Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 45 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 45 President Yu can’t do it? Part 2

Military training means that the freshmen are looking forward to the rain, while the sophomores are also looking forward to the special day of rain due to different reasons. The freshmen feel that there is no need to continue training if it rains, and the sophomores are all looking forward to seeing them getting drenched (because the training won’t stop just because it rains).

However, after half a month of hard training, God is not merciful at all. Not a drop of rain fell, and the freshman was reduced to a pile of briquettes wrapped in camo attires.

Gu Ye is an exception in this pile of briquettes. Comparative photos of him before and after military training were posted on the Internet. The editor raised his voice and wailed: [He was not lazy for a minute from the beginning to the end of the training. But he didn’t get dark! Not dark at all!!]

Netizens shouted happily: [Ah ah ah, my boyfriend is so handsome!]

[My boyfriend is a man who rides on a white horse with sunshine and rainbow and conquers the universe anytime. The sun is nothing. It would be a weird thing instead if he got tanned! @Gu Ye]

[Aiya! During their military training, we held parasols and formed a group to eat popsicles and drink soda every day to watch them. In the end, he didn’t get tanned but I did. @Gu Ye, this senior sister’s future, decide what to do with the rest of my life!]

[Hahaha, the one next to him is his good friends, right? Their skin colors were not that different before, but now, hahaha, one became a boiled egg while the other became a braised egg! @Gu Ye]


Gu Ye found that many people were tagging him and took a look at it on Weibo. Speechless, he posted: [When did I leave singlehood? When did I reach 60,000 followers? How come I don’t know?]

Fan: [It’s not important. What’s important is why you can’t get tanned?]

Gu Ye was speechless, how did he know? He is not a medical student! At this moment, Gu Ye received a private message: [Master Gu, help me! Something is trying to kill me! Something is really trying to kill me!]

Gu Ye calmly replied: [Don't worry, send a selfie, show your whole face, don't use filters.]

The other party quickly sent him a photo. The photo showed a middle-aged man with a yellowish complexion and a tired look on his face.

Gu Ye frowned after looking at the photo: [Your Tiancang point is black, while a green aura covers the corner of your mouth. This is a face of someone destined to die. Fortunately, there is white in the green, you can still be saved. However, you are indeed in trouble.]

The other person broke down and wrote: [I have been very unlucky recently. There are people walking around in the house in the middle of the night, and there are often strange noises. There are bruised fingerprints on my neck from being strangled. When I was sleeping, someone pushed me out of bed, causing me to bump my head and I was bruised and bloody. Someone wants to kill me, really wants to kill me! I asked many people for help, but they didn’t believe it, and neither did the police. I had no choice!]

Gu Ye: [How much money do you make in a month?]

The man: [Up to 6,000 yuan.]

Gu Ye: [Give me a month’s salary and I’ll rescue you now. Leave your address and also reimburse me for the round trip fare.]

After writing down the address and logging out of Weibo, Gu Ye sent a message to Xie Cheng: [I have a deal of 3,000 yuan that I want to do with you. The location is on the Fifth Ring Road of the Imperial Capital. Are you coming?]

Xie Cheng replied instantly: [Coming! My good friend, please carry this teammate!!]

Gu Ye was amused and decided on the meeting place with Xie Cheng. He should set off now. If he is too late, the man will die.

When Gu Ye arrived at the agreed address, Xie Cheng had already arrived. He was standing under the streetlight with a backpack on his back. His yellow hair had been dyed back to black. He was wearing a black round-neck T-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. Just like a rule-abiding baby, he suddenly looks several years younger.

When he saw Gu Ye getting out of the taxi, Xie Cheng waved cheerfully, "I say, taking a taxi is worse than taking the subway. Rich people are usually stuck in traffic jams."

Gu Ye laughed and didn't dwell too much on this issue. He asked Xie Cheng curiously, "Why are you dressed so... well-mannered?"

When Gu Ye mentioned this, Xie Cheng broke down and covered his face, saying with tearless eyes, "My master said that my yellow hair doesn’t look serious. If I don't make myself look presentable, I will be shaved bald."

"Hahaha~~" Gu Ye imagined Xie Cheng becoming bald and couldn't help laughing. Xie Cheng was already too tired to speak.

This community apartment looks a bit old, and the distance between the buildings inside is not large. The doormen at the door are all uncles, and they all sit in the guard room drinking tea and chatting. Seeing Gu Ye and Xie Cheng, two young men who didn't look like bad boys, they let them both in without asking.

Xie Cheng said as he walked, "This community apartment must be at least 20 years old. I just made inquiries and found out that they are usually migrant workers who live in rented houses. Not far from here is the Economic Development Zone, which has many factories, so there is a lot of traffic here. And it happens everywhere around, the aura airflow is very mixed."

Gu Ye nodded, "This kind of place is easier to harbor dirty things and evil. Be careful today, it’s the first time we teamed up. Don’t die or I won't be able to explain myself to your master."

Xie Cheng chuckled coldly, "Don't worry, my master said I can live up to 99."

Gu Ye palmed his forehead. Darn it, I have to help this poor guy for more than 70 years!

The two went up to the second floor together and knocked on the door. Not long after, the middle-aged man in the photo opened the door. Seeing Gu Ye with a helper, the middle-aged man looked stunned.

"You are Shao Dayong right? I am Gu Ye."

Shao Dayong quickly got out of the way, "Two masters, please come in quickly!"

Gu Ye went in first and saw at a glance that there was another young man sitting on the old sofa. He was about 1.8 meters tall, neither fat nor thin. He was not particularly good-looking, but his facial features were not evil and he was quite good-looking. In appearance, his temperament is a bit smooth.

Gu Ye frowned, "Are you a streamer?"

The man was shocked, "How do you know?"

Shao Dayong quickly explained, "I asked for help online, but no one believed me. He was the only one who believed what I said and came to my house to have a look. It was just a coincidence."

Standing up, the young man looked at Gu Ye, and said in surprise, "I am a supernatural streamer. My real name is Wang Xueliang. My name in the live broadcast is Wang Dadan (Courageous Wang). I didn't expect to meet you here. What a coincidence."

Hearing that, Gu Ye's expression softened and he asked seriously, "If you are going to live broadcast, will you film us later?"

Wang Dadan asked tentatively, "Do you mind?"

Gu Ye shook his head, "I don't mind, but you have to give us a commission."

Wang Dadan obviously did not expect Gu Ye to ask for money from him, and asked in shock, "Are you short of this kind of money?"

Gu Ye spread his hands and said, "Of course. My father's money doesn’t belong to me."

Xie Cheng nodded seriously, "Yes, I am also very poor."

Wang Dadan estimated how much more money he could make if Gu Ye appears in his broadcast, and he excitedly agreed. Immediately, he posted on Weibo: [A netizen’s house is haunted and I came to check on the situation. I didn’t expect to meet Gu Ye. Oh my God! He looked really handsome in real life! I want to film him in my live broadcast room! Live now!]

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth curved up, "Young man, you are very good at stirring up things. Today's commission will be split among us at 3:3:4. You’ll take 4, and we will take 3 each. Do you agree? Otherwise, we will drive you away from here."

Wang Dadan smiled awkwardly. Sure enough, it is difficult to earn from the second generation of rich people.

Gu Ye then started to look at the furnishings in the room. They were all semi-old furniture. Judging from the aura, this big brother had lived here for a long time. All the furnishings showed that this was an ordinary family, and this brother here is unmarried, living alone.

After checking the surroundings, Gu Ye asked, "How many months has it been since your mother passed away?"

Shao Dayong was stunned, "3 months. You can even find that out from looking around my house?"

Gu Ye looked at the man’s face, "Your parents divorced early. You should have been rebellious and disobedient when you were young. After spending several years in prison, you changed your attitude after being released and opened a small noodle shop, which was a good business. Looking at your complexion, white Qi is hidden under your skin. If they scatter in spots but do not gather together, a parent must have died at home."

Gu Ye looked out the window before turning to Xie Cheng. Xie Cheng understood and closed the window. Gu Ye said calmly, "And so, it’s your mother who passed away."

Shao Dayong looked at Gu Ye excitedly, as if looking at a life-saving Bodhisattva, "Yes, you are right! Master Gu, you have to save me! I was a bit of a bastard when I was young, but I atone for my sins at that time (in prison). I’ve changed, I didn’t do anything evil.”

Gu Ye smiled, "I know, since I'm here, I will save you. If you are a bastard, I won't come no matter how much you pay."

Shao Dayong breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't know if it was an illusion or something. Since Xie Cheng closed the window, the temperature in the whole room seemed to have dropped, and there was a faint chill. It is now past 9.00 pm, and the street lights in the community have poor quality and are flickering, making the environment a bit eerie for some reason.

At this time, streamer Wang Dadan quietly moved behind Gu Ye.

Gu Ye looked back at Wang Dadab with disgust, "You are such a big man, but you are actually this timid?"

Wang Dadan smiled sheepishly, held up his mobile phone, and said while live broadcasting, "No, I just felt that the place where I was sitting just now was a little cold, as if something was looking at me."

Gu Ye looked over and saw a blue doll with big black eyes, a round body, and a pointed hat on top of the TV cabinet. The light in the living room is yellow, and the doll sits there quietly, giving people an inexplicable weird feeling. Compared with other things in the room, it looks out of place.

"When did you buy that roly-poly toy?"

Shao Dayong explained in frustration, "After my mother passed away. My mother has taken care of me since I was a child. When I was young, we had a good relationship, but my family was poor and my mother and I had a hard time. The only doll my mother ever bought me was a similar one. Later, she remarried, and I always blamed her, and the relationship was never good. After she died, I regretted it very much. When I came back from the funeral, I happened to pass by a second-hand toy store. I saw that this doll looked very similar to the toy I had when I was a child, so I bought it back."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "The strange happenings must have started from there."

Shao Dayong thought about it and was suddenly shocked. "Yes! Is it my mother? That being said, strange things have happened since my mother passed away."

Speaking of this, Shao Dayong's eyes turned red. "She must have blamed me when she passed away. She blamed me for not being able to fulfill my filial piety properly."

"What I saw was different from what you thought." Gu Ye said as he looked at the roly-poly toy, his eyes turned cold. Just as he was about to walk over, the blue roly-poly turned around on its own in full view of everyone. A pair of eyes that were no different from those of normal people looked at Gu Ye and the others coldly.

"Oh my god!" Wang Dadan, who was standing behind Gu Ye, was so frightened that he took several steps back and squatted directly in the corner. He was a live broadcaster of supernatural beings. He often looked for ghosts, but he had never encountered strange things like this before. The audience used to enjoy watching the suddenly frightened expression of such a big man like him, and they took pleasure from it. This time, they were also frightened, and the live broadcast room was filled with screams (in texts).

The eyes of this doll are the same as those of a human being, no, it should be said that they are the same as those of a dead person. They are completely lifeless like a pair of dead people's eyes. They are just terrifying no matter how you look at them.


Suddenly, the doll swayed on its own! Its weird and harsh laughter became clearer and clearer as it swayed forward and back, and its dead eyes just blinked in front of everyone.

Everyone in the live broadcast room was scared shitless: [This is really fricking evil! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Gu Ye, hold me tight!!]

[Master Gu, quickly destroy it!! Hurry ah ah ah!!]

Wang Dadan has shrunk into the corner, wishing he could shrink into a 1.8-meter-sized mushroom.

Shao Dayong collapsed and held his head, "I heard this laughter in the middle of the night before. I looked for it, but I couldn't find it. It turned out to be this thing."

Gu Ye glanced at Wang Dadan who was hiding in the corner, "You, stay away from there."

Wang Dadan couldn’t react, "Huh?"

Xie Cheng also said with an unkind tone, "You are stepping on that auntie's foot, get out of the way!"

Wang Dadan's face suddenly turned pale with fright, and he ran towards the door in a panic, intending to open the door and run away the moment something happens.

Gu Ye had a cold face and raised his eyebrows, "If you open the door and let this resentful spirit out, I will drag your soul out and stuff it into this doll."

"I don't dare!" Wang Dadan immediately regretted that he shouldn't have stayed. It’s all because he wanted to earn more rewards from Gu Ye’s popularity, but he didn't expect it to be so scary!

Gu Ye walked towards the doll without any fear and stretched out his hand to grab it. The doll's eyes moved and it suddenly flew up. Laughing, it threw itself at Shao Dayong, who was sitting on the ground and collapsed from fear. The speed was so fast that it caught people off guard.

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