Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 47 Ghost Doll (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 47 Walking out on its own Part 1

Gu Ye put the 3 dolls on the table and said seriously, "I dreamed of a young lady last night. She said she was killed and made into a doll, and her bones are still in the basement. Today I went to the place the lady mentioned, and unexpectedly found the doll she mentioned.”

The new little policeman looked at Gu Ye with helpless eyes and even wanted to laugh. He is just a moment away from saying, ‘Sure, just keep teasing me.’

Seeing that the other party didn't believe it, Gu Ye pulled apart the doll's belly open again. He took out a human finger bone from inside, and handed it to the policeman with an expressionless face, "It must be human, right?"

The policeman at the reception counter changed his expression instantly and he stopped joking, "These are human bones."

Gu Ye pointed at each doll with an innocent face and said, "The young lady said, these are her eyes, this is her bone, and this is her skin. Also, there are several of her dolls have been sold."

The little policeman's expression changed, and he hurried into the office with these things. After a while, two people followed him out. When they saw Gu Ye, their expressions were thoughtful, "It's you again."

Gu Ye smiled slightly and said obediently, "Yes, it's me again."

These two people were the captain and the female deputy in charge of the child abduction case, and the person speaking was the big sister policewoman that Gu Ye had been talking about. The little policeman had already explained the matter here clearly to the 2 people in charge.

Gu Ye pointed at the dolls and identified them one by one, "This doll was bought by a noodle shop owner. His house was haunted, so I went to collect the doll." This kind of thing can be found out with just one search. Gu Ye didn't hide it, but he didn't go into details. "I had a dream after I took it back, it’s the victim who entrusted me with the dream."

Gu Ye said it seriously, and his face was so well-behaved that there was no hint of lying. However, this reason was really unbelievable. The 2 captains looked at each other. The policewoman collected all 3 dolls and told the young policeman with a solemn face, "Take them now to check the material."

Not long after, the forensic doctor sent over the examination results. The results surprised everyone. They were indeed organs from the same person.

Gu Ye pushed Wang Dadan forward, "When I was buying this doll, he recorded a video. The boss himself said that he made it himself. You can watch it."

"Not bad, young man, you still know how to leave evidence." The captain patted Gu Ye's shoulder and said encouragingly, "You are very smart, as expected from the top student at Capital University, but you should not do such dangerous things in the future. As for this case, leave it to us and we will handle it."

Gu Ye looked at the doll reluctantly, "I spent 180,000 yuan on this doll. This is the invoice. If it is kept as evidence, please urge the doll maker boss to refund my money. If the money cannot be refunded, can you return my ‘daughter’ to me? I want to raise her."

Hearing the amount, the captain was shocked. Gu Ye bought a doll for 180,000 yuan. Are all the children these days crazy? However, he still has to tell Gu Ye, "I shouldn't be able to return it to you. This will be stored as evidence."

Gu Ye was heartbroken, "Then you must refund me back."

The female policewoman interjected, "That's not necessarily the case. There is the skin of the deceased on the doll, which is part of the body of the deceased. According to regulations, we have to return it to the family members." The policewoman added sternly, "This girl has been missing for so long and no one has reported her. Maybe she has no relatives. I will fight for you and return this doll to you." At this point, the policewoman smiled and advised, "But it’s human skin, you really shouldn’t take her back."

"Okay, just try your best. Solving the case is important." Gu Ye pinched the doll's face with a smile. This child was so beautiful that he really wanted to take her back and raise her. Unfortunately, the most important thing at the moment is to give justice to the deceased.

After all the evidence are taken away, the policewoman personally sent Gu Ye and Wang Dadan out of the police station and asked tentatively, "Gu Ye, how do you know the victim is in the basement?"

Gu Ye smiled slightly, "The young lady gave me a dream. It's in the basement of that store. That store was originally a hospital, and the basement was converted into a warehouse. You can go and investigate. You will definitely find criminal evidence."

The policewoman stared at Gu Ye's eyes with a pair of almond eyes, as if to find out if he was lying.

Gu Ye smiled helplessly, "Big sister, do you think I am related to the murderer?"

The policewoman shook her head.

"Then you can just go ahead and give justice to the deceased. As for the role I played in it, is it important?" Gu Ye said with a smile, "The reason why I took a taxi and drove through half of the imperial capital to come to you is because I believe that your justice is the same as my justice.”

The policewoman finally showed a smile, took out a notepad from her pocket, and wrote down a phone number, "My name is Mu Jingfei. You found those children and this poor girl. I think you will discover more darkness buried underground in the future. From now on, you can go look for those scumbags, and we will be responsible for bringing justice to the people. If you have any matters, you can call me directly."

Gu Ye took the note and said with a smile, "Sister Mu is a smart person, please keep in contact in the future."

Able to see through things and not say them out loud, Mu Jingfei is definitely a smart person. She doesn't stick to trivial matters, knows how to adapt, is soft on the outside but strong on the inside, and can carry out justice to the end. Gu Ye has already seen from her facial features that this sister has an unlimited future. It is much more comfortable to cooperate with her than with the Xuanshu Association, those fools who claimed to be righteous. The most important thing is that the things he did are justified in the name of law.

"Also, if you find other dolls, please rub this lucky pouch on the doll's body. This thing can make the soul rest in peace." Gu Ye handed a red lucky pouch to Mu Jingfei and stopped a taxi. Once inside the car, he waved his hand and left.

Mu Jingfei took a look at the lucky pouch with complicated eyes and put it directly into her pocket without opening it.

After leaving the police station, Wang Dadan breathed a long sigh of relief, "It was so exhilarating! It scared me to death!"

Gu Ye looked at his fingers. He didn't know when and where there was a hint of ghost energy left on them. He rubbed his fingers and gave up when he couldn't remember. He closed his eyes and said lazily, "You will be famous soon."

Wang Dadan was dubious but said, "Thank you for your kind words!" At an intersection, it was time for him to get off the car. He smiled and sent a friend request to Gu Ye which he accepted, "I hope we can cooperate again in the future. Just that hope it won't be that stimulating though."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and waved goodbye.

After Gu Ye returned to his home, Xie Cheng sent him a message: [I asked someone to check for the level of resentment in the area. 5 of us ran for a day following the address measured on the luopan (compass) and brought back all the dolls. The souls of the children who were still alive were returned to their bodies.]

Gu Ye: [Thank you for your hard work! Hand these dolls over to this police station. They are all evidences.]

Xie Cheng replied: [Don't worry, everything is fine].

Then Xie Cheng sent a selfie to Gu Ye. Gu Ye was amused when he saw his face: [Were you attacked by a child?]

Xie Cheng sent a laughing and crying emoji: [A three-year-old chubby guy got a swipe at me. Even doing good deeds does not end well.]

Gu Ye sighed and replied: [People in our line of work just want to have a clear conscience.]

Xie Cheng sent a message with an expression of lying down and crying, already resigned to his fate.

Not long after Gu Ye returned home, a piece of news came out on the Internet: [The owner of a certain doll shop was arrested by the police on suspicion of murder. According to eyewitnesses, a skeleton without hands but covered with feathers was found in the basement. It is said that this artwork called ‘Angel’ was revealed on the Internet previously, and the estimated price at that time was 3.2 million yuan.]

Because Gu Ye and Wang Dadan had been to this store before the boss was arrested, and a resentful spirit was caught during the live broadcast the night before, many people speculated whether these things could be connected together. Is it related to Gu Ye? Even though there is no direct evidence, netizens still found clues.

The next morning, Gu Ye found a lot of private messages on Weibo. When he logged on and took a look, he was stunned. He had 220,000 followers. When did it happen?

Many strangers were asking if he was the one who found the deceased. Has he seen the ghosts of the deceased? Others make up hundreds of words about the interaction between Gu Ye and the innocent soul, asking Gu Ye if they got it correct.

Gu Ye is speechless and just wants to ask: [You guys are so good at thinking out of the box, why don't you write a novel? And you've already written it, what else do you need from me?]

The same goes for Wang Dadan. His fans on Weibo have increased like crazy, and the questions he asked also left him speechless. Did Gu Ye accept him as his apprentice, asking him to catch ghosts and stuff together in the future or whatnot? Wang Dadan don’t know to laugh or cry and refuted the rumors. But looking at his fanbase spiking in popularity, Gu Ye's words might be coming true: He is going to be popular.


Inside the police station.

The shop owner is also well-known in the doll circle. As soon as he was arrested, word spread in the circle. Soon, several of his works were also searched online by the police. For fear of causing panic, they did not directly say that they were made of human skin. They only said It was to serve as evidence and would be returned to everyone in the future. Only then do they manage to find the rest of the dolls.

No one saw that the faint resentment on the dolls that were put together as evidence was flowing into the doll that Gu Ye bought. The souls of the children inside have been released by Gu Ye, and the resentful spirits have been eliminated, but the aura of resentment on their bodies remains. The beautiful doll sucks all the resentment of the other dolls into itself like a bottomless pit. She sat there quietly, staring ahead with a pair of brown eyes, and the surroundings were so quiet that one could hear needles dropping. In this place where no one was paying attention, her neck suddenly moved. After a while, the doll's long eyelashes fluttered, and it suddenly stood up on its own.

The beautiful imperial dress is long and flowy, down to the doll’s ankles. A pair of small red leather shoes stepped on the table, making a soft clicking sound. As she moved, the silver curly hair hanging down to her waist swayed gently, like an elf flapping its wings. After standing for a few seconds, she raised her feet, jumped off the table, and walked out of the evidence room step by step.

Mu Jingfei hesitated for a long time but decided to listen to Gu Ye's words and rub the lucky pouch on several dolls. After rubbing it, she counted and found that one was missing. Mu Jingfei frowned and asked the police officer on duty, "Xiao Li, where is that doll? The one with silver hair, the most beautiful one."

Xiao Li looked confused, "I don't know."

Mu Jingfei said angrily, "Look for it, who is so free to take the evidence away?"

Gu Ye knew nothing about his ‘daughter’ running away. He took a nap in the afternoon and got up at 4.00 pm to take a shower.

Yu Ze has already started sending Gu Ye a message: [I get off work at 5.00 pm, and I expect to be stuck in traffic for half an hour. I will arrive at 7.00 pm.]

Gu Ye wiped his hair and replied: [OK, pay attention to safety.]

After a while, Yu Ze asked again: [Don’t do dangerous things in the future.]

Gu Ye grinned: [Big brother, did you install a detector on me?]

Yu Ze: [No, it’s an inference.]

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched. When he comes into contact with people who are too smart, there are good sides and painful sides. He can't hide anything from them.

After simply tidying up the house, Gu Ye left his apartment community early when it was almost 7.00 pm. After waiting for 2 minutes, he saw Yu Ze's car driving past. Gu Ye waved in a complicated mood. Stopping slowly in front of him, the car window opened. Yu Ze actually drove here by himself.

Yu Ze raised the corner of his mouth and said slightly teasingly, "You really don't have a tan."

Gu Ye twitched his lips and opened the door. Sitting on the passenger seat, he asked while fastening his seat belt, "Are you looking at my Weibo again?"

Yu Ze nodded and said seriously, "I registered an account and only followed you."

Gu Ye's fingertips trembled, and he asked bravely, "You, do you have anyone you particularly care about recently?"

Yu Ze answered lightly, "You."

Such a straightforward answer made Gu Ye think of the reading he got about ‘meeting his destined person’ again. Among the people he met that day, the one he managed to speak with was Yu Ze. Gu Ye couldn't help but grab Yu Ze's wrist, "Your palm, give me a look."

Yu Ze replied, not knowing the reason, "Reading my palm?"

Gu Ye was embarrassed and didn't speak. He looked at Yu Ze's palm carefully and wanted to confirm something.

The corners of Yu Ze's lips were raised, and he was in a good mood. "I asked Elder Tang for a reading. My fateful one is by my side and we can be together. It seems to be going pretty smooth too."

Gu Ye twitched the corner of his mouth and secretly glanced at his own palm. Then he clenched his fists and put his hands into his pockets. It seemed... their lines were exactly the same[1], going a little smooth indeed. Gu Ye couldn't bear it anymore. Could it be that he was such an unreserved person? Impossible, fate is wrong, he will not be confused by the other person's face, absolutely not!

Yu Ze watched Gu Ye's expression change for a moment, and asked doubtfully, "What's wrong?"

"It’s nothing," Gu Ye quickly shook his head and pointed to the front, "I booked a private room in the Baixuan Building. It's quiet there. Let's go eat first."

Yu Ze glanced at Gu Ye again but didn’t press on and started driving in the direction pointed by Gu Ye.

Raw word count: 6504 (whole chapter)


[1] People said that a fateful couple has the same lines on their palm :v

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