The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 47.2

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 47 - Side Story 2 part 2

At that moment, he noticed a piece of paper remaining under the sofa where she had been sitting. He pulled it out and quickly glanced at it, only to discover that it was a part of a letter written by his ex-girlfriend to Mary.

Mary felt ashamed of herself for not being able to face Sid and just ran out of the room. She had heard from the staff of the Margrave's mansion staff that Sid had had multiple lovers in the past, and she it was hard to believe that such an attractive person had never had a lover before. She herself had a gardener boyfriend at one point, and if it counts for anything, she wasn't even a virgin. She knew that it was wrong to feel jealous, and she understood that in her head.

When she saw that the sender was an unfamiliar viscount's daughter, she had a bad feeling. But as she opened the letter and started reading, she was hurt by the spiteful words that revealed a past of Sid's that she didn't know about. The letter was filled with sarcastic remarks, and the fact that the sender had investigated and deliberately sent it to Sid's current home made it even more malicious. 

However, it was apparent that the sender had loved him so much, which made Mary even more depressed.

The letter described how much Sid had treated the viscount's daughter with care, whispering words of love and his plans to marry her, even detailing how sophisticated their intimacy was. Mary was devastated. She knew that Sid cherished her, so she could easily imagine what was written in the letter. And although they were engaged, she and Sid had not yet shared an intimate moment, believing that it was because he cared for her. This led her to wonder if he didn't find her attractive in that sense, and that thought brought tears to her eyes as she cried alone in her room.

At first, Mary had intended to head towards the kitchen, but her feet were involuntarily leading her towards the front entrance. She wanted to step outside for a moment, to breathe in the fresh air and calm down. As her hand reached for the doorknob, Sid embraced Mary tightly from behind. He pleaded with her near her ear.

"Don't go."

"N-No... I just wanted to go outside for a bit!"

"I can't be without you by my side."


She struggled to break free, but Sid, despite his somewhat small stature, had been trained well enough to remain steadfast. Eventually, Mary gave up resisting and let her hand fall limply from the doorknob.

"I'm sorry... I shouldn't have caused you distress... It's my fault..."

As Sid muttered those words, Mary suddenly looked up at him while still being held in his embrace. He had a genuinely remorseful and pained expression on his face.

"How... did you find out?"

"There was a letter that had fallen."

Sid pressed his cheek firmly against her head.

"I used to be involved in terrible affairs with women. I never mistreated anyone, but I did whatever it took to enjoy the moment and said whatever was necessary. There was never any true emotion involved... But if it means causing you this kind of pain, I can't forgive myself."


"But you see, the things written in that letter are lies. I have never told anyone that I wanted to marry them, except for you. I can swear to that before God. Please, believe me."


Mary's heart was struck by the sincerity in his words. He had indeed not been involved with any other women since they met, and she could sense his love for her in his everyday gestures and actions since they became engaged and started living together.

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