Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 42 Xuanshu Association (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 42 This Master Gu is still your Master Gu (superior) Part 1

In the hospital ward, a man in his forties, wearing glasses and with a very elegant temperament, sat beside Xie Cheng's bed. He advised with a gentle face, "Junior brother, go back to Xuanshu Association. Master has left, and you left too. I don’t even have anyone close to me anymore.”

Xie Cheng was playing the game with an expressionless face. Because the screen of his mobile phone was cracked, it always lags when playing. He tapped his mobile phone angrily and said impatiently, "Aren't the people who came with you all your confidants?"

"It's still not as close as a senior and junior brothers. I watched you grow up."

Xie Cheng didn't even raise his head, "We all grew up under Master’s care. We are all orphans raised by Master. He is old and has to have someone around him to take care of him."

Jing Lianzhong clicked his tongue and said dissatisfied, "What kind of words are you saying? I didn't say I wouldn't provide him with old-age care. I went to see him yesterday but he was angry and didn't want to see me." As he spoke, his expression became increasingly lonely.

Xie Cheng raised his eyes and sneered. It was the first time that he felt that his senior brother was so hypocritical. After knowing each other for so many years, seeing him become like this made Xie Cheng feel suffocated.

"Senior brother, if you really don't want Master to worry about you, just disband this association. We all know what you have done in the past few years.

This association was originally created with the intention of bringing friends from the mystical arts world together. Everyone makes friends, learns mystical arts together, and has each other’s back when we go out to fight evil. But now, team formation is not up to us to choose, it is set by the higher management, and everything must be done according to your rules.

I can understand that there must be some rules to keep everything going in order. Like how a chat group needs group rules, but you can't go too far. Now, even what skills we learn are dictated by you!

Heh! Each clan and each sect is different in terms of skills. If we keep things like this, how many Taoist techniques will be lost? Are you planning to unify the mystical world and become the boss?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Jing Lianzhong's expression changed after being told that. "If I don't care, someone will use mystical skills to harm others. Were there not many people who used mystical arts to kill people in the past? We set rules for newcomers to not learn forbidden arts, but to learn orthodox methods, all to protect the normal citizens."

Xie Cheng chuckled, completely chilled by this sanctimonious explanation, "You sure have good intentions."

Jing Lianzhong's face darkened and he lost his patience, "Stop losing your temper and come back with me. We have a doctor there who specializes in treating injuries like yours."

"You want to take me back… oh, I know why," Xie Cheng stopped what he was doing and asked with a straight face, "Those young people who get along well with me, many of them quit, right? It’s really not that I did anything behind your back, it’s that young people don’t want to do this with you anymore. Senior brother, you just continue to do your thing. Master's heart has become cold. If some problems happen the next time, he won't help to ‘wipe your butt’ (help to settle problem)."

Jing Lianzhong's expression became increasingly ugly and he became angry, "Do you really not want to go back?"

Xie Cheng lay down on the bed, "My friend sent me to such a high-end private hospital and paid my medical bills. I stayed in a single ward, had patient meals 3 times a day, and had a beautiful nurse sister to take care of me. Why should I go back with you? I'm not stupid!"

"Okay! You don't come back with me and want to continue hanging out with some shady people, huh? Old Li!"

The person waiting outside the door heard this and quickly opened the door, "Are you done talking?"

Jing Lianzhong said with a cold face, "Take this disobedient naughty kid back to me!"

The two people looked at each other at the door and had to come in to pull Xie Cheng, "Just listen to your senior brother, stop losing your temper, and come back with us."

"Why should I go back with you? I have already quit the association!"

Xie Cheng is also a stubborn person and his anger rapidly rose. He is usually carefree, but when in a disagreement, even 9 cows can't pull him back. He grabbed the bedboard and raised his foot to kick someone, "Either you kill me today and take my body back, or you all get out of here. If I say I won’t go back, I won’t go back! If Master doesn’t go back, I will never go back!"

"Aiya! Don't touch him!" At this moment, the nurse who had been secretly observing the development of the matter ran in. She pushed away the man who tried to pull Xie Cheng and said angrily, "What are you doing? The patient's illness has not recovered yet. He has fractured ribs. What if the fracture gets larger if you make such a big move?"

The man surnamed Li impatiently pushed the little nurse, "This is our personal matter, please get out of the way."

The man's hand was heavy, and the little nurse was really thin. She staggered after being pushed, and her leg hit the leg of the table next to her. Her eyes turned red from the pain. Seeing that, Xie Cheng immediately became anxious. He got up from the bed and took out the whip from under the pillow.

Jing Lianzhong slapped the table angrily, "You really wanted to fight with me? Such a rebellion!"

"So what if really start to fight with you? I’ll see who dares to take him away today."

Suddenly such chilly words came from the door, and everyone turned to look in the direction of the door. Jing Lianzhong's eyes darkened, "Gu Ye?"

"President Jing seems to have checked my information and knows who I am. Could it be that my senior brother appeared in the dream of a loser like you?" Gu Ye raised the corner of his mouth, saying what the other party didn't like to hear.

Sure enough, when Jing Lianzhong heard ‘my senior brother’, his expression was extremely complicated.

After Gu Ye came in, he looked at the nurse and said softly, "Sister, please go out first. If not, later when the fight starts, you might get bitten by some beasts. Scumbags, they don’t know how to show mercy to women."

The person behind Jing Lianzhong asked angrily, "Who are you calling a beast?"

"Whoever answers my word is the beast then." Gu Ye supported Xie Cheng and asked him to lie back. "You dare to get up and jump around even though you are injured. Just lie down now. Staying for one more day in the hospital will cost a lot of money."

Earlier during the scuffle, Xie Cheng's ribs were bumped, and now his face turned pale in pain. But when he saw that Gu Ye had arrived, he finally had a smile on his face and lay down with a grin.

Jing Lianzhong's expression turned even uglier, his junior brother actually made friends with Gu Ye's junior brother!

Gu Ye raised his eyes, "What? You want to kidnap people in bright daylight?"

Jing Lianzhong narrowed his eyes and said politely, "Xie Cheng is my junior brother, how can you say kidnapping?"

Gu Ye looked at Jing Lianzhong mockingly, "I heard that he grew up under your nose. If you are really good to him, how can you ignore his life and death? What a scumbag!"

Everyone behind Jing Lianzhong turned their backs, "Why are you scolding people?"

"What's wrong with scolding you? I'm going to call the police to arrest you even!" Gu Ye stood up and looked at the three people opposite him with burning eyes. "Do you know who owns this hospital? The chairman of this hospital is Old Master Yu’s eldest daughter. Do you think that if you want to kidnap a patient, the Yu family can forgive you? Ms. Yu’s father-in-law passed away just two years ago, and he was an honorable old soldier. You making trouble with the Zhao family, are you not afraid that the old man will lead his soldier brothers to annihilate you scumbags in the middle of the night?"


"You little brat know nothing!"

The 3 people's faces turned red with anger at Gu Ye's sharp words, and they couldn't say a single word of quibble. They really didn't dare to offend the Yu family and the Zhao family.

Xuanshu Association, after all, is a private establishment. There are only a few people in this industry, and most of them are homeless and unemployed. Wealthy families have complicated relationships and have deep economic strength. If they confront these wealthy families, they don’t know what the consequences will be.

At this moment, the little nurse opened the door and walked in with 2 policemen in plain clothes. The little nurse said excitedly, "It's them! They are going to take the patient away!"

As soon as they saw the tense atmosphere in the room, a policewoman walked in first and asked with a cold face, "What's going on?"

Gu Ye looked outside and raised his eyebrows. Unexpectedly, it is an acquaintance.

The policewoman also recognized Gu Ye and asked with complicated emotions, "It's you again? What trouble did you encounter this time?"

Gu Ye stood up, ran over in a few steps, and pointed pitifully at the 3 old men opposite, "Sister policewoman, this is the person! He is going to take my friend away!"

The policewoman's pretty eyes turned cold, "Seems like there are forceful actions here. Tell me clearly what happened."

Gu Ye's face-changing technique within a second stunned everyone in the room. Jing Lianzhong and the others couldn’t react and didn't know how to explain themselves. Just now, Gu Ye was still being sarcastic and cursing people arrogantly. His mouth is as poisonous as arsenic, spitting out everything you don’t like to listen to. Now that the police are here, he has become a poor little kid being bullied? How the hell was this done?!

Xie Cheng's eyes widened as well, and he was shocked to see his newly made wealthy friend turn into an actor in a second, and he was a little unable to react.

Gu Ye was filled with indignation and stamped his feet angrily, "My friend has gastroenteritis and can't live without the toilet (keeps pooping). He will definitely poop his pants if forcibly taken out, and they don't even think about it! These 3 scumbags! Does it look good for such a big kid to poop his pants?!"

Xie Cheng held his stomach and choked for breath, unable to speak a word.

"And here!" Gu Ye pointed to his ribs, "My friend has a fracture here! The bone may break if he moves it! It's going to penetrate the heart, liver, spleen, stomach, and lungs, these inhuman scums! They want to kill him!”

Jing Lianzhong and the others opened their mouths, but the 3 old men didn't say a word. Gu Ye seemed to have said everything right, but none of the darned words seemed reliable!

The policeman's face became colder and colder, and he asked Xie Cheng rationally, "Do you know them?"

Xie Cheng responded, "I know them, but I don't want to go with them." When Xie Cheng saw Gu Ye smiling at him, he became excited. He hugged the bedboard and shouted, "I'm still sick! He insists on taking me back! I already said I don't want to join his organization!"

"Organization? What's going on?"

Gu Ye whispered, "Who knows what kind of weird organization it is, with a president and cadres? My friends already said he wouldn't go but he sent people to catch him. Are they bullying him because he’s an orphan without a father? If they are that powerful, then they can catch me! I have a father, and my father is Gu Decheng!"

Jing Lianzhong and the others were lucky that they didn’t lash out in anger at Gu Ye’s words. In their hearts, they were thinking that if your father hadn't been for Gu Decheng, they would have hit this trouble-making child! Gu Ye said between the lines that they were a cult or a pyramid scheme association. How the hell could they explain this?

"Comrade police, it's not what you think," Jing Lianzhong’s face turned red in anger and he explained through gritted teeth, "We are from the Xuanshu Association."

"There is no need to explain here. You can come with us and explain carefully what kind of organization you are at the police station. Also, why do you dare to come to the hospital to grab people?"

"We really don't know anything about a cult! This female comrade, Why don't you listen to the explanation?"

The policewoman smiled, "Explanation? I only look at the evidence. Take them away!"

The policeman behind opened the door and said, "Stop talking nonsense and go. Let’s not talk about whether there are any problems in your organization, just for coming to the hospital to cause trouble, I have to take you back for re-education."

Gu Ye watched as the men were being taken away. Standing by the door with his head sticking out, his eyes are smiling like beautiful crescent moons, "Sister policewoman is so handsome!"

The policewoman took two steps and paused when she heard Gu Ye’s words. She turned around and came back, "We have caught all those scum, and the criminal records have been sent to the court. They will all pay with blood. Thank you for discovering those children. If it weren't for you, these children would have been buried in that yard for who knows how many years."

The smile on Gu Ye's face gradually faded, and he said seriously, "Thank you for your hard work. The children must have been reincarnated and will have a good life in the next life."

"Yes." The policewoman nodded vigorously as if to comfort herself.

After Gu Ye saw them off, he closed the door and curved his lips in relief. Looking at Xie Cheng who looked disappointed, Gu Ye shook his head and asked helplessly, "Friend, are you stupid? How can you still be bullied by them?"

Xie Cheng was stunned for a while, "Friend, you are really awesome!"

Xie Cheng no longer knows how to praise Gu Ye, he can only wordlessly give him a thumbs up.

Gu Ye sneered, "Do you think this is the end? You are too naive, how could I just let them go?"

Gu Ye took out his cell phone and called his second brother, "Second brother, lend me your company's public relations department. Please give me their contact information."

In less than half a minute, Gu Lin replied with a contact card of someone named Bai Zuo, manager of the public relations department. The management of Gu Lin Company is relatively young so the manager is about the same age as Gu Lin.

Gu Ye immediately added the other party as a friend with a sidenote: Gu Lin's younger brother Gu Ye.

The other party didn't dare to hesitate and quickly added Gu Ye. Next, he puzzledly sent a message: [Third Young Master?]

Gu Ye: [Manager Bai, are your navy all from an organization?]

[Banana - I think by now, a lot of you know what internet water army means ya so I’m not going to explain. Just that this keyword is a bit long and mouthful so Banana is going to use the word navy instead.]

Bai Zuo: [Third Young Master, what you mean is…]

Watching the other party carefully testing his intention, Gu Ye felt inexplicably that he was a naughty kid who loved to get into trouble. He replied to the other party: [You don't have to worry about me doing anything bad, I just want to hire them to report a cult.]

Bai Zuo: [There is a WeChat group. They are all reliable and have been working with our company for several years.]

Gu Ye: [That’s great, please add me to the group, thank you.]

Bai Zuo: [Third Young Master, are you really not fooling around?]

Gu Ye: [Am I the kind of ignorant bastard?]

Bai Zuo then agreed: [Okay, little Master, please think twice before doing anything so that us little ones won’t be implicated!]

Gu Ye smiled and replied: [Okay~]

Xie Cheng asked seriously, "What did you do before to make him be so guarded against you?"

Gu Ye shook his head innocently, "I don't know, maybe he thinks I'm still young and is afraid that I'm unreliable."

Xie Cheng chuckled, his face saying ‘Yeah sure, like I believe you’.

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