Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 42 Xuanshu Association (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 42 This Master Gu is still your Master Gu (superior) Part 2

As he was talking, Gu Ye was pulled into the group. There were more than 900 people in the group. Before anyone in the group could say anything about new people joining, Gu Ye sent out a big red envelope.

The red envelopes were all snatched up in the blink of an eye, and everyone in the group jumped out: [Who is the new guy? I managed to grab a 10 yuan!]

[Wow, so generous, I grabbed 12 yuan! Is the new guy a wealthy person?]

[New joiner, taking pictures together screenshot screenshot!]

[Whoa, adding an administrator right away. Does the new guy have a strong backer?]

Administrator: [Restrain yourself. Old Bai said this is our Majesty’s younger brother.]

There was silence for a few seconds in the group. Then a group of silly people posted emoticons of kneeling down, thanking the little Wangye for the reward.

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched. The style of this group... is a bit hard to describe. However, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ so he won’t pretend to be aloof either: [Hello, brother and sister, I have a long-term big deal that I want to do with you~]

Everyone in the group replied: [Aiyou~ Come on, hero, let’s first sign a contract worth 10 billion~~]

Gu Ye squinted his eyes and looked at Xie Cheng, "Do you know why your senior brother is acting however he likes?"

Xie Cheng shook his head, wondering what Gu Ye wanted to do.

"Because no one goes against him, he gets used to having the power." Gu Ye sneered, "My senior brother didn't want to sound him out at that time, not because he was afraid of him, but because he felt that there weren't many people in the mystical world. If we continue to fight each other, we will only become more and more backward. Now it seems that he was wrong. The existence of Xuanshu Association is the executioner that kills the ideas of newcomers in the mystical world."

Gu Ye secretly sent a message to the group: [Brothers and sisters! Let’s go to the official website of China Anti-Cult to report Xuanshu Association, this shameless organization with no brand! The rubbish president is an inhuman thing. He bullies his master, disgraces his ancestors, and beats his junior brother! Regardless of his junior brother’s well-being, he wanted to drag him out of the hospital bed! Also, check the official forum of the Xuanshu Association. Comments are scolding them. Come on warriors! Report them!]

[Red envelope!]

[Red envelope!]

[Red envelope!]

Gu Ye sent 3 more red envelopes in a row and wrote: [Report them once every day, and I will send you guys red envelopes every day. Brothers, rise up!]

This group is originally a group of navy who are not afraid of chaos in the world. They are the best at setting the rhythm of news and so on. After receiving the red envelope, everyone joyfully wrote:

[Isn’t it just filing a report? It's easy to do, just have to move the mouse.]

[At times like this, there is still something called the Xuanshu Association. What do they do? It sounds very mysterious.]

[Brothers and sisters, go and report them!]

[You guys go report them first, and I will go to the forum to collect their information. Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated.]

[Okay, since you go to the forum to collect information, then I will go to the paparazzi to find out if there are any paparazzi who specialize in collecting news about this society. I need to get some information. Simply reporting it is of no use. To make the authorities believe it, there must be evidence.]

[That’s right! If they dare to quibble, confront them with evidence!]

This is a group of organized and disciplined navy. They will look for enough evidence and conduct investigations in advance before doing anything. Since Gu Ye said it was a cult, they went in that direction to search. Even if it's just to showcase themselves in front of the boss's brother, they have to work hard.

Not long after, they actually found some evidence. After taking screenshots of the forum, they compiled a long list of information and made it into a long Weibo post. Using a small account, they posted it on the Internet and then got someone to forward it.

All the facts prove that this is a feudal superstitious organization, with a boss, cadres, and a clear hierarchy.

Netizens who eat melon/popcorn at the side are not calm anymore: What age is this, and there is still such an organization? What are they doing? Why are there divisions of superiors and subordinates, just like a pyramid scheme?

After taking a closer look, people are flabbergasted. Many of the younger generation are orphans without parents. Isn't this duping children to work? It really looks like a cult!

On that day, the Xuanshu Association's forum was visited by a lot of passers-by. Coupled with the rhythm of the navy, everyone went to the China Anti-Cult official website to report it. Why does this kind of organization exist? Close it down, close it down!

The upper management of the Xuanshu Association was confused that day. They never thought that one day their association would step out of the circle and be scrutinized by countless netizens. Jing Lianzhong finally explained him clearly at the police station, but was dumbfounded by the report when he returned, "How did we attract the attention of so many netizens? Who did it?!"

The assistant was also very worried, "I don't know, it looks like someone is setting the pace, maybe an organization. After all, individuals don't have that much ability to push us out so quickly. Now I'm looking for someone to control the speech, but there was a group of people with very vicious mouths who kept making a comeback after every reply. It is uncontrollable."

Jing Lianzhong grimaced, took off his glasses, and pinched his eyebrows, "We must suppress public opinion, otherwise things will be more troublesome later."

Xie Cheng saw the trend on the Internet and admired Gu Ye, "Only rich people can think of this method. How much money do you have to have?"

Gu Ye smiled, "Poor people like you will never understand rich people. After I was admitted to college, my dad bought me a two-story villa directly next to the school. Are you envious?"

Xie Cheng palmed his forehead. He used to live in a dormitory, but now he lives at his Master's house. He doesn’t even have the money to rent a room.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "I can go out and help people look at their Feng Shui. The rich people can give me 1 million yuan, what about you?"

Xie Cheng covered his face and fell into despair. He used to take tasks from the association and receive a monthly salary after completing the work. He had never seen so much money, and he had no idea how much money they made for the association.

Gu Ye commented disdainfully, "Ignorant people, aren't you all fools? Garbage association, It should be put down as soon as possible!"

Xie Cheng was puzzled, "Aren't they almost finished with what you did?"

"It won't end that easily. The association has been established for so many years, how can it not have some backers? But with this commotion, they will definitely be called for interviews/interrogation and get their activities checked. So for some time from now on, they don't dare to look for you, and they don't dare to go out."

Gu Ye smiled evilly, "I want to make Jing Lianzhong bald with anger and make him eat shiet every day."

As expected, Jing Lianzhong was quickly interviewed by the relevant departments. Various departments investigated him in various ways, and Jing Lianzhong was really almost bald after the investigation. If something happened in the past, Elder Tang would help him deal with it. As Elder Tang's friend for many years, Elder Yu would also help. But this time, no one helped him.

The people from relevant departments asked, "What's going on with you guys? What unscrupulous things did you do that prompted so many people to report you? You are an organization without a brand to begin with. On the other hand, Buddhism and Taoism are still recognized by the state. To become a Taoist priest and study Taoism, one needs a bachelor's degree. You guys just get together in private and don't do bad things, so I turn a blind eye and let you form an organization. Now people report you every day, and why does it sound like you are forming a cult? If this continues, you will be forcibly disbanded."

Now, the entire Xuanshu Association's top management is keeping their tail between their legs, while the young people at the bottom have noticed that the association is not going in the right direction. Coupled with the dissatisfaction accumulated in the past, another group of young people gave notice and left.

The entire Xuanshu Association was troubled by internal and external troubles and had no time to take care of itself.

Gu Ye finished his lunch and was lying on the bed scrolling through Weibo. Suddenly a message was sent to WeChat. Gu Ye clicked on it and raised the corners of his mouth.

Yu Ze: [Do you feel good after doing bad things?]

Gu Ye turned over and lay on the bed typing with both hands: [You know about it too?]

Yu Ze: [I know all the bad things you do.]

Gu Ye smiled and replied: [So powerful? Are you clairvoyant?]

Yu Ze: [I’ve been following your news.]

Gu Ye: [I’m so touched that you care about me so much.jpg]

Yu Ze: [What then?]

Gu Ye: [Then, thank you~]

Yu Ze, who was standing by the office window, stopped moving his fingers and didn't know what to reply to that. After a while, Gu Ye sent another message: [President Yu, please send me a selfie!]

Yu Ze hesitated and replied: [?]

Gu Ye: [I want to use it as a screensaver in my phone to ward off evil spirits! And to obtain luck!]

The corners of Yu Ze's mouth twitched, and his shoulders slumped.

Gu Ye: [President Yu, why didn’t you reply? Are you looking for a good angle? Just take a random photo, you look cool in whatever angle you take anyway!]

Seeing that, Yu Ze’s mouth curved up. Looking at the fat panda emoticon that Gu Ye sent, rolling around and acting cute, Yu Ze was finally amused and called out, "Secretary Liu?"

Secretary Liu, who was sorting out the meeting minutes, quickly raised his head and asked seriously, "Is there something you need me for, President Yu?"

Yu Ze's expression darkened, and after holding it in for more than 10 seconds, he finally handed his cell phone to Secretary Liu.

Secretary Liu looked confused and didn't dare to take it.

Yu Ze glared at his secretary with disdain, "Take a picture of me."

"Ah?" Secretary Liu took the phone and reacted with, "Oh, do you want a photo for your ID?"

Yu Ze ‘tsk-ed’ and looked at Secretary Liu with more disdain, "No, make it more natural. I want to take a look after you take it."

Secretary Liu was stunned for a while, and suddenly realized that President Yu might have been chatting with Master Gu, and instantly understood what Yu Ze meant, "I understand now! Got it!"

It means he should take a photo with the effect of an artistic blockbuster. It should show as handsome as his boss can be, also to look handsome and elegant! As an all-around secretary, Secretary Liu has decided to sign up for a photography class online when he goes back in the evening.

After Gu Ye received the photo, he was in a trance for a moment. In the photo, there is a side view of Yu Ze. The man standing by the window is looking at the camera, with the blue sky behind him, and his slim-fitting white shirt is clean and spotless. Gu Ye thinks that Yu Ze is the best-looking person he has ever seen wearing a white shirt. He perfectly interprets the clean and cool temperament of the color white. Gu Ye suddenly felt his heart thump for a moment, feeling moved by Yu Ze's temperament and appearance.

"Him looking like this is really tempting people to commit a crime." Gu Ye looked at it, raised the corner of his mouth, and decisively set this photo as a screensaver. Sure enough, Yu Ze has a better temperament and looks better than those celebrities!

After Gu Ye admired his screensaver for a while, he got up from the bed. Standing on the bed, he held up the phone with both hands and moved up and down, making a praying gesture, "Oh spirited Heavens and earth, take the blessing from Brother Yu Ze and make everyone in Xuanshu Association bald!"

After saying that, Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze's face again and laughed out loud. He knew that Yu Ze would never have thought that he would actually use his photo to worship God. He was so amused just from thinking about it, "Hahahahahaha ~~"

Mrs. Gu knocked on Gu Ye's unlocked door, "Kid, have you gone crazy?! If you can't sleep (nap), come with me to the mall now."

"Oh." Gu Ye lazily slipped out of the bed.

Looking at Gu Ye’s appearance, Mrs. Gu said with disdain, "Change your clothes first."

"Why? What's wrong with this outfit?" Gu Ye looked at his comfortable vest and didn't understand what was wrong with it.

"It doesn't look good, it's a waste of your good body." Mrs. Gu picked out a set of blue and white striped clothes from Gu Ye's wardrobe, "Wear this, hurry up!"

Gu Ye put it on tiredly. Just as he was about to go out, his phone rang again.

Yu Ze: [Where's yours?]

Gu Ye blinked and replied: [What?]

Yu Ze: [I also want to use your photo as screensavers to ward off evil spirits and disasters.]

Feeling amused and thinking that Yu Ze was joking with him, Gu Ye casually took a photo of him baring his teeth and making a face: [Take it, my nickname is Scary Ghost, I will scare others to death!]

What Gu Ye didn't expect was that after Yu Ze received his photo, he stared at it for a while. After that, the corner of his lips curved up as he set it as a screensaver.

After changing their clothes, Gu Ye and Gu Yang followed his mother to the mall to buy things for Gu Ye to go to school. According to Mrs. Gu, since he is going to a new school, everything must be new, including clothes, shoes, bedding, backpacks, suitcases... including all daily necessities, all needs to buy new ones.

Gu Ye and Gu Yang are 2 bag carrier. Mrs. Gu is obviously a regular customer here. The salesperson greets her when she sees her. Whenever Mrs. Gu meet someone on the way, she will proudly say ‘They are my sons, which attracts a lot of admiration like, "Your sons are so handsome and you are so young, you don’t even look like you are the mother of two children.”

Mrs. Gu was so happy that her high heels clicked loudly as she walked. Gu Ye and Gu Yang were like two coolies, their bodies covered with bags. Mrs. Gu didn’t even look back and continued to be happy with herself.

Gu Ye and his brother looked at each other and sighed feebly. They just wanted to call the woman in front, ‘Madam, you lost your poor child. Please turn back to look for them!’

After shopping all afternoon, they bought everything. The two brothers were too tired to talk. After dinner, Mrs. Gu packed Gu Ye’s bag. As she packed it, she muttered, "You are sure my son. See, I have to pack your bags for you." The implication is that you have remembered that I have been so kind to you.

Gu Ye nodded feebly while holding a bagua, and said perfunctorily, "I love you, Mom."

Mrs. Gu moved her hands for a moment, then turned around and asked, "What's wrong? Are you tired?"

Gu Ye gave a dull sigh, "Yeah, I'm tired. But on the other hand, I just tried to see the fortune telling for me 5 times now, and whatever I calculated wasn't very good."

Mrs. Gu asked with a scared tone, "What's wrong? What is not good?"

Gu Ye frowned, "I can't figure it out specifically. It's just that when I go to school, there will be eyes peeping at me. I don't feel good."

Mrs. Gu thought for a while and comforted, "Don't be afraid. Your father and I will send you to school together. See who dares to bully you? Maybe there is a little girl who has a crush on you. If not, just kidnap one back."

Gu Ye held his forehead and just wanted to say, can you be more reliable?!

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