Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 43 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 43 Internet Violence Part 1

The day before the start of the semester at Capital University, the school issued a notice online asking students to report to the school in advance, check in to the dormitory, apply for meal cards, etc. In short, before the official start of class, everyone should take care of all the basic necessities and processes. You can delay eating, but you cannot delay class.

Gu Ye brought his luggage a day earlier and was sent to the house bought for him by his parents. There are many school district houses near the school. Many college students rent houses here. The surrounding transportation is convenient, the living facilities are comprehensive, and there is a large supermarket at the entrance of the community. The most important thing is that it only takes 5 minutes to walk to school.

Gu Decheng is very satisfied with the house bought by his assistant. "Good, safety is the most important thing. I think the security work is also very good. In the morning, you should just sleep less and walk to school (instead of taking the car). Your living habits are too lazy. How can you, young man, not have a little perseverance?"

Gu Ye nodded obediently, "Dad, you are right."

Gu Decheng nodded with satisfaction, "From now on, you will live by yourself This is considered adapting to society in advance. Try to solve everything by yourself, don't rely on others. If you want to solve a problem with money, no problem but you have to earn the money yourself."

President Gu's philosophy in raising his son is: If you can solve things with money, you don't have to do it yourself, but you have to use your brain to make the money first.

"Okay Dad, you're right."

President Gu is very pleased with his son's obedience. After walking around the house, he can see that there are 3 bedrooms and 2 living rooms on the first floor. The side bed was used as a study room, and the assistant enthusiastically bought a whole study room of books, as well as a large desk where one could practice calligraphy. President Gu nodded with satisfaction, "Read often and cultivate your character."

Gu Ye nodded mechanically, "Dad, everything you said is right."

The third side bedroom is empty. The assistant’s idea is that whatever Gu Ye likes, he can help to buy it now and install it on the same day. It all depends on his personal preference. Gu Ye looked at his father's face and said seriously, "Just buy me a few more bookshelves. No need to buy books. I'll buy them myself."

President Gu is very happy that his son likes to study more and more.

Mrs. Gu on the side thought of the banners and charms her son had secretly brought. She speechlessly went to the kitchen to have a look instead. For the sake of her husband’s blood pressure, it was better not to say anything.

"The kitchen supplies are all bought for you. If you don't want to eat out, you can make them yourself." After Mrs. Gu came out, she told Gu Ye, "I will send someone to fill your refrigerator every day and clean it for you... "

"It's not like he doesn't know how to find someone, so don't worry about him." Gu Decheng interrupted his wife, "He is an adult and can do his own thing. Don't spoil him."

Gu Ye smiled bitterly. So, why did his father send him to school personally when he had so many things to do? People say we are in the same world and have the same father. Gu Ye wonders if other people's fathers are like this too. Like when the father is with the son, they will take the opportunity to teach their son about anything they see.

The second floor is still empty now and since Gu Ye lives by himself, it feels deserted. Mrs. Gu suggested, "How about you bring the dog to keep you company?"

President Gu rejected it seriously, "He comes here to attend school, what with raising dogs? Let's talk about it after graduation."

Gu Ye sighed, thinking that his thought was correct.

Mrs. Gu had no choice but to look at Gu Ye sympathetically and said, “Well, you live by yourself, pay attention to safety, and don’t bring bad children back. If you really like a girl, don't mess around with her. If you don't want to marry her, don't let her stay overnight."

Gu Ye almost collapsed, "Am I that kind of person?"

"I'm just telling you in advance. You have to find a normal girl to fall in love with, but you can’t hurt other people’s daughters. You are getting older and we can't watch you anymore, but I will come to check on you from time to time. " Mrs. Gu looked at Gu Ye's face and added worriedly, "Be careful not to be deceived by the little vixens. Bad girls have better schemes now."

Gu Ye simply wanted to kneel down to them, "Mom and Dad, let's go to school quickly. It will take time to complete the procedures."

"Okay, okay, we’ll stop talking." Mrs. Gu sighed deeply, feeling extremely anxious.

Gu Ye walked to the door tiredly. At this moment, two people happened to come in carrying a big box. Gu Ye recognized it was his treasure and hurriedly said, "Move these things to the empty room. You don't need to worry about the rest. I will clean it up when I come back." After saying that, he turned around and put one arm around his father's arm and the other around his little mother's arm, dragging them out, "I'm late, I'm late! You two, hurry up!"

Capital University was founded in the early 19th century. It has experienced the most difficult years in modern China and has gone through ups and downs for more than a hundred years. It has developed into a world-class school covering an area of more than 6,000 acres and has cultivated countless outstanding talents for the country and the people. It can be said that those who can pass the exam have laid the foundation for their future lives. To be able to raise a child to be so outstanding, most families have a financial foundation.

In the parking lot near the school, you can see countless luxury cars. When Gu Decheng's car was parked there, it still stood out from the crowd. As soon as the family of three got out of the car, they were stopped by reporters.

"It is said that your son is the top scorer in the science stream this year. Your son is so outstanding. Is there anything President Gu wants to say to his son?"

"I am a reporter from Huaxia Xuezi Network. Today, the two of us sent our children to school together. This is a rare opportunity. Let's take a group photo in front of the school."

"Does President Gu have any expectations for the future of his third son? Does he hope that he will set up his own company like his two brothers?"

"Which son will be President Gu's successor? Will it be Old Third?"

Seeing several reporters gathered around him, Gu Decheng asked with a straight face, "Is it strange for a father to send his children to school? Where do so many questions come from?"

With just one sentence, the reporters could only laugh dryly at everything Gu Decheng said and didn't dare to ask any more questions. However, they didn't leave and followed behind Gu Decheng at a short distance, like a string of Calabash Brothers.

Gu Ye took out his admission notice and entered the school gate. He was immediately greeted by the reception desk to welcome the new students. Many seniors and senior students were explaining to the new students how to go, what to do first, and what to do next. For some students, their parents helped to take care of the process, but Gu Ye took the lead and did everything he had to do after asking some questions. He walked in front, followed by his parents, and then followed by reporters who sneaked in, attracting many students to look at them.

Considering his father’s age, Gu Ye found a resting place on the roadside of the school and said, "You guys sit here and wait for me. I will come back to you when I'm done. Let's go out to eat at noon, so don't run around."

The couple doesn’t know if to laugh or cry. Gu Decheng waved his hand, "Do you think we are children? Go quickly!"

Gu Ye left with a smile.

Someone nearby secretly commented, "The long-awaited school grass is finally here! He is so handsome!"

"The smile is so beautiful, I feel the world is sweeter, my god! My heart is pounding!"

"That's Gu Decheng! Papa Gu is very elegant. He's 60 and has no gray hair yet! He looks like a charming uncle!"

"His mother is so beautiful and young!"

"Shhh! She is the stepmother and is nearly 20 years younger than Gu Ye’s father. How can she not be young?"

"Never mind whether she’s biological mother and stepmother, this is a living Gu Decheng that we’re talking about! Hurry and take a picture! Asking for Papa Gu’s blessing, please help me find a good job in the future!"

Papa Gu looked at the reporter sneaking over, and then at the students watching him secretly, and his expression immediately sank, "It's so shameful for kids nowadays to casually call me dad! Are they all interested in Old Third? But he can only marry one! If he dares to mess with around, I will break his legs!"

Mrs. Gu took a sip of water and told her husband calmly, "You are thinking too much. They called other people their husbands, like the Yu family’s Yu Ze, the Dong family’s only son, and also our second son. As for Old Third, they called him little husband, and little boyfriend. Nowadays, young people are like this, you are too outdated."

President Gu's face turned dark, "That's outrageous! Can they just casually call this? What a nonsense!"

Mrs. Gu was amused, hugged her husband's arm, and praised, "Oh, you are so cute like this!"

President Gu's face is darker, people are sick! Everyone is sick!*

[Banana: It doesn’t sound as harsh in Chinese, would it be better if I use the word mental instead?]

Soon, Gu Ye finished everything he had to do, and was in a hurry to go back when he heard someone shouting from behind, "Gu Ye? Are you Gu Ye?"

Gu Ye turned around and looked at the girl who was catching up with him with confusion. She had short hair and was dressed in a refreshing outfit. She didn't look like a freshman so he asked, "Senior sister, are you looking for me?"

"You don't recognize me?" The senior sister's eyes widened and she pointed to herself sadly, "We met in the elevator. My name is Hang Siwen, and my mother's surname is Wang. You helped to check the Feng Shui for my house and saved our family of four.”

Gu Ye suddenly said, "Oh, I remembered, you are Aunt Wang's daughter, the one who called Zhao Pengyu a little bastard."

Hang Siwen smiled sheepishly, "That's because he was such an asshole when he was a child. Let's not talk about him anymore. I would like to thank you first for saving my whole family. I am in the sophomore design department and I am also a member of the student union. You can come to me if you need anything in the future." Hang Siwen took out a note from her pocket and wrote down her phone number, "My mobile phone number and WeChat number are the same, so don’t be shy to call."

Gu Ye took it and said, "Thank you, senior sister."

"By the way, since the incidents that happened to my family, I established a supernatural club. Do you want to join? I can give you the position of leader."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Thank you, senior sister, but I won't participate."

Hang Siwen looked disappointed and lost her energy to speak, "Well, then, just think about it again."

While they were talking, Gu Ye found that he was being observed. Not only the freshmen but also the seniors were looking at him. Gu Ye suddenly felt that he made the right choice to live outside. Gu Ye hurriedly said goodbye to Hang Siwen and left. When he found his old father, Gu Ye found that his old father was also being looked at. Papa Gu's face was very serious, and his little mother was trying to persuade him. As soon as they saw Gu Ye coming back, the couple stood up and asked, "Is it done?"

"It's done." Gu Ye said with a smile, "However, I may need to trouble you to make another trip. I was selected as the freshman representative and I have to speak at the freshman welcome meeting. The school invited my parents to attend. If you are not free, then just Mom can come too.”

Gu Decheng decided with a straight face, without thinking for a second, "Then let your Mom do it."

Mrs. Gu was fine with the decision. Everyone who met her praised her for being young and good-looking. She didn't mind making two extra trips. It was said that Capital University's freshman welcome party and graduation ceremony had been very grand over the years, and the school would broadcast them live. Reporters from TV stations and major websites came to interview us, and even the national TV station paid great attention to it. At that time, major websites will also do live broadcasts of pictures and texts. Gu Ye will definitely be photographed in many close-ups, and as the mother of the representative of the new students, she will also be photographed. Mrs. Gu straightened her hair around her ears and said proudly, "Don't worry, Mom won't embarrass you."

Gu Ye couldn't help laughing and praised her, "Of course, my mother is the most beautiful in the world."

"Oh! You kid, you are the only one who can talk!" Mrs. Gu squeezed Gu Ye's face happily, her eyes narrowed with laughter.

Amused, Gu Ye looked at the time. It was already past 11.00 am. "Let's go to eat. You guys can go back after the meal. I can do things by myself."

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