Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 41 Ghost Festival (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 41 What is a Ghost Festival without a fight with ghosts? Part 2

On the grass in the suburbs, a young man with yellow hair was holding a long whip and fighting with 3 evil spirits. A hanged ghost with a droopy tongue, a black-faced ghost more than 2 meters tall, and a purple-faced ghost shrouded in evil aura. These 3 ghosts have all eaten souls before and are extremely evil. After being wounded by the whip, the Hanged Ghost rushed to the roadside, grabbed an innocent ghost, and started gnawing on it.

The young man cursed and jumped up from the ground. Quickly rushing over, the young man jumped up and flicked his whip. A cracking sound broke through the air, and the whip slashed at the hand of the Hanged Ghost. The ghost screamed and let go of the poor passerby ghost. Then, the young man felt the evil energy coming from the back of his head and ducked in a hurry. At the next moment, a black ghost hand struck at his neck again.

The young man cursed and hurriedly dodged, throwing a piece of talisman paper over, "Do you think Laozi can't fight in close combat? Instant Noodle Superman is omnipotent!"

The tall ghost who had been hiding aside to watch the fight flew over and kicked the young man while he was dodging other attacks. This kick was a solid kick to the stomach. The young man rolled several times on the spot in agony and lay on the ground with his face flushed in pain. At this moment, the Hanged Ghost lay on top of him and grabbed his head, greedily trying to pull out his soul. The souls of people in the mythical world are much more delicious than ordinary people, and eating them can increase soul power. In their eyes, this young man is a delicious piece of cake.

The young man sneered and bit the tip of his tongue. After that, he turned to spit at the ghost, "spits You 3 turtle weaklings!"

As soon as blood was sprayed from the tip of his tongue, a cloud of black smoke immediately appeared from the Hanged Ghost's body, and he was seriously injured. The young man got up and rushed forward again with a whip, "Is Laozi someone you can eat whenever you want?!"

"Stop the car!" As soon as Gu Ye saw this scene, he left a few charms for the people in the car and said hurriedly, "Just watch from the car, don't get out of the car! Whoever approaches just slap them with the talismans!"

"Gu Ye!" Zhao Pengyu held up the talisman and wanted to go down to help. He pushed the car door, but it didn't push.

"Uncle, open the door!"

The driver looked innocent, "I didn't lock it!"

Xia Xiang looked at the situation outside and said, "What can you do if you go down there? You can't see them anyway."

Zhao Pengyu gave Xia Xiang the talisman, "You can see it, so you go!"

Xia Xiang explained calmly, "Gu Ye locked the door because he didn't want us to get in the way. One is not afraid of godlike opponents, but afraid of idiot teammates. We can't ‘pit’ our teammates."

Only then did Zhao Pengyu calm down, lying next to the window and watching in fear.

Gu Ye rushed over, flicked the talisman prepared in his hand, and it flew towards the Hanged Ghost on top of the young man. The Hanged Ghost hurriedly blocked it with his fist. The thin piece of paper made a BANG upon touching the ghost's hand, and sparks flew everywhere. At this moment's pause, the young man swung the whip over and wrapped it around the ghost’s head.

Gu Ye pinched his fingers and chanted, "Big Dipper stars, the God of Thunder descends! Break!"

A flash of purple lightning struck directly on the evil ghost's head, and the ghost's head exploded right away. The remaining body twitched twice in response and turned into a wisp of smoke.

"Aiya! I'm sorry!" Gu Ye quickly apologized, "That's a bit harsh! Dude, you are from the Xuanshu Association, right? Are you planning to capture him back?"

The other party probably didn’t expect that Gu Ye would have such strong spiritual power at such a young age. With just a finger sign, he could summon a powerful thunder, which directly destroyed the evil ghost's soul to pieces. After he came back to his senses, the young man said happily, "I’m not from the association. Today is the Ghost Ghost Festival, these evil ghosts took advantage of the door opening and rushed out to eat ghosts and harm people. They deserve to be destroyed, so don't worry about it."

Oh, our opinions matched!

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, "You take the one who was poisoned, and give me the tall one!"

"Okay!" The guy stretched out his hand neatly and swung a long whip in a simple and rough manner. Wrapping up that eye-provoking ugly ghost, he dragged him 2 meters away. The distance between him and Gu Ye is just enough to take care of each other without affecting each other's actions.

Gu Ye glanced back, slightly twitching the corner of his mouth but his movements were not sloppy either. With a jump, he kicked the ghost in the face and the evil spirit flew away more than 2 meters. He made a finger gesture with one hand, held a cinnabar pen in the other, and drew a red line in the air. With a swish, the evil ghost was struck by lightning and then pulled to his feet. Gu Ye's face remained unchanged as he stomped him in the head, and another evil spirit was gone.

The same goes for the young man, who tied the ghost’s head with his whip and stomped it to death. After destroying these 3 evil spirits, the young man plopped down on the ground. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his sleeve, grabbed a handful of his dyed golden hair, and said cheerfully, "Sure enough, after leaving the association, the world became wider. I haven't seen a compatible fellow master like you for a long time."

Gu Ye was about to speak when he felt a powerful and complex ghostly energy suddenly coming out not far away. The young man obviously felt it as well, and his expression changed, "Frick! Have all the ghost officials in the underworld gone for a ‘massage’? Evil ghosts also can escape, tonight there will be a night parade of a hundred ghosts!"

Feeling this ghostly energy, the little ghosts hiding in the dark shivered in fear and ran away without knowing where to go. At this moment, a black shadow that was lying against the ground pounced, grabbing one of the ghosts and stuffing it into its mouth.

Gu Ye threw a talisman and saved the innocent ghost, his expression turned cold. Another talisman was thrown over, and lightning danced on his fingertips. With one flick, the lightning pierced through the evil ghost's forehead, and he watched as the evil ghost turned into a plume of smoke.

The young man took a look at Gu Ye with admiration. Then he took out something like a bagua and did a calculation. After that, he said with an ugly expression, "There is actually a Hell’s Gate here. Are all the people in the Xuanshu Association dead and no one is guarding it?"

Gu Ye answered seriously: "They probably went for a ‘massage’."

"Pfft! That makes sense!" The young man held his stomach, "Can we hold on? These are evil spirits who can kill people."

Gu Ye smiled, "We can hold it, but I have a request."

The young man smiled bitterly, "Say it."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, “I excelled in 10 subjects this year and ranked first in the country in the college entrance examination. My hands are not weak when playing games, and I can carry with Mage character. There are 4 brothers in the family, except for the youngest, all of them are excellent. My family had nothing but money, and the Rolls-Royce on the roadside belonged to my father."

Hearing that, the young man was stunned. When he saw the car, he exclaimed in shock, "Frick! A rich man made of pure gold!"

Gu Ye continued seriously, "My buddy thinks I am too autistic and have no friends in the mythical art circle. So I would like to ask, after we finish fighting together, can you be friends with me?"

"Ah?" The young man didn't expect Gu Ye to introduce himself in such a long way just to make friends with him. He accepted happily, "Okay, my name is Xie Cheng, what's your name?"

"Gu Ye."

"You are that Gu Ye?" Xie Cheng doesn’t know if to laugh or cry, "This world is so small. Alright, we will be friends from now on. I will call you when we go out fighting!"

Gu Ye nodded, "Okay."

The two of them looked at each other and smiled, like two crazy people. They were like with a fight, we will be friends.

Another strong aura of resentment appeared. Xie Cheng looked in the direction pointed by the bagua and said, "There’s the gate of hell!"

Gu Ye followed behind Xie Cheng. Pinching the bell on his left wrist while running, he pulled out the piece of paper that was acting like a stopper. As Gu Ye moves, the bells jingle and make a tinkling sound. To ordinary people, the tinkling sounded normal but those in the mythical art world, they can hear the sound that shakes their souls. Even the lonely ghosts on the roadside looked at Gu Ye.

Xie Cheng held the whip and asked in surprise, "You raise ghosts?" This is the art of controlling ghosts?"

In Hell’s Gate, a strong evil aura floated out. Xie Cheng didn't have time to question Gu Ye further and just grabbed his whip and said vigilantly, "Be careful, this one is not a small fry. Xuanshu Association probably really doesn’t have enough manpower so no one has come yet."

Gu Ye chuckled and pulled Xie Cheng back a few steps. Xie Cheng was startled, "Stop making trouble, that powerful one just came out!"

At this moment, a ghostly aura heavily weighed down at the back of their heads. The heavy murderous aura suffocated the two of them, making them stand stiffly on the spot, unable to move. Xie Cheng's pupils shrank, and his mind went blank. He only had one thought in his mind, how many people had this ghost killed while he was alive to have such murderous intent?

The ghostly energy flew past the two of them and struck hard on the door. An evil ghost who just appeared got KO-ed by this ghostly energy!

In the blink of an eye, a tall and slender man wearing black clothes and holding a big knife stood in front of the gate. He raised the knife horizontally and said in a hoarse voice, "Stand behind me."

Hearing this, the corner of Gu Ye's mouth raised, "This is not the ghost I raised, but the golden thigh I held."

Ghost General visibly turned still but didn't say anything. He stood in front of the gate and struck down any ghost that came out. He was ruthless and didn't talk much, so he was very reliable. The ghosts inside probably saw that the gatekeeper was too fierce, and gradually no ghosts dared to come out.

When Xie Cheng saw that he had such a strong helper, he relaxed and sat down on the ground again, shouting bitterly, "Gu Ye!"


"I think I might have internal bleeding."

Gu Ye was shocked, this was a serious injury! He quickly helped the person up, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?! Brother Ghost, can I leave this place to you?"

Ghost General nodded slightly, "Don't worry."

"Okay! I'll give you one billion hell’s notes when I go back!" After Gu Ye finished speaking, he helped Xie Cheng run toward the car. Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang saw it, "Hurry, hurry, pick him up!"

Gu Ye put Xie Cheng, who was pale and sweating in pain, into the car and introduced with a smile, "Look, my new friend."

Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang were speechless. Making friends is not that easy alright?!

They hurriedly sent Xie Cheng to the hospital run by Zhao Pengyu's family. After the examination, it was already past midnight. There was nothing broken in Xie Cheng's stomach, and there was no internal bleeding. It’s just that his daily life habits are too rubbish and he often makes do with instant noodles, which leads to gastroenteritis. Moreover, two of his ribs were slightly fractured, so he would have to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Gu Ye helped his new friend pay for his medical expenses with a blank expression.

With an IV drip by his side, Xie Cheng asked sheepishly, "Boss, we are really friends, right? Not ghey friends, right?"

Gu Ye took a photo of the receipt and saved it. He then placed the bill on Xie Cheng's bed and reminded him seriously, "When you get better, remember to return the money to me. So add me on WeChat."

Xie Cheng smiled dryly and took out an old mobile phone with a broken screen, "I will definitely pay you back, hehehe."

Gu Ye palmed his forehead in despair. That strange ‘thing’ that he couldn’t calculate yesterday might be just talking about him making a friend and gaining friendship. However, he really had the urge to return this friendship for a refund!

Xie Cheng's character is faultless, open-minded, and cheerful. He looks carefree on the outside, but he has justice in his heart. Moreover, he also values feelings and loyalty, so he will never suffer a loss by being friends with him. But! Xie Cheng is poor, extremely poor!

Yesterday he couldn't see clearly due to the darkness. He could only see that Xie Cheng had good features and good character, but he didn't see that Xie Cheng had no aura of wealth at the top of his head. People who don’t have even a shred of wealth on their heads, how poor can they be?!

Gu Ye had a premonition that he would have to help this poor guy for the rest of his life.

The next morning, Mrs. Gu asked in a gossipy tone, "How was your outing last night?"

Gu Ye looked numb and said, "Very good."

"Are there pretty little girls?"

"There is a dude who spends my money instead."

At the side, Gu Decheng said seriously, "Don’t hang out with shady people!"

"Mhm." Gu Ye didn't sleep well last night and didn't have the strength to object.

Seeing Gu Ye like this, Mrs. Gu said, "After breakfast, take a nap and pack your things in the afternoon. School is about to start. If you need anything else, I'll take you to buy it."

Gu Ye nodded obediently, "En."

As soon as Gu Ye lay down on his bed, the hospital called him. The nurse said anxiously, "A few people came just now and wanted to take your friend away. Your friend doesn't want to go with them and is making a commotion."

Gu Ye frowned, "Who are they?"

"I heard Xie Cheng call that person Senior Brother and also said he was the president of some kind of metaphysical society. It looks like an organization. Should we call the police?"

Gu Ye sat up, frowned, and thought for a while. The current president of the Xuanshu Association is Jing Lianzhong, Old Master Tang’s great disciple. So, is Xie Cheng the disciple of Old Master Tang?

"Do it, call the police now. To try to take people away in the hospital, they are thinking they are so powerful." Gu Ye got up and put on his shoes with a cold face, "I'll be there in a minute."

Xie Cheng: It’s not that I don’t make money, or that Master doesn’t give me pocket money. I don’t know why, it’s just that I don’t have any money in hand. ​
Meow (Author): What a coincidence. It’s not that I don’t make money, or that my husband doesn’t give me pocket money. I don’t know why, it’s just that I don’t have any money in hand.

Raw word count: 7037 (whole chapter)


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