Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 40 Fateful person (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 40 So what if I have to wait for him for 4 more years? Part 1

On the day of Gu Decheng's birthday, he reserved a high-end business club to entertain many guests.

A 60th birthday is neither big nor small. The older generation of the Gu family passed away more than 10 years ago so Gu Decheng is already the oldest member of the Gu family. Hence, the big venue is not an exaggeration to celebrate his birthday. Gu Decheng also has 2 cousins but they didn't have a good relationship when they were young, and they didn't keep in touch with each other very much. However, after hearing the news about Gu Decheng’s birthday party, they sent their sons over as a show of face.

Considering Gu Decheng’s age and seeing his younger brothers unwilling to help out no matter what, Gu Sen as the eldest brother can only shoulder the responsibility; preparing to move his company back to China to help his old father in his company. Hearing that, Gu Decheng was happy, as if he could already see his good life of retiring and playing golf every day. And so, he joyfully led Gu Sen around to meet his friends in the business world.

"I won't take over Dad’s company ever. All these people are just old men, so boring." Gu Lin held up his chin and said with a teasing smile on his lips. Squinting his beautiful eyes, he watched the crowd at the side.

Gu Ye also made a similar posture as Gu Lin. The two brothers got together, watching their eldest brother busying around, and snickered, "Big brother can do it. When he is being serious, he can find something to chat with them."

Gu Sen passed by with a glass of wine and could hear clearly the conversation between the two brothers. The eldest brother glared helplessly at the two younger brothers, especially Gu Lin.
With his eyes, he is scolding Gu Lin to come down and help, not to hide away like a child.

Gu Lin held the juice and clinked glasses with Gu Ye, pretending not to understand, and caused his elder brother to walk away angrily.

This birthday party gathered famous people from all walks of life. Not only the daughters of major wealthy families but also celebrities attended. Gu Ye watched the young women glancing at his two brothers intentionally or unintentionally, and asked Gu Lin in a low voice, "Brother, those young ladies keep looking at you two. Coming here today is definitely not just for a birthday party. Will Dad arrange a business marriage for you?"

Gu Lin said disgustedly, "Why don't we arrange a business marriage for you?"

Gu Ye laughed and said, "Because I don't listen, I am the most disobedient one."

Gu Lin raised his eyebrows, "Then you think we will listen?"

After saying that, the two brothers looked at Old Fourth together, then looked at each other, and laughed. Even if they don’t say it out, they understand the meaning. If things don’t work, they will sell Old Fourth. Although they couldn't really sell him for real, the two brothers still feel it’s funny. Considering the child's IQ, he will help to count the money for them if they sell him.

At this time, the noisy hall suddenly became quiet for a moment. Gu Lin looked up and his tone suddenly became cold and indifferent, "Yu Ze is here."

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, "Where, where?"

Standing at the door, Yu Ze is alone. He is wearing a well-tailored black suit, which makes his already tall figure even more upright. His handsome face is the same as usual. Even if he is surrounded by others, he remains unsmiling and politely lowers his head, neither rude nor warm. As soon as he arrived, he stood out among the many rich people. He suddenly attracted all the attention and became the focus of the audience.

Gu Ye held his chin and squinted his eyes. Admiring Yu Ze the humanoid piece of art, he sighed, "So eye-catching!"

Gu Lin looked at Gu Ye's expression calmly, "You admire him that much?"

Gu Ye nodded vigorously, "Yu Ze is full of good points. He is tall, handsome, capable, well-educated, and has a good personality. He often does charity without seeking fame. He’s great no matter how I look at him."

The corners of Gu Lin's lips curled up, and his voice deepened. Pointing at a girl wearing a pink dress, he asked, "Isn't that girl pretty? She's about the same age as you, and she's the right match for you in terms of status."

Gu Ye looked at the girl carefully and shook his head, "Brother, don't you think that Yu Ze's delicate facial features are more beautiful than hers?"

Gu Lin put down his drink and changed to another glass, "You just think Yu Ze is good-looking?"

Afraid that Gu Lin would misunderstand that he is superficial, Gu Ye quickly explained, "Yu Ze is excellent in all aspects. Good-looking is just one aspect. You see, when talking to our dad, he immediately becomes less cold, very polite."

Not sure why, but when Gu Ye explained like this, Gu Lin's expression turned uglier, "You... just stay here and don't run around." After that, he went downstairs with the wine glass in hand.

Gu Ye looked confused. What did he say wrong? Gu Lin can’t just bully him because he(GL) is a few years older.

Gu Decheng is naturally very happy to see Yu Ze. In addition to that, Gu Sen and Yu Ze were classmates and had a good relationship when they were studying abroad. He also hoped that the two of them would communicate more and help each other in the future, so Gu Decheng pulled Yu Ze with him and talked a lot. After finally waiting for Gu Decheng to leave, Yu Ze was surrounded by people again. Many wealthy people brought their daughters to say hello. It was obvious what the purpose was. Yu Ze couldn’t see Gu Ye anywhere, and he couldn't get away from the crowd surrounding him. Yu Ze's face became colder and colder, and there was no warmth in his eyes.

Gu Lin held the wine glass and came to Yu Ze. Then he said with a smile, "President Yu's expression will scare away a lot of girls."

Yu Ze looked at the ‘smiling tiger’ expressionlessly and said calmly, "En."

Gu Lin's hand holding the wine glass shook. Unexpectedly, of all the replies that he anticipated, Yu Ze only replied with "En", which felt like hitting cotton and he couldn’t exert any force. Gu Lin clinked glasses with Yu Ze and asked with a smile, "Is President Yu looking for someone?"

Yu Ze's eyes darkened slightly, and he said openly, "I'm looking for Gu Ye."

Gu Lin curled his lips and his eyes were a little cold, "You really don't hide it, huh?"

Yu Ze said calmly, "Is it necessary to hide it?"

"Aren't you afraid that he will find out? Then keeping a wide berth from you?"

Yu Ze had already seen Gu Ye coming downstairs, and finally, there was warmth in his eyes. He did not lower his voice deliberately, and said unhurriedly, "He doesn't care what other people say. I’ll even thank you for telling him in advance so that he doesn't stay clueless."

"Ha ha." Gu Lin's face remained calm, but in his heart, he wanted to splash wine at Yu Ze in the face. Having seen too many chaotic relationships between men and women in the entertainment industry, Gu Lin saw the clues in the way Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye. He didn't expect Yu Ze to be so straightforward and admit his thoughts directly, "He is only 19 years old. Is President Yu serious?"

The corners of Yu Ze's lips raised, "So what if I have to wait for him for 4 more years? He will judge for himself whether I’m sincere or not."

Gu Lin couldn't help but change his expression, "By the time he reaches the age where he can judge, he will have already been ‘kidnapped’ by you. How wise do you think he is at his current young age? He has his own life and he would want to marry a wife and have children. I don’t need to explain to President Yu to understand this. Can you bear to see him being criticized(by society)?"

Yu Ze chuckled and said slowly, "I can't stop gossip and criticism, but I can guarantee that things he doesn't like to hear will not reach his ears. Rather than letting him spend his whole life protecting other women, it would be better for him to be happy and protected by me for the rest of his life."

Gu Lin laughed angrily at Yu Ze's overbearing words, "Has he seen this attitude of yours before?"

Yu Ze clinked Gu Lin's wine glass with a smile. His movements were graceful, and there was even a smile on his face that was difficult for others to see. He said word by word, "He doesn't need it."

Gu Lin was choked with anger and looked at Yu Ze as if he were looking at a kidnapper who abducted his home-grown ‘cabbage’! What kind of confidence does Yu Ze have to dare to have a domineering showdown at this moment with him, the elder brother?! This is a daylight robbery!

By now, Gu Ye has come to this side. Looking at Yu Ze's smiling eyes, he came over happily and asked, "What are you two talking about? You seemed to be chatting so happily?"

"Ha ha!" Gu Lin sneered, "Children are too naive. Sometimes the smiles on adults' faces are not real smiles. You have to know how to tell the difference."

Gu Ye subtly felt that the aura between the two was not right, so he wisely closed his mouth and observed in confusion.

At this moment, someone came over and told Gu Lin, "Second Young Master, the cake has arrived. There are some details that I need you to help confirm."

Gu Lin pinched Gu Ye's face angrily, "You should be more careful!"

"Hiss!" Gu Ye innocently covered his face, hurt by the pinch. He looked speechless as his brother walked away angrily, "He took the wrong medicine or what?!"

Yu Ze frowned and lowered his head slightly. Looking at Gu Ye's pinched red face, he raised his hand in the air for a moment but then put it down again.

Gu Ye covered his face in confusion, feeling aggrieved, and said, "Human beings are sure moody and unpredictable."

In the end, Yu Ze still couldn't hold the urge back. Moving a bit, he blocked other people's sight with his body before placing his thumb on Gu Ye's cheek. He rubbed it twice gently and opened his mouth. However, his words of comfort only turned into one word in the end, "En."

"Pfft!" Gu Ye was amused. Seeing that someone wanted to approach and surround them again, he pulled Yu Ze and left, "Let's go, let's go. There are too many people here, and it's inconvenient to talk. I know a quiet corner where there is no one will come to disturb us."

Gu Lin came back from his work and found that Gu Ye and Yu Ze were no longer there. So he pulled over Gu Yang, who was looking for food in the entire venue, "Where is your third brother?"

Gu Yang looked confused, "I didn't see him."

Gu Lin's mouth twitched, feeling that he wanted to hit the child, "Go find him!"

"Oh." Gu Yang scratched his head. He didn't know why his second brother was angry, and he didn't dare to ask, so he went to find Gu Ye. Then he met a friend he knew on the way and got led away as soon as he turned around.

In a corner where no one was disturbing, Yu Ze asked Gu Ye beside him, "Are you still going to the tea party?"

"Tea party?" Gu Ye asked in confusion, "Old Master Yu holds such a party every year, but what exactly does he want to do?"

Yu Ze answered tiredly, "Change my fate."

Gu Ye shook his head and said firmly, "It’s impossible to change, Old Master Yu should just stop it."


"You have so much purple aura around you so whoever touches your fate will be unlucky. What more changing your fate? It is just asking for death. And even if they die, they are still unable to change so their death will be in vain."

Yu Ze said seriously, "This year should be the last. He won't get anyone to do this next year."

Gu Ye tilted his head, a little confused. The old man was not someone who gave up easily.

Yu Ze looked into Gu Ye's eyes and explained, "I'll let him know that it’s useless to continue the search."

Gu Ye nodded and patted Yu Ze on the shoulder, "All the best. Then I'd better go to the tea party. I have already promised Old Master Yu before, so I don't let the old man have any regrets."

"I'll pick you up that day."

"I go by my own."

"I'll take you."

Gu Ye smiled, "Okay."

For the first time, Gu Ye felt that his relationship with Yu Ze was very subtly different and not like friends. After all, physically speaking, Yu Ze was 7 years older than him. He had just become a college student but Yu Ze was already a successful entrepreneur. The strange thing is that their every chat is extremely harmonious.

The two of them chatted for a long time until Gu Sen accidentally discovered them. He came over with a glass of wine, and asked in confusion, "You two can actually hold a conversation with each other?"

Yu Ze raised his glass with a smile and clinked it with Gu Sen but didn't explain anything.

"After graduation, we didn’t have time to drink and chat together like this," Gu Sen said with a smile, "When I return to China again later, we should get together often."

Yu Ze looked gentle and said, "As long as you are free."

"Ei, the old man is looking for me again," Gu Sen patted Gu Ye on the back, coaxing him like a child, "I'll go and take a look. Old Third, continue chatting with your big brother Yu Ze, and don't drink."

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched. Yu Ze and his big brother Gu Sen were classmates, so it didn't matter if he called Yu Ze big brother. But he and Zhao Pengyu are classmates, and Zhao Pengyu is Yu Ze's nephew. The generational hierarchy is so chaotic that there is no way to sort it out.

Gu Ye asked Zhao Pengyu in a message: [If I call you uncle ‘Big brother’, will you hit me?]

Zhao Pengyu: [YES!!!!]

Reading the message, Gu Ye nodded and placed his finger on the ‘Press and Talk’ button. Then he looked at Yu Ze with a smile, "Brother Yu Ze, can you pass me the glass of juice?"

Startled, Yu Ze looked stiffly at Gu Ye's evil eyes, then asked with a complicated expression, "This?"

Gu Ye took it and said, "En, thank you, big brother."

Yu Ze said stiffly, "You're welcome."

Gu Ye drank the juice and raised his finger to send the voice message. The next moment, Zhao Pengyu was so angry that he sent an emoticon that he wanted to beat him to death. Gu Ye happily put the phone in his pocket and was in a good mood.

During lunch, Gu Ye wanted to sit with Yu Ze, but Gu Lin took him away halfway and sandwiched him between himself and Gu Yang. Others can't see anything wrong with the seating. After all, there is nothing wrong with the order of the second eldest son sitting next to the third son, followed by the youngest son.

Yu Ze raised his lips slightly. He was a distinguished guest, so he was naturally invited to sit at the same table as Gu Decheng, so he sat next to Gu Yang. Gu Decheng looked at this seating order and pointed to his youngest son, "Old Fourth, you and your third brother change seats. It will be easier for them to talk."

Gu Lin's expression immediately dropped. Is he the only one in the family who understands what’s wrong?!

After lunch, Gu Ye saw Yu Ze off. After getting in the car, Yu Ze tilted his head and said to Gu Ye by the window, "Contact me on WeChat."

Gu Ye smiled and nodded, "Okay."

After returning, Gu Ye looked at Gu Lin who looked like he had something to say but couldn't. He subconsciously touched his face and slipped away.

Gu Lin: "..."

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