Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 41 Ghost Festival (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 41 What is a Ghost Festival without a fight with ghosts? Part 1

At the Class 6 dinner party, several girls gathered together and whispered, "I heard that Gu Ye will come too."

"Alas! We will see each other less often. From now on, he will be someone else’s school grass (idol). Why didn’t we realize that Gu Ye was so good-looking?"

A young man at the table next to them curled his lips disdainfully, "Our gathering of normal civilians, will that young master be so generous as to give face and show up?"

When the young man said this, another young man expressed his interest, "Is Gu Ye really Gu Decheng's son? Can he give us a discount when we buy a house from him?"

"Isn't he just a rich second generation, what's so great about him? Can you guys be more realistic?" The young man continued sarcastically, "He was pretending before, just like a little fool. Who knows what he has been through at home."

These young people have yet to enter the society and have not experienced the suffering of the world. Boys of this age are always a little aloof and arrogant. They think that money is nothing, and being rich is not a great thing. To them, the term rich second generation is associated with garbage.

Several girls rolled their eyes with disdain, "Are you sick?! Jealous faces are so ugly."

"Jealousy will turn one’s face beyond recognition!"

The boy retorted harshly, "You gold-worshipping girls are so shameless!"

"What did you say?!" Several girls were angry and wanted to start an argument, but the people next to them persuaded them to stop. Let’s cherish this last gathering. Don't end it ugly and leave regrets.

Originally Xia Xiang was sitting quietly looking at his mobile phone. When he heard the conversation, he raised his head and asked the person directly, "Then, Gu Ye ranked first in the country and set a record. Cao Ziming, can you do the same?"

Cao Ziming was choked by the rebut. Thinking about his score, he became a little timid and said, "I won't tell you, you rich second-generation are all the same."

Xia Xiang sneered and picked up a cup of Coke, "Any more nonsense from you again and I’ll empty this on you. Then you’ll learn what it means by ‘bullying others with power’."


"Stop the quarrel, stop the quarrel! Everyone, talk lesser. We don't know if we can get together again like this in the future."

The classmates around helped break up the fight, but they didn't dare to reprimand Xiang Xiang. Right now, Xiang Xiang's temperament has really changed. He used to be timid, dared not speak, and his voice was like whispers as if there was danger everywhere in the world. Now he just gets angry at disagreement and even dares to throw a drink at people when he gets upset. His temper is really affected by whoever he hangs with, which is really similar to Gu Ye.

The monitor whispered to Cao Ziming to comfort him, "Don't keep harping about the topic of the rich second generation. In the past 3 years, Gu Ye has eaten in the same cafeteria as you, slept in the same dormitory room without air conditioning, and has not bullied you. Right now, it’s just Xia Xiang has heard this and he just said a few words to you. If Si Hongxing's group of boys heard this and punched you twice, you would have to bear it whether you like it or not. Why bother?"

Cao Ziming's face turned red with anger, "How about that thing about Lin Zihao?!"

Hearing that, the class monitor was also a little unhappy. He felt that this person who doesn't listen to advice is not very smart. To still want to cause trouble in this situation, means this person doesn't want to give him face. "Liu Yiwen is with Lin Zihao every day, and he never speaks out for Lin Zihao. There must be something going on inside, what do you know?"

When the boy looked at the silent Liu Yiwen, he picked up a glass of Coke and downed it in frustration, his expression was not good.

In front of the store, Gu Ye was stopped by several girls as soon as he got out of the car. He has good looks, good study, good character, and no airs. Not all rich second generation are bastards so outgoing girls don’t care so much about this. They pulled Gu Ye to their table and there were also a few girls at the side tapping on their bowls and saying, "Come to big sister's bowl!"

Gu Ye felt inexplicably that he was being teased by a group of little girls. In his mind, he was already 25 years old!

"Gu Ye, can you really tell fortunes?"

"Calculate for me!"

"I want to know, can playing the game ‘Die Xian’ (Chinese Ouija Board) really summon the spirit?"

Gu Ye only heard chirpings in his ears, as if there was a group of birds surrounding him. He looked at Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang for help: Brothers, help!

The two of them had no choice but to drag Gu Ye back and sandwich him in the middle. In the chaotic crowd, Gu Ye didn't know who was it but someone touched his waist and exclaimed, “Dayum! Thinner than my waist!”

Gu Ye looked back in a state of collapse, but couldn't find which girl it was. He thought to himself, oh my god, who knows how scary little girls are these days? How dare they tease men! Who dares to bring them home (to meet their parents)?

Xia Xiang was speechless by Gu Ye’s action, "You're not afraid of ghosts but you afraid of girls?"

Gu Ye sighed and gave in timidly.

The class monitor sat beside Cao Ziming. Seeing that the other person's expression still looked ugly, the class monitor was afraid that he would say something shocking again and make everyone unhappy. He persuaded, "Stop looking for trouble. See that logo on Gu Ye’s clothes? It is a world-famous luxury custom-made brand. Just the short-sleeved shirt he is wearing alone costs at least 50,000 yuan. Are you still going to mess with him?"

Cao Ziming immediately didn't dare to say anything. It wasn't that he couldn't afford to offend Gu Ye, he couldn't afford to pay for it.

Some students saw that Cao Ziming had a problem with Gu Ye because of Lin Zihao's affairs, so they asked Liu Yiwen in a low voice, "Lin Zihao has already applied for review, right? He won't come today either?"

"Yes," Liu Yiwen glanced at Gu Ye quietly and whispered, "He went to another school. It is said that his score is too low and our school does not accept such reviewers."

"That’s so miserable. What was he thinking? Why didn't he enter the examination room that afternoon?"

"It's all about saving face, and he'll have to suffer the consequences." Liu Yiwen glanced at Gu Ye again. Unexpectedly, Gu Ye turned and smiled at him this time. At this moment, Liu Yiwen was startled and inexplicably did not dare to look at Gu Ye. Then, Gu Ye found him from the chatgroup and sent a friend request to him with a smile. Liu Yiwen was stunned for a moment by the request and added Gu Ye with fear.

Gu Ye: [It’s okay for people to be selfish. Everyone is selfish. As long as you don’t harm others for your own selfishness, you won’t suffer retribution.]

Liu Yiwen immediately understood the meaning of Gu Ye's words and saw that Gu Ye didn't hold a grudge against him. He breathed a sigh of relief and quickly replied: [It's Lin Zihao's fault. He's crazy and he didn't listen to advice. And so he failed his exam. It has nothing to do with you either. Thank you for saving us. He shouldn't repay kindness with hatred. I also want to say, I'm sorry, I was jealous too, but I really didn't do anything.]

Gu Ye smiled and deleted Liu Yiwen from his friendlist. After this talk, there is no need to contact each other again in the future.

The dishes they ordered were served quickly. Gu Ye watched the group of teenagers eating and playing with everything written on their faces. Their excitement was so high that it seemed to overturn the ceiling. He couldn't join in the excitement, so he ate slowly and leisurely. When he was almost done eating, he went to the bathroom.

Xia Xiang followed Gu Ye out and said, "They will go singing after this. I don't want to go. Are you still going?"

Gu Ye shook his head, "I won't go either."

"They might have more fun if we don't go."

"Your thoughts are much more delicate than Zhao Pengyu's."

"Nonsense!" Zhao Pengyu stuck at the door of the toilet and said, "I knew you two were talking bad about me behind my back!"

Xia Xiang smiled and had no intention of arguing with Zhao Pengyu, "After 3 years, they may not be such pure friends."[1]

Gu Ye pointed to his eyes, "I'm never wrong about people. Anyway, you two won't change."

Both of them were amused by Gu Ye, and Zhao Pengyu thought of other things, "Gu Ye, besides us, you also need to make a few more friends. Find those with the same profession as you. Then they can help you when something happens."

Gu Ye washed his face and said calmly, "Okay."

"A look at your face and I can tell that you don't put that in mind. You just wait for people to open their hearts to you first before you accept them. How can you make friends like this? Go hang out ah, make friends."

Gu Ye doesn’t know if to laugh or cry, "I’ll call you Father, alright? Don't worry about me."

As soon as Gu Ye said this, Zhao Pengyu became angry, "No, I’ll call you Father. I’ll call you Uncle (paternal), I’ll call you Uncle (maternal)!"

"Hahaha! Good son!" Gu Ye happily dug into his pocket, "Where's my red envelope? Why didn't I bring any?"

Xia Xiang laughed on the sidelines. How this kind of friendship has been maintained until now is also a mystery!

After everyone paid the bill, other students were about to go to the KTV. Gu Ye said with a smile, "I'm sorry, my family sent someone to pick me up, so I won't go."

Zhao Pengyu put his arm around Gu Ye's shoulders and said, "Give me a ride!"

Xia Xiang raised his hand, "I'll hitch a ride too."

The others understood at a glance what the three of them had agreed upon so they didn't persuade them to stay. The group of people walked out the door together and saw a Rolls-Royce worth tens of millions parked at the door. The driver got out of the car and walked to Gu Ye. He said with a smile, "Third Young Master, I have sent your personal car for maintenance."

Gu Ye’s mouth twitched. The hell is sending a car for maintenance in the middle of the night? This may have been arranged by his little mother again, to show the female humans how rich their family is, and to ask him to quickly grab a human home.

Amid the envious, jealous, and even disdainful looks of their classmates, the three of them got into the car and waved goodbye. Who knows what year or month it was when they met again? Maybe then everyone will be leading a different life at that time.

It's past 9.00 pm now so the Ghost Festival has started, and the gates are wide open. Normal people can't see strange things, but in the eyes of Gu Ye and Xia Xiang, the streets are full of weirdly shaped people.

Xia Xiang covered his face and looked shaken, "There is a person with a backward head who keeps looking at me."

Gu Ye glanced out the window, "He must have died in a car accident and hit his head until it got twisted to the back."

The driver uncle's face turned pale, "Third Young Master, what did you say? What died in a car accident?"

"Oh, we were just kidding. Have you heard of a joke?" Gu Ye pretended to change the subject casually and said with a smile, "There was a retarded person who went racing on his motorcycle on the highway in the middle of the night. Because it was too cold, he wore his jacket inside out. Unexpectedly he got into a car accident and fell into a ditch. The person who came to save him took a look at him in the dark and said he couldn't be saved. It’s because the man’s head is twisted to the back so he is pretty dead. The person said to let the biker die a dignified appearance so he kindly twisted with all his strength. With a kacha, the dead’s face is finally facing forward, hahaha."

The people in the car felt cold all over. This joke was so scary!

"Isn't it funny?" Gu Ye saw that none of them were laughing and said seriously, "Then let me tell you another story. There was a hanged man. His tongue was too long and he always stumbled when he walked. His friend said, why don't you wrap your tongue around the waistband of your pants...mhmmmmm!”

Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang covered Gu Ye’s mouth each from a side and said, "Stop talking! Where did you learn this kind of joke? It's too hardcore!"

Gu Ye was grinning evilly when he suddenly felt a vibration of spiritual energy, followed by 3 ghostly evil auras laced with blood. Gu Ye looked in that direction vigilantly. In the dark night, it still can be seen a purple aura that only a mythical art master can have.

When Gu Ye thought of the calculation he got about encountering evil spirits, he excitedly pulled away the paws covering his mouth. Pointed in that direction, he said happily, "Uncle Feng, turn the car around, I want to go there!"

Zhao Pengyu immediately had a bad feeling when he saw Gu Ye’s expression, "Did you see something?"

Gu Ye excitedly replied, “Such a heavy ghost auras!"

Xia Xiang held his head and wailed, "I don't want to go! I don't want to see them!"

Zhao Pengyu is also going crazy, "I say, why are you so happy? Stop looking for this kind of excitement!"

Gu Ye's fighting spirit couldn't be suppressed at all, "What is a Ghost Festival without a fight with ghosts? Uncle Feng, listen to me, go!"

The driver uncle really wanted to kneel down to Gu Ye, "Third Young Master, this... is not safe."

Gu Ye stuck himself by the window, "You can put me down here and I'll walk there. I think someone needs my help."

The driver had no choice but to turn the car around and send him there.

Zhao Pengyu already wanted to climb out of the car window, "I think singing is good. I'll go back to the KTV and protect my classmates!"

"No need!" Gu Ye grabbed Zhap Pengyu by the collar and pushed him back into the car. "A group of children who have never done any evil and have strong yang energy. There are more than 50 of them gathered together. No one ghost dares to mess with them!"

Zhao Pengyu was desperate, lying in the car with despair.

Raw word count: 7037 (whole chapter)


[1] Yes, the statement sounds weird and seems to come out from nowhere. Banana double-checked the raw in jj too, it’s just like that. Probably the author didn’t notice this discrepancy.

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