Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 43 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 43 Internet Violence Part 2

Gu Ye and his parents left school and happened to pass by a girl. The girl stopped on the spot and looked back at Gu Ye's back in shock. Seeing his well-dressed and elegant parents, she suddenly thought of the background of Gu Ye's family. Thinking about herself again, she opened her mouth to say something but in the end, felt too inferior to call out.

The girl opened her phone and found the photo she had treasured for a long time. It was a picture of Gu Ye's back. The girl watched Gu Ye disappear from sight, hugged the phone tightly in her arms, and blushed quietly.

After a long time, she posted a message in Moments that was only visible to herself: I didn’t expect to meet him on the first day of school, but he didn’t seem to recognize me. It doesn't matter, I'm so inconspicuous, it's only normal that he doesn't remember. However, I will try my best.

Mrs. Gu attended the freshman welcome meeting as scheduled. Sitting in the front row, the wealthy lady dressed elegantly and charmingly was the focus of the entire venue from her appearance to her temperament. Coupled with Gu Ye's good looks, as soon as the mother and son pair was exposed, the Internet exploded: [The most beautiful mother suddenly appeared at Capital University's opening ceremony!]

Mrs. Gu is captured very clearly in the photo, even the tears in her eyes are very clear. The child who was raised by herself is now so outstanding. As a mother, it is inevitable that she will feel a little proud. In addition, Gu Ye said at the end of his speech, "Thank you to my former teachers, thank you to my family, and especially thank you to my mother who can sit here for me today and raise me to adulthood. Thank you for your hard work."

With this last sentence, Mrs. Gu couldn't hold back and burst into tears on the spot.

The entire Internet is reposting, "How much effort does a mother need to give to raise a son so good?"

Those with children at home know that being a mother is not easy. Many netizens sighed at Mrs. Gu’s hard work and having sensible children. Some people also complained bitterly, In fact, she is not that good. The freshman representative is Gu Decheng's third son, and this woman is his stepmother.

Many sensible netizens left messages: [It is difficult for a stepmother, and it is even more difficult for a stepmother from a wealthy family. With so many eyes watching, it seems that the relationship between mother and child is not bad.]

[Yes, yes, the child also said it very sincerely. So not all stepmothers are bad.]

Just when the online comments were in harmony, a piece of gossip news suddenly broke out: [Shocking! Rich stepmother beats her stepson in the street! He is actually the top scorer in the science stream this year!]

The topic of stepmothers beating children is too sensitive. As soon as it was posted, it attracted countless attention and was immediately shared across the Internet. Looking at the video of just a few seconds, the background is a high school, it should be the time of the college entrance examination. It was not known why but Mrs. Gu can be seen slapping Gu Ye’s shoulder hard. They were far away and the video couldn't see the expressions of the mother and son clearly, but the viewers could still tell that the one who was beaten was really Gu Ye, this year's top scorer in science, the most tender school grass at the Capital University, and the third son of Gu Decheng!

Netizens who had praised Mrs. Gu were stunned: [My god! Is it okay to hit a child in the street? If you can hit like this in public, how much worse you will hit at home?]

[The wealthy family is so scary, I feel sorry for my future little husband!]

[I heard that Gu Ye was not good at studying before. He was dull and clumsy, and always ranked last in the exams. It was not until the last half of the year that he suddenly showed his strength and ranked first in the school in the first monthly exam. That's Wu Zhong High School, the Wu Zhong that is famous throughout the country for its enrollment rate!]

[Don't you think it's strange? Gu Ye was able to get into Wu Zhong, but why didn't he study well in Wu Zhong? Does Gu Ye have a younger brother, born from his stepmother?]

[Photos of Gu Ye from before appeared immediately on the Internet. He looked like a pitiful little boy. Compared with now, his eyes look like he is completely different. Immediately afterward, someone took out a photo of Gu Yang and compared it with Gu Ye's previous photos. It looked like a poor and abused young man and a carefree young master from a rich family.]

Comments online immediately exploded: [Oh my God, I smell a conspiracy!]

[It's too scary, how terrible is the treatment that forces a child to act stupid from an early age?]

[Oh my God, this woman! I was so terrified that I had goosebumps all over my body!]

[How disgusting, so good at pretending! She also pretended to be very touched and even cried! vomits]

[Stepmother in human skin, Gu Ye might have been sarcastic when he said those words of gratitude, hah! Thanking her for the hard work and needing to raise him!]

[Why is this woman still alive?]

[Go to hell! Abusing of stepson, I just say that there is no good stepmother in the world. How could she be nice to him if he wasn't her own child?]

The trend on the Internet changed instantly, from praising Mrs. Gu for her hard work to calling her an old witch in human skin, cursing her to die quickly, and even asking on Gu Lin’s company Weibo: [Do you know your brother is being abused?? Do you know that your stepmother is so good at pretending?]

Mrs. Gu is a person who often browses Weibo to read gossip. Before she could recover from the praise of ‘the most beautiful mother’, she was immediately scolded like a dog. Mrs. Gu was so angry that she even tore off her facial mask at home. She jumped up and down and cursed, "Nonsense! Fart! Quoting out of context! These people are simply writing without conscience!"

People like Mrs. Gu will never cry when they are wronged but must make others cry. She angrily opened Weibo, authenticated her account right away, and forwarded the Weibo where the video was released. In the caption, she wrote: [Fart your a.ss! Those who spread rumors that I abused my son will never have a son in this lifetime. If there’s one, after giving birth to a baby, you’ll take a DNA test and find out, haha, it’s not your biological son!]

This sentence was so vicious. Seeing that Mrs. Gu abused her stepson and still being so arrogant, the keyboard warriors raised their keyboards and scolded: [You vicious woman!]

[Vicious! Old witch! Too cheap! Covered in hypocrisy, pretending to… frick, I can't even find the words to describe her!]

[Boorish! Is Gu Decheng blind? He found such a vicious woman!]

[It’s obvious that she’s not Gu Ye’s real mother (not acting like a real biological mother). Not only is she vicious, but she’s also rude! Crude! Go to hell! Why didn't God take her now?!]

People on the Internet were so mad at Mrs. Gu that they couldn't find the right words to retaliate. Other than telling her to die and scolding her for her lack of inner quality, they didn't know how to criticize her for a while.

Mrs. Gu doesn’t do anything else either. She only searches for those retarded comments to retort. When she swore, there was really not much inner quality there.

Gu Ye’s Mother*: [It’s obvious to all whether Gu Decheng is blind or not. People who get fooled by a few words from the rumor-mongering bastard are mentally retarded. You guys are definitely some shiet-spraying machine that doesn’t have eyes and doesn’t know where your ancestral grave is. When Old Wang next door says I am your dad, you just chase after him and call him dad, blindly believing whatever he says!]

*It’s her ID nickname lol, in case someone don't get it

Netizen who cursed Mrs. Gu: !!!

The whole internet is going crazy. They have never seen such a shameless, strong-willed, and boorish lady from a wealthy family!

When Mrs. Gu curses someone, she checks the number of reposts and comments on that Weibo post. Then, she saved screenshots from time to time. On the other hand, she called a lawyer, "I heard that as long as there are enough retweets, online slanders are punishable?"

The lawyer explained, “Yes, the Internet is no longer outside the law. According to the first paragraph of Article 246 of the Criminal Law, whoever openly insults others by violence or other methods or fabricates facts to slander others, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 3 years, criminal detention, public surveillance, or deprivation of political rights.”

“That post has been forwarded more than 8,000 times, with as many as 30,000 comments. Referring to the same article as stipulated in Paragraph 1 of Article 246 of the Criminal Law, if the post is actually clicked or viewed more than 5,000 times, or forwarded more than 500 times, the case will be deemed to be serious, and the person who spreads the rumor will be held legally responsible of. But I want to ask you, Mrs. Gu, is this video real? I know this was deliberately cut out and taken out of context. What I mean, has the video been maliciously manipulated?"

Mrs. Gu watched the video again and said firmly, "It’s just the speed has been sped up, making it look like the beating is fast and hard. I'm not sick! Why would I beat the child with so many people looking?!"

Mrs. Gu suddenly thought of what Gu Ye said about being photographed, "This crow's mouth!" Now she really wanted to hit the child, but unfortunately, she couldn't!

The lawyer smiled and said, "This is even better then because the action has constituted the crime of fabricating facts to slander others. If the victim is caused to become mentally disturbed or even commit suicide, the crime will be more serious."

Mrs. Gu sneered, "Does it mean that the more forwards/reposting there are, the more serious the fker’s crime will be? If I can't bear the pressure anymore, my mentality collapses, and want to commit suicide, will this become a bigger problem?"

The lawyer stopped talking. It was the first time he saw a woman who was so rational and cruel after being bullied online.

Gu Ye, Zhao Pengyu, and Xia Xiang walked around the campus together after dinner to get familiar with the campus environment. For some reason, the three of them found that people passing by gave Gu Ye sympathetic looks.

Gu Ye and Xia Xiang are both people with sensitive senses, and they immediately notice something is wrong, "What's going on? Why do people look at me like a little cabbage in winter?"

Xia Xiang took out his mobile phone and said calmly, "Just check the school's internal gossip website and you will know. This is the gathering place for school gossip. Whether it is gossip or small information, if you want to look for it, you can find it."

Gu Ye went over to take a look and saw the news about his little mother committing suicide on the Internet. Gu Ye was immediately frightened, "Holy shit! Is my mother crazy?!" Gu Ye's forehead was buzzing, and his heart was tightening in anxiety. Especially after he promised to provide for him in retirement, the other party has really treated him like his own son recently.

Gu Ye was so frightened that he wanted to quickly call his mother. He took out his cell phone and suddenly realized, "No, this is not in line with her temper! My father and brother are both at home at this time of the day. Who would let her commit suicide?"

Xia Xiang browses the discussion quickly, "Auntie was bullied online. I don’t know who uploaded a video saying that Auntie beats you, which triggered numerous attacks from netizens, saying that you were abused by Auntie since you were a child. Auntie couldn't bear the agitation and declared to commit suicide live on Weibo. It's a real video live broadcast, not a text-based live broadcast. Auntie scolded these keyboard trolls as her executioners and said she would not let them go even if she turned into a ghost. She even had a scolding match with them before that."

Gu Ye was about to make a call, but suddenly lost his hurry after hearing this, "You mean my mother declared to commit suicide live after scolding someone?"

Xia Xiang nodded quickly, "Yes."

Zhao Pengyu was also anxious, "Hurry up and call the police. Call your home. Why don't we ask for leave and go back and have a look?!"

"Don't worry yet," Gu Ye looked at his mother's Weibo, "Let me see if she cut her wrists or took vitamin tablets?"

Xia Xiang: "...jumping off the building."

Hearing that, Zhao Pengyu’s mouth twitched, "The attic on the third floor of his house is the highest but with just a door and no windows. She has to go to the second floor if she wants to jump out of the window."

Gu Ye frowned, he wouldn't be worried if she planned to eat pills or cut her wrists. It's hard to say if she wanted to jump from the building. It wouldn’t kill her if she fell from the second floor, but it would make those who scolded her even more guilty. With his little mother’s explosive temper, she might really have the guts to jump.

Gu Ye quickly called his mother, he has to stop it now!

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[Banana - To be honest, I don't get it when netizen call someone to go die. In my book, no one deserved to be pressured to die except for rap i st :v
The older I gets, the more I can't get current netizen especially kpop netizen ^^;;]

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