Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 39 Fateful person (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 39 Yu Ze: What does your dad like? Part 2

In the next few days, Gu Ye waited for his father to leave for work before going out. Then he came back early before his father returned. 2 days later, he felt it was too much trouble, so he simply left a note for his father and went out to roam.

Gu Decheng was too busy with work and had no time to care about Gu Ye until Mrs. Gu came back from her parent's home and found that Gu Ye had not been home for several days. After checking Gu Ye's location, she found out that he almost left the imperial capital. Mrs. Gu was furious and called Gu Ye, "Child, why are you not home yet? Come back home quickly!"

Wearing a straw hat and fishing by the river, Gu Ye advised his stepmother sincerely, "Mom, I’m grown up. You must learn to let go and let me spread my wings and fly high."

Mrs. Gu said with a cold face, "Why fly? It's so hot outside! Even a moth wouldn't want to go out and fly."

Gu Ye suppressed his laughter and coaxed, "I have nothing to do even if I go back. I am determined to be a walking Taoist priest. I will go and help whoever needs it."

Hearing that, Mrs. Gu was extremely angry, "Who said there’s nothing to do? Come back and give your brother extra lessons!"

Gu Ye's smile suddenly became wider, "Mom, do you think making up the lessons is useful for him?"

"I… think," Mrs. Gu glanced at her son who was walking the dog. Then holding her forehead with a headache, she said, "If you don't come back, I will cry!"

Gu Ye: "You win! I'll go back tomorrow!"

After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Gu gave the driver directions and said, "Pick him back tomorrow. Don't let him run away. Does he think of leaving his home?"

Someone shouted outside the door, "Madam! The third young master's admission notice is here!"

Mrs. Gu ran out in surprise and received the notice from Capital University. She was so moved that she wanted to cry, "It is indeed a famous university. The notice looked three-dimensional, which is different from ordinary universities. My adopted son... who said I can’t raise a son?!”

As soon as Mrs. Gu finished speaking, Gu Yang ran over and said excitedly, "My brother's admission notice has arrived? This looks so cool!"

The corners of Mrs. Gu's mouth twitched, and tears were about to fall. It wasn't that she couldn't raise a son, but she couldn't give birth to (a good) one!

Not only Gu Ye but also many classmates have received admission notices one after another. Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang chatted in a small group of just the three of them every day about which school they went to. Not long after Gu Ye received the admission notice at home, Xia Xiang happily shared the photo of his admission notice in the group: [I received the admission notice, how about you?]

Zhao Pengyu: [I didn’t. I was only 0.5 points higher than the score line. Will there be any unfortunate accident?]

Gu Ye: [Do you want to know in advance whether you will fail it? Send a selfie and also 1,000 yuan fortune-telling fee.]

Xia Xiang:……

Zhao Pengyu: [Is it for real? Have you received the selfie?]

Gu Ye: [I don’t need to look at it, it’s fine.]

Zhao Pengyu: [Transferred 1,000 yuan]

Xia Xiang: [Are you stupid?! You have passed the exam so you will definitely receive a notice!]

Gu Ye had already collected the money and replied: [You passed the exam.]

Zhao Pengyu: […]

Xia Xiang: [Fool!]

Zhao Pengyu posted a bunch of flipped tables and threw stools emoticons in the group, but unfortunately, no one paid him any attention. Seeing that his one-man show was useless, Zhao Pengyu stopped making trouble and asked Gu Ye: [Where are you? Not at home?]

Gu Ye: [I am looking for my destined person by the river.]

Zhao Pengyu: Do you think you are Lady Bai?

Gu Ye smiled and replied: [I still haven't met my Xu Xian so please don't disturb me.]

The two people in the group rolled their eyes together, and Gu Ye replied with a smile: [Let's spend the money, it's rare for Zhao Pengyu to treat.]

The three of them discussed for a while. Then they decided to go back and find a place to spend the day and relax.

Mrs. Gu also sent a photo to Gu Ye: [Son, the admission notice has arrived. I showed it to your dad. Your dad said that he would have a big birthday this year.]

Seeing the message, Gu Ye felt embarrassed. Isn’t it a bit too exaggerated? It looked like he had won the first place in the exam.

Early the next morning, Gu Ye received a message from Yu Ze. It’s just two words: [恭喜。 (Congratulations.)] If he hadn't known Yu Ze's cold nature, he would have thought Yu Ze was being perfunctory. But Gu Ye understood that it was very rare for the other party to remember to congratulate him even though he was busy. He replied: [Thank you.]

Yu Ze: [What does your father like?]

Gu Ye: [???]

Yu Ze: [I received an invitation from your father and will be there as promised.]

Gu Ye facepalmed. Could it be that his father had sent invitation letters to all the relatives and friends he knew? But this is important, especially for those in his business circle. If he didn't give the invitation to someone, they would think Gu Decheng looked down on them. But if giving the invite to everyone, Gu Ye will feel embarrassed. He doesn't know anyone, so what's the point of showing off?

Gu Ye replied helplessly: [He likes Old Master Yu’s calligraphy and paintings, but he is not very interested in the things that can be bought with money.]

Yu Ze: [Okay, I understand.]

After returning home, Gu Ye didn't have time to make up lessons for Gu Yang because he received a notice from the school. As soon as the admission notice was issued, Teacher Yu called them all back to hold the last class meeting for them and handed out high school diplomas to them. The group photos taken with the whole class previously had been developed so he gave them to everyone as a souvenir.

This time when they returned to school, the teachers no longer cared whether they were wearing school uniforms or carrying mobile phones. Everyone returned to campus casually and took photos with their mobile phones. Gu Ye stood at the school gate and took a photo with his mobile phone.

Now everyone knows how many points Gu Ye scored and also knows that he is the son of Gu Decheng. They all knew before that he was a second-generation rich man with a young and beautiful stepmother. Other than that, they knew that his family was very rich, but they didn’t expect that his family was so rich. The students who bullied him before saw Gu Ye and walked around him, fearing that Gu Ye would cause trouble for them.

Since other people ignored(didn’t provoke) him, Gu Ye is too lazy as well to talk to them. After taking the photo, he went to the classroom. When he stood at the door, he heard someone say, "Have you heard that Lin Zihao didn't get into any university? He didn’t attend the examination the next day that day. He didn’t come today either.”

"I heard that Lin Zihao got unlucky because he offended Gu Ye."

"Didn't he forget his admission ticket at home? What does it have to do with Gu Ye?"

“Is it Gu Ye’s curse?”

"Stop saying funny things, why would Gu Ye curse him? Isn’t it the person who Gu Ye should curse the most who bullied him before? As long we don't have a close relationship and don't offend Gu Ye, it’s fine since we weren't familiar with each other before."

Gu Ye raised the corner of his mouth. Standing behind those classmates, he patted their shoulders, "Yo~"

Several classmates were startled by him. When they saw it was him, they immediately closed their mouths in embarrassment and did not dare to say anymore. With a smile, they swiftly dispersed.

Gu Ye touched his face speechlessly. Is he so scary?

Xia Xiang said with a smile, "You are now a celebrity. With your identity exposed, people who have offended you before will respect and fear you."

Gu Ye shrugged, having nothing to say.

However, many people still greeted Gu Ye, "Gu Ye! Congratulations! The top scorer in science stream!"

"Gu Ye! You have given our class face! Awesome!"

"Gu Ye! Let's take a photo together!"

"Yes! Take a photo!"

Before Gu Ye could refuse, a group of girls rushed over and dragged Gu Ye into the crowd to take pictures! Gu Ye, who was a little green grass among all the red flowers, was so embarrassed that he didn't know where to put his hands and feet, which attracted the envy and jealousy of a group of boys. After taking a few pictures, Zhao Pengyu rushed into the crowd to rescue Gu Ye and smiled evilly, "Big star, I heard that after the class meeting, there are reporters who want to interview you and ask how you learned so well. Have you thought of what to say yet?"

Gu Ye spread his hands. Still a bit dazed, he said, "Study hard and make progress every day. When you are confused, just sing ‘We Are the Successors of Socialism’ to the national flag and your grades will go up in minutes."

Zhao Pengyu raised his thumb and said, "That makes sense!"

After everyone got together to chat for a while, Teacher Yu came. When the serious and old-fashioned Teacher Yu saw this group of students, before he could say anything, his eyes turned red with tears. Choked up, he said, "Teacher is very proud! You are all Teacher’s pride. Teacher believes that you will all have a wonderful future!"

Originally, the students already felt a bit sad to leave school, but they didn’t feel so uncomfortable yet. As soon as they saw Teacher Yu crying, they all wiped away their tears especially the sentimental girls who covered their faces and cried. The last class meeting in high school was spent with teachers and students wiping away their tears.

Gu Ye raised the corner of his mouth. High school will bring an end to the purest and simplest life. When they get to college and start to contact society, and then go through the baptism of society after graduation, how many people can be as pure as they are now? The purity now is so beautiful.

Before parting, the class leader suggested to everyone, "How about we have a party before the university starts? It's in the capital and it's close to home!"

The classmates all agreed and asked enthusiastically with red eyes, "When?"

The class monitor looked at the calendar and said, "How about August 16th? 16 sounds like 66 (slang for amazing). School starts on August 22nd. This is a suitable day."

Gu Ye turned over the calendar and frowned. These children were really fearless. That day was the Hungry Ghost Festival, the 15th day of the 7th lunar month. A Ghost Festival ah!

Yu Ze: Tomorrow is my first official visit to my father-in-law, so I have to behave well! Gifts are ready! (Looking in the mirror) En, very handsome!
Eldest Brother, Second Brother, Fourth Brother of the Gu Family: Waiting for you! ▼_▼

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