Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 38 Gu Lin (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 38 In order to marry into a wealthy family Part 1

Hearing that the ‘fire’ is about to burn up to his head, Gu Lin is still not in a hurry and asks calmly, "She didn't say who abandoned her?"

The director of the public relations department quickly said, "She didn't say it directly."

Gu Lin narrowed his eyes, "Then don't worry about it for now. The person she wants to force may not be just 1 person."

The public relations department was already gearing up, ready to fight a tough battle. Upon hearing Gu Lin's tone, his nervous heart suddenly relaxed. Feeling like being supported by a backbone, he replied, "Okay President Gu, I will closely monitor the network trend and keep you informed.”

Gu Ye gives a thumbs up, his second brother is smart! This woman is in many different boats (many relationships). Her goal is to marry into a wealthy family, no matter which wealthy family she is.

At this moment, a somewhat familiar young man came over and gave Gu Lin a USB flash drive, "President Gu, after she went out, she first called a person named President Xu. I found out that he was the boss of Dingnan Entertainment Company, Xu Shun. Here is a video call here.”

Gu Lin was not surprised. He raised the corners of his mouth and smiled coldly, "I knew she wouldn't dare to raise such trouble with just by herself."

The young man added, "Then she called a wealthy businessman who was engaged in real estate." The young man's expression was a little strange as he continued, "To force a marriage."

"Pfft!" Gu Ye almost spat out a mouthful of soup. This 'demon' is sure unrestrained, forcing 2 people to marry her on the same day. Was she in such a hurry?

Immediately afterward, the young man added, "Finally, she called a rich second-generation man and said that she was pregnant and to force him to marry her as well. The video of the call is in the USB."

Gu Ye looked at this young man with admiration. This method is amazing. Only then did he recognize the other person. This young man turned out to be the security guard. He had changed his clothes now and looked much more reliable. Gu Ye was shocked, "Is your entertainment industry so exciting? Even the security guards are so good at acting?"

The security guy said sheepishly, "Thank you for the praise, Third Young Master. I worked as a mercenary abroad, doing detective work."

Gu Lin narrowed his beautiful peach blossom eyes, "You're so naive, kid. Do you think your brother can achieve this level of success if he doesn't have many capable people to use? Silly boy, no matter what happens in the future, you must give yourself a backup plan. Also, don’t tell even the people you trust the most about it, get it?"

Gu Ye nodded vigorously and said that he would take note. But he doesn’t know if the advice will be used. After all, he doesn’t like to play tricks/schemes.

Gu Lin filled a bowl of soup, took a sip, and said slowly, "Let she continue to make troubles. Not only our PR department will not stop her, but will also help her make it to the headlines so that everyone knows about it. If she doesn't put my name out, we’ll just wait and see who will jump out to clean the mess. However, if she dares to involve me, upload the video of her calls. Everyone should take a dip in the hot mess and enjoy together."

"Alright, I understand."

Gu Ye only has one sentence in his heart. His second brother is indeed a sly fox. How many people he is planning to drag into the mess? He is cunning and ruthless. However, he(GY) likes it!

Ling Ruyue has too many fans, and she has paid for exposure before. Hence, she would drag someone to be her rumored boyfriend and create a CP. On the other hand, she will also get someone to wash herself out as if the rumors were not done by her. And so, while trying to promote the CP, the paid commenters would say don't drag our goddess for hype. Our pure and beautiful lady won't take it. This kind of action has brainwashed many young people, especially young people who are just starting to fall in love. They were all led around to believe everything about her and treated Ling Ruyue as their dream lover. Even when looking for a partner, they will try to get someone like her.

And now, Ling Ruyue suddenly posted a video on Weibo, tearfully talking about her experience. She is unmarried and pregnant, and the other party expressed that they would not marry her. She was so traumatized that she couldn't survive. So, she just wants to say goodbye to the fans who love her before leaving this world. Her cries were like rain on a pear blossom, so pitiful.

The Internet exploded instantly, and many people felt like chopping up that scumbag with a knife. Some fans even called the police, while some consoled her:

[Goddess, don’t cry, it’s hard to find a two-legged donkey but there are plenty of good people with two legs! You don't have to risk your life for a scumbag! You are so beautiful and young, there will be many opportunities to meet a man who loves you in the future!]

[If he doesn’t marry you, I will marry you! That scumbag, tell me who is he? I'll kill him!]

[I want to know who that irresponsible scumbag is, ahhhhhhh it makes me so angry! Tell me who he is and expose him!!!]

When fans went crazy with anger, Ling Ruyue posted another Weibo post: [Stop talking, I don't want to disturb his life anymore, just let me and my child leave this world quietly.]

Fans cried anxiously: [Goddess, don’t be so stupid! Who is that man? Come out and say something!]

[If you dare to do something, you must dare to be responsible. If you are a man, you must be responsible!]

[I heard that the goddess has become very close to the boss of her company recently. Could it be the goddess got taken advantage of by the ‘unspoken rule’?]

[You mean that Gu Decheng's son, Gu Lin, who is known as the nation's husband? Sure enough, the second generation of rich people don’t have any good things! Die, scum! The entire household should die!]

[It turned out to be Gu Lin?! Is there any evidence?]

[I have a sister who is an employee of Yuming Media Company. She saw the goddess looking for Gu Lin many times, but Gu Lin never agreed to see her.]

[Damn it! This stupid scumbag! Goddess, don’t worry about this scumbag! He will definitely receive retribution, and his whole family will not die peacefully!]

The commotion on the Internet got bigger and bigger, and with some people helping to promote her tragedy, it soon became the headlines. Ling Ruyue was scrolling through Weibo, watching her fans crying for her and going crazy for her. She had already led the flames of war to Gu Lin and sneered as she sent a message to someone: [Mr. Xu, Gu Lin must be trying to suppress public opinion and clear himself now. I have given you the opportunity so don’t forget the conditions you agreed to me.]

Immediately afterward, Ling Ruyue sent the same message to 2 people, which was completely copied and pasted: [I didn't expect them to be so crazy and misunderstood Gu Lin. I'm so angry. The child is not Gu Lin's, but yours! No one can insult my love for you. You can abandon me, but I can’t die without a reputation(who she belongs to and the family name).]

After the message was sent, she received 2 replies within a few seconds: [Don't tell others! I still have to divorce my wife so I will transfer to you 5 million for living expenses first. Baby, believe me, you are my true love. How can I live if you die? Wait for me, wait a few more days!]

[I'm discussing this with my parents. Isn't it just marriage? Do you have to make such a fuss? If you want to get married, then we’ll just get married. Let’s register tomorrow so stop making trouble! If you tell the truth now, where will my parents put their face in front of other people?]

After reading the replies, Ling Ruyue replied the same thing to both numbers: [I can't wait any longer. My belly is getting bigger day by day, and I can't continue in my acting career anymore. I can no longer bear this kind of underground love.]

[Baby, I've already transferred the living expenses to you. Give me 2 more days and I promise to divorce my wife and marry you!]

[We’ll get married! My parents have agreed. I surrender, you are sure ruthless!

Ling Ruyue looked at these two pieces of information and pondered secretly. She has given up on Gu Lin due to his heartless attitude, refusing to accept soft or hard advances. But she really has no physical relationship with Gu Lin so the child is definitely not his. This route is not going to work, so she can only give up, unfortunately.

Ye Hongwei really loves her, but he has a wife and his wife is as fierce as a tigress. It will take several months for him and his wife to divorce.

On the other hand, Wan Zirui is a second generation with loose relationships. It’s not like he couldn’t live without her. But he is still young now, and she can completely handle him. After he inherits his family business, she can also gain a firm foothold in the Wan family. Moreover, this man is younger and more easily fooled, and he is available to get married soon.

Ling Ruyue touched her belly and couldn't help but call her attending doctor, "Dr. Sun, can this child be born naturally?"

The other person replied, "Your uterine wall is too thin. To be honest, it no longer has the ability to protect the child. What I'm afraid of is that when the baby grows older, your uterus will rupture with a little stimulation, and you will also be in danger by then. My suggestion is to induce labor as early as possible. If you want to have a baby in the future, you can do in vitro fertilization."

Ling Ruyue's eyes darkened, "Then, for the first 3 months, this child is still safe, right?"

"There is no guarantee." The doctor said apologetically, "You'd better be mentally prepared, miscarriage may occur at any time."

"I understand."

Ling Ruyue gritted her teeth. After hanging up the phone, she sent a message directly to Wan Zirui: [I'll wait for you to come to me and get the marriage certificate tomorrow. For the sake of my child, I don't want to wait any longer.]

Wan Zirui replied: [Just wait, I will go find you now, please just calm down!]


Gu Ye was also watching the commotion on the Internet. Seeing this group of deceived fans going crazy for Ling Ruyue, he sneered speechlessly, "Ling Ruyue broadcast live in this way, but she didn't dare to reveal the details to the public. This explains the problem very much. What are these people thinking to straight up curse our entire family to death? Acting like this also can increase fans? A group of keyboard warriors who knew nothing also came out to curse people. Who told them you were the one who dumped Ling Ruyue?"

Gu Lin held a cup of coffee and said in a leisurely manner while reading his documents, "Do these keyboard trolls have any brains?"

Gu Ye thought for a moment and raised his hands to admit his mistake, "I'm sorry, they didn't!"

At this moment, the secretary hung up the phone and said, "President Gu, someone is attacking our company's network."

Gu Ye clapped his hands and angrily laughed, "It's so awesome, so exciting!"

Gu Lin also laughed, "They really think that they are so capable. Just call the police directly. They can’t blame anyone that they have no brains."

Seeing that the people on the Internet were going overboard, Gu Lin felt that the time was almost up and said, "Upload the video of her forcing other people to marry her. It would be more fun if everyone comes to play together."

Gu Ye secretly laughed at the side, "3 people getting forced to get married at the same time in one day. Now, it's very lively."

Ling Ruyue has been silent, and the fans are almost losing their minds. They scolded Gu Lin and his family to not having a peaceful death. They scolded God for being unfair and giving the goddess a bad life. After that, they scolded the police for their stupid inaction, wishing they could transform into a messenger of justice and destroy the world.

At this moment, the official blog of Yuming Media and Entertainment Company released news: [Our company’s contracted artist Ling Ruyue’s misconduct has seriously affected the company’s public image, and our company hereby terminates her labor contract.] Attached is a video at the end.

"Will you marry me or not?"

"What should I do with the baby in my belly?"

"When will you divorce your wife?"

"When will you clarify our relationship with your parents?"

"Wan Zirui, the child in my belly is yours!"

"Ye Hongwei, the child in my belly is yours!"


Fans who had been scrolling hard on the official blog, wishing that it would be jammed, the company to shut down, and the Gu family's household to die, are confused. What's going on?

Every word of the woman in the video shows that this innocent national goddess is a scheming bitch who is a mistress, who has 2 relationships at the same time and has nothing to do with Gu Lin.

Fans were dumbfounded, what on earth is going on?!

Technological synthesis? Is the video fake? Or did someone deliberately dirty my goddess’s name?

Before this group of fans could react, the ‘navy*’ hired by the company, who had already been unable to restrain themselves, came onboard: [She slapped you guys on the face so hard. She already acted out several scenes today, and now she is leading you guys around like her servants!]

*people who are hired to comment online, to direct the online discussion to their favor

[What a joke, what a joke, have ya’ll turned stupid yet?]

Fans reacted and cried: [Impossible! How could my goddess be this kind of person? impossible! The person in the video is definitely not her, so how could the bitch be my goddess?]

[Dumbfounded yet? It has nothing to do with Gu Lin. To those who scolded someone’s entire household to die horribly, are your cheeks hurting from the slaps?]

[Isn't Ye Hongwei the one who is engaged in real estate? He was already married!]

[Damn it! A mistress! The world’s best bitch! Ling Ruyue!]

[Stop talking, my goddess must have been deceived! She is so simple and naive!]

[Yes, so naive and so bitchy, who else but her?]

[Come on, keyboard warrior. Gather up the spirit you used when you scolded Gu Lin’s whole family! Why aren't you moving now? Are you wiping your face? So you got slapped and bleeding now?]

While the navy was busy setting the pace and the original fans were speechless, someone broke the news: [Ling Ruyue really went to see Gu Lin in the morning, but she didn't get any benefits because the Gu family's 3rd Young Master was also there. It’s that Gu family’s young master who can destroy a wealthy family with just one sentence and is also this year's top scorer in the science stream. He gave Ling Ruyue a fortune telling saying that she had abandoned a daughter before. At that time, Ling Ruyue was stunned when she heard it.]

[Damn it! 3 forced marriages in one day, why is she so anxious?]

[The 3rd Young Master said that she could not give birth to this child. Maybe she was afraid of losing her leverage?]

[You know, if your private life is so messy and you have too many abortions, you are afraid of habitual abortions.]

[WTF? Can this be calculated?]

[What is this inner joke of predicting the downfall of a wealthy family with just one fortune-telling? Requesting a summary from the class representative.]

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