Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 44 Gu Ye (ETL)

Chapter 44 Who knows what will happen?

Gu Ye called his little mother, and the caller answered the phone after ringing for more than 10 seconds.

Gu Ye asked anxiously, "Mom! What are you doing? Why did I see on the Internet that you were thinking about committing suicide? I saw the news, don’t listen to those blind people (who can’t see the truth) spouting nonsense! What should we do if you die? What will happen to me and my brother? My dad is already so old, do you want him to be alone for the rest of his remaining life? Internet trolls are everywhere, after they force you to death, they will change to harm the next victim. Why are you angry with a group of cockroaches?"

Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang nodded. Indeed, the keyboard warriors had killed many people, and not a single one of them had repented. If they really drove someone to death, they’ll just pat their keyboards and say a few emotional words. After that, they’ll just go to find the next target to continue spreading malicious comments. Other people’s death does not affect them. Just that who knows how much karma these trolls have accumulated. Gu Ye should really do a calculation for them.

Mrs. Gu didn’t expect Gu Ye to call. When she heard Gu Ye calling her in an agitated tone, she couldn’t jump anymore. Her plan was to attempt suicide, thus confirming the fact that she could not bear the mental stress and would harm herself. Then, she’ll investigate who is the bastard who spread the rumors and make sure he gets a heavy sentence, that’ll teach him not to mess with her!

But now, Gu Ye is serious and anxious for her. This is the first time Mrs. Gu heard Gu Ye talking like this, and she couldn't bear it.

Netizens who shouted for Mrs. Gu not to hesitate and to die quickly were all stunned. Those who made posthumous photos for Mrs. Gu, and those who bought funeral wreaths to place in front of Gu Decheng’s company were also dumbfounded. Why is Gu Ye acting different from what they expected?

They even photoshopped her posthumous photo. How could Gu Ye come out and stop her? Is Gu Ye stupid?

For those whose brains still functioning, they can see that Gu Ye really cares about his stepmother. If he didn't have true feelings, would he be so scared (of the attempt)? This group of people wisely shut their mouths and began to wait and see how things would develop.

There are still some people who insist on their original ideas. The video showed clearly that Gu Ye was beaten by his stepmother. Now everyone is venting their anger on his behalf. Why doesn't he stand on the same front with them? He actually helped his evil stepmother to speak out. Did his conscience get fed to the dogs?!

Therefore, that group of netizens even scolded Gu Ye: A stupid, mentally retarded masochist. How did he get into Capital University? Someone call the Capital University. Such an ungrateful fool will become a scum of society in the future and must be expelled!

The Capital University's admissions hotline was suddenly bombarded with calls. It’s all to request Gu Ye, a white-eyed wolf (ungrateful bastard) to get out of Capital University.

At this time, sane netizens began to advise: [Normally we shouldn’t care about other people’s family affairs. For those of you who want to seek justice, what is your mentality? To whom do you want to seek justice? Is it for Gu Ye or yourself? If it is not handled according to your ideas, then they should die?]

[My god, what's going on? Why are so many people asking her to die? Is this woman a murderer? Why is the comment section so violent?][1]

At this moment, Gu Ye urged anxiously, "Mom, I'm watching you online right now. Come down quickly! If you don't come down, I'll ask for leave and go back home this instant!"

"I'm just enjoying the wind and not jumping. You should just continue doing what you are doing!" Mrs. Gu said like she didn't care but secretly wiped her tears away, giving the feeling that anyone who forced her to die was a bastard.

Gu Ye coaxed patiently, "Come down first, we can discuss anything you want. There is a lot of online violence, and whoever dies first loses. Don't you want to see the person who spread the rumors get caught?"

At this time, the door was suddenly pushed open, and Gu Yang rushed in anxiously, "Mom! What are you doing? Come down quickly!"

Xia Xiang: "The live broadcast has been interrupted."

Gu Ye heard his brother’s agitated voice on the other end of the phone and said helplessly, "Mom, you are really..." Gu Ye didn't know what to say to her. "Those with weak hearts would really get scared to death by you! Why are you so angry with a group of lunatics? If you are free, you can go play mahjong, do beauty treatments, go shopping for clothes, and watch fashion shows. Do you think that my father could allow others to bully you like this?"

Mrs. Gu blinked awkwardly. Gu Ye’s dad doesn’t even go on the Internet. How could he care about such a trivial matter? She said awkwardly, "Okay, okay, you can go about your business. I also need to find a lawyer to sue those bastards!"

Within two minutes of hanging up the phone, someone restored the original version of the controversial video, and the picture was clearer this time. In the video, Mrs. Gu asked Gu Ye something with a smile, and Gu Ye smilingly answered a few words. Hearing that, Mrs. Gu happily patted Gu Ye on the shoulder and said a few more words. Judging from their expressions, Mrs. Gu was not beating Gu Ye at all but a joking gesture.

Those who cursed Mrs. Gu to death were dumbfounded, and the other netizen was excited: [The situation was reversed, reversed! I just like popcorn with plot twists! Slap in the face pa pa pa!]

Immediately afterward, another video was posted online. This video was found on the surveillance camera in front of the school. In addition to restoring the original version, the front and back were lengthened a lot. After Gu Ye's college entrance examination, his mother was waiting for him at the school gate under the scorching sun like an ordinary parent. After Gu Ye came out, looking at their mouth movements, it was obvious that she asked Gu Ye how he did in the exam. The two made a few jokes and got into the car holding hands.

The one who photoshopped a posthumous photo of Mrs. Gu started to scold the people who spread the rumors. The person who bought the funeral wreath stood at the door of Gu's property, holding the wreath and being watched by passers-by like an idiot. He was also angry and turned the focus on the person who spread the rumors. The person who called Capital University got stuck in the middle of the call. The situation was reversed so fast that it left people completely unprepared.

The online navy raised by Gu Lin's company also came on board at this moment, and they scolded all the trolls each one one by one, and the scoldings were unpleasant!

[You dare to photoshop posthumous photos of other people, I dare too. I can also use fancy Photoshop to create mass graves for keyboard trolls. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!]

The most calm person was Gu Ye's father. President Gu said calmly, "Don’t let go even a single one, let's sue them all."

The teachers at Gu Ye’s school were also speechless. "Why are today's young people so short-tempered? When the facts were put in front of them, they were all dumbfounded."

"By generalizing, they are just blind. They are passionate but have no brains. They are always being taken advantage of, probably because they are still young, and bad people take advantage of children of this age."

"Because the law can't control them for the time being. Rumormongers will definitely be caught, but no one cares about this group of angry young people who curse the same. So they will dare to do this again next time."

After finishing speaking, several old professors looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly. The current situation of society may change in the future, but it will take time.

Online violence that lasted for a day was reversed that night because the Gu family had money to hire people to find evidence, find people with skills to restore the video, and also find the original video from the school gate a few months ago. Many people online lamented that this was actually a misunderstanding and that it was so boring. The rest of the netizens scolded those who spread rumors saying that they are not human beings, they are scum and are harming society, so they might as well die. It’s the same routine of forcing people to death. As for the victim, Mrs. Gu, very few apologized to her for their actions.

The person who caused this farce is also scared. He originally shot this video and deliberately changed it to look controversial so that Mrs. Gu and Gu Ye are popular on the Internet. Then, he would use this chance to absorb some traffic and win the public's attention, and then open an entertainment gossip studio to take pictures of celebrities' private lives. It is said that after celebrities are photographed, they will pay high prices to buy the dirty information, which can make a lot of money. He never expected that his action would cause someone to almost die.

Thinking that the Gu family is so rich, what if someone is sent to investigate him and take revenge on him? In order not to leave any evidence, the person deleted the Weibo post out of fear and canceled his Weibo account. Just when he breathed a sigh of relief, the police came to the door.

"What did I do? Why are you arresting me? I didn't do anything! Why do you arrest people so casually? I want to expose you on the Internet for knowing and breaking the law!"

This person is also yelling very loudly, as if very sure that the police don’t have anything on him! The police didn't even bother to talk nonsense to him, so they just put him in a police car and took him away. They really don’t know which idiot told this mentally retarded person that if the rumor-mongering video is deleted from the Internet, the police will not be able to find out who it belongs to.

Everyone originally thought that this matter would be over with the arrest of the rumor mongers. Unexpectedly, Gu Ye posted a short video on Weibo that night, pushing the matter to another climax.

The video was taken in dim light. It's not a normal warm color in a common household, but a weird reddish color. There is a ferocious-looking statue of a god on a large table. There are incense burners and offerings in front of it, and there are many incomprehensible charms hanging next to it. It looks evil no matter how one looks at it.

Gu Ye stood in this weird environment with a smile on his face, faced the camera, and sneered: "Whoever tried forcing my mother to die today should quickly apologize to my mother. Otherwise, who the hell knows what will happen."

As soon as this Weibo post came out, everyone was scared crazy, because not only was Gu Ye's aura so scary, but they also saw a clear shadow in the corner behind Gu Ye, a woman in red clothes! That woman only has her upper body! No legs! No legs!!

Netizens who had been quiet just now suddenly exploded: [I'm sorry! I give in! I was wrong! I can't afford to anger you!]

[I'm sorry, I’m sorry, I'll never curse someone without asking for the facts again! Take your formation back quickly! Take that female ghost back!]

[That woman, ah ah ah ah ah, is she a ghost, is she a ghost? Gu Ye can really attract ghosts!]

[It is indeed wrong to force people to die, but is it too much for you to scare people like this?]

[At first glance, I can see that this is photoshopped. What a scam! She (Mrs. Gu) is not dead anyway, so why should we apologize? Attention-seeker, is it only your mother's life is precious?]

[^ You are saying like other people’s life is worthless. Fortunately, this suicide attempt was discovered just in time. What about those who were not discovered? Will it be just like the family of three who were driven to death by online violence a few days ago?]

[It’s just casual talk. Who doesn’t know how to say these three words, ‘go to hell’? She's not dead anyway, so why should we apologize? This whole thing is absolutely false!]

[^ Did you apologize when someone really dies? There are already too many people driven to death by online violence. With just a few taps on the keyboard, writing ‘go to hell’ makes you feel happy. But have you ever thought about what one person would think if so many people's vicious words were thrown at him?]

[Idiots, please apologize quickly. Didn’t Gu Ye say before that anyone who scolded his whole family to die would definitely bump into ghosts when they went out? Someone really bumped into ghosts!]

[Damn it! For real?! So evil?!]

[Can this be false? Someone already said it in the comments! He is the Gu Ye who can destroy a wealthy family with just a fortune-telling! Something happened to Dingnan Entertainment recently. Their celebrities were either taking drugs or cheating. He can really pinch and calculate, what more attracts ghosts? If you don’t want to bump into a ghost, apologize quickly!]

[Apologize! Apologize to the victims of online violence! If you don’t apologize, aren’t you afraid of ghosts knocking on your door in the middle of the night?]

After being intimidated by Gu Ye and pressured by people who couldn't stand it online, people lined up to apologize regardless of whether they were sincere or not. Occasionally, a few people who wanted to quibble were scolded like dogs by righteous netizens, and they bowed their heads and apologized.

Gu Ye coldly looked at these keyboard trolls apologizing to him. Picking up a snow rice cake offered on the table, he tore open the package and took a bite. It was crunchy and crispy. Then he said to the portrait of the King of Hell, "While others worship gods, I worship ghosts. You have to open your eyes and look at the world. If anyone is being a bastard, you will take him away."

After Gu Ye finished speaking, he left. Sister Hong Dou quickly took another piece of rice cake to top it up and bowed apologetically to the statue. Having an owner who doesn't follow any rules is also very worrying.

Overnight, the screenshot of Gu Ye setting up an altar to force an apology from the keyboard warrior was spread all over the Internet. The Internet spread the rumors about Gu Ye's abilities and it became more and more mysterious. Some people actually asked him to tell fortunes.

[Asking for help: Master, can you help me find a partner?]

[Master Gu! Can you read my fortune for me?]

[Master Gu! I think my house is haunted. There are breathing sounds under my bed! Help!]

Gu Ye took a look at it in the morning and replied casually: [Got money?]

Netizen: [Third Young Master Gu, are you short of money?!]

Gu Ye: [The rules in our industry are that if you don’t have money to pay, don’t talk.]

Netizen: [Here! I'll give you money!]

Gu Ye: [Sorry, I have military training tomorrow, and I’m not in a good mood right now. Let’s talk about it when I get back tonight.]

Netizen: […]

As soon as Gu Ye arrived at the school, he noticed many people peeking at him. Zhao Pengyu, who was sitting in the third row, waved, "Gu Ye! Here!"

Gu Ye curved the corner of his mouth and walked over calmly. Zhao Pengyu asked with a smirk, "Brother, you did a great job last night!"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "It's okay, but it's a pity that those people got scared and apologized."

When the students around Gu Ye heard that his tone sounded quite regretful, they couldn't help but look at him twice. At this glance, they felt that they had thought too much. He looked unaffected and seemed to be in a good mood.

The boy in front of Gu Ye couldn't help but turn around and ask in a low voice, "Gu Ye, can you really attract ghosts?"

Gu Ye smiled and said in a good-tempered way, "How can there be any ghosts in this world? Ghosts are all born in people's hearts. If you don't do bad things, there will never be ghosts."

Everyone around thought what Gu Ye said was very reasonable. They were all highly educated academics, and they didn’t believe in ghosts and gods. “I understand now, you are taking advantage of their guilty conscience to scare them deliberately, right? That’s so refreshing!”

"That photoshopped picture is so scary! Did you PS-ed it yourself?"

"Gu Ye, how come you missed the college entrance examination full mark by just one point? You're so awesome!"

At first glance, Gu Ye was not as aloof as expected. The classmates around him were talking to him quietly. Gu Ye held his chin and chatted with anyone, and they quickly became familiar with him.

"Gu Ye is not aloof at all. Who said he is not easy to talk to?"

"His eyes are curved when he smiles. He's so beautiful!"

"He has a really good temper and speaks outright. He can also curse people, hahaha~ but the curses are not rude at all."

"I asked him for an autograph, but he was confused and said that he was not a celebrity, so why did I want an autograph? His surprised expression was so cute!"

After class, a group of girls chatted and went to the cafeteria to eat. A girl dressed inconspicuously followed them quietly, holding a textbook and lowering her head. Hearing their praise about Gu Ye, she pursed her lips and chuckled.

Hearing that, the girl in front looked back in confusion, with a bit of disgust in her eyes, "Li Jiatong, you are scary like this, okay?"

"Yeah, it’s really shocking if you do this at night!"

"I'm sorry!" The girl apologized quickly, took two steps, and hid aside.

"Who is she? Do you know her?"

"Oh, we used to be from the same high school. She is timid and naive, believing whatever others say. She usually studies well and has good test scores. She often gets scholarships and can pay her own tuition, but she just doesn't have the confidence.”

I heard," the girl looked around, lowered her voice, and whispered, "She was adopted by her parents who had no children and had no other choice. Later, her parents gave birth to a girl. She was very outstanding and beautiful since she was a child. So, Li Jiatong has been treated as a servant by her whole family since she was a child. It may be that she has suffered too many blows, which is why she has become so unsure of herself."

Several girls looked sympathetically at Li Jiatong, who was walking alone with her head down in the distance, "How pitiful."

"Yes, her position in the family is too embarrassing."

Li Jiatong took out her mobile phone again. She took another picture of Gu Ye's back in the corner of the last row in the morning. Compared with the one she took last time, Gu Ye looked more mature and taller. It becomes increasingly difficult for one to take their eyes away.

Gu Ye, who had just left the classroom, felt cold all over and shivered for no reason. Zhao Pengyu joked, "What's wrong? Sister Ghost misses you??"

Xia Xiang punched Zhao Pengyu on the waist, "Shut up! Don't mention that word!"

Gu Ye frowned and couldn't figure it out himself, "I feel like a pair of eyes are staring at me. That feeling... is very depressing."

Xia Xiang said seriously: "I didn't see anything. Besides, it's daytime now."

"Forget it, I can’t calculate what it is. I’ll deal with it when it comes."

Gu Ye gave up without even thinking about it. The three of them went to the cafeteria to eat together. Xia Xiang checked on the school forum and found that the food in Cafeteria 2 was the most delicious. Gu Ye ordered 4 meat types and a bowl of rice. The portion was obviously larger than Zhao Pengyu's.

Zhao Pengyu was dissatisfied, "Why is your plate full of meat?"

"It's not like I can't afford meat, so why should I eat vegetables? I’m not a rabbit."

"No! They're all braised pork ribs. You have 8 pieces, but I only have 5."

Gu Ye tsk-ed and said, "Maybe it's because you are ugly, and Auntie thinks you are annoying to the eyes."

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu angrily robbed Gu Ye of his meat. Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, took a video, and sent it to Yu Ze. While eating, he asked in a voice message, "President Yu, your nephew is robbing me of my food. Do you need me to beat your nephew on your behalf?"

Zhao Pengyu had just stuffed a piece of pork ribs into his mouth when he heard this. He raised his head in shock, "Frick! You are too small-minded, dare to snitch on me!"

At this time, Gu Ye's phone vibrated, and Yu Ze replied: [Hit him.]

Gu Ye smiled and showed it to Zhao Pengyu, "Your uncle asked me to take care of the child for him. Quick, call me Father!"

Zhao Pengyu snatched the phone over. Gu Ye's phone screen is turned off so he tapped on it. Unexpectedly, the screen lit up and Zhao Pengyu was stunned when he saw the person on the screen saver.

"What's wrong?" Gu Ye took the phone back and saw Yu Ze's handsome face. The corners of Gu Ye's mouth subconsciously raised. He put the phone against his drink and looked at Yu Ze’s face. He felt that he could eat another bowl of rice with that photo.

"Gu Ye, what's your relationship with my uncle?" Zhao Pengyu looked at Gu Ye with complicated eyes and asked tentatively.

"What kind of relationship? Just friends, what else can it be?" Gu Ye was eating, doesn’t understand that question.

"But why did you use his photo as a screen saver? This is his office, right? My uncle has never looked at me with such tender eyes. You two have such a good relationship in private?"

Gu Ye’s smile stilled and he subconsciously glanced at Yu Ze's eyes, which seemed... indeed very soft. Yu Ze’s gaze at him, it changed from being a stranger and defensive at first, to admiring him later, and now, he can no longer understand Yu Ze as well.

"Maybe it's because of our affinity. Also, he's good-looking." Gu Ye said carelessly, "I just like to see good-looking people. What's wrong with using him as a screensaver?"

Zhao Pengyu frowned, "Celebrities are much better, why don't you use them?"

Gu Ye rolled his eyes, "Are you stupid, because he is prettier than a celebrity!"

Zhao Pengyu was speechless. He couldn't refute this reason.

Gu Ye clicked on the screen again, stared at Yu Ze for five seconds, and sighed in his heart: ‘If one day he couldn't help but capture Yu Ze home to be his wife, it must be because he has fallen in love with his beauty. Unfortunately, there is a red line on Yu Ze’s hand. He wonders which little devil got the advantage.’

Gu Ye came home with his military training uniform in his arms at night and cut a slice of watermelon. While eating, he logged onto Weibo out of boredom to see what new and outrageous things Dingnan Entertainment had done. He also didn't expect that the Weibo account he just registered at random would already have 20,000 fans, and many people would leave him messages: [How much does it cost to tell a fortune?]

Gu Ye eats and feels amused at the same time. Business can be done like this? He replied: [3 fortune-telling a day. Each cost 1,000 yuan. Payment must be done first.]

Netizens complained: [It’s too expensive! You are cheating money!]

Gu Ye spit out two watermelon seeds: [(ˉ▽ ̄~) Tsk~~ Nobody force you to pay!]

Netizens were hesitant. They wanted to get a fortune-telling because they were curious about this and were just joining in the fun. It would be better to have a good meal with that 1,000 yuan than throwing it away for a fortune-telling.

Just when everyone was retreating, a netizen named ‘Spicy Crayfish’ jumped out: [I want a fortune-telling! Can tell any fortune as long as I give the money? Do you dare to tell the fortune of public figures?]

Gu Ye: [If you dare to post it, I will count it.]

The man immediately posted 2 pictures to Gu Ye with a message: [I will send you money via PM. You pick one to tell the fortune! (Finger heart gesture.jpg)]

When Gu Ye saw the 2 people in the photo, the corners of his mouth twitched. He spat out a watermelon seed and replied: [You are ruthless!]

Of these two people, one is the young leader of the current business world and the heir to the Yu family, Yu Ze. Another is an entrepreneur who created an era, Gu Ye’s father, Gu Decheng.

These two are also familiar people to Gu Ye, who should he choose?

Gu Ye: If one day I fall in love with you, it must be because you are good-looking.
Yu Ze: ...Shut up! Don't say it out loud!

Raw word count: 5793


[1] Banana also don’t understand. Arguing online is quite normal, but why would you ask someone to go and die? Generally speaking, no one deserves to be called out to die (except rapist/murderer/heavy criminal). So, no matter how you want to express your argument, you should never ask someone to die or scold them to die.
I saw this quite frequently in kpop scene, mainly amongst the fans when they were cursing out other idols or people they don’t like. Banana is a fan of Twoset Violin so for those who knows, you know la. Banana saw these kpop fans asking Twoset to go and die, just because they don’t like how TSV do their stuff. These children don’t know how hurtful it is and it’s actually disturbing to see that many youngsters who think it’s okay to curse someone to die.
They might be thinking the same thing, ‘I told them to go and die, but it’s not like they will go and die anyway.’ But that negative energy and the malicious intent, it doesn’t go away like that. I can’t explain it properly in words but Banana believe in ‘Do not do unto others, what you do not want others to do unto you’. So if you asked people to die, you deserved to be done the same. You deserved it. See how you react then. So, please be kind… at the very least, don’t ask someone to die.

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