Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 46 Ghost Doll (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 46 Cute Doll Part 1

The doll actually dared to hurt someone under his nose? Gu Ye's eyes turned cold, and he moved as fast as lightning, raising his hand and throwing out a talisman. At the same time, Xie Cheng, who was standing by the window, already had a whip in his hand. The two of them took action almost at the same time. The moment the talisman was attached to the doll, Xie Cheng’s whip wrapped around the doll's neck, the same time as the red line drawn by the cinnabar pen in Gu Ye's hand.

The two looked at each other, and Gu Ye let go, thinking inside that their cooperation was not tacit enough.

Xie Cheng raised his left hand and the doll landed firmly in his hand. He pinched its neck with his fingers and said with a smile, "Don't move." After that, Xie Cheng turned his head to look at the man who was attacked and the smile on his face faded.

At the corner where normal people can’t see, an old woman with gray hair stood in front of the middle-aged man, blocking the danger and looking at him with soft eyes. Even though the man was already middle-aged, but in the old woman's eyes, the middle-aged man was still a child. What is distressing is that the old woman's soul has become transparent and is obviously about to disintegrate.

Gu Ye said calmly, "You have to thank your old mother. She protected you even after her death. If it weren't for her, you would have been killed by the doll."

Shao Dayong raised his head in surprise and looked at Gu Ye doubtfully, not understanding what he meant.

Xie Cheng pinched the doll, "This is a resentful spirit formed by absorbing a lot of resentment. It can only survive by possessing an object or a person. Since you bought it, you will naturally be the target of its possession. In order to protect you, your mother's soul has almost used up its power. So if you have final words to say to her, hurry up and say it.”

Shao Dayong asked in shock, "My mother?"

Gu Ye nodded, "Yes, when you were pushed down on the bed, it was she who was protecting you. When you hear strange noises, it is from her helping you to block the evil spirit. When you were pushed down the stairs, it was she who was protecting you. Otherwise, you would have died long ago."

Sitting on the ground, Shao Dayong heard this and looked in front of him in a daze. After being stunned for a while, he suddenly cried loudly, "How useless am I for you to keep worrying for me even after you die?"

The old woman paused and looked at her son at a loss. Her raised hand froze only a few centimeters away from her son but she did not dare to touch him in the end.

Shao Dayong cried a few times and broke down, "Mom! I'm sorry! I understand now, I understand everything, I know how miserable and tired you are. I was young and ignorant at that time. In order to live a good life, I did something illegal and made you sad! I regret why I didn’t visit you more after I came out (of prison). Why didn’t I stay by your side to take care of you in your old age? In the end, you still have to worry about this unfilial son!”

Gu Ye heard it and shook his head helplessly. The son wanted to care for his parent but the parent is no longer there. It’s one of the tragedies in the world.

"Mom! I miss you..." After yelling, Shao Dayong seemed to have lost his strength and whispered, "I really… miss you."

Following Shao Dayong's last words, a happy smile appeared on the old woman's face. After touching her son's face, her figure began to disappear.

Xie Cheng wanted to say something else, but the old woman turned back. She looked at him pleadingly and shook her head. Xie Cheng nodded with a sullen face, watching the old woman disappear, and looked at each other with Gu Ye. They both saw regret in each other's eyes. It was too late and she could not be saved. It is a miracle that her soul can persist until now.

Seeing Shao Dayong sitting on the ground crying like a child, the two of them still followed the old woman's request and did not tell the truth that her soul had disintegrated and could not even reincarnate. A mother has been protecting her child up to this point and doesn't want to make him feel even more guilty (from knowing the truth). What else can they say?

Xie Cheng took a deep breath and looked at the doll in his hand. Then he threw it towards Gu Ye, and said disgustedly, "You handle it!"

After Gu Ye caught it, the doll suddenly laughed loudly with a ‘hahaha’ again. When it locked eyes with Gu Ye, a wisp of black smoke came out of its eyes and pounced toward Gu Ye!

"Tsk!" Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and made a finger sign. He flicked his finger and threw the wisp of black smoke to the top of his head. Next, with a stroke of the cinnabar pen in his hand, a spiritual red thread was wrapped around it, tying the black smoke into a zongzi/dumpling.

Gu Ye flung the tied-up spirit to the ground with a cold face, trampling it firmly with the sole of his shoe, "The sight of you makes me very unhappy now so you'd better be more obedient."

Everyone in the live broadcast room was blown away by the cool actions of Gu Ye and Xie Cheng, especially Gu Ye’s last words. Initially, some people were immersed in grief of Shao Dayong’s mother and felt a little sad, but now their attention has been completely taken away by Gu Ye. The spirit of everyone in the live broadcast room was ignited, and the comments were flooding like crazy.

[So handsome! My boyfriend is so handsome that I’m crying!]

[That really scared me! So it is really haunted?! It's not a special effect, right? That doll, ahhh, I want to throw away all the dolls in my house!]

[This special effect is amazing! From the moment the doll flew up to their coordinated movements, that’s really exciting! Gu Ye’s hands were so fast that the actions only left shadows in the camera! So handsome! I'm in love with him!]

[The hell is a special effect?! Those are not special effects. Else, that man who is regretting his life and crying bitterly was a hired extra? Ain’t that already the acting skills of a king actor!]

[Gu Ye is so handsome! The Alpha aura simply exploded! Regardless of whether it's a ghost or not, there's no need to be afraid when he's around.]

[I'm going to be scared to death. Even if I turn on all the lights in the house, I still feel freaked out. Stop talking, Gu Ye, hug me!]

[Eunuch Gou! Come and protect this Emperor!]

Gu Ye didn't know that he had accidentally gained more fans. He looked at the doll seriously and said, "The eyes of this doll look like real people."

Xie Cheng also came over to take a look and touched it, "You’re right. I've touched the eyeballs of dead people, and this is the same feeling."

The live broadcast room fell silent for a second, and the people got frightened into silence.


Gu Ye's face became solemn, "Then whose resentment was absorbed by this resentful spirit? I have an ominous premonition."

Xie Cheng understood what Gu Ye meant, "You mean, this is just the beginning?"

Gu Ye nodded, "Shao Dayong, where did you buy this doll?"

Shao Dayong had not yet recovered from the blow of his mother protecting him but he wiped away his tears and wrote an address to Gu Ye. Gu Ye patted him on the shoulder, "My condolences! With your mother's love in mind, live a good life in the future."

Xie Cheng also patted Shao Dayong on the shoulder, "You have to look forward in life as the living. Your mother will rest assured if you are well. Also... although it is not appropriate to say this kind of thing at this time, this issue is more practical. Don't forget to pay the remuneration fee."

Gu Ye didn't know whether to laugh or cry and pulled Xie Cheng, "Let's go!"

By now, Wang Dadan was so frightened that he broke into a cold sweat. His live broadcast was really popular this time. The number of people in the live broadcast room was five times higher than usual. The overwhelming number of messages can be roughly divided into three categories:

[Wang Dadan, don't be cowardly. There are no monsters and monsters in the world, all you have to do is crack the mysteries (and reveal the truth)!]

[I want to go to Shao Dayong’s noodle shop to eat. Please give me the address!]

[Licking the screen for Gu Ye's beauty! With a glare, he completely changed from his usual gentle demeanor as the little brother next door. Without saying much, I immediately became a fan of him!]

The gift rewards were several times higher than usual, Wang Dadan didn’t know where so many rich people came from. Of course, there are also a handful of self-declared detectives who try to use scientific means to explain everything that just happened. Even his followers on Weibo have increased a lot.

Gu Ye is leaving to go somewhere else, but the matter is not over yet. Wang Dadan looked at the benefits brought by this live broadcast, hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth, "I, can I go with you?"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Sure, okay."

"You're still taking him?" Xie Cheng was puzzled and asked in a low voice, "You're taking him to make money?"

Gu Ye turned around and whispered, "I feel that he will be of great use soon."

Xie Cheng looked at Wang Dadan again and his eyes suddenly filled with sympathy for the man.

Gu Ye glanced at Wang Dadan's screen. The live broadcast had ended. He reminded, "Today's account needs to be settled today. Please pay us the money first, otherwise, I won't take you to play tomorrow."

Wang Dadan was confused. It was the first time he saw such an unpretentious rich second-generation generation who valued money so much. The reward for tonight was more than 40,000 yuan after the platform’s fee, and Gu Ye requested 24,000 yuan.

Gu Ye: We don't want those 22 cents balance. I don't know whether the platform gives a payout based on daily settlement or monthly settlement. But either way, the money will go into your account in the end. Hence, please transfer the money to us from your account now."

Gu Ye said it like he was being generous that Wang Dadan wanted to scold him as he transferred money. You don’t even let go of a few dollars! Why do you have the nerve to say so generously? But seeing that he still had about 16,000 yuan in his account, which was much more than what he usually earned by running around, Wang Dadan felt more comfortable. Supernatural streamers like him are not mainstream to begin with, but being able to earn this kind of money is already very impressive. This strengthens his determination to continue following Gu Ye, "Where are you going tomorrow?"

After Gu Ye gave half of the money to Xie Cheng, he replied, "We are going to find a hotel nearby to stay. Then, we'll go to this store early tomorrow morning. If you want to follow, just follow."

Xie Cheng was shocked by the ‘huge amount of money’ in his own account. He reacted and pressed Wang Dadan's shoulder, dragging him away enthusiastically, "Let's go! Let's play again tomorrow. It's fate that we meet!"

Gu Ye turned his head and couldn't bear to look directly at this darned poor guy who was captured by money.

Early the next morning, Gu Ye and Xie Cheng took Wang Dadan to the small store that specializes in selling second-hand toys. The store was not big, and most of the products were children's toys that kids no longer wanted to play with. They were still 80% new. It was a pity to throw them away, so the parents took them and sold them at a low price here. Toys can be rented or sold here, and there are a lot of varieties.

Gu Ye first took stock of the aura of the shop and said, "It's quite normal."

Xie Cheng also nodded, "Nothing evil."

Gu Ye found the boss behind the shelf and asked, "Sister, take a look at this doll. Do you have any impression of it?"

The female boss was almost 40 so when she heard Gu Ye call her Sister, she laughed sheepishly and said happily, "Aiya, you young man has such a sweet mouth. Let me take a look."

The boss glanced at the doll and said firmly, "I've seen it before. I picked this doll up at the door of my shop. It was 80% new at the time. I guessed it must be some child didn't want it anymore, so I cleaned it up and put it on the shelf. Later, it was bought by a man. At that time when the man bought it, he cried like a child while holding the doll so I have a deep impression of it."

Gu Ye and Xie Cheng looked at each other and both smiled bitterly. It was obvious that someone threw it at the door of this store on purpose. How to investigate now?

"Oh, by the way, there was another doll that was thrown together with this doll, but it has never been sold." The boss suddenly remembered, ran to the innermost shelf, and took a doll. Then she gave it to Gu Ye and Xie Cheng.

As soon as he got it in his hand, Gu Ye felt that this doll also had the same resentment as the roly-poly doll, but this doll had much lighter resentment. Gu Ye touched the belly of the doll and immediately felt something hard inside. He said nothing about it and asked, "Sister, how much does this doll cost?"

"You want it? You can just take it then," the boss said with a smile, "I picked it up anyway, so this doll is not worth anything."

Even though the boss said that, Gu Ye still paid 20 yuan for the doll. As soon as they left the shop and there was nobody else around, Gu Ye violently tore open the doll's belly.

"Frick! Are you a destroyer or what?!" Xie Cheng came over curiously and found something in the doll’s stomach. He stretched out two fingers to pinch it out. After seeing what it was, he cursed and stuffed it back in, "Damn it, freakin pervert! Who stuffs this kind of thing into children’s toys?! When that person dies, I’ll curse him to go to hell and never be born again!”

A piece of human finger bone was stuffed inside, with Soul Transfer Array painted on it. A child's soul is inherently pure. If they come into contact with this doll for a long time, their soul will be sucked away bit by bit by the Soul Transfer Array and transferred to other places.

Gu Ye's expression turned cold, "The function of the eyes should be the same as this human bone. The maker should be a novice who knows some mystical arts but is not proficient in them. He doesn't know that the eyes are the windows of the soul and can easily attract evil spirits. Hence, the doll that has the human eyes absorbed the resentment of the deceased, generated spiritual consciousness, and became a resentful spirit."

"I know a senior called Master Zuo Yun. She has the ability to empathize with souls. Let's go find her with these two things."

"No need." Gu Ye looked seriously into Xie Cheng's eyes, "I can do the same."

Xie Cheng asked with complicated eyes, "Did your master even teach you this?"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "He was afraid that I would suffer a loss, so he taught me everything he could."

"Being able to learn it is also your talent." There is another sentence that Xie Cheng is embarrassed to say, which is Gu Ye’s master is also a ruthless person. The reason for this is that when this empathy ability is used, it is tantamount to experiencing the death process of the deceased. Most people cannot bear the despair.

"Let's go back to the hotel."

"Do, do I still follow you guys?" When Wang Dadan heard that there are human bones and something like Soul Transfer Array, he felt that it was not easy to make money this time, a little regretful that he asked to follow.

Gu Ye put Wang Dadan into the taxi with a smile, "I can't do anything if without you today. I have calculated that you will be of great use."

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