Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 38 Gu Lin (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 38 In order to marry into a wealthy family Part 2

The public opinion on the Internet suddenly reversed, and Ling Ruyue was also dumbfounded. This is completely different from what she planned! Shouldn’t Gu Lin be busy clearing his name right now? Then Dingnan Entertainment will get what it wants and fulfill her request, taking the opportunity to poach her away. After that, they will pay her contract termination penalty and give her that role she dreamed of. What does Gu Lin mean to terminate the contract directly?

When Ling Ruyue was still a newcomer, she was picked and trained by Yuming Media and Entertainment Company. Hence when she signed the contract, her contract termination penalty was as high as tens of millions, but the company only compensated her 100,000 yuan now! What value does she still have after her contract is terminated? What scares her most is that once this video is exposed, her dream of marrying into a wealthy family with this child will be shattered. Who will marry her?

Ling Ruyue held her head in her hands, her mind went blank. She was so frightened that she didn't know what to do and how to restore her reputation. At this moment, her phone rang.

Ling Ruyue picked up the phone nervously, without looking at who it was, and pressed the answer tremblingly. The person from the other side yelled at her, "Are you a fool? I told you to pester him! Get him tangled with scandals and have no intention of taking care of the company's affairs! So what you did do? You fckng threatened to suicide! Make it known to the whole internet! Why are you so anxious?!"

Ling Ruyue subconsciously touched her belly. She was anxious because she was afraid that the child would not be saved and she was afraid of losing her bargaining chips. If the child is gone and she becomes infertile in the future, which wealthy family will want her? She had to use this method to force one of the men to come out to marry her. She wanted to use Gu Lin's downfall to let the men know that if they didn't marry her, they would be ruined like him.

Now, all the dreams were shattered. Ling Ruyue cried and asked, "Mr. Xu, you promised me that as long as I entangled Gu Lin, you would poach me away. Now, this matter..."

"Your name/reputation has become so black, why should I still sign you?" The other person added angrily, "It's best not to be photographed when you call me. If you implicate me, just wait to die!"

"Hello? Mr. Xu? Hello?" Ling Ruyue listened to the ending tone on the phone and cried out in despair, "What should I do?"

At this time, another call came in, "Whose child is this in your belly? How many men do you have?!"

"I'm not… I didn't…," Ling Ruyue's eyes flashed, and she dug her nails into her flesh to calm down, "You have to believe me. The video is fake and the voice is synthesized. Someone is trying to frame me! You have to help me ah!"

"Help you? Heh, do you think I am an imbecile? You are too vicious. You know, I was planning to divorce my wife for you. You are such a terrible woman. Don't contact me again in the future."

"Hello? Hello!" Ling Ruyue was trembling. Then she dialed Wan Zirui's phone number. Upon connecting, the other person said, "Fk you! Bitch! You treat me like a grandson(fool)!"

Ling Ruyue sat on the ground with a cold body, holding her mobile phone, and her mind went blank. At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and Ling Ruyue looked over with blank eyes, "Who is it?"

The person outside the door said angrily, "Your agent!"

Normally, Ling Ruyue would have definitely noticed that this voice was unfamiliar. However, she was now in a daze from the shock. She got up from the ground and walked tremblingly to the door. There was a glimmer of hope in her eyes again. Yes, There is still an agent who can save her, maybe she can still be saved.

After opening the door, the person knocking on the door was a slightly fat middle-aged woman. The other party has a square face, drooping eyes, dressed in jewelry, and heavy makeup on her face. At first glance, it’s clear that she is not someone easy to talk to. A sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth, and she grabbed Ling Ruyue's hair, "Are you the vixen who is broadcasting suicide to force my husband to divorce me? You look like a succubus, why don't you act a scene for me to see?!"

Ling Ruyue is just a normal actress. In order to maintain the cute and pitiful persona, she pays attention to her weight and usually takes a diet meal. Hence, she is as thin as a paper figure, how can she be this fat woman’s opponent? Being grabbed by the hair, she got pushed against the wall and got scolded, but she had no power to resist.

The two of them tore at each other a few times. Ling Ruyue was nervous and frightened. In addition, after suffering such a big shock, she felt a huge pain in her stomach. She covered her stomach and screamed, "Stomach, my stomach."

When the woman saw her pretending, she slapped her fiercely, "I didn't touch your belly, don't even think about framing me!"

The woman was accompanied by an older sister who was about the same age as her. She seemed to be her friend. When the friend saw the blood flowing out of Ling Ruyue’s legs, she quickly reminded the married woman, “She is not pretending, she really had a miscarriage!"

That woman is also a fierce person so she said, "That easy to have an abortion? This slutty fox probably have too many abortions before! Don't even think about placing this blame on me! Call an ambulance, and we’ll follow her to the hospital. I will pay for the hospital's fee, give her treatment!"

Even before the ambulance arrived, the entrance to Ling Ruyue’s community was bustling. Reporters have been eyeing her for a long time, waiting to capture this big news. Now that the rich lady is making trouble, they have found an opportunity. As soon as the ambulance arrived, they brightened up and followed the ambulance to the hospital. They started live-streaming and filmed all the way, and everything was exposed.

The doctor seized the time to rescue Ling Ruyue and sent a list of examination processes to the rich lady who sent her here to pay the hospital fee. Soon, the big sister announced the test results to reporters as soon as she got them.

"See, I didn't touch her belly. When the police come, you will have to testify for me. She has a habitual miscarriage! The wall of the uterus is as thin as a fish bubble. Even if I don’t touch her, she will still miscarry!"

As soon as this video was released online, Ling Ruyue's fans collapsed and their faces were swollen (from getting slapped by the truth). Thinking of what they had said before, they felt sick like they swallowed a plate of flies.

Gu Ye looked at this online farce and said sarcastically, "This circle is so lively. I really want to give people a fortune-telling."

Gu Lin didn't stop Gu Ye. He simply said while approving his business report, "That's the way this industry is. Anyone who doesn't have some scheming will not be able to survive."

“Second brother, I want to use your company’s official Weibo for a moment.”

"What for?"

"Cursing people." Gu Ye's eyes are wide with anger, "They scolded us so fiercely, wouldn't you feel uncomfortable if we didn't scold them back?"

Gu Lin laughed and shook his head, "Okay, you can go find the PR department to play."

"Okay!" Gu Ye jumped up from his seat and wandered to the public relations department. Not long after, the staff of the public relations department posted this on Weibo with trembling fingers.

The official Weibo of Yuming Media and Entertainment Company: [Today your father will give you 3 fortune-telling. First, Ling Ruyue will be miserable for the rest of her life. She will have no one to rely on and can only make a living by picking up rags.

Second, Dingnan Entertainment Company will go bankrupt within half a year.

Third, those of you who cursed my whole family to die, I have noted down your names. You will definitely encounter ghosts when you go out at night in the future so take care ba. Not accepting apology nor rebuttal! ——Gu Ye.]

The page of the official account was silent for 3 minutes, and then exploded (with comments):

[Who is Gu Ye? He is crazy!]

[The record holder of the highest score in the college entrance examination, the third young master of the Gu family, is the same third young master who can bring down a wealthy family with just one divination!]

[Frick! Is this a prophecy? What does this have to do with Dingnan Entertainment? I smell gossip!]

[This curse is too cruel! WTF? It was just a misunderstanding before! Who knew Gu Lin was wronged?]

[That's right, just clean his name, why are you scolding people? The rich second generation is so amazing huh? Nauseating!]

[The comment upstairs, stop being so ugly. Don't you feel disgusted at yourself when you scold someone’s entire household to die? Let's not talk about Gu Lin being wronged. Even if it’s true that he is a bad person, what it gotta do with his whole family?]

[Damn, this little brother is so cool, I like his temperament! Cursing people to bump into ghosts while outside at night ah!]

[Let’s see half a year later, will Dingnan Entertainment be doing well?]

[My little husband said: The weather is cold, let Dingnan Entertainment go bankrupt!]

The entire public relations department's hands were shaking. Seeing Gu Ye happily eating melon seeds (popcorn) at the side, they all wanted to kneel down in front of Gu Lin and beg His Majesty to please take this young prince away! Too daring! No one dares to be so aggressive online!

Not surprisingly, this Weibo post made headlines in minutes without having to find anyone to post it. Some people scold Gu Ye for being ignorant, for terrible actions as a rich second generation, and for cursing the citizens. Some were attracted by Gu Ye’s temperament and applauded him. They supported him and agreed that retaliation like this was just right. To curse people’s family, they deserve it. It serves as a lesson in case the next time something happens, they start cursing other people!

After Gu Lin received complaints from the public relations department, he reluctantly pulled his brother back, "Kid, are you so childish?"

Gu Ye nodded, "I'm still young."

"You are a talent."

"Many of the old men I worked with say I'm a terrible genius!"

Gu Lin couldn't laugh or cry because Gu Ye was quite proud of his own infamous name.

Gu Ye pulled up a stool and sat down, "Is it a conflict of interest that Dingnan Entertainment is doing this to you?"

Gu Lin smiled and said, "Xu Shun is not much older than me. Seeing that my company is developing well, he can’t help but be angry/jealous. Unfortunately, he is too young." Gu Lin narrowed his eyes and added, "I’ll save the other proof for later use."

Gu Ye said in a small voice, "Give me a list of his artists, including photos."

The secretary quickly got it for him.

Gu Ye put the photos of the two companies together and stared at the photos, not the names. "Among these newcomers, only this one is spiritual (talented). The others all seem to be made according to the same mold. Can’t even see how their faces originally looked like."

Gu Lin immediately said, "Then let them hang out at the bottom first."

"This, this, and this, find a way to sell them to Dingnan Entertainment."

The secretary voiced out, "This has great potential. He’s very popular recently."

"Doesn’t matter. If he is not sold out, trouble will happen soon. This, this, and this, if you poach them, they can all become talents. This one, send away, trouble will happen within two months."

Gu Lin nodded, "I’ll listen to you. I want to see if you are really so accurate."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "You only need to wait half a year to find out. If my calculation is accurate, do you want to ask me to be a consultant? Ten million a year is enough."

Gu Lin didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Gu Ye is still obsessed with money. "If you continue to calculate like this, will your life span be shortened?"

Gu Ye said firmly, "No. I’m doing good things, it will not be detrimental to myself. Now, let’s drain Dingnan Entertainment's talents and let them have trouble-making artists in their hands. We’ll see how he handles the mess."

The secretary couldn't help but shudder when he looked at the similar faces of the two brothers with similar expressions, both narrowed their beautiful peach blossom eyes and secretly schemed other people. He met the eldest young master of the Gu family before, and he is also a scheming person. When he comes back again, who dares to mess with these three brothers together?

The two brothers secretly plotted all afternoon. That night, Gu Ye took his second brother home. After dinner, he went back to his room to sleep early, leaving his second brother to be dragged by their father to talk about life. Early the next morning, when Gu Ye went downstairs, he heard his father angrily scolding his son, "Nonsense! Can such a joke be made casually? Hurry up and find a reporter to clarify, it's nonsense!"

Gu Ye wondered what happened after he fell asleep last night. Why did the second brother offend such an old-fashioned father?

"Hahaha..." Gu Lin looked at the phone screen and couldn't help laughing, which made Gu Decheng so angry that he wanted to hit his son.

Gu Ye ran over curiously, "What's wrong? Are there any fun things happening again?"

Looking at the screen of his second brother's mobile phone, Gu Ye's mouth twitched, "These paparazzi are so idle!"

Not sure how it was spread on the Internet, but someone said that Gu Lin likes men and brought his lover into the company. They had lunch together at noon and even took him home to meet his parents in the evening. They spent the night together and never went out. The person who reported this said it like he was just reporting the truth, and even took pictures of their backs.

The most speechless thing is that Gu Lin replied on the official Weibo, admitted: [Yes, the little lover I have raised for 19 years is growing nicely. No matter how I looked at him, he looked so good. Warning everyone, don’t be tempted to do anything with bad intentions to him.]

The melon-eating audience believed it and were extremely shocked. Damn it, this is a confession! It’s official! Gu Lin is coming out!

Gu Ye was also amused, "Brother, don't do this, you will really get beaten!"

The public relations department went crazy and asked Gu Lin's secretary what happened. What is this all about? The boss and the young prince must not be allowed to access Weibo in the future! These two guys are so scary!

The secretary was also tired, "Who knows who exactly our boss is directing these words to? Anyway, hurry up and refute the rumor!"

The public relations department was busy all morning before suppressing the matter. Frontal photos of the two brothers were exposed, and they looked quite similar. No one expected that this photo would give Gu Ye countless fans, and many little girls would leave messages: [He will graduate from college in 4 years and will be ready to get married. I will wait until my husband grows up!]

It was very lively here, and Ling Ruyue's matter also came to an end. Without the protection of her company and agent, in one night, entertainment reporters completely exposed Ling Ruyue's background. Ling Ruyue, whose real name is Zhang Chunhua, is 27 years old this year. She fell in love early in junior high school and had a love triangle in high school. She started living with her boyfriend in college. She had a child who is now 5 years old and is in an orphanage. It is rumored that she has had ambiguous relationships with many directors and producers in the industry.

Nowadays, the name Ling Ruyue is avoided by people, afraid of getting involved with her and being dragged into the water. In the industry, those who don’t like to cause trouble simply pretend not to know and avoid the limelight. Those who are not afraid of trouble will step on Ling Ruyue to show that they are not familiar with her. The former leader of the pure girl turned into the leader of the lustful girl overnight.

As a secretary who likes to read gossip, Secretary Liu especially likes to share it with his boss. “President Yu, Master Gu actually gained a lot of fans with just his looks. 19 years old ah, he is officially in his prime, and all the girls waiting for him to grow up. The little girls nowadays are really not reserved, they have started calling him their husband now."

Yu Ze said nothing with a cold face, no one knew what he was thinking.

Secretary Liu is used to it. Usually, his boss is too lazy to pay attention to him.

"Second Young Master Gu is quite interesting as well. He says that Gu Ye is his little lover and tells those with evil intentions to stay away, hahaha."

At this moment, Yu Ze raised his eyebrows and said unhappily, "Too unrestrained!"

Secretary Liu was shocked, hearing his boss respond to his gossip for the first time. But after a moment of thought, he realized what happened. His boss's little scheming can be seen clearly as long as someone pays attention. But the Gu brothers were just joking. Just this, his boss scolded them for not being serious. His jar of jealousy can't suppress is barely contained, alright?

Gu Ye was really a little agitated when he saw that gossip, and wondered, will he really have a partner in the future? After all, his master had always been worried about his future partner when he was alive. He said that for someone like Gu Ye who has such a high-mindedness, it would be difficult for him to like others except himself, and his fateful love would never come.

On a whim, Gu Ye took out the divination plate and wanted to make a fortune-telling for himself, "The heavenly spirit commands the earthly spirit, can you give me a wifey? Please tell me, Yue Lao, if I can find a wife after 4 years of college?"

As everyone knows, fortune tellers generally cannot tell their own fortunes clearly. Gu Ye shook it 3 times, but the pointer of the divination plate did not move at all. Gu Ye sighed, already used to it, "Forget it, there is no such thing as Yue Lao."

Unexpectedly, as soon as he said these words, the pointer on the divination plate started to rotate crazily. Gu Ye's eyes widened and he got up from the bed in shock, "Oh my god!"

The second the pointer stopped, Gu Ye was stunned. It says he will meet his fateful person tomorrow.

So is it a male, female, male(animal), female(animal), human, ghost??? My God! He’s not even sure about the species!

Bystander: All the Gu brothers are scheming people! So scary!
Gu Yang: Hehehe ('▽')
The three brothers stared Old Fourth: Emmmm... sigh!

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