The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 48.1

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 48 - Side Story 3 part 1 (+18)

First Night of Marriage

On the night when Clarisse and Jean finally had their wedding ceremony and became husband and wife officially, Jean had planned to continue the celebration by hosting a party in the garden where the wedding took place. They enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and a joyful time together.

Everyone sincerely celebrated the happiness of the newlyweds, and the feast continued until late at night, but it eventually came to an end as the sunset.

After bidding farewell to everyone, Jean and Clarisse, who were staying at the Margrave's residence, enjoyed a private conversation in the drawing room with Marquis Ainsworth and his family, along with the Brown couple, who had also come from a distant place. However, the browns didn't linger for long since they didn't want to be intruding and retired to their own room as they were staying at the Margrave's residence as well.

After spending a short yet fulfilling time with their aunt and uncle, whom they hadn't seen in a long time, and seeing them off from the drawing room, Jean turned to look at Clarisse with a request in mind.

"What is it?"

"May I carry you and take you back to our room?"


"It was my dream, to carry you, my beautiful bride, on our wedding night and enter our room together."

Clarisse blushed slightly at the thought of being carried by Jean, although she had already shared bed with Jean in the past.

"Yes, of course, Jean-sama."

As Jean carried her in a princess carry, she wrapped her arms around his neck. After exchanging a light kiss, Jean walked towards their bedroom with a completely steady pace.

Upon entering the bedroom, he went straight to the bed without putting her down, and then, he gently laid Clarisse on the bed.

"Ah... Finally, you are mine."

He rested his forehead against Clarisse's and sighed happily.

"I have always belonged to you, Jean-sama."

"Don't say such cute things. However, even though it's just a formality on paper, I can't help but feel so overwhelmed knowing that we are officially husband and wife."

Jean lightly kissed Clarisse on the lips, and with an unusually blank expression, he muttered in a matter-of-factly way, "You are still wearing your wedding dress..."

Jean pulled her up and turned her around, swiftly moving to undress her on the bed, which made Clarisse flustered.

"I-I can do it myself...!"

However, Jean firmly refused her.

"No, it was my dream to undress my bride in our wedding dress.  Just for today, please spoil me."

Jean slowly began to remove the wedding dress, planting butterfly kisses all over as he undressed her, causing Clarisse to feel an unbearable desire. She was also filled with excitement after having such a beautiful wedding ceremony, and to be honest, though it might be improper, she wanted to be one with him as soon as possible. However, Jean showed no signs of haste at all and instead carefully caressed her body, thoroughly enjoying himself.

"Well, I managed to undress you without tearing the dress."

When Jean nodded in satisfaction, Clarisse's entrance was already dripping wet, despite not being touched at all. Since they had been physically intimate almost every day until now, her body was fully aware of the pleasures that was coming, and she eagerly awaited his next touch.

However, he continued his leisurely movements and, still relaxed, went to hang her dress on a hanger that was in the room. Clarisse fidgeted, rubbing her thighs together, remaining in her underwear. It was too embarrassing, and she couldn't bear it.

When Jean returned, he looked at Clarisse, whose entire body was flushed, and smiled happily. It was no longer surprising, but the Margrave openly let his guard down like this only in front of Clarisse. Especially in the bedroom, their private space, he hardly concealed his emotions anymore.

"My princess, I kept you waiting."

He returned to the bed, lifted her left hand, and lightly kissed her ring finger. There, both the simple wedding ring they had chosen together for this day and Jean's mother's ring were fitted. Clarisse also reached out, took Jean's calloused left hand, and kissed the ring finger where a matching design wedding ring was placed.

"My prince. Please, take off your suit."

When Jean's lustful gaze met hers, he chuckled.

"I love that about you, how honest you are."

As he said that, Jean discarded his suit jacket and shirt in a messy manner, revealing his well-toned, muscular body and Clarisse hugged him tightly.

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