Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 45 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 45 President Yu can’t do it? Part 1

Gu Ye finished the piece of watermelon in his hand, hesitated between the two people for a while, and replied: [I choose Yu Ze. Asking me to calculate for my dad? You must have never seen how powerful his golf clubs are!]

Netizens were so amused that they commented with a bunch of Hahahaha: [Same world, same father. It turns out that Papa Gu can also beat his son!]

[I also remembered that when I was a child, my dad chased me for two kilometers with a stick when I didn’t want to go to school. Dem psychological shadow.]

Netizens began to talk about their tragic past of being pitted by their father. Gu Ye wiped his hands with a wet tissue and started typing:

[Yu Ze was born into a scholarly family, received a strict education since childhood, and graduated from a world-class prestigious university. The youngest Ph.D. in finance, now a leader of the younger generation in the business world. In 3 years, he promoted the domestic electronics industry to the world and became the youngest and most promising entrepreneur on the Forbes Richest People list.

You all already know these things, so I won’t say more about them. What I’m calculating is his future.

Yu Ze was destined to have no heirs and would live a life of wealth and honor with few ups and downs. He could be said to be the son of destiny. If he were born in ancient times, he would definitely have the destiny of an emperor. Even in contemporary times, he would become the top person in that industry no matter what he does. Not only his destiny but also his ability. He is a born leader and will always be at the top throughout his life. Some people may not believe in fate, but I want to say that he is God’s own son. If anyone wants to plot against him due to his young age, you might want to reconsider or God will take your life back.]

After Gu Ye pressed send, netizens complained: [You are crazy to say that he has no descendant!]

[Yeah, do you know how many people want to marry Yu Ze? Which one can’t give birth?!]

[Even if his body is sick, the medical technology is so advanced nowadays. It’s easy to have a child, right? How is it possible to have no heirs?]

[Master Gu, aren’t you afraid that President Yu will come to you? No heir! How dare you say that!]

[The old saying goes, "There are 3 ways to be unfilial, and the worst is to have no heirs." Master Gu, you are going to get into trouble with your mouth!]

[I wonder who Yu Ze’s wife is and why she can’t give birth. Nowadays, medical technology is so advanced that in vitro fertilization is also possible. Yu Ze is so rich that he can have as many children as he wants.]

[I feel that there is no one who is worthy of him. There are some good-looking celebrities, but I feel that they don’t match his temperament. I haven’t seen him have any scandals with any woman in such a long time.]

[No scandals? Could it be... he like men?]

[Impossible, he has never had any scandals with men!]

[He is the only male in the Yu family. If he gets together with a man, will his father be angered to death?]

[Could it be that he can’t ‘do it’?]

[Damn, bro, you are more daring than Master Gu!]

[Eyy! Lighting a stick of incense for this bruh, rest in peace~]

Gu Ye was speechless when he saw these comments. Nobody believes him when he tells the truth. Yu Ze really has no heir but the weird point is here. There is a marriage line, but he has no heir! Gu Ye also wondered, why? Could it be Yu Ze really like men? My god! Gu Ye slapped his thigh excitedly and immediately realized. That’s right, if Yu Ze likes men, it can perfectly explain that he has a marriage line but no offspring!

As soon as the thought came up, Gu Ye's cell phone buzzed.

Yu Ze: [I heard that you told me a fortune?]

Gu Ye was shocked, this news came too fast! He replied cautiously: [Don't be angry, I just told the truth.]

Yu Ze: [I don’t have an heir, and some people say I can’t ‘do it’?]

Gu Ye twitched the corner of his mouth and replied speechlessly: [Only one person said that, and no one believes it. Don't get misled by him, those netizens just said it casually.]

The message was sent out for several minutes, but there was no reply from Yu Ze.

Gu Ye asked uncertainly: [Are you really angry? It’s not my fault! I'm not talking nonsense!]

Yu Ze still didn’t reply.

Gu Ye couldn't hold back his anxiousness. Is Yu Ze really serious? He sent another message: [They are talking nonsense! I believe you, it’s not your problem! I can read face features, and I can tell whether someone is sick or not!]

Yu Ze replied instantly this time: [En.]

Gu Ye palmed his forehead. Why are we seriously talking about this issue? Isn’t it childish?!

Yu Ze: [Are you still adapting alright to school?]

The topic finally became normal, and Gu Ye replied: [Military training starts tomorrow and will take half a month.]

Yu Ze: [When are you free? I will come and see you.]

Gu Ye: [It’s an hour and a half drive, it’s too troublesome.]

Yu Ze: [No trouble. I can come over after get off work early and have a meal together.]

Gu Ye: [Okay, I’ll tell you when the time comes.]

Yu Ze: [Give me your address.]

Gu Ye sent the address without thinking. The two chatted for a while, and it was already 10.00 pm before they knew it. Gu Ye looked at his watch and replied: [I won't chat anymore. I'm going to bed, and I have military training tomorrow.]

Yu Ze: [Pay attention to heatstroke prevention, good night.]

Gu Ye’s lips curved up. Thinking of Yu Ze's cool and taciturn temperament, Yu Ze was able to chat with him for such a long time and even say good night to him. If he said it out, no one would believe him. But, it's really heartwarming.

Freshmen on all major campuses have begun military training. Gu Ye wore a green camo attire and found Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang amongst a group of camouflage eggs*. The three of them laughed at each other and smiled mischievously, "It’s unfortunate that the instructor doesn't allow us to bring our cell phones. It would be great if we could bring it along. We can take a photo and keep it. Then looking back at it half a month later, we are definitely not the same shade of skin color."

*Probably a slang because Banana can’t find out why the author referred to everyone in camo attire as eggs

"Gu Ye! Look here!"

When Gu Ye heard someone shouting, he turned around subconsciously. Several senior sisters holding umbrellas and eating popsicles were pointing the camera at him. Gu Ye waved his hands helplessly and smiled at them, "Is it interesting to take pictures of me?"

"Yes!" Several girls were laughing when they heard someone shouting from a group of camouflage eggs next to them, "Gu Ye?! Which one is Gu Ye?"

Gu Ye raised his head and said, "Am I actually so famous? My mother will be so happy when she finds out."

Zhao Pengyu laughed happily, and just as he was talking, Gu Ye felt that very depressing feeling of being watched again, and sensitively looked in that direction. When he saw a swath of camouflage eggs, he couldn't tell who was who. Gu Ye's shoulders slumped. Where were those eyes peeping at him?

"Queue up, queue up!" Zhao Pengyu pulled Gu Ye and pushed Xia Xiang to the front, causing Xia Xiang to roll his eyes. He has a feeling of a short person being discriminated against by a tall person.

After the first day of training, a series of hashtags such as [The most handsome little brother in military training], [Military training photos of the most tender ‘School Grass’ at Capital University], [Military training video of the third young master of the Gu family] were posted online. Not only the senior sisters took the photos, but also the seniors from the journalism department on campus. The scariest thing is that even reporters from the Xuezi website came to take pictures.

Gu Ye felt like collapsing inside, "I can't even think about being lazy (during the training)! Are they sick? Why are they filming me?!"

Zhao Pengyu was not happy either, "I am standing with you and being photographed together. I can't be lazy either!"

Zhao Pengyu looked around and secretly took out his mobile phone, "We don't need them, we can take the pictures ourselves!"

The rules-abiding baby Xia Xiang was startled, "Are you seeking death? Your phone will be confiscated if the instructors find out!"

"Shh! Don't talk!"

Zhao Pengyu took a photo of himself sitting on the grass and resting with Gu Ye and Xia Xiang. The whole screen was filled with his sunny and handsome face, and Xia Xiang's helpless face, with Gu Ye's very obvious disgusted face in the middle. Zhao Pengyu didn't care and happily posted on WeChat Moments: [Handsome is one word that I will never explain.]

Not long after posting the photo, Zhao Pengyu discovered something that shocked him, "Goodness! The sun is setting in the north today. My uncle actually gave me a like! It's terrifying!"

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth moved. It’s a bit embarrassing to say that Yu Ze's hands were very fast. Yu Ze will immediately like everything he posted. What's all the fuss about this?

Noticing that the instructor was looking over, Zhao Pengyu put his cell phone in his pocket with an expressionless expression and hid it secretly, acting as if nothing had happened. His actions were very smooth!

In the evening, as soon as Gu Ye arrived at the gate of the community, he saw a young man wearing a suit and holding a big box walking towards him, "Hello, Master Gu. President Yu asked me to deliver something to you."

Gu Ye blinked in confusion, "Yu Ze? What is he giving me?"

The young man put the box on the ground and opened it. It was full of snacks. "President Yu came back from a meeting at noon and passed by the snack street and bought it himself."

"Did he buy it himself?" Gu Ye felt warm in his heart. He couldn't explain how he felt. He looked at the big box and slowly raised the corners of his mouth.

The young man delivered the things to Gu Ye's home and left quickly. Gu Ye pursed his lips and sent a message to Yu Ze in a complicated mood: [Thank you, I received the snacks. They are enough for me to eat for half a month. I looked through them and noticed that they were all my favorites. How do you know what snacks I like to eat?]

Yu Ze: [I asked your younger brother.]

Seeing the message, Gu Ye burst into laughter. That fool Old Fourth. People ask him anything and he’ll just say it. This silly boy! Yu Ze also went so far as to inquire about such a trivial matter.

Gu Ye asked tentatively: [Does Zhao Pengyu have the same?]

Yu Ze: [He has grown up and doesn’t need it.]

Gu Ye hesitated before replying: [I have grown up too.]

Yu Ze: [You are different.]

Receiving this answer as the reason, no matter how slow Gu Ye is in the matter of relationship, he still notices that Yu Ze treats him differently from others. Looking at the pile of snacks quietly, Gu Ye was stunned for a while and suddenly smiled, "Gods above, are you serious about this arrangement?"


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