The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 47.4

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 47 - Side Story 2 part 4 (+18?)

Although Mary wasn't a virgin, she had only had a few experiences, and this was also a long time ago, so when Sid inserted his finger inside her, she felt a slight pain. There was no blood from the breaking of the hymen, but her tightness and warmth were unbelievably intense. 

Sid became completely captivated, realizing how much difference it made when the act was accompanied by love, and all his previous experiences faded away. His desire to devote himself to Mary was so strong that it was one of the reasons why he felt more proactive and assertive in every aspect compared to his past encounters with other women.

Just before he was about to lose control, Sid attempted to pull himself out of her, but Mary wrapped her slender legs around his waist and whispered, "Don't go," while gasping for breath. She was so mesmerizing to him that it became even harder to let go of her and he ended up releasing inside her. As his cum was slowly filling her insides, Sid trembled with desire and satisfaction.

Mary, who had been working as a servant, had considerable stamina and wanted to handle the aftercare on her own, but Sid didn't allow it. He carefully wiped her body with a warm towel, and once they were clean, he embraced her, and they lay down on the bed, covering their bodies with the sheets. It was an incredibly intense experience, and despite only climaxing once, Sid felt an immense sense of fulfillment. Mary moved slightly in his arms.

"I need to change the sheets... It's wet..."

"Tomorrow is fine... After a nap... I don't think I can hold back anymore after today."

Without a doubt, his current status was a result of the pent-up restraint.

She didn't say anything, but the fact that she pressed her head against his chest made it clear that she was feeling embarrassed. She was too adorable, to the point he felt his heart melting. He pulled her closer to himself, avoiding the wet part of the sheets.

Sid was completely satisfied and closed his eyes, intending to rest. He had never experienced wanting someone again so soon after a night together... No, that wasn't right… as he thought that, the words slipped out smoothly.

"You know, I've never slept with anyone like this before. I'm sensitive to noises, so I wake up easily."


Mary tried to lift her face, but he realized his face was turning red, and he didn't want to be seen, so Sid tightened his embrace, preventing her from getting up.

"We've been sleeping together all this time. But to tell you the truth, I've never invited anyone to my house."


"As well as I've never chased after anyone, too."

Mary understood what he meant, and a faint laugh escaped her lips, which he felt against his skin as their breaths mingled.

'That young lady who wrote that letter... I don't even remember her face properly, but if she knew how much I'm in love with Mary... if she saw this side of me... she probably wouldn't feel like writing those harassing letters anymore.'

And from now on, Sid hoped he could continue to show his doting affection for Mary. He was determined to make her feel how much he loved her, to the point where it might become overwhelming. His beloved fiancée would surely be shy but happy, and for the sake of seeing her happy face, Sid was willing to do anything.

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