Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 36 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 36 $3xual orientation is a problem Part 1

When they arrived at Yu Ze's house, Gu Ye took off his shoes but didn't dare to step on the floor. The warm white floor was so clean and reflective!

Yu Ze looked back at Gu Ye in confusion, as if asking, why don't you come in?

Gu Ye took a small step forward and saw a pair of slippers on the shoe rack. Gu Ye took them and put them on, "Your house is too clean. I can't bear to put my feet down. How many times do you mop the floor a day?"

The corners of Yu Ze's lips raised, "Just once."

"That’s awesome!" Gu Ye was extremely impressed. Even though he cleaned his room twice a day, he still could somehow make it as messy as a doghouse.

Yu Ze took two glasses of water and said calmly, "This is just a place to sleep."

Gu Ye smiled but felt a little empathetic. Staying alone, seeing the house as a place to sleep only, and there is no one waiting at home. What kind of home is it?

After taking a sip of water, Gu Ye took out two small bottles from his pocket; starting to get serious.

"I brought the children with me but their souls are too weak. They will be hurt if they appear in front of you just like that. I have to hide your aura first."

Yu Ze sat across from Gu Ye, "Okay."

Gu Ye rubbed his hands, "Then I'll start to do it."

With a burning gaze, Yu Ze watched as Gu Ye approached nearer. His tone was still calm, and no emotion could be heard, "Come here."

After saying what he said earlier, Gu Ye felt inexplicably embarrassed. He kept having a feeling like he was teasing Yu Ze. Yu Ze's face really makes people want to tease him. Putting aside these messy thoughts, Gu Ye first opened Yu Ze's spiritual eyes and then used a talisman to temporarily suppress the purple aura on Yu Ze's body. Seeing that Yu Ze looked like a normal person now, he picked up a porcelain bottle and said softly, "Children, you can come out now."

More than a dozen wisps of black smoke floated out from the mouth of the bottle and turned into small figures. They gathered together in horror and looked around. Previously, Gu Ye drew a charm on the porcelain bottle so the children could not feel the passage of time inside. They only know one moment they are in the courtyard and the next moment, they are in a strange place, which scared the children.

Gu Ye looked around but didn’t see the little girl in a red skirt so he went and released all the souls from the other bottle. Then, he waved to the girl acting as a leader, "Shasha, come here."

The little girl did not move, staring defensively at the Yu Ze beside Gu Ye. Her red eyes glared at him coldly, with murderous intent hidden in her eyes. Feeling distressed for the girl, Gu Ye walked over, knelt down, and said with a smile, "Don't be afraid, I asked him to give you some good things to help you all grow back arms, hands, and feet. You will be like normal children in the next life."

Shasha hesitated for a moment, then leaned over and put her arms around Gu Ye's neck. She looked at Yu Ze defensively, as if she was looking at a pretentious scumbag.

Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze apologetically, "This child has suffered the most harm, please don't mind it."

Yu Ze looked at the little ghosts standing in several rows in his living room with an expressionless face, and then looked at the little girl Gu Ye was holding in his arms. His expression became even stiffer, and he randomly said, "There are really ghosts in the world?"

Gu Ye pointed to the group of children, "Aren't you looking at them now?"

Yu Ze took a deep breath and couldn't help pinching his eyebrows.

Gu Ye patted Yu Ze's shoulder apologetically, Mr. Yu's three views have completely collapsed tonight. It must be hard for him to remain so calm.

Putting Shasha on the sofa, Gu Ye squatted down and helped her adjust her little skirt, "My little princess, let’s start. Quickly let your friends line up and come forward one by one."

For Shasha, she still could let herself believe in Gu Ye who rescued them. She waved her little hand and directed the little souls, "Stand in line, you come first."

The child who got picked was the same one who was hiding in the puppet to scare Gu Ye. His limbs were intact, but he had no eyes. Walking up to Gu Ye, the child looked at Gu Ye with empty eyes, tilting his head, still looking innocent.

Gu Ye rubbed the child’s head with pity. He took Yu Ze's hand and placed it on the child's head. Then, he extracted the purple aura from Yu Ze's body and moved it to the child's body bit by bit. When this child is reborn, with the blessing from the purple energy that represents the destiny of heaven and earth, he will definitely be a healthy person and no longer blind.

After his purple aura was taken away, Yu Ze did not feel any discomfort, just feeling the sensation of Gu Ye holding his hand and touching the poor child. He turned around and saw Gu Ye's face close at hand. This big boy who is usually carefree and lively, now has tenderness and sadness in his eyes.

Two minutes later, Gu Ye happily rubbed the child's head, "Okay, next one."

"That’s it? Is that alright?"


Gu Ye glanced at the area between Yu Ze's eyebrows with a smile. A normal person would have been possessed by bad luck after so much purple aura had been taken away, and their forehead would turn black (spiritually, with bad luck). But Yu Ze is still covered by auspicious clouds like nothing happened. His life is so good that no one else dares to envy him.

At this moment, Gu Ye felt a tug on the corner of his clothes. Gu Ye lowered his head and saw Shasha hanging on him, staring at Yu Ze with an unkind expression.

Gu Ye couldn’t understand why, so he comforted her, "Girl, don't make trouble, you have to be the last one."

Shasha kept a tight face and refused to let go, still staring at Yu Ze defensively. Gu Ye had no choice but to let her pull at him and call the next child over.

One after another, one child will need about 2 minutes. Hence, 30-plus children would require more than an hour. Gu Ye continued extracting Yu Ze's purple aura and then distributed it to the children. At first, he was fine, but by the time there were a few children left, his face turned extremely pale.

Yu Ze frowned, "We won't continue tonight, let's talk about it tomorrow."

"No, I calculated that you wouldn't be free tomorrow night." Gu Ye smiled and shook his head, "I'm fine, there are just 3 more. Furthermore, I can sleep peacefully after sending them away."

For the last 3 children, Gu Ye spent several more minutes on each one. In the end, only Shasha was left. Gu Ye leaned on the sofa weakly and pinched his forehead, which was stinging like being stabbed by a needle. His energy has been drained out of him and he can't do anything now.

Sitting next to Gu Ye, Shasha hugged Gu Ye's arm and lowered her head but said nothing.

Gu Ye forced a smile and said softly, "Little princess, it's your turn. I'll take a breather and then send you away. When you guys get to the other side, I'll burn toys for you all."

Shasha puffed up her cheeks and said quite decisively, "I won't leave. I don't want to be reincarnated now."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "Why?"

Shasha raised her head and said seriously, "I’ll go when you give birth to your child."

Gu Ye was amused, "Silly child, if I don't marry, won’t that mean you never be reincarnated for the rest of your life?"

Shasha urged Gu Ye, "Then go and get married now."

Gu Ye couldn’t laugh or cry, "Even if I go to marry someone now, I won't be able to have children right away. Silly girl, there is nothing to miss/linger in this world. You should immediately forget what happened in this life, reincarnate, and grow up happily. You can't wait for me, because I like men and will not take a wife and have children."

Hearing that, Shasha's eyes widened in shock. She couldn't accept this fact for a while and was so stunned that she couldn't move.

Gu Ye nodded, that's how it is.

Shasha stayed speechless for a long time before accepting this statement. Then she said, "Still, I don't want to be reincarnated. Those men, when will they die?"

This question sounded somewhat malicious.

"When the sentence is passed, they will all die." Gu Ye's tone was light, with a smile on his lips, but his eyes were darker than before. "Such a beautiful little girl, don't look at those dirty things anymore, don't think about them anymore. You should stay beautiful and happy, and don’t let dirty things stain your eyes anymore. Alright then," Gu Ye sat up, "I'll see you off, Mr. Yu..."

Before Gu Ye finished speaking, Yu Ze had already held his hand. The gesture caused Gu Ye to be stunned. Unexpectedly, the other party already knows what to do. He said gratefully, "Thank you!"

"You're welcome." Yu Ze looked serious.

Gu Ye also imbued Shasha with purple aura, hoping that the girl would find a good family and become a carefree little princess in her next life. In Shasha's resentful eyes, Gu Ye steeled his heart and forcibly sent her away.

After sending Shasha off, Gu Ye fell down on the sofa with a splitting headache and his lips were bloodless.

Yu Ze frowned and looked worriedly at Gu Ye's current state. He had no experience in taking care of others and didn't know how to start.

Gu Ye said pitifully, "I want a drink, something iced."

Yu Ze hurried to get it. As soon as he took off, a ghost appeared in front of Gu Ye. He said in a hoarse voice, "I can take them all away."

It's none other than Ghost General.

Now, instead of wrapping his body with the dark ghost energy, Ghost General is wearing the black Hanfu that Gu Ye burned for him. He was tall and thin, with a gloomy murderous look in his eyes. When he said ‘I can take them all away’ with that big sword in hand, a phrase appeared in Gu Ye's mind: One swipe for one child*!

*Not sure what it meant, probably a Chinese thing

Gu Ye shook his head feebly, "No, we must wait until they are sentenced and confess their crime in front of the public. Let people who think like this know the consequences of doing evil. This is also a form of closure to the child's parents, even if they don't want such a closure."

Brother Ghost General said with a cold face, "I understand."

"Brother Ghost, do you guys have a ghost market over there?" Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and continued, "For example, the paper servants we burned to the deceased. When the ghosts have enough of it, they can exchange or buy and sell it in the market."

Ghost General thought for a while, "I've seen other ghosts buy it."

Gu Ye smiled, "I'll send you some in a while. Sell it into the hands of evil spirits to work as slaves, and you can get some money."

Ghost General immediately understood what Gu Ye meant. After nodding in agreement, he hid in the darkness again. Gu Ye finally couldn't bear it anymore and closed his eyes tiredly.
Yu Ze rummaged through the refrigerator and only found a bottle of soda water, which was not very cold either. By the time he clumsily chopped the ice, put it in the drink, and returned to the living room, Gu Ye had already fallen asleep.

Yu Ze just held the glass of water and stood in front of Gu Ye for a while and looked at him. It wasn't until he heard Gu Ye's gentle breathing that he put the water glass down and called Papa Gu.

As soon as Gu Decheng heard that Gu Ye had fallen asleep at Yu Ze's house, he said embarrassedly, "This kid is so undisciplined, how can he stay out overnight? I will send someone to pick him up."

"No need," Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's face and said slowly, "He has already fallen asleep. Today, he saved 38 children."

Gu Decheng asked anxiously, "Did he go to rescue people? Was he injured?"

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye sleeping soundly, with a hint of tenderness in his eyes, "No, just tired."

"That's good," Gu Decheng breathed a sigh of relief, "Please take care of him, thank you for your hard work."

Yu Ze said calmly, "Uncle Gu, you're welcome. Goodbye."

Hearing that, Gu Decheng raised his eyebrows. Yu Ze used to call him Mr. Gu, or President Gu. Was this because he hit it off with Old Third so now he changed his way of speaking to him?

Mrs. Gu has been listening at the side. Seeing Gu Decheng put down his mobile phone, she said, "This is not good, how will it look to other people, sleeping in someone else's house? Why don't you take him back?"

Papa Gu didn’t take it seriously, “I believe in Yu Ze’s character and he will not lead him into bad ways.”

“This is not a question of character! Say, Yu Ze is already 26, normal people at this age have to have a girlfriend, right? The middle child in our family is often involved in scandals, although it was those actresses deliberately trying to use his popularity. However, Yu Ze doesn’t even have any rumors. Don’t you think it’s strange?"

Gu Decheng praised, "That's because he handled it well. Our Old Second was not reliable in his work."

Mrs. Gu is still a little worried. Mothers are sensitive and always feel uneasy.

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