a chopstick. The paper man struggled desperately. His soul is being boiled alive, and he is experiencing a torment more terrible than death.

Gu Ye hugged Ling Ling in his arms and rescued the paper man from the pot. After that, he pulled out the soul, took a look, and paused. The next moment, he stuffed the soul back into the paper man with an expressionless expression.

Gu Ye's face softened and he asked gently, "Ling Ling, do you hate him very much?"

The puppet nodded obediently and picked up the paper man. She grabbed the head with one hand, and the legs with the other. With a pull, Gu Ye heard the scream from the soul being torn apart. Gu Ye frowned and was sure that the doll had absorbed a lot of the dead girl's resentment and inherited her hatred. That why’s Ling Ling resentfully retaliated against the doll maker boss but didn't know why she hated him.

Ling Ling balled up the soul and squeezed it a few more times. She looked at the soaked paper man and looked at Gu Ye pitifully, "It's broken."

Gu Ye laughed and carried Ling Ling to the study, "Okay, I will make a few more for you. Paper cannot touch water. Even if it is covered with spiritual energy, it cannot be played like this. Next time, try another way."

Upon hearing this, the soul struggled like crazy and looked at Gu Ye resentfully. However, the resentment rising up in his body was immediately absorbed by Ling Ling, and it was hung powerlessly in the palm of Ling Ling's hand, and it didn't even have the strength to struggle.

Gu Ye sneered, "That’s karma, who can he blame? But Ling Ling, you can only play with him. You can't touch other people's souls without my permission. Keep that in mind."

The little puppet nodded obediently and sat on the desk while watching Gu Ye making paper figures seriously. When Gu Ye finished one, she picked up the paper, followed Gu Ye's example, and folded a paper figure exactly like the one Gu Ye made.

Gu Ye praised in surprise, "You are so smart! I will teach you this kind of task in the future. Can you help Papa fold a hundred of these at home tomorrow?"

The doll clapped her hands happily, took the paper, and started folding it. At this moment, Gu Ye's phone vibrated. He gave all the paper to Ling Ling, clicked on the phone, and saw that it was from Mu Jingfei: [That doll maker boss went crazy. He keeps saying that the doll he made came to life. The doll you are keeping is too evil, so you should give it away.]

Gu Ye looked at the soul which Ling Ling tied up with resentment and stuffed into the paper figure. He replied: [It was probably retribution. He was like this because he had done too many bad things. I don't do bad things, so I'm not afraid.]

The next day, Gu Ye was riding his bicycle to school. Zhao Pengyu saw him and hijacked the bicycle, leaving without giving the key to Gu Ye. During lunch, Zhao Pengyu rode the bicycle out happily and asked Gu Ye, "Are you going to sit behind me or in the basket?"

Hearing that, Gu Ye was shocked by Zhao Pengyu’s shamelessness. He really wanted to pick up a pebble in the flower bed and hit him on the back of the head!

Xia Xiang ran a few steps to catch up with Gu Ye and whispered, "Gu Ye, I heard that there is a strange website that can help people realize their wishes. Only those who are destined can access it."

Gu Ye was surprised by the info and said, "So magical? Do you want to wish if you can grow 10 centimeters taller?"

Xia Xiang glared at Gu Ye and replied with a dissatisfied tone, "I don't need it, the essence lies in the concentrated one!"

Zhao Pengyu turned back from the bicycle and said, "I need it. I think I'm too short, especially when playing basketball, I can't even touch the basket with my hands."

Xia Xiang grabbed Zhao Pengyu’s neck angrily, "Shut your mouth! Otherwise, I will strangle you to death!"

Zhao Pengyu was stunned, "You are too scary. You were clearly not like this before. You have learned bad things from Gu Ye!"

Gu Ye rebutted in disgust, "Bah! I am a pacifist and never hit anyone."

"Tui!" Xia Xiang unceremoniously spat at Zhao Pengyu's face. A short man's resentment towards his height was a bottom line that could not be touched by anyone!

Zhao Pengyu wiped the spit from his face, his face almost deformed with anger, "You two are too cruel!"

"Hehe!" Xia Xiang sneered, with murderous intent on his baby face, "Who told you to laugh at me for being short!"

Zhao Pengyu couldn't laugh or cry, "It's just a joke."

At this moment, Xia Xiang received a call. He gave Zhao Pengyu a hard look before answering the call, "Hello? You are here already? En, okay, I'll be out right away."

Xia Xiang pushed Zhao Pengyu out of the bicycle. "Go down, I've requisitioned this bicycle. I'm going out to eat now, are you guys joining me?"

Zhao Pengyu really wanted to ask with your legs are so short, can you reach the pedals? But thinking about it, Xia Xiang might hit him to death with the bicycle. So he endured it and asked curiously, "Who are you eating with?"

Gu Ye raised the corners of his mouth, "Your brother?"

Xia Xiang rolled his eyes and immediately smiled, looking very happy, "En, my brother is here to deliver something to me. I will take him to have some food in the store at the school entrance before leaving."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "We won't join you so go quickly. Don't delay class in the afternoon."

Xia Xiang rode the bicycle and left happily. Gu Ye couldn't help but wonder, is this bicycle really his? Why is he having the illusion that they 3 brothers saved the money to buy the bicycle together?

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