Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 40 Fateful person (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 40 So what if I have to wait for him for 4 more years? Part 2

After returning home from the birthday party, Gu Yang pestered Gu Ye, "Brother! I heard that you guys are going to Happy World theme park tomorrow? Take me there!"

Gu Ye was lying on the bed reading a book and said nonchalantly, "Okay, what do you want to play?"

"I can play whatever is exciting, like a pirate ship, devil's elevator, bungee jumping, rapids... I can play anything, and I also want to go to the haunted house!"

Gu Ye turned over a page of the book and said calmly, "Don't go to the haunted house, you will get scared."

Gu Yang looked arrogant and confident as he replied, "Whoever is afraid of is a dog!"

Gu Ye sighed, "Okay, I hope you mean what you say."

Early the next morning, Gu Ye took Gu Yang out and played adventurous and exciting games. Gu Yang rushed forward without any care, like a wild child who was let out of his cage, crazy and unable to be held back. However, when they finally entered the haunted house, Gu Yang broke down. He hung on Gu Ye's back in fear and had to be dragged out by Gu Ye. He closed his eyes and did not dare to look, "Brother! This is all fake, right?!"

Gu Ye said tiredly, "Didn’t you say you are very brave and are not afraid of ghosts? So you still want me to take you with me when I go out? Didn’t you say whoever gets afraid is a dog? You said it yourself."

Gu Yang: "Brother…"

Gu Ye: "En?"

Gu Yang: "Woof!"

Gu Ye: "..."

Gu Yang: "Brother!"

Gu Ye: "What?!"

Gu Yang: "Woof woof."

Gu Ye raised his hand angrily and pinched Gu Yang's cheek, "If you say anything again, I'll beat you to death!"

Seeing Gu Yang's aggrieved expression, Gu Ye pinched the other side of his face, and his mood suddenly improved.

On the 14th day of the seventh lunar month, Yu Ze came to pick up Gu Ye as promised. When Gu Yang saw his brother going out, he wanted to follow him.

Gu Ye raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth, "If you follow me out again, I will sell you for buns!"

Gu Yang squatted on the lawn while holding the now-larger dog. He pulled out two handfuls of grass, stuffed it into the dog's mouth, and muttered, "You can't bully me just because second brother bullied you. Who stated that the little ones should be bullied?"

Gu Ye rubbed his hands as if to say ‘If you kept talking nonsense, I’ll pinch you’!

Gu Yang became obedient in a second. After Gu Ye went out, he pinched the dog's face resentfully. "If cannot follow, then I won't follow. So this is how it goes, the eldest son bullies the second eldest, the second eldest bullies the third, the third bullies the fourth. As the fourth, I can only bully you."

After getting in the car, Yu Ze saw something wrong with Gu Ye's expression and looked at him with concern.

"It's okay, I just gave that naughty kid a few words." Gu Ye lowered his head and was startled when he saw Yu Ze's hand on his side. Probably because it was light in color before and was blocked by the purple aura, he didn't even notice that there was a red line on Yu Ze's ring finger. This means Yu Ze’s destined person has appeared? As for where the other end is, Gu Ye can't see it.

Yu Ze looked at his hand in confusion, "What's wrong?"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Your destined person has appeared."

"Really?" Yu Ze looked at his hand and then at Gu Ye's, "Where's yours?"

Gu Ye shook his head in embarrassment, "In our line of business, we are unable to calculate our own fortunes, let alone see ourselves clearly (telling fortune by facial features). Even if my destined person is standing in front of me, I can’t tell, even if I’m looking at his aura."

Yu Ze looked at his hand regretfully and said meaningfully, "What a pity."

Gu Ye nodded, "Yes."

When they arrived, many masters were already drinking tea and chatting in the courtyard. Because there were so many people, Old Master Yu directed his people to place mahogany tables and chairs in the yard. There are snacks and tea served on the table. The glass cover that had been open over the yard was closed, and the air conditioner was turned on, which made it cool. As soon as they arrived, many masters looked over. Then, the lively atmosphere suddenly cooled down, and their expressions became weird.

Gu Ye stood at the door, a bit of helplessness flashed in his eyes. It was like this before when he was ‘Gu Ye’. Unpopular, but he didn't expect that he was still unpopular after changing his body.

Yu Ze’s expression darkened and he pulled Gu Ye through everyone, "After you meet my father, your mission is considered done. Don't worry about their opinions."

"I think so too. Why waste my feelings on someone I don't know?" Gu Ye swaggered into Old Master Yu's study and saw the old man writing alone. He asked with a smile, "Old master, how is your health?"

"Good, I’m feeling good!" Mr. Yu stopped writing and asked kindly, "How is your father's health?"

"He’s good too. Since he received your calligraphy and painting, he got someone to frame it and hang it in his study. Then he will worship them many times every day. After that, he becomes strong and can work for another 20 years."

Gu Ye made Old Master Yu happy with just a few sentences, "Then please let him visit me someday. I’ll let him take whichever one he likes."

"I’ll give my thanks first to you on behalf of my dad!" Gu Ye walked over with a smile. Admiring Old Master Yu's calligraphy, he asked, "I haven't seen Old Master Tang, why didn't he come to such an occasion?"

Old Master Yu finished writing the rest of the words and said with a smile, "Old Tang has quit the association. Most of these people today are from the Xuanshu Association. He didn't want to see them, so he didn't come."

Gu Ye frowned, "Quit? Isn't Old Master Tang one of the founders of the Xuanshu Association? He has already retreated behind the scenes*, so why is there such a thing as quitting?"

*As in no longer handling stuff, just giving advice at most

"For you and your senior brother, he fell out with his disciple." Old Master Yu said nonchalantly, "It's okay to quit. This society has deviated from the original intention of its establishment. Jing Lianzhong was greedy for power and wanted to control everything. Old Tang even wanted to expel him from his school."

Gu Ye felt a moment of shock in his heart, "For me?"

"Don't think too much, he will fall out sooner or later anyway," Old Master Yu put down his pen and said, "I told him a long time ago. If the garbage society continues to play like this, sooner or later it will be over."

"Pfft!" Gu Ye couldn't help but look at Yu Ze with a smile. Your old man is this fashionable? He knows to say this kind of word.

Yu Ze shook his head speechlessly, having nothing to say.

Old Master Yu tugged at the corner of Gu Ye's clothes. He squinted his eyes which were exactly the same as Yu Ze's, and whispered, "Work hard and defeat Jing Lianzhong. You can become the president. Old Tang and I will support you."

Gu Ye doesn’t know if to laugh or cry, "Old Master Yu, please stop teasing me. I'm used to freedom. How can I do that?"

"Just because you don't want to do it now doesn't mean you can't do it in the future. When the time comes, Old Tang and I will go canvass for you, come on!"

Gu Ye smiled dryly, "Okay, as long as you are happy."

Seeing that the topic was getting more and more side-tracked, Yu Ze noticed that Gu Ye felt troubled. He pulled Gu Ye to his side and said, "You have already met him so I will take him away now."

Old Master Yu was dissatisfied, "Where are you taking him? We haven't finished talking yet."

Yu Ze pulled Gu Ye away unmoved, "Take her to me and change my life. You can entertain the masters outside."

"Huh? This kid!" Mr. Yu stamped his feet angrily, "I really haven't finished what I said!"

Gu Ye looked back, waved his hand, and comforted, "Let's talk about it next time."

Old Master Yu sighed, but he hadn't asked this little master yet whether Yu Ze's fate could be changed.

Old Master Yu did not expect that Gu Ye being taken away was just the beginning. Soon someone came to say goodbye to him. The master only said 1 sentence, "Destiny has been decided and cannot be changed."

Old Master Yu bid farewell to this master in disappointment. Soon, two more came, again with the same words, "Destiny has been decided, forgive us for our inability to do anything."

Old Master Yu stopped them and asked, "You guys would try to do some calculations in previous years, but this year you don’t need to calculate anything?"

The two masters shook their heads apologetically, "Destiny has been determined. We have seen it."

Not long after, a few more people came and said the same thing to bid farewell to Old Master Yu. This time, he didn’t stop the masters. He replied with a despairing heart, "Destiny has been determined, right? I understand. Thank you all for making a trip today."

A young man wanted to speak, but his master glared at him and stopped him. After leaving the Yu family, the young apprentice asked in confusion, "Master, why didn't you let me tell him?"

The master is quite old, so he explained to his apprentice in a serious and thoughtful manner, "What do you want to say? Your son's destiny red line has appeared and it’s bound to a boy? Old Master Yu is so old and looks forward to his daughter-in-law and grandson. Can he bear this blow?"

"That Gu Ye is pretty good at telling fortune, but he can't even see it himself?"

"The more you know how to calculate, the less likely you are to calculate your own fate. Otherwise, how could his senior brother die so early?"

Gu Ye only went to have some snacks and when he came back, he found that a third of the people had left. Old Master Yu's face didn't look good either. Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze and asked, "What to do? Do you want to go and coax him?"

Yu Ze answered nonchalantly, "He has this expression every year, and it will be fine in 2 days."

Gu Ye: "...Okay."

"Don't worry about it, let’s go out to eat." Yu Ze took the car keys. He has already seen that all the masters who were said to be capable in the past years have left. The rest were all strangers, and they all looked at him as if he is a precious animal. Yu Ze couldn't bear it anymore and took Gu Ye with him to hide away without telling his family.

Late afternoon, Yu Ze went to his company, and Gu Ye went home for a nap. He didn't take Old Master Yu's words to heart. This sentence really fits him - Live without care, then living is not tiring.

The Hungry Ghost Festival soon arrived. On this day, the whole class was hanging out in groups and agreed to meet at Mama's Restaurant near the school at 6.00 pm. After dinner, they will go to the KTV across the road to sing. No one is allowed to go home until midnight. They must enjoy this final good time before the university starts!

The class monitor chose this store after considering it in advance. Everyone is going Dutch/paying for themselves. This store is relatively affordable, tastes good, and is suitable for student’s budget. None of the classmates had any objections, and the chat messages reached 99+ in minutes.

Mrs. Gu took two sets of clothes and knocked on Gu Ye's door. "I ordered 2 sets of clothes for you. Which one will you wear for the class reunion?"

Gu Ye put down his phone. There were so many messages in the group that he couldn't even read them. "Either one is fine. It's just a meal with my classmates."

"Wear this, the style is fresh and natural. You're fair so wear this to show off your skin." Mrs. Gu has already chosen a set, a light blue short-sleeved shirt and white jeans. Although the style is not much different from the clothing sold in general stores, it is custom-fitted and well-dressed. "Wear a sleeveless vest underneath. You don't have to button it up. Just in case you come back late and it's cold, then you can button it up for warmth."

Gu Ye curled his lips and felt tired just looking at it, "Why do you dress me up so beautifully?"

Little mom has a lot on her mind, "You're so handsome. If you like any girl, bring her back."

Gu Ye lay on the bed tiredly and didn't want to move, "I'm only 19."

Ever since Mrs. Gu heard Gu Ye say that he didn't know what species he liked, she as the mother had been frightened. Mrs. Gu pulled Gu Ye up from the bed, "Age is not important, now we need to gain experience."

Gu Ye doesn’t know to laugh or cry, "What if I bring a ghost back?"

"Pei pei pei spits! Bring a female back."

"Female ghost?"

Mrs. Gu yelled at Gu Ye angrily, "Bring a human back! Human!"

"Okay, okay, I'll bring a human back in the future. Don't get agitated, I'll put the clothes on right now. "

Only after getting the confirmation that Mrs. Gu went out.

After Gu Ye changed his clothes, before going out, he took out his compass to calculate whether there would be a ghost tonight. Unexpectedly, the result showed that he would not only bump into ghosts tonight, but it would be evil ghosts. In the end, he also formed an indissoluble bond with a ‘thing’.

Because this fortune-telling is for himself, Gu Ye can’t get an accurate reading and can’t be sure what that ‘thing’ is, but it’s certain that he will bump into ghosts. When Gu Ye thought it was an evil ghost, his spirit was shaken. He excitedly grabbed a handful of charms, and 2 cinnabar pens before rushing out!

Master Gu was suddenly excited!

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