The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 47.3

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 47 - Side Story 2 part 3

"It's not true. I... I also felt jealous of your past... um, lovers... and I was worried that as a former baron's daughter, I might not be a suitable match for you... that your former lovers might be a better fit..."

Sid tightened his embrace around her, his grip becoming stronger.

"Why? Why do you think that? Why? You're the only one I've ever said I want to marry. In fact, I've never said 'I love you' to anyone else other than family," he said, holding Mary, whom he cherished more than anyone while fearing from the depths of his heart that her feelings were drifting away. 

Jean was right. He had enjoyed casual relationships without thinking about anything, and now the consequences were catching up to him. On the other hand, Jean, who had lived stoically and sincerely, would never let something like this happen and let Clarisse slip away from his hand.

Mary remained silent for a while, seemingly contemplating the meaning of Sid's words. Gradually, the strength drained from her body, and she let out a sigh.

"Sid-sama, I'm feeling hungry! Shall we have dinner for now?"

'She's using formal language...'

Sid already knew that Mary switch to formal language when she wanted to create some distance. But this was Mary's defense mechanism to protect her own heart, and in a way, it was a declaration of a temporary truce. Although Sid didn't really want to let go, he understood her feelings and released her from his arms.

As they had dinner, Mary's heart gradually calmed down. In essence, Sid didn't lie. He admitted to his past affairs and didn't deny that he had slept with the said noblewoman. That's why, she believed that his words of not telling any other woman that he loved her or wanted to marry her.

'Sid was such a wonderful lover, so she must have wanted to say something mean to me... out of envy! Yeah, let's think that way! Writing lies or hurtful words is just the flip side of jealousy, right?'

Mary's pale complexion gradually returned to normal, and as the formal tone disappeared from her words, Sid felt that she had come to terms with herself. 

If it were any of the young ladies he had previously dated, they would have cried and demanded Sid to buy them jewels, or screamed for him to say he loved them. While he enjoyed casual relationships with them, he didn't seek a lasting connection, and Sid, who had no intention of pleasing them, would cut them off appropriately to avoid being resented.

'I got anxious, thinking that I might be the one getting dumped...'

When he thought Mary might cut ties with him, he felt a chill in his spine and pursued her without caring about appearances. 

It didn't seem like Mary was planning to leave the house, though. Pursuing someone like this was also a first for him. He definitely didn't want Marius or Jean to find out; they would burst into laughter and he'll have no way to stop them. Well, he also had a part of him that wanted them to see how desperately he could be for someone.

Anyway, dinner ended in a peaceful atmosphere, and as they prepared for bed and lay down in their bedroom, they returned to their usual selves. Mary generally didn't stay in a bad mood for long, and Sid liked that about her.

Then, Mary, unusually fidgety, hesitated to say something but eventually whispered to Sid.

"Sid-sama, may I have a tight embrace from you?"

'She's so cute.'

She usually had a strong demeanor, but the occasional display of soft femininity was irresistible. Sid embraced her tightly as she desired. Both of them had just taken a bath, so the gentle scent of soap lingered in the air.

'Oh no, my body is reacting on its own...'

Today, he had panicked at the thought of losing her, but now he finally felt relieved and realized that when he held her like this, his body was tempting him to feel her more intimetly. He tried to distance Mary just a little, so that she wouldn't notice the changes in his body, but she clung to him even more, making him more troubled.

"You know... I think you understand, but if we continue like this, c-..can you just move away from me a little bit?" he said.

Mary pressed her head against Sid's chest and shook her head.

"Mary, listen... I want to wait until our wedding day. I want to show you my sincerity," he said.

She continued shaking her head.

"Sid-sama, you have already shown me more than enough sincerity... Please... It's not my first time, but if that's okay with you..."

Now, engrave in me that I belong to you.

When she whispered those words, Sid finally couldn't resist any longer.

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