The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 47.1

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 47 - Side Story 2 part 1

Sid's Doting Love (M)

One night, after finishing work at the Margrave's mansion and returning home, Mary, who usually greeted him with a bright smile, was nowhere to be found. Sid and Mary's home was small, with only a few hired maids and a cook who mainly handled the cleaning and cooking. Mary wanted to take care of the rest since she had been serving Clarisse as a maid for a long time and was quite efficient at her work (and Sid had no intention of forbidding her to do so), they managed with the minimum number of staff. So if Mary didn't appear at the entrance, there was no one to inform him about her whereabouts. Sid had been considering hiring a butler for when things get a little busier, but it would require conducting interviews to find the right person, which would take time.

The wedding was scheduled for two months from now, leaving them with time to consider it later, which seemed like a good idea at the moment. In the borderlands, compared to the capital, the nobility's customs were more relaxed. As long as they were formally engaged, they were considered almost like a married couple, and living together in the same house wouldn't invite much criticism. Still, Sid wanted to marry Mary as soon as possible. Just recently, Jean and Clarisse had gotten married and were blessed by everyone, and they seemed so incredibly happy.

'Something's strange...'

Maybe she's feeling unwell was the first thing that occurred to Sid. It was a remnant of her time working as a maid, where she would unbelievably endure and hide her discomfort until the very last moment. She was a hard worker and wouldn't take a break even if she had a fever, causing Sid to worry a lot. Mary was straightforward in expressing her thoughts, rarely holding back, and she was incredibly devoted to those she cared about. But when it came to herself, she treated herself a bit roughly, so Sid always felt the need to keep a close eye on her.

He took a quick peek into their bedroom, and sure enough, Mary was there, curled up on the sofa with her knees pulled up to her chest. And scattered at her feet were...



When he called out to her, she looked up in surprise.

"Sid-sama, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had come back..."

She quickly stood up, hastily gathering the letters and stuffing them crumpled into her skirt pocket.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

As Sid stood in front of Mary, he noticed traces of tears on her cheeks.

"No, I'm fine. I was just lost in thought..."

Her complexion was pale, but when he placed his hand on her forehead, her body temperature felt normal, so she didn't seem to be physically unwell.

"Let's have dinner."

Mary quickly made a gesture to avoid Sid and left the room ahead of him, leaving him standing there in a daze.

'Did she avoid me?'

This side story is quite long so will divide it so I can post more often..

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