Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 37 Gu Lin (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 37 The entertainment industry is so exciting Part 2

Ling Ruyue didn't know how to refute Gu Ye other than saying it was nonsense. She clenched her fists tightly in panic, even forgetting to squeeze out the pretentious tears. Looking at Gu Ye's dark eyes, she seemed to be staring into the abyss. Her ears seemed to be hearing again that night, with the helpless and feeble cry of the child, making her tremble all over.

Hearing this, several staff members who originally wanted to hear gossip looked at each other and ran away quickly. Sometimes, small melons can be eaten, but eating big melons will suffer from indigestion.

Gu Ye sneered, "You know in your mind whether I'm lying or not. Your only fate with descendants is that one daughter who was abandoned by you. The child in your belly won’t be able to be born."

Ling Ruyue held her stomach nervously, her face turned pale. Now she can't even say it’s nonsense. She had too many miscarriages before. The doctor has told her that it is difficult to get pregnant. It is a miracle that she can get pregnant this time. She must rely on this child to marry into a wealthy family. If this child cannot be kept, her dream of becoming a wealthy family will come to nothing.

Gu Ye pointed to the top of his head, "Look up to the sky, who will the Heavens spare? Your luck ran out and you will be punished soon."

"No, I won’t." Ling Ruyue took a deep breath. After being forced into this situation, she calmed down instead. She looked at Gu Ye sarcastically, "Even if you don't like me as your sister-in-law, you can't look down on the child in my belly. I can’t believe that at your age, you actually have such vicious thoughts, let's just wait and see."

Gu Ye shrugged, "Okay, mark my word. You will not only be unable to marry into my family, but your future stardom will be like a fly lying on the glass. The future is bright, but there is no way out for you."

Ling Ruyue gritted her teeth tightly and turned around to leave. At this moment, Gu Lin happened to come back. Ling Ruyue looked at Gu Lin with a desperate look on her face, and the tears she was holding back in her eyes fell quickly, "Gu Lin..."

This hesitant call was better than all the words that could be said. It was like seeing the only people who could support her, and the tone was as if she had gone through many things. Such a woman can easily arouse a man's desire to protect the weak, making him want to rush over to hold her in his arms and protect her.

It's a pity that Gu Lin is not an ordinary domineering president, nor is he an ordinary man. He doesn't take that kind of trick at all. He looked at this woman expressionlessly and only said one word, "Scram."

Ling Ruyue collapsed and covered her face, tears overflowing from her fingers, "Gu Lin, you are so cruel."

Gu Lin smiled instead, "Cruel? You know who the child in your belly belongs to. I have never touched you."

"No, no, no," Gu Ye made an ‘Erkang pose’ and said, "She doesn't even know whose child this child belongs to because there are too many men."

That made Ling Ruyue choked on her breath. Wiping her tears, she glared angrily at the two brothers and left with a look of despair.

Still acting before she left, Gu Ye was almost impressed by her acting skills. He had the urge to search for the dramas she had acted on the Internet and worship them.

Gu Lin glanced at the security guard and said, "Go down and get your resignation pay. You can’t stop even a woman. What use do I have you for?"

The security guard said anxiously, "It's not that I didn't stop her, it's that this woman pretends to be the president's wife. She also said that she was pregnant, so I didn’t dare to stop her."

The secretary standing behind Gu Lin signaled with his eyes at the security guard. If you go and get your resignation pay now, you can get one more month's salary as compensation. But say one more word and you won't get a penny.

The security guard could only endure the grievance and left in a hurry. When rounding the corner, the security guard looked back at Gu Lin and Gu Lin happened to look over. He raised the corners of his mouth slightly and signaled something with his eyes. The security guard understood, and nodded lightly before chasing after Ling Ruyue downstairs. This secretive move was not even noticed by the secretary who was following Gu Lin.

Gu Ye returned to the office, grabbed a handful of melon seeds, and said disgustedly, "Brother, you are so weak to have been schemed by a woman."

Gu Lin replied helplessly, "This is where it got strange. I happened to meet her at the business banquet. I didn't drink too much at all but I fell asleep for some reason. When I woke up, I was beside her. So now she keeps saying that the child in her belly is mine."

Gu Ye smiled evilly, "She can see that you are rich and handsome, so you are the best receiver for the unknown child."

After being glared at by Gu Lin, Gu Ye quickly changed his mind and ate melon seeds with a serious look on his face, "No wonder dad asked me to come to you. Ginger gets spicier as it ages."

Gu Lin shook his head, "He sure got the news quite quickly. In fact, he doesn't have to worry about it, I will investigate the matter. To dare to set a trap for me, humph, maybe they think I'm too young."

Gu Lin narrowed his beautiful peach blossom eyes, and the smile at the corner of his mouth became colder and colder. "I keep her here just to find out the person who instigated her. She must have lost her composure after you made such a fuss today. It's considered a great contribution from you. I'll treat you to something delicious at noon."

Gu Ye moved the stool back, "You look like a fox when you smile, it's scary."

"Tsk," Gu Lin laughed angrily, "Among us 4 brothers, we look the most alike. When you talk bad about me, remember to look in the mirror, kid."

Gu Ye subconsciously touched his face, does he look like Gu Lin?

The secretary who was sorting out the meeting minutes smiled and said, "Third Young Master, don't doubt it. Your eyes and noses are the most similar."

Gu Ye desperately held the juice and drank it, looking like he was trying to suppress his shock.

Seeing Gu Ye like this made Gu Lin so angry that he didn’t know if to laugh or cry, so he could only continue to read his documents.

Gu Ye finished the soda and asked with interest, "You want to do a variety show?"

"Yes, domestic programs are too boring. I want to do something exciting that requires mental and physical strength and teamwork."

Gu Ye picked up a pile of information, opened it, and looked at it, "The list is quite comprehensive." There are those good at acting, and popular idols. There are also popular actresses and last year's best actor.

"Yes," Gu Lin pointed at the actor, "I'm considering choosing him as the group leader. Among these, I will choose five more."

Gu Ye pointed to the picture of the actor and said seriously, "I don't recommend using him. Look at his face, his Tiancang point is pink and his Xuanwu line is split. He is a playboy. Right now, he might be prosperous but he won't be famous for another year."

"It's up to you, I’ll change it."

Gu Ye pointed to a few more, "These can attract money. These two newcomers can be poached and they will become famous in the future."

"I’ll listen to you." Gu Lin was just trying to make his younger brother happy, but no one expected Gu Ye to really hit the spot. Half a year later, the actor's character was destroyed because of his marital infidelity. Since then, he has been in decline and has never been popular again. On the other hand, the two newcomers who were poached became famous all the way, entered the front line in one fell swoop, and became the company's cash cow.

At noon, Gu Ye went to have lunch with Gu Lin. Gu Lin invited him, "Dad usually won't come home at noon. If you are lonely, just come to me."

Gu Ye nodded, "Thank you, brother."

"I heard that Old Fourth went back to Grandma's house. If I knew earlier, I would have bought some things for them to take back."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "There will be another chance next time."

When the brothers talk together, one can still hear that there is a gap between the second brother and the little mother. Doing the math, when the little mother comes into the family, his eldest brother and second brother are already at the age to understand what is happening. The human heart is made of flesh, and it wasn't long after their biological mother died at that time, so they must have felt awkward. They have lived on campus since elementary school, so they really don’t have much affection with the little mother. However, the two elder brothers did a good job. They might not be close but they didn’t stay away either, and they were treating Gu Yang well.

Gu Lin saw that Gu Ye was still holding the spoon and asked him, "What are you thinking about?"

Gu Ye smiled until his eyes were curved, "I am very happy to be born into such a family."

Gu Lin didn't expect that Gu Ye would suddenly say such a sentence. After being stunned, he said with a smile, "Silly boy, what are you thinking about? After eating, you come back to the company with me. I also want to invest in movies and TV series so calculate the fortune for me."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "Will you give me money?"

"Even though we are brothers, you also want money?"

"Yes, even brothers must also settle the accounts clearly."

"I’ll give you."

"Then I'll go."

The two brothers had just decided on their afternoon tasks when Gu Lin received a call from the public relations department.

“President Gu, Ling Ruyue is trying to commit suicide on live broadcast, saying that she was abandoned by a scumbag. Now, the internet has exploded and everyone is guessing who the scumbag is. At the moment, someone is trying to lead the mess to you, and I think this direction is not right."

Gu Ye: The entertainment industry is getting more and more exciting! (Sudden excitement.jpg)

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